New Year gifts for the signs of the zodiac

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New Year gifts for the signs of the zodiac
New Year gifts for the signs of the zodiac

What does the Rat love and how to please it? Options for gifts for the New Year according to the signs of the zodiac. What women and men love, universal presents.

Gifts for the New Year according to the zodiac signs are a great opportunity to please a person, knowing what will suit him exactly. True, you should not trust astrologers 100%. Often they are wrong, recommending the diametrically opposite, so listen, but choose the gift yourself.

Features of the choice of New Year gifts by zodiac signs

Choosing New Year'sts by zodiac signs
Choosing New Year'sts by zodiac signs

2020 is approaching, and with it the hectic time to choose gifts. What to give to the boss, to put under the tree for mom or nephew, and also for husband, daughter and girlfriend? And don't forget about my grandmother and a bunch of employees at work. In short, the head is spinning, so usually they don't bother with a gift - they take the first one they come across from the store shelf, and the job is done. In the Year of the Rat, we recommend that you approach this issue more carefully than usual. This rodent does not like fuss. And in general, he is sickened by a superficial attitude towards his own person, so we recommend choosing gifts for this New Year according to the signs of the zodiac. This approach will appeal not only to the totem animal, but also to the gifted person.

The rat opens a 12-year cycle. The first she appeared before the eyes of the Buddha was not entirely honest: she climbed onto the back of the bull, and when he was already ready to kneel, she jumped down and was the very first.

As you already understood, the Rat is characterized by cunning, resourcefulness and at the same time remarkable intelligence and analytical abilities. This animal is patient, instantly reacts to changing circumstances, does nothing to harm itself, and also perfectly adapts to any conditions, surviving where many would easily die.

Rat loves to eat, cozy nest, shiny trinkets (metal, silver, platinum, but not gold). And she is also insanely clean - it often takes up to half of her waking time to clean a fur coat, and she loves to travel. If the animal leaves the cage, then it will gladly go to explore all the nooks and crannies of the master's dwelling.

The dark side of the Rat is hoarding. She piles up everything that she managed to bring into the house, and never gets rid of it.

In order for the animal to accurately honor you with its presence, which means that 2020 will start well and will be the same throughout its course, you need to give good gifts. Just don't go too far. As the character of Andrei Mironov said in "The Diamond Hand": "Ice cream for children, flowers for baba."

What to give for the New Year 2020:

  • give jewelry made of silver and platinum to your loved ones, and to the boss something neutral without a hint of a close relationship;
  • find an educational game for a child, ideally if it is a puzzle;
  • present to relatives the voucher they dreamed of;
  • friends - a joint weekend in a snow-covered country house with a crackling fireplace and barbecue;
  • Give grandparents something soft and warm so that they feel the warmth and care of their loved ones.

Yes, you have to fork out: the Rat doesn't like cheap stuff, so don't make the totem angry, otherwise you will go awry all year. In addition, everyone to whom you gave good gifts will be very happy and will repay you in kind.

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

Taking into account the interests of the totem animal is one side of the issue. The second is how to combine it with the desires of the zodiac signs. Each of them has their own preferences, which, moreover, also depend on the gender of the donee.

The characters of the zodiac signs:

  • a lion … Authority, dignity, integrity, pride, independence, generosity, artistry. Lions often patronize the weak and do charity work. They love holidays, entertainment and luxury.
  • Cancer … Dreaminess, romance, tenderness, capriciousness, changeability, sentimentality. Cancers are very attached to the hearth and do not like to leave the house for a long time.
  • Twins … Prudence, curiosity, cunning, dexterity, cunning, analytical thinking.
  • Virgo … Love for travel, dispassion, curiosity, dexterity, the ability to analyze a situation and draw logical conclusions. Dislikes surprises.
  • Taurus … Love for comfort, emotionality, sensuality, elegance, sexuality.
  • scales … Strong creativity, attractiveness, creative thinking, reliability. Libra loves comfort, beauty, and harmony.
  • Aries … Straightforwardness, self-confidence, hot temper, inability to pretend. Aries are impulsive and easily excitable.
  • Scorpion … People of this sign are active and assertive, persistent in achieving their goals, resistant to material difficulties. However, they are easily excitable and impulsive.
  • Sagittarius … Self-confidence, dedication. Sagittarius are often imposing and respectable.
  • Fishes … Subtle natures, have creative abilities, romantic, dreamy.
  • Capricorn … He is conservative, does not like innovations, hardworking, loves stability, at the same time is capricious - he mainly refers to women. People of this sign are uncommunicative.
  • Aquarius … People of this sign often have paranormal abilities. These are creative, subtle natures, while freedom-loving and independent. Aquarians love everything new and unusual, but they don't like surprises.

How to choose a gift for the New Year according to the signs of the zodiac?

How to choose at for the New Year according to the signs of the zodiac
How to choose at for the New Year according to the signs of the zodiac

To pick up gifts according to the signs of the zodiac for the New Year 2020, you will have to, first of all, analyze the character of the donee, then compare it with what the Rat will like, and only then go to the store. It is not worth buying the first thing on which the eye lay. Nobody will like it. The gift should be chosen with soul and taking into account the desires of the person for whom it is intended.

Features of choosing a New Year's gift:

  • a lion … As a leader and authority, a man of this sign will appreciate only a high-quality expensive present. If it's a husband or a boyfriend, present an expensive perfume (not water) or a stylish wallet. Women of this sign will appreciate the perfume, but first you need to find out what they love, otherwise the gift will only be disappointment, a chic bouquet of flowers, coupled with a gift card to an expensive cosmetic boutique, jewelry made of silver or platinum. Do not give fakes or consumer goods to lions. They will not show the kind that it is unpleasant for them, but they will take note of such a donor.
  • Cancer … It is not difficult for the people of this sign to please with a gift. Give them something that will add coziness to their home: a high-quality soft blanket of a huge size, a patchwork-style bedspread (you can make it yourself), expensive curtains or capes for chairs, a beautiful houseplant. A close man will appreciate a warm sweater or favorite socks tied by his hands, and a woman will appreciate a beautiful nightgown and elegant Arabian-style house slippers.
  • Twins … Be original. Both a man and a woman of this sign will definitely appreciate the unusualness of the gift, for example, a trip to Goa or a trip to the mountains, rafting down the river in kayaks or a collective passage of a fantastic quest. Twin ladies love indoor plants. Choose something grand, such as a dendrobium orchid bush or several blooming hippeastrum bulbs of different colors.
  • Virgo … People of this sign hate surprises. Do you want to give them something? Then don't hesitate and ask what they want for the New Year. Perhaps someone is dreaming of a trip to Tenerife or a visit to the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I have an opportunity? Make the person happy with the trip. If you hesitate to ask a question or feel that you cannot fulfill your wish, let the gift be neutral and non-binding - a bouquet of flowers, expensive sweets, an interactive photo frame. Or just invite such a person to a restaurant.
  • Taurus … Appreciates only expensive gifts. He will never look at cheap stuff, and after the holiday he will send it to the trash bin. Great gifts for both men and women for a Taurus will be a cool smartphone, exclusive perfumes, expensive household appliances, or just money, but a decent amount.
  • scales … Any gift will be appreciated, if only a person presented it from the heart. They will be delighted with the surprise. So feel free to give anything you want, just don’t need to buy the sets on duty, which are available in every supermarket on New Year's Eve. Show at least a little imagination. Scales will definitely appreciate a cool purse or purse, jewelry or a certificate to your favorite store. At the same time, they will be happy with an armful of balloons or a huge pillow in the shape of some animal or heart.
  • Aries … He will appreciate only expensive gifts, even if they are not made from the heart, but with the aim of appeasing. It is definitely not possible to get by with a mug with an inscription or a gift pen for $ 10. The main thing is that Aries will clearly show that they are not happy with the present - people of this sign do not know how to pretend. A woman can be presented with an exclusive hand-embroidered bedding set made of natural silk or satin, expensive perfume, jewelry or handmade tapestry. A man will appreciate a stylish leather belt, a platinum tie bar with a precious stone, expensive alcohol or a warm scarf of an unusual color.
  • Scorpion … Loves unusual gifts and beautiful clothes. Ideally, if on New Year's Eve he gets a trip to an exotic country or some kind of branded thing. And if you go on a shopping tour, then in general it will be very happy. People of this zodiac sign will definitely not refuse a quest in the company of friends.
  • Sagittarius … This sign values attention very much. Give him something that will make his life more comfortable - a soft warm blanket, slippers, a painting by an unknown artist (just not a daub), invite him to ski. Sagittarius will appreciate any of the gifts listed and will repay the same. Alternatively, if you know the person well, buy him a branded item. Sagittarians take great care of their appearance.
  • Capricorn … Be prepared that the representative of this sign will begin to break, like gingerbread. He may not even like an expensive branded item. Capricorn women, realizing that the gift is exquisite, prefer to be capricious for some time, saying that it was not worth bothering so much and that it is too expensive, while at this moment they themselves evaluate the reaction of the donor. Choose something expensive and as neutral as possible, although both a man and a woman are unlikely to refuse a high-quality perfume. Jewelry is also honored, especially with diamonds.
  • Fishes … A gift that they didn't like will be sent to the trash can without regret. This makes Pisces related to Taurus. It is very difficult to find a gift for the people of this sign. They will not show the kind that they did not like, but they will try to get rid of the gift as soon as possible: if they do not throw it into the trash bin, they will give it away. Sometimes it's easier to get by with a souvenir, only cheap stuff will drop you a lot in the eyes of Pisces. Try presenting tickets for a modern theatrical performance or expensive tea with an extraordinary aroma.
  • Aquarius … Like Virgo, they hate surprises. If you want to please them - specify what they plan to buy in the near future, and just get ahead by presenting it for the New Year. Possible options, if it was not possible to clarify the information, are household appliances, a beautiful book, an indoor flower.

What to give a woman for the New Year?

What to give a woman for the New Year
What to give a woman for the New Year

This is very important information, based not on astrology, but on life observations.

Any woman (just not a boss), regardless of zodiac sign, will appreciate:

  • expensive perfume;
  • subscription to the spa;
  • a trip to an exotic country (first find out what you like so as not to get into a mess);
  • stylish designer jewelry;
  • a gift card to the Letual, Rive Gauche store or expensive clothing boutique;
  • Jewelry.

Never give a gift to women, whoever you may have:

  • intimate hygiene products and deodorants are a hint of untidiness;
  • cosmetics are an exception if you know exactly what the lady uses, otherwise the cream or lipstick will just lie around;
  • gym membership and weight loss aids are a hint of being overweight, the exception is that you were asked or hinted that it would be very nice.

What to give a man for the New Year?

What to give a man for the New Year
What to give a man for the New Year

With men, everything is much easier. Even for the boss, picking up a gift is not a problem: just don't cross the line beyond which the relationship ceases to be working.

What men will definitely appreciate, no matter what zodiac sign they were born under:

  • beautiful quality watches;
  • chic tie - choose something unusual, but stylish, which will definitely go with existing suits;
  • mugs of an unusual shape and other high-quality souvenirs with a name are an ideal gift for colleagues and acquaintances;
  • Jewelry such as a tie bar
  • writing sets made of natural stone - a gift from the team to the leader.

You should not give a man socks, underpants, deodorant, shaving foam, even if you are his wife - present or future. These things are mundane. Any man is able to buy them on his own as soon as the need arises.

Note! A gift that will suit everyone, regardless of gender, age, status and zodiac sign - a box of expensive sweets, a gift box of high-quality tea or coffee and a bottle of expensive alcohol (for women it can be wine or liqueur, for men it can be cognac or vodka in an unusual bottle) …

How to choose a New Year's gift by your zodiac sign - watch the video:

Now you know what to give for the New Year to the signs of the zodiac. You don't have to follow these guidelines. But remember: the gift must be good. Do not be stingy to please the person. This will definitely come back to you.