How to clean silver jewelry

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How to clean silver jewelry
How to clean silver jewelry

How to clean silverware, including jewelery with stones? How to clean gold plated and silverware? Folk remedies, tips and tricks for the care of silver. Video tips. Silver is a noble metal. It is widely used for making jewelry, cutlery and interior items. But the surface of stylish and graceful products eventually blackens, tarnishes and becomes covered with bloom. If you know how to clean silver at home, then the metal can be easily restored to its original shine. Then the silver beauty will always look perfect. How to care for silver, how to clean it and other useful recommendations in this review.

Why does silver turn black?

Silver bracelet on hand
Silver bracelet on hand

There are several factors that negatively affect silver jewelry, causing it to darken.

  1. High humidity. When exposed to humid air, the skin becomes moist. During its contact with silver, the products quickly darken.
  2. Contact with cosmetics and medicines containing sulfur. When silver comes into contact with sulfur, black compounds are formed.
  3. Human sweat. The composition of sweat is different for everyone, so the rate of darkening of silver items is also different.
  4. Contact with rubber, detergents and some products.

How to clean silver - folk remedies

Silver jewelry is cleaned with a toothbrush
Silver jewelry is cleaned with a toothbrush

The simplest folk methods will help you clean your silver jewelry at home on your own.


This is the most common purifier. To prepare a solution of 2 tbsp. l. dilute alcohol in 1 liter of water. A few drops of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap will enhance the effect. Soak silver items in liquid for 15 minutes.

Soda and aluminum foil

2 tbsp. l. Dissolve soda in 0.5 ml of water and boil. Then dip a piece of food foil and silverware into it. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Silver will regain its original shine and will become like new.


With salt, do exactly the same as with soda, but only soak the silver in the solution for 2-3 hours or boil for 10-15 minutes. The proportions are as follows: 1 tsp. salt 200 ml of water.

Lemon acid

Dissolve 100 g of citric acid in 0.5 liters of water. Dip a piece of copper wire into the solution and place in a water bath. Place the silverware for 15-30 minutes.


Heat a 6% vinegar solution. Dip a soft cloth in it and rub the metal until it shines.

Toothpaste and ammonia

A toothpaste and brush is a radical cleaning method. The paste contains abrasive polishing micro-particles (chalk, sand) that remove plaque without scratching silver jewelry. Dilute ammonia and tooth powder in water. The proportions are 5: 2: 2. Rub the silver with this solution.


Lipstick contains fat and titanium dioxide. The first one polishes to a shine, the second one cleans dirt well. Lubricate a cotton pad with lipstick and rub the jewelry until it squeaks. This cleaning is effective only on a flat surface.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk protects against oxides that cause browning. Soak a cotton swab in the yolk and rub the decoration. Leave it to dry and rinse with water.

Potato broth and foil

Decorations that are not very darkened can be cleaned with potato broth, which was left after cooking. Pour the broth into a container, place 15x15 cm foil in it and lower the product. Boil the broth for 5 minutes.

Universal way

If all means are powerless, then use this secret. In an aluminum saucepan, mix 10 g of salt, 10 g of baking soda, 10 ml of dishwashing liquid and pour 0.5 L of water. Dip silver in a saucepan and boil this solution for 30 minutes. Jewelry will be completely cleaned of plaque and dirt without the use of mechanical efforts.

How to clean silver with stones at home?

Cleaning a silver ring with a stone
Cleaning a silver ring with a stone

Traditional methods for cleaning products with precious or semi-precious stones will not work. For such jewelry, use a specially formulated cleanser from jewelry stores. Then you don't have to worry that the stone will darken or a plaque will appear on it, but on the contrary, the product will cover the decoration with a protective film.

If it is not possible to buy such a tool, then use the following method to clean the silver encrusted with stones at home.

  1. Before cleaning, remove dust from the silver that has accumulated under the stone. Moisten a cotton swab with glycerin or cologne and wipe the stones along with the frame. Then polish the stone with a soft material: flannel or suede. Do not use sharp objects, otherwise you will scratch the surface of the material and the stone.
  2. After that, in 200 ml of water, dilute 6 drops of ammonia and shavings of laundry soap. Bring to a boil and cool. Apply the liquid to the product and brush the metal with a soft toothbrush. Remove the blackness around the stone with a cotton swab dipped in this solution.

How to clean silverware - the best ways

Silver cutlery close up
Silver cutlery close up

The tarnishing of silverware is influenced by foods (onions, table salt, egg yolk), household gas and rubber. To clean them, use special products or prepare similar ones at home. To do this, combine 5 tbsp. l. water, 2 tbsp. l. ammonia and 1 tbsp. l. tooth powder. Apply the mixture to a soft material and rub the devices until the darkening is gone. Then rinse the silver with running water and wipe dry with a towel.

How and with what to clean gilded silver?

Gold plated silver jewelry
Gold plated silver jewelry

Traditional methods of purification are also not suitable for gilded silver, otherwise the gold coating will be removed. Silver with gilding requires special care. Do not use abrasives, even soft ones. Use a cotton ball or chamois cloth dipped in ethyl alcohol, turpentine, denatured alcohol, or vinegar. Wipe the products for no longer than 5 minutes and rinse with water. Leave the jewelry to air dry.

Silver care tips and tricks

Two silver earrings on a dark background
Two silver earrings on a dark background
  1. To prevent scratches on the surface of the items, use a soft cloth with fine lint. For example, felt, suede, fannel.
  2. Silver should not be cleaned with coarse sponges and abrasive materials: soda, salt, acid. This will create micro-scratches and tarnish.
  3. When cleaning and cooking at home, and when applying cosmetic cream, remove all jewelry.
  4. Store rarely used jewelry in a dry place, not touching each other. For example, wrap each one in foil.
  5. After using any traditional method for caring for products, soak jewelry in soapy water. Then rinse, remove excess moisture and buff with suede.
  6. After cleaning, wear jewelry after a few days to create a natural protective layer.

Video tips on how to care and clean your silver: