Bragg fasting rules and results

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Bragg fasting rules and results
Bragg fasting rules and results

What is the Bragg Fasting System? Basic rules, advice, harmful products. Paul Bragg's way out of fasting therapy, results.

Paul Bragg is the founder of the fasting theory. The scientist was able to find several approaches to this process at once directly from a scientific point of view. And in this matter I have achieved a fairly large implementation. Initially, I tested this system on myself, after which I offered to try this method and followers.

Bragg was completely confident that it was thanks to regular hunger strikes that it was possible to carry out a complete cleansing and healing of the whole body and, of course, prolong youth. Paul Bragg outlined the entire theory in as much detail as possible in his book The Miracle of Fasting. You can get acquainted not only with theory, but also with practice. The book almost instantly became a real bestseller, breaking all existing sales records.

Every year there are more and more fans of Paul Bragg's fasting. And this is not surprising, because the technique really works and, with strict adherence to all recommendations, allows you to achieve amazing results.

What is Bragg fasting?

Paul Bragg's fasting
Paul Bragg's fasting

The Bragg fasting technique does not imply a complete rejection of food. This system is considered a healthy diet, which is consolidated using the fasting technique. The developer of the method was a physiotherapist. Due to the fact that Paul Bragg was very ill in childhood, he was in very poor health. But after becoming a physician, he began to develop his own system for cleansing the whole body. It was thanks to this technique that he not only strengthened his health, but also lived to a ripe old age, maintaining activity, mobility, strength and flexibility.

The main principle of the theory is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins that surround a person from all sides and negatively affect both health and appearance. Paul Bragg's theory is detailed in a book called The Miracle of Fasting.

This book describes in detail all the principles and specifics of fasting for 24 hours and for 10 days. Fasting too much is not recommended. It will be enough to fast once a week for only 24 hours. And three times a year observe 7-10 days of fasting.

Particular attention is required to treat food consumed outside of periods of fasting. Fruits and vegetables are not as useful as it is commonly believed. First of all, this applies to those plants, during the cultivation of which chemicals were used - for example, fertilizers, pest control products. All this is not beneficial either for plants or for a person who will eat such products.

All harmful substances and toxins are actively absorbed into the peel of plants, and only then into the leaves and roots. Even processing the fruit (for example, stewing, boiling or baking) does not completely remove toxins. Cutting off the peel with a thick layer does not help either.

To date, scientists around the world continue to actively debate about how long the fasting technique should be. Bragg himself argued that there was no need to fast for 20 or 30 days. It is enough to resort to systematic fasting, the duration of which is no more than 10 days. If the body is prepared and several short fasts have been carried out, you can try to follow the technique for 15 days.

Bragg claims that it is enough to give up food for 24 or 36 hours just once every 7-10 days. As soon as the body gets used to the new dietary restrictions, it will be possible to starve several times a year for 7-10 days. The use of this technique will allow you to feel a surge of energy and strength, to cleanse the body.