Honey for immunity - benefits, recipes, applications

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Honey for immunity - benefits, recipes, applications
Honey for immunity - benefits, recipes, applications

Does honey increase the body's defenses, benefits and possible harm. Recipes for immunity with honey and other products - lemon, ginger, garlic, dried fruits, cinnamon.

Honey for immunity is a natural remedy created by nature. This beekeeping product is able to saturate, strengthen health, cure the initial stage of colds. Depending on the plants that the bees pollinate, honey is dark brown, bright orange, pale yellow. The main thing is that the product is fresh and not heat-treated.

Does honey boost immunity?

Honey for immunity
Honey for immunity

In the photo, honey for immunity

When asked whether honey boosts immunity, doctors answer in the affirmative. They are sure that regular consumption of beekeeping products makes the human body more resistant to adverse factors.

Does honey raise immunity, what benefits does it bring to the body:

  • saturates with vitamins;
  • performs an antiseptic effect;
  • increases physical activity;
  • improves mood;
  • normalizes weight;
  • prevents early aging.

Honey enhances immunity only if you follow a healthy lifestyle. If a person has bad habits, overeats, spends leisure time on the couch, his body cannot recover only with the help of natural products.

The benefits of honey for immunity

Beneficial Honey Blend for Immunity
Beneficial Honey Blend for Immunity

In order to use honey correctly to raise immunity, you need to know what substances are included in its composition. When studying a beekeeping product, scientists have identified several hundred useful components.

So, the composition of honey includes vitamins A, C, E, K, group B. All of them are involved in the chemical and biological processes in the human body. A deficiency of these elements causes a malfunction in the metabolism. Therefore, the use of honey is recommended in the spring, before the ripening of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

More than 200 types of flavonoids allow honey to be used to strengthen the immune system. These phenolic elements regulate the production of hormones and enzymes, prevent the destruction of collagen, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

The minerals in honey have different functions:

  • cobalt - normalizes the process of hematopoiesis;
  • sulfur - removes toxins.
  • phosphorus and calcium - strengthens bone tissue;
  • gold - inhibits the growth of tubercle bacilli;
  • nickel and zinc - normalize blood sugar levels;
  • sodium and strontium - help the kidneys work.

Honey strengthens human immunity due to the presence of defensin-1 in its composition. This protein acts as a natural antibiotic. Together with polyphenols, it creates an environment that is unfavorable for the life and reproduction of many pathogenic bacteria.

Beekeeping products contain fast sugars. They nourish brain cells, increase concentration, improve thinking and memory. Therefore, snacks made from honey mixtures are recommended during exams, intensive study, and emergency at work. These elements are no less useful for people who are involved in sports or physical labor.

All useful components of honey are in an easily digestible form. They are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body. Therefore, their healing effect begins within half an hour after taking the product. With moderate regular consumption, honey raises immunity even in people weakened by the disease.

Contraindications and harm of honey

Allergy to honey
Allergy to honey

Honey from a useful product turns into a dangerous one when heated to a liquid state. During this process, all "living" useful elements are destroyed, and instead of them, the carcinogen oxymethylfurfural (OMP) is formed.

When using honey to enhance immunity, one should not forget about the high calorie content of the product. Its content in 100 g is 300-330 kcal. Therefore, a small amount of amber liquid must be added to desserts and sweets.

When giving honey for immunity to a child, you should be aware of the high likelihood of developing caries. This product in its pure form is considered one of the most aggressive destroyers of tooth enamel. Therefore, dentists recommend rinsing your mouth after consuming it.

With increased acidity of the stomach, honey can cause a deterioration in health. People with this problem can only use the product as an additive, sweetener, filling. And when heartburn occurs, you should give it up.

When preparing immunity products with honey, do not forget that bee products are often strong allergens. They can cause intestinal upset, irritation and skin rashes. A more severe allergic reaction is also possible - Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock.

Strict contraindications to the use of honey include:

  • pancreatic disease;
  • acute form of pancreatitis;
  • exacerbation of gastritis and ulcers;
  • hypervitaminosis.

People with diabetes need to visit an endocrinologist, who will make an individual diet, calculate the permissible daily amount of honey.

Recipes with honey for immunity

When combined with other useful products, honey reveals its properties to a greater extent. It complements the health benefits of lemon, ginger, dried apricots, nuts, aloe. The main thing is to follow the rules for the manufacture, storage and use of such mixtures.

Honey and Lemon Recipes

Honey with lemon for immunity
Honey with lemon for immunity

Lemon is one of the most common and readily available citrus fruits. It is sold all year round, has a bright taste and rich aroma. Its beneficial properties are well preserved even when cut. Lemon acts as a natural antiseptic, an effective tonic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Honey and lemon form an excellent flavor combination. Sour citrus juice, bitter peel and sweet honey nectar perfectly complement each other, forming a delicious vitamin bomb. At the same time, the beneficial properties of the products are preserved for several weeks (provided that they are stored in the refrigerator).

How to make a lemon and honey remedy for immunity:

  1. Wash thoroughly 1 kg of lemons.
  2. Twist them through a meat grinder along with the skin.
  3. Pour in 500 ml of honey.
  4. Place in a cool, dark place for 5 days.
  5. Stir, store in refrigerator.

The honey mixture for immunity is used to treat many diseases. It helps to cure colds, respiratory diseases, normalizes metabolic processes and the work of the digestive tract. To do this, add the product to warm water, tea, or just take 1 teaspoon 2 times a day.

Honey and Ginger Recipes

Honey with ginger for immunity
Honey with ginger for immunity

Ginger contains many useful ingredients. And thanks to the presence of bright aromas of essential oils, people use the root to make food and drinks. The product goes well with honey, adding bitterness to the amber liquid and a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

To make ginger honey, you need to take 40 g of a fragrant root, peel it, grind it. In the next step, simply add the component to 250 ml of honey and store in the refrigerator. Add the mixture to warm tea or eat in small doses (2 teaspoons per day).

How to make a drink with ginger and honey for immunity:

  1. Peel and chop the ginger root (20 g).
  2. Pour 200 ml of boiling water over it.
  3. Add 30 g of honey to the cooled liquid.
  4. Mix thoroughly.

Ginger-honey water helps to treat problems of the digestive tract, improves the general well-being of a person. If you add lemon juice to it, you get an effective remedy for colds. Indeed, for immunity, ginger, honey and lemon serve as a catalyst for healing processes.

Recipes with honey and dried fruits

Honey with dried fruits for immunity
Honey with dried fruits for immunity

For immunity, honey, dried apricots and other dried fruits are extremely useful and important. Dried berries and fruits retain most of the vitamins and minerals. In combination with a viscous honey mass, they reveal all their useful properties. At the same time, the mixture turns out to be very tasty, even children and adolescents eat it with pleasure.

How to prepare a mixture with dried fruits for immunity:

  1. Rinse dried fruits under running water (250 g).
  2. Scald them with boiling water and discard them in a colander.
  3. Rinse one large lemon and cut into pieces.
  4. Grind the ingredients in a meat grinder.
  5. Add enough honey to form into balls.
  6. Shape them into candy, wrap them in plastic, put them in the refrigerator.

In such mixtures, the benefits of honey for immunity are preserved, despite the small amount of the component. But the main contribution comes from dried fruits.

Please note that such mixtures are extremely high in calories. Therefore, give them to children in limited quantities and preferably in the first half of the day.

Recipes with honey and nuts

Honey with nuts for immunity
Honey with nuts for immunity

Recipes with honey for immunity are often supplemented with other healthy foods. Various nuts are among the most effective. Each of them has its own characteristic feature. So, almonds have a choleretic effect, hazelnuts inhibit the growth of neoplasms, walnuts strengthen potency.

How to make a mixture of nuts and honey for immunity:

  1. Prepare 20 g each of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pine nuts and walnuts.
  2. Mix them together in a glass jar.
  3. Cover them with liquid honey.
  4. Store in the refrigerator.

In reviews, honey for immunity, mixed with nuts, is called an extremely nutritious mixture. Indeed, 400 g of this product replaces the daily amount of food. Therefore, the mixture is suitable as a healthy snack at work or when traveling. Doctors recommend taking it for people weakened by illness, prolonged stress or unfavorable environmental conditions.

To enhance the effect, add lemon and dried fruits to the nut-honey mixture. It is not necessary to adhere to equal proportions for this. Focus on your taste and introduce only your favorite foods. In this case, you can cut them into pieces or grind them with a meat grinder.

Recipes with honey and berries

Honey with berries for immunity
Honey with berries for immunity

Both adults and children like the flavorful combination of sweet honey and sour berries. From these products, you can prepare fillings for desserts, as well as vitamin preparations for the winter. All of these dishes will be beneficial for the immune and other body systems.

Recipe for a mixture for immunity with honey and berries:

  1. Pour 2 tablespoons of liquid honey into a bowl.
  2. Beat it with a mixer.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of chopped berries.
  4. Beat the whole mixture again with a mixer.

This vitamin cream is used as a filling for pancakes, ice cream additives, and lubricants for summer pies.

Recipe with cranberries and honey for immunity:

  1. Grind fresh cranberries with a mortar.
  2. Pour the mixture into a glass jar.
  3. Fill it with honey.
  4. Close the lid tightly.
  5. Store in the refrigerator.

Another recipe is used to store viburnum. The twig, along with the berries, is dipped in liquid honey, and then laid out on a baking sheet on parchment paper. The berries are dried in the oven, after which they retain their beneficial properties for many months (provided they are stored in a cool, dry place).

Honey and aloe recipes

Aloe honey for immunity
Aloe honey for immunity

Aloe is a plant with fleshy green leaves. It is filled with juice, which contains many vitamins and other substances for general strengthening and anti-inflammatory effects.

To prepare a remedy for raising immunity, it is necessary to use aloe, which has been growing in a pot for at least 3 years, since young plants do not yet have the necessary concentration of nutrients. Another prerequisite is to keep cut leaves in the refrigerator (7-9 days). In this case, the agave will bring maximum benefit to the body.

How to make an aloe and honey remedy for immunity:

  1. Grind a few aloe leaves.
  2. Add the same volume of liquid honey.
  3. Stir, pour into a glass jar.
  4. Store in the refrigerator.

Such a product can be stored for one month. To increase the shelf life of the mixture, you need to add an alcoholic drink to it - vodka or Cahors wine. Moreover, after mixing, it is necessary to put the viscous liquid in a dark place for 2 weeks. To improve the taste and health properties, it is allowed to add lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon.

Remedy with honey and garlic

Honey with garlic for immunity
Honey with garlic for immunity

Garlic is a powerful health food. It has pronounced antiseptic properties, destroys harmful organisms in the oral cavity and digestive tract.

For the circulatory system, garlic has an anticoagulant function. The blood becomes less viscous, the formation of blood clots decreases. As a result, the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes is prevented.

Garlic is good for men's health as well. Its essential oils are a powerful aphrodisiac. The honey-garlic mixture strengthens potency, prevents stagnation in the organs of the reproductive system, fights male infertility.

Women take a garlic-honey mixture to relieve pain during menstruation, relieve abdominal cramps. Many of them note the normalization of the emotional state, improvement of the strength of sleep.

How to make a remedy with garlic and honey for immunity:

  1. Rinse thoroughly with 5 lemons.
  2. Cut them into pieces.
  3. Peel 5 cloves of garlic.
  4. Twist the food twice through a meat grinder.
  5. Pour the mixture with 500 ml of honey.
  6. Stir well.
  7. Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

For adults, the mixture should be taken with or after meals. A single dose is one teaspoon, the daily dose is 3 teaspoons.

Honey and Cinnamon Recipes

Cinnamon honey for immunity
Cinnamon honey for immunity

Cinnamon is extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree. The spice is used for cooking meat dishes, desserts, drinks. In medicine, cinnamon is valued for improving blood supply, normalizing blood sugar levels.

Aromatic spice improves appetite, tones up the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it acts as an antiseptic, that is, it kills pathogenic organisms in the organs of the digestive system.

How to make a healthy composition with honey and cinnamon for immunity:

  1. Add 70 grams of honey to a glass jar.
  2. Send 1 chopped cinnamon stick to the same place.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of chopped ginger.
  4. Mix thoroughly.

This mixture can be added to water, warm tea, and other drinks. Many people enjoy using it in its pure form. The remedy is most beneficial if consumed 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

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