Exotic baths

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Exotic baths
Exotic baths

There are many types of baths today. Some have come to us from antiquity. Others are the fantasy of modern inventors. There is a certain group of saunas that differ significantly from our traditional ideas. Let's consider the most exotic ones. Content:

  1. Bathing machines
  2. Bee bath
  3. Bath pyramid
  4. Sauna in a bag

    • With birch leaves
    • Straw

Exotic baths are a group of original steam rooms, the design of which has its own distinctive features. In addition, such saunas can be equipped with an unusual heat carrier or additional attributes. However, despite its originality, the main function of each of them is healing and relaxation.

Bathing machines

Bathing car on the beach
Bathing car on the beach

Bathing machines or bathing vans, as they used to be called, are peculiar structures that men and women used to relax on bodies of water in the 17-18 century. These devices made it possible to observe the limits of decency of those times, hiding bathers from the views of strangers.

A bathing machine is a covered booth. Its walls were made of wood or tarpaulin. A vacationer went inside wearing clothes. There he took it off and put on a bathing suit. After that, the horses pulled a kind of cart into the water, where the booth turned around, covering the bather. The vacationer descended from the bathing machine into the water. When he was ready to return to the shore, he gave the appropriate signal with the help of a flag.

After some time, the cabins were improved. There was no floor in them. And at the famous resorts, special tracks for the descent were equipped. There are still bathing vans on some beaches today. They are used as beach cabins.

Bee bath

House-bath for bee therapy
House-bath for bee therapy

The positive effect of the bee buzz on the human body has been known for a long time. Bees and humans have an identical biofield. Therefore, baths based on bee therapy improve tone, relieve fatigue, treat nervous disorders and problems with the genitourinary system.

A bee bath is a small house, which is traditionally sheathed on both sides with linden wood. Three shelves are installed inside, and a fine metal mesh is fixed on top of them.

The procedures are carried out in a supine position. Bees fly over the grate, so you will be protected from sudden stings. The session lasts about 40-60 minutes.

During this time, you not only hear a soothing buzzing sound, but also inhale the scent of pollen, which also has a positive effect on your well-being. To complete the full course and tangible recovery, you should go through about 10 sessions of bee therapy.

There is only one contraindication for visiting a bee bath - an allergy to honey. Suffering from other health problems, such procedures can and even should be done.

Bath pyramid

Bath in the form of a pyramid
Bath in the form of a pyramid

The pyramid bath is also called the penta sauna. It got this name due to its specific form. Such a bath is directly a steam room, which is made from the healing Siberian cedar. Its wood is known for its beneficial properties: when heated, it releases phytoncides, which have a tonic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on the human body.

The pyramid bath heats up to +65 degrees, and the biologically active substances of the cedar begin to actively affect pathogens. In such a bath only one person is placed in a sitting position.

The penta sauna looks like a miniature pyramid with five corners. This form was not chosen by chance. It has been known since antiquity that regular geometric forms (sacred) are able to form their own "microcosm". The movement of energy flows takes place in it. When applied correctly, they have a beneficial effect on human energy and health.

Sauna in a bag

In Russia, not only the traditional wet steam room has long enjoyed popularity. The sauna bag is exotic and useful. It is completely environmentally friendly, has practically no contraindications and is combined with a kind of aromatherapy. It is recommended to visit such a steam room for people suffering from rheumatism and sciatica. The main advantage of both birch and straw baths in a bag is the ability to organize it yourself. The treatment bag can be purchased or sewn from canvas. You can use it many times by washing it in warm soapy water after each session.

Bath in a bag with birch leaves

Birch leaves for bath procedures
Birch leaves for bath procedures

To equip such a steam room, you will need fresh birch leaves. Before the session, you need to sort them out and make sure there are no branches that can scratch the skin.

The procedures are carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Put the leaves into a canvas bag.
  2. We heat the contents with hot steam.
  3. We wash thoroughly and wipe ourselves dry.
  4. We climb into the bag for half an hour.
  5. At the end of the session, wipe the skin with a dry soft cloth.
  6. We rinse the body with a decoction of herbs.

When a person is in a bag, a kind of microclimate is created there. Due to the healing properties of birch leaves, the well-being of the resting person improves. Birch contains many tannins that have a beneficial effect on the body. A visit to such a steam room has a good effect on the skin and the nervous system. Flower hay can be used instead of leaves.

Straw sauna in a bag

Straw and treatment bag
Straw and treatment bag

For the arrangement of this type of steam room, ordinary straw is used. The session is carried out in this order:

  • We heat the straw in the bag with steam up to +60 degrees.
  • We immerse ourselves in the mixture up to the neck and sit for 20 minutes.
  • After the procedure, rinse the body with herbal decoction.

During the session, the secreted sweat is evenly absorbed by the straw, which has an antibacterial effect. After the procedures, the water balance normalizes the intake of herbal or green tea, vegetable broth.

In Japan, it is customary to use not straw and leaves for bathing procedures, but cedar sawdust. They are placed in a container that is rectangular in shape. The sawdust bath warms up to a temperature of +45 degrees. The residence time in it is 15-20 minutes. Watch a video about the pyramid bath:

[media = https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 4ewg_2RRQTE] The abundance of varieties of traditional folk and exotic baths is evidence that people at all times and wherever they live respected steam rooms. After all, basking in streams of hot air is not only pleasant, but also very beneficial for health. And the accompanying components of the procedure are a good addition that helps to relax and improve your health.