How do athletes use droppers at home?

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How do athletes use droppers at home?
How do athletes use droppers at home?

Find out what types of droppers are and what should be the algorithm for setting a dropper at home so as not to harm your health. Athletes rarely go to medical institutions for help with the administration of various drugs. If learning how to give injections is simple enough, then with droppers the situation is different. Sometimes there is a need for fluid therapy, but it is not possible to use the services of an experienced healthcare professional. There is no choice but to do everything yourself. Today we will try to tell you in as much detail as possible how a bodybuilder can put a dropper at home.

First of all, you have to remember the order of actions. Of course, the best option would be to contact a professional. Droppers are now actively used for intravenous administration of various medications, such as vitamins. Thanks to drip injection, the active ingredient of the substance is quickly absorbed and the risk of complications in the work of the digestive system is completely eliminated.

How a bodybuilder put a dropper at home - features of the procedure

Bodybuilder on white background
Bodybuilder on white background

Whatever drug you need to inject by drip, we recommend that you consult a doctor. Infusion therapy is considered sparing, but it also has a number of contraindications. This should always be remembered. Most often, athletes use droppers to administer vitamins. However, situations in life are different, and it does not matter which drug you are going to administer.

One of the main advantages of infusion therapy is one hundred percent assimilation of the medication and you will feel the effect of its work in a short time. An experienced person is able to quickly deliver a drip and at the same time, it is guaranteed that there will be no problems. Otherwise, there is a great risk of damage to the vein. If the drug used does not enter the bloodstream, then it accumulates under the skin. A small bump appears in this place and a burning sensation arises.

What types of droppers are there?

Dropper preparation process
Dropper preparation process

The type of infusion therapy depends on the solution of the drug used:

  1. Detoxifying - designed to speed up the processes of utilization of various toxins. They are actively used for alcoholic and other types of poisoning, as well as in the treatment of ailments of an infectious nature.
  2. Restorative - are necessary to restore normal functioning of internal organs and saturation of the body with glucose.
  3. Antianemic - are used in case of loss of strength for the introduction of iron-containing preparations or fortifying solutions. Most often, they are needed during the recovery period after serious illness or to strengthen the immune system.
  4. Cholesterol - allow to prevent the development of ailments of the cardiovascular system. The main task of this type of dropper is to restore the balance of lipoprotein compounds and lipid metabolism.
  5. Cosmetology - the action is aimed at restoring the nail plates, skin and hair. They are actively used to slow down the aging process.

How a bodybuilder put a dropper at home - rules of conduct

Introducing a medicine into a dropper
Introducing a medicine into a dropper

So we come to the answer to the main question of today's conversation - how can a bodybuilder put a drip at home? In order for infusion therapy to be as effective as possible and at the same time not to harm the body, you have to adhere to certain rules.

Preparation for the procedure

First of all, it is necessary to think over where the patient will be placed, and decide on the method of attaching the vessel with the medication. In medical institutions, special racks are used for this. At home, it is quite possible to do with improvised means. You must remember that the container with the solution must be securely fastened.

Preparing instruments for the procedure

A drip can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. It is a tube fitted with a clamp. The rate at which the solution is delivered to the body depends on the width of the tube. The most commonly used dropper is standard sizes. In addition, you need to purchase a plaster and a special tourniquet. You also need to properly prepare the solution with the medication:

  • Prepare the suspension device for the container with the preparation.
  • After washing your hands thoroughly, wear disposable rubber gloves.
  • Open the bottle with the solution by pretreating the rubber cap with an alcohol solution.
  • Open the syringe package and collect it.
  • Open the container with the medication and, typing it into the syringe, enter it into the bottle with the solution.

The next step is the assembly of the catfish dropper:

  1. Remove the instrument from the packaging.
  2. The regulator wheel must be turned to the extreme position to shut off the solution flow.
  3. Find the end of the dropper with a needle.
  4. Insert it into the cap of the solution bottle.
  5. There is another needle in the dropper bag, which must be inserted next to the first into the bottle cap.
  6. Find the extension of the system, it should be cylindrical and press firmly on it two or three times. This part of the system is designed to control the rate of administration of the drug and after your manipulations it should be filled up to the middle with the solution.
  7. Place the free end of the system back in the packaging.
  8. Move the metering wheel up.
  9. The solution should fill the entire system.
  10. As soon as liquid begins to come out of the free end, move the wheel down.
  11. Inspect the system carefully to make sure that there is no air in it. To do this, it is worth using the dispenser wheel, draining a small amount of solution containing air bubbles from the dropper.
  12. Insert the free end of the device into the second needle.

Installing a dropper

During infusion therapy, the patient must be in the supine position. If necessary, place pillows under your head. We recommend placing a towel on hand. Squeeze the vein in the area just above the elbow joint with a special tourniquet. After treating the injection site with an alcohol solution, gently insert the needle at a 30-degree angle. Free your hand from the tourniquet, and be sure to seal the puncture site with a plaster, thereby securing the needle. This will avoid damage to the vein and skin, as well as reduce the risks of penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the body.

Particular attention should be paid to sterility during infusion therapy. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, and all operations with the dropper must be carried out with rubber disposable gloves. The rate of inflow of the solution into the vein is regulated using a special wheel, which is equipped with all types of droppers.

When all the solution has been injected, shut off the flow and carefully withdraw the needle from the vein. Treat the puncture site with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution. The patient must bend the arm at the elbow so that the blood stops faster. As a result, the risks of bruising are drastically reduced. Experts recommend injecting a dropper into the bend of the elbow joint or the palm. In these places, the veins are better visible, and it will be easier for you to accurately insert the needle.

We have already briefly talked about the method of installing a dropper, but if you are performing the procedure for the first time, you should probably learn about this process in as much detail as possible:

  1. After fixing the tourniquet on the arm, the patient should clench the palm into a fist and place it on a hard surface. Feel for the largest and most prominent vein, then treat the intended injection site with an alcohol solution.
  2. To set the system in working position, you need to press the vein just below the puncture site with your left thumb. Take the needle with your right hand and insert it into the vein. Be sure to secure the needle with tape.
  3. When the needle is inserted, a small amount of venous blood should appear from its other end.
  4. To select the optimal solution flow rate, slowly lower the control wheel. If air bubbles appear in the bottle, the speed must be reduced.

When the procedure is completed, the patient should be in the supine position for a while. Also, during the administration of the drug, you should monitor it in order to control the body's response to the drug.

Recommendations for infusion therapy

The person is given an infusion therapy
The person is given an infusion therapy

You must remember that only a specialist can determine the required number of procedures. If you do not have this information, we recommend that you put the drip only once. This will allow you to avoid overdose, which can lead to various health problems.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how a bodybuilder can put a dropper at home, then you are probably wondering and in which hand is it better for yourself to inject the solution? It will be more convenient for right-handers to do it to the right, and for left-handers, respectively, to the left. This increases the likelihood of correct insertion of the needle into the vein, and reduces the risk of injury to the skin.

Most often, a dropper is placed in the arm, but if the veins are poorly visible on it, then the option with a leg is also possible. In addition, a dropper should be placed in the lower extremities for thrombophlebitis of the hands. Although it is generally accepted that this procedure is not difficult, it requires a certain amount of knowledge to carry it out. In addition, we recommend that you consult a doctor in order to determine the required dosage of the drug.

What drugs are most often used in sports for infusion therapy?

Girl doctor with a syringe in hand
Girl doctor with a syringe in hand

Athletes most often use several basic and auxiliary drugs. Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. Amino acids - are used to replenish the amine pool, which makes it possible to speed up the recovery processes. Among the drugs, we note Infezol 100 and Neo Aminosol.
  2. Glucose - allows you to improve the work of the heart muscle and blood vessels, as well as to somewhat speed up the processes of utilization of toxins in the liver.
  3. Electrolyte solution - most often used after hard training in the hot season. For this, Ringer's solution is used, which can be applied once or twice a week.
  4. Actovegin - primarily used to accelerate the recovery process after injury. It should be noted that the cost of the drug is quite high, and not every builder can use it. It can be replaced with insulin, but Actovegin is preferred.
  5. Riboxin - improves the efficiency of the myocardium and has a positive effect on coronary circulation. Sports medicine experts advise against using this drug during anabolic cycles, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of Riboxin.

How to put yourself a dropper yourself, see below: