Carpet: what is it and how to choose

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Carpet: what is it and how to choose
Carpet: what is it and how to choose

An article about carpet will tell you what kind of carpet it is and how to choose it correctly. We pay attention to important aspects: type of material, coating thickness, color. The floor covering is a "thin" thing: you still need to know how to choose it correctly! The question is not only how to choose a color and area: the question is also about the appropriateness of using flooring material in a particular setting (for example, few people will use carpet to create coziness in the bathroom, right? After all, dampness is the enemy of carpet, yes and not only him). So, let's take a closer look at the moment of choice.

How to choose a carpet
How to choose a carpet

Carpet is a floor material that is very popular not only for creating comfort in apartments and houses. Often carpets (carpet) can be found in restaurants, bars, cafes, offices, hotels and casinos. The only question is what material should be used for the carpet in a particular room. The question is: what's the difference? Answer: believe me, it is huge!

Types of carpet material

Carpets are made from different materials. And it is on the material that the main quality of the coating depends: its service life. For example, if you are purchasing carpet for your office, then you should give preference to the so-called loop coverings. It is the loop carpet that will create maximum comfort in a small office space with an area of up to 20 square meters. If your task is to purchase carpeting for a bar, restaurant or casino, then in this case you should give preference to carpets made of nylon: this material has a high degree of wear resistance, which means it will last a long time. In addition, nylon lends itself well to cleaning with common household cleaning products: so saving on face!

Coating thickness

Another point: the thickness of the carpet. A thicker carpet backing is appropriate when you are unsure of the evenness of your subfloor. In this case, the thickness of the carpet will hide the flaws of the curved floor, visually restoring an almost perfectly flat surface, without pits and sharp drops-steps. Well, if you decide to diversify your home by adding some flavor and decide to use carpet, then the most recommended type is carpet using natural fibers. In this case, you get not only external beauty, but also pleasant sensations when you touch the coating with your hand or feet. And your children will be just happy!

But even having decided on the material from which the carpet is made, the buyer is sure to face such a problem as the footage of the material: in other words, “How much to take” ?! In order not to get into a mess, remember the following: the total amount of coverage area should be 10% more than the area of the room. This is necessary for trimming the material during the installation process. Otherwise (if you take this 10% off) you can face a lot of problems, the main one of which is the lack of material!

Before you even start buying material, you should make a geometric calculation of the room: taking into account niches, turns, corners, rooms, etc. The entire space that is planned to be covered with carpet should be taken into account. And already based on the calculations obtained, transfer the calculations to the size of the chosen coverage. From professionals: it is most reasonable to turn to experts in this matter with such calculations. It is the people who specialize in marking and calculating the coverage that will help you save not only time, but also money.

Now consider the moment when you bought the carpet and brought it indoors. Remember: never store carpet in a damp room, and even with a temperature below + 15 ° C! The maximum air humidity should not exceed 60-65%!

And finally, remember this: when choosing a carpet, make an allowance for "force majeure", that is, for stains. This means that on a lighter carpet, stains from the same spilled oil, jam or coffee are always more clearly visible than on a dark one. Therefore, choose something darker, so as not to spoil your mood for many years from accidentally spilled morning coffee. Good luck!