Aegean cat: home care

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Aegean cat: home care
Aegean cat: home care

The history of the breed, the standard of appearance of the Aegean cat, the disposition of the pet, the health of the Aegek, the maintenance of fishing cats in the conditions of the house, the price of a kitten. Aegean cat (Aegean cat) is an unusual living creature, to the creation of which a person did not make any effort, except that he did not interfere with the breed to live and flourish at home. Cats of this breed are rather unusual pets, like many representatives of the feline world, they love people, affectionate and friendly in nature, but they also have one distinguishing feature - this is their hobby.

It often happens that hunters get themselves hunting dogs, so that they go hunting with them and as assistants, and just for the company. So, if your favorite business is fishing, then the Aegean cat is the best companion for this business, because fishing in their native territories was both an exciting activity and a way to survive for them.

So, by bringing such a pet into the house, you will find not only a cute cat, which will gladly roll with you on the couch and purr at your side, but will also go to help you with great pleasure, get food.

History of the origin of the Aegean cats

Aegean cat
Aegean cat

As for the historical information about the Aegean cat breed, they do not carry any phenomenal discoveries or long-term works of selection, no one put any effort into the formation of this breed, nature did everything on its own.

The homeland of these cats is the Aegean Sea, of course, not in the literal sense, but if not for it, these fluffy animals would hardly have survived to this day. In the waters of the sea, near Greece, there is a small and little-known island of Cycladis, where cats with a docile nature and predatory habits have lived for a long time. These animals have gone through many tests - military actions, natural disasters, outbreaks of terrible diseases, but natural selection has done its job, the most persistent, strong and courageous representatives of their breed have survived to this day.

Most of the Aegean cats live simply on the streets, near the seaside, so they provide themselves with food for the whole day. If there are no fishermen nearby who could share their catch, the Aegean purrs will not starve for a long time and go fishing on their own, which, by the way, they are doing very well.

These unusual fluffy fishermen were noticed only in the near 1990. A group of historians arrived on the island to study the history of mysterious Greece and its nearby islands, as they saw the most, that is, the main attraction of the ancient land - a cat. It was they who lived there for many years, buildings could collapse, plants dry up, but as for the Aegean cat, it seems that these animals are such an integral part of the Greek flavor that Elena the Beautiful herself kept a pet in her house, which was the progenitor modern Aegean cat.

Seals on the island are loved and respected, firstly, for the fact that they are not inherent in arrogance and annoyance, they never beg for food, do not run after their feet, they are too proud, and, secondly, they are unsurpassed hunters, both on fish and all kinds of pests. Locals know that where there is their aboriginal cat, there are no rodents and there can never be.

At first, some breeders had a zeal to improve the breed, but no matter how hard they tried, not a single organization with a world name recognized the Aegean cats as a separate independent species, to this day they are classified as an "experimental breed", and all because of their appearance, she is too ordinary and unremarkable.

Indeed, in every second cat from the yard you can notice a resemblance to the Aegean, but all their charm and value lies in their character and behavior, but, unfortunately, members of the commission of felinological organizations cannot consider this in any way, let alone approve on paper. But who knows, maybe these fishing cats from the coast of the Aegean Sea still have everything ahead, maybe in the near future they will also be gold medalists of all the most prestigious cat shows in the world.

Description of the Aegean cat breed standard

Aegean cat appearance
Aegean cat appearance

Since there is no recognition by official organizations, there is no single standard for their appearance. But there is a general description of the appearance of the Aegean cats.

  1. Head slightly less than average in size, rather wide. It is slightly rounded in configuration, but individuals with a wedge-shaped skull are also found.
  2. Auricles relatively wide in projection of the base, slightly tapering to a rounded tip. Aegean cats boast good pubescence of the ears.
  3. Eyes in individuals of this breed, they have a beautiful almond shape, they are especially expressive. The color scheme of the iris of a cat's eye can be very different, but most often their eyes are painted in amber or yellowish shades.
  4. Torso not very large in size, the average body weight of an adult cat varies from 4.5 to 5.5 kg, while cats are slightly smaller. At first glance, it may appear that the Aegean cats are fat, but it only seems so visually, the fault of this optical illusion is the muscularity of the Aegean body, as well as the development and massiveness of the chest.
  5. Limbs medium length, which is correctly proportional to the length of the body of the cat. The paws of the Aegean cats are distinguished by excellent strength and stability, ending in round brushes with strong and very tenacious claws.
  6. Tail process its length is approximately equal to the length of the body, slightly tapering towards the tip. The hair on the tail is thick, the hair is noticeably longer than on the body. The tail is straight along the entire length, without bends or kinks.
  7. Wool, which is wrapped around the body of the Aegean cat, is formed by very thick, but at the same time short hair without additional undercoat.
  8. Colors seals of this breed can be the most, that is, diverse. But at the same time, there is a certain rule of the basic, prevailing tone - this is a clean and bright white color scheme, without any shades and tints. Most often, Aegean cats are bicolored, where white makes up over 50% of the total color. Secondary colors can be red, bluish, gray, black, cream and other shades. A cat cannot be attributed to the Aegean breed if there is no white tone in its color, also if it is solid white. In addition, any violation of the straightness of the tail is considered unacceptable.

Aegean cat temperament

Aegean cat lies
Aegean cat lies

As for the character of Aegean cat, it can be called a little complex. On the one hand, these are cute animals that soon become attached to their owner and can chase him throughout the day, and no matter what the person is doing, watching TV, the cat will keep company, doing household chores - you also cannot do without a cat. But with such devotion, it can never be confused with persistence, the Aegeans do not know how to bore, they know how to do everything in moderation.

But no matter how domestic the cat is, the predatory and freedom-loving essence still prevails. This breed is not very suitable for residents of a city apartment, for many years and even centuries these animals lived on the street, and your pet will always be drawn there. If you live in a private house, then you can easily let the Aegean cat go for walks, but if you took him to the apartment, then you must be prepared for the fact that the pet is almost a dog, you also need to walk with him for a long time and regularly.

These cats, although they have remarkable intelligence, but due to their independence, do not give in to training very willingly, they are used to living by their own rules, to bring up this pusher you will have to put a little effort and patience.

It is not recommended to have an Aegean cat if animals such as parrots, rodents or lizards will live in the house in addition to it, when not when, but predatory instincts take their toll. The cat will not miss the opportunity to hunt for potential prey.

But the Aegeans get along with young children, and very well, they love active games, they will chase a ball or string and in the event of some unpleasant situation they will not resort to their hidden weapon in the form of claws.

Aegean cat health

Aegean cat on the street
Aegean cat on the street

Since these cats are not the result of the work of breeders, but are "planned" by nature itself, they rarely have any health problems. However, in order for your pet to always be healthy and feel good, its owner needs to remember two basic rules - correct, balanced nutrition, since a lack of food and nutrients in the cat's diet can lead to serious problems. An abundance of food can also negatively affect not only the figure of the Aegean cat, but also its overall health.

These cats vitally need physical activity, without it the animal becomes lethargic, lazy and rapidly gaining excess weight, which ultimately leads to problems with metabolism and disruption of the cardiovascular system.

Aegean cats also need vaccinations against all sorts of infections and parasites, their immunity is quite strong, but do not forget that if you keep a pet in your house - for him this is already a change in terrain and microclimate. In this regard, the fragile feline organism is undergoing some kind of adaptation, in addition to this, the domestic cat does not have the opportunity to wander around the territories located nearby in search of the necessary vitamins or medicinal plants.

If you live in the private sector, you can provide an opportunity for your Aegean cat to be active as much as he pleases, he can walk for a long time, conquer the tops of trees, but this leads to another possible problem - infection with external parasites. Therefore, it is important to examine your pet for ticks, fleas and other unwanted guests after every walk.

No less careful, you need to make sure that your cat does not accidentally gobble up some mouse that has escaped from a neighbor's shed, it can simply be poisoned with rat poisons, which in high concentrations also affect cats.

Do not forget about anthelmintic therapy, regular prophylaxis is the most effective method of treatment and prevention of infection with worms.

Caring for an Aegean cat at home

Aegean cat muzzle
Aegean cat muzzle

In the process of keeping such a pet, usually no serious problems arise. These cats are very neat, smart and, just as important, independent. They do not need an eye and an eye, but they have some minimum requirements.

  1. Hair care. To keep the Aegean cat well-groomed, it will be enough to comb out his fur coat every day using a regular massage brush, so you will style it and remove excess broken off hairs. As for bathing, this should be done and not because the Aegean cats are sloppy, they simply cannot live without water. You should not abuse water procedures, but once every couple of weeks, letting your pet splash in the water and wash its fur with shampoo is quite possible, it will be a kind of combination of business with pleasure.
  2. Hygiene of a cat. The three main components of general hygiene are cleaning the ears, eyes and mouth. The ears should be examined at least once a week, and as sulfur accumulates in the depths of the auricles, it should be removed with a cotton swab. But it is not worth cleaning too deeply, you risk damaging the animal's eardrum. If you manage to notice large sulfur accumulations closer to the middle ear of the cat, it is better to see a doctor. Discharge from the eyes, usually, these cats clean themselves, but for the purpose of general disinfection, it is recommended to wipe the cat's eyes once a week with a cotton pad dipped in a solution of a mild antiseptic. Healthy cats do not normally have bad breath, this must be remembered. If it is present, it is better to consult a doctor, as this may be one of the symptoms of a number of diseases of internal organs. As for oral hygiene in general, your pet needs to clean both teeth and soft tissues. For teeth, either special dry food or boiled chicken necks are perfect, which do an excellent job with the task. As for the gums, they can be periodically wiped with a bandage wound around a finger and pre-moistened, for example, in a decoction of herbs. It can be chamomile, calendula and other medicinal plants.
  3. Toilet. Aegean cat usually does not have to learn to go to the toilet in a certain "corner" for a long time, they just have enough that you just follow when the kitten is looking for a suitable place for himself, and quickly take him to the litter box, where he will already figure out what's what. In no case should you use force when introducing a cat to a litter box, from many you can hear that they poked a kitten's face if he relieved a need in an apartment corner, or beat him for it - you can't do that. Thus, it is possible to disrupt not only the good attitude of the pet towards you, but also its mental health.
  4. Claws. It is highly recommended to bring a scratching post with your pet, as the claws of Aegean cats are very strong, and they follow them very much. If you notice that your friend is not paying any attention to this item, you can sprinkle a few drops of valerian on the scratching post, this will be a win-win.
  5. Leisure very important for the representatives of this breed. This is especially important for residents of city apartments, in this case, you will have to try for your furry. Daily walks on a leash are the main rule, since it is both physical activity and a portion of fresh air, without which the Aegeans cannot imagine their life. Train yourself that you have to allocate some time for the Aegean cat, this does not mean that you need to pick him up and watch the series, this applies to active games. In addition, you need to think about what the cat will do when no one is at home. All kinds of movable toys, jumpers, tennis balls and other little things will be an excellent solution to this problem. It would also be nice to equip some kind of slides, small trees or just posts for this pet. In a word, this breed needs its own miniature amusement park.
  6. Nutrition. Aegean cats have never been famous for their capriciousness and fastidiousness in relation to food. Everything is simple with them - food, so food, soup, so soup. Your task will be to properly balance the cat's diet, if you prefer homemade food.

For the good development of the animal, it will need all the substances in the correct proportions. For example, they cannot exist without proteins, this is a guarantee of growth, strength and development, with a lack of this "building material", muscle atrophy and blood pathology develops very quickly. Meat, poultry, kidneys, liver, chicken eggs, dairy products are a storehouse of animal proteins, but you shouldn't forget about vegetable proteins either, they are contained in soy products and nutritional yeast.

Carbohydrates are also no less necessary, but their amount must be especially controlled, because their excess leads to obesity. So we offer bread, cereals and potatoes to the cat in moderate portions.

Additional courses of vitamins will have a very positive effect on the condition of the cat's body, the main thing is that they are correctly selected, this can be done by your pet's doctor.

Buying and price of an Aegean cat

Aegean cat breed
Aegean cat breed

In our country, there are no nurseries of this breed, and if there is, then they are definitely not real. If you order a cat from Greece, then its cost starts from 15,000 rubles, plus delivery. But if you just go to their homeland, then you can bring yourself a cat for free and not just one, there they walk by themselves.

For more information on the Aegean cats, see the video below: