Is water training helpful?

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Is water training helpful?
Is water training helpful?

Learn how to properly conduct workouts on the water, what effect such workouts have, and why you should include this type of activity in your plans. Everyone knows that water is the basis of life on our planet. Our body is 80 percent composed of this substance. A person gets acquainted with water even before being born, because from the moment of conception, a child has been in water for nine months. All this was the reason for the recommendations to engage in water sports. Surely many immediately thought about swimming, but now water aerobics is very popular.

What is the use of water training?

The girl is engaged in the pool
The girl is engaged in the pool

Now we will talk about the benefits of training in water using the example of aqua aerobics.

Even those who cannot swim can practice

Many people enjoy spending time in warm water. In the summer, everyone strives to go to the sea or more often go to a river or lake. In winter, many people actively visit the pool. If you are on the beach, it is not necessary to be able to swim, because you can get a lot of pleasure from shallow water. But the pool in winter is visited only by those people who have learned to swim.

However, today anyone can train in the water. To do this, you just need to start attending the water aerobics section. Classes in this type of fitness are held at shallow depths. As a result, many people not only benefit greatly from water training, but eventually learn to swim. It all starts with a simple addiction to water and the ability to stay on it.

Joints are well protected

When training is carried out on the ground, the joints are under severe stress. First of all, this statement applies to running and jumping. Almost all types of aerobics, to one degree or another, include these elements. Water aerobics is also no exception. However, thanks to water exercises, the joints are reliably protected.

Scientists have found that marathon runners decrease their height by an average of one centimeter at the end of the race. This is due to a strong negative stress on the spinal column. Water is able to extinguish the harmful effect. According to scientific research, when exercising in water, joints are 90 percent less susceptible to negative stress.

This is extremely important in old age, when the articular-ligamentous apparatus already has a lot of damage. During pregnancy, women should also take care of their joints and aqua aerobics or yoga will be an excellent sport for them. Professional athletes actively train in the water during the rehabilitation period after injuries.

In medicine, for acute forms of osteochondrosis, water procedures are often prescribed, but it is better to refuse active training on land at this time. If a person has serious problems with being overweight, then he should be extremely careful when choosing a sport. Water aerobics can also be an excellent solution. This will allow you to lose weight and strengthen your muscles at the same time. After reaching the goal, you can start training on the ground.

High efficiency

From the outside, it may seem that training in the water is just fun and may not be beneficial to your health. However, in practice, everything happens exactly the opposite. Water is able to dampen the shock load, thereby protecting the spinal column and joints, but the muscles are working as actively as possible. Agree that it takes extra effort to overcome the resistance of the water.

By doing simple exercises in the water, you will be able to burn more calories than doing on land. Quite quickly, an unprepared person begins to feel tired during aquafitness, and the heart rate increases rapidly. Attend one orientation session on any type of aquafitness and see for yourself.

Pleasant feeling of coolness

Exercising on the ground can lead to severe overheating of the body and the entire body. Not everyone can tolerate this normally. Water is able to cool well and training is easier to tolerate. In addition, less sweat is produced, therefore, fluid loss is minimized. At the same time, it is necessary to use water during aquafitness classes.

Great for shy people

Often, beginners, coming to the gym, complete because of their figure. In addition, they are not sure that all movements are performed technically correctly. This only leads to the fact that additional mistakes are made, and the effectiveness of the training decreases. Aquafitness eliminates all complexes, because a person is more than half in the water and it is difficult for outsiders to see the imperfection of the figure. The situation is similar with the technique of movements.

In addition to physical activity, the body receives a good massage

Training in water helps to strengthen not only the cardiovascular system or muscles. Water has a massage effect on the whole body, which has a positive effect on the functioning of all internal organs and the lymphatic system. Aquafitness is able not only to normalize blood circulation, but also lymph flow and metabolism.

Regular water training will help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles. At the same time, the body becomes smooth and elastic. Scientists have long proven that water treatments are an excellent way to fight cellulite. Constant massage of problem areas allows you to achieve a positive result in a short time. Also, in the course of scientific research, it has been proven that water helps to restore strength and increase physical activity.

How to properly train in the water?

Two girls and a guy work out in the pool
Two girls and a guy work out in the pool

Knowing the benefits of water training, you should be familiar with the basic rules. Compliance with them will allow you to get the best possible results.

  1. Before starting a workout, you need to devote ten minutes to a warm-up. By doing simple exercises, you will be able to warm up your muscles well, which will avoid annoying injuries.
  2. Beginners and people with a large body weight should not do long sessions. At first, it is enough to train for half an hour, gradually increasing the duration of classes.
  3. It is best to practice in water of a comfortable temperature. Cool water stimulates lipolysis processes much better, since the body has to spend additional energy to heat the body. But you should avoid excessively cold water, as this can lead to seizures.
  4. During training in the water, you must constantly move. If you choose to swim, then you must swim at least 80 percent of the time, not stand still.
  5. Swimming is effective when you alternate between different styles. In fitness, such training is called interval training and is considered the most effective for weight loss.
  6. You can eat food 1–1.5 hours before and after training.

What exercises should you do while exercising in the water?

Girl works out in the pool with special dumbbells
Girl works out in the pool with special dumbbells

As we mentioned above, training in water will help you lose weight and strengthen muscles throughout your body. If you want to do water aerobics, then now we will tell you about the most effective exercises for different parts of the body.

Exercises in the water for the feet

  1. Immerse yourself in the water, grasping the side of the pool with your hands, and take a lying position. In this position, begin to spread and bring your legs. This movement allows you to qualitatively work out the inner surface of the thigh. Do 25 reps.
  2. Take a standing position with your arms extended forward at chest level. Raise one leg, trying to reach with the fingers of the opposite hand. 15 repetitions should be performed on each leg.
  3. Stretching out your arms in front of you, begin to alternately raise your legs high. Bending them at the knee joints. This imitation of walking allows you to load the muscles of the buttocks and thighs well.
  4. Take a standing position with your back straight. Straining your buttocks, bend your knees alternately, trying to touch the buttocks.
  5. Jump back and forth, trying to alternately bring your legs forward. Perform 20 jumps on each leg.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

There are quite a few exercises aimed at developing the abdominal muscles. Now we will introduce you to the most effective ones.

  1. Turn your back to the side of the pool and grasp it with your hands. Start pulling your legs together to your chest, and then to the right and left. 10 repetitions should be done in each direction.
  2. Without changing position, start performing movements that simulate cycling. First "pedal" towards yourself, and then away from you. Do 15 repetitions in each direction.

Exercises for the buttocks and thighs

  1. Running in place is one of the most effective buttock movements.
  2. Bend your legs alternately at the knee regulations, lifting them up. Simultaneously perform movements that simulate impacts. This exercise helps to strengthen not only the muscles of the buttocks, but also the arms.

Exercises with dumbbells in water

Training in water with weights is now a separate area of fitness - aquascaping. You will need rubber dumbbells, flexible tubes, and an aquapelt for training.

  1. Pick up dumbbells, weighing one kilo and raising your legs high, walk in place. Hands should also be involved in the work. The duration of the exercise is two minutes.
  2. The legs are at the level of the shoulder joints, and the arms are pressed to the chest. Throw your arms forward with dumbbells and return to starting position. The duration of the exercise is two minutes.
  3. The body must be slightly tilted vperil, placing the legs at the level of the shoulder joints. The right arm with the weight is up, and the left is down. Overcome the resistance of the water, change the position of your hands. Perform the movement 15 repetitions.
  4. The legs are at the level of the shoulder joints, and the knees are slightly bent. Tilt your body slightly forward and grab the dumbbells, holding them in front of your chest. From this position, begin to perform rotational movements. 15 repetitions must be done in each direction.
  5. Legs are brought together, and arms with dumbbells spread apart. Perform the jump, trying to reach with your knees to your chest. In total, you need to do 10 repetitions.

Training in water allows you not only to quickly get rid of excess weight and strengthen muscles, but also improve the functioning of the respiratory system. To perform breathing exercises, you must select a place in the pool where the water reaches the armpits. Perform five circular movements with straight arms, and then inhale deeply and lower your face into the water, slowly exhaling air. Start with five repetitions and gradually work up to ten.

Wondering how to lose weight in the pool? Watch the following video: