Do-it-yourself table in the bath

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Do-it-yourself table in the bath
Do-it-yourself table in the bath

A reliable, durable, comfortable bath table made of quality wood will not be cheap. The independent production of this interior element will significantly save money. You can make any of your ideas a reality and additionally make chairs and benches in the appropriate style. Content:

  • Selection of material for the table
  • Bath table shape
  • Square table
  • Round table

There are special requirements for furniture in the bathhouse, especially since the humidity in the auxiliary rooms is usually quite high. One of the main furniture items in the bath is a table. It is usually placed in a dressing room or rest room. Behind it, you can relax and unwind after visiting the steam room.

Selection of material for the table in the bath

Sauna table made of wood
Sauna table made of wood

Before starting work, you need to decide on the material of manufacture. Plastic, metal and particle boards (chipboard, IMF) are not suitable for the manufacture of furniture in the bathhouse due to their operational characteristics. Some get too hot and can burn, others, under the influence of high temperatures, emit toxic fumes.

Traditionally, a bath table is made of wood. Moreover, you need to choose it according to certain criteria: high density, low thermal conductivity, attractive appearance, ease of processing, minimum resin content, absence of defects.

All these requirements are met:

  • Petiolate oak … Has a noble warm shade and is durable. Using it to create a table, you must first carefully drill holes for fasteners and only then fasten them. Otherwise, chips and cracks may appear.
  • Aspen … An affordable material that is popular with furniture makers. Wood has antiseptic properties, is easily impregnated with protective compounds, but does not withstand increased mechanical stress, often warps and shrinks.
  • Alder … Similar in characteristics to aspen. Due to its peculiar texture, it is often used as an imitation of valuable wood species. It is malleable in processing.

Fasteners must be selected galvanized. Nails can also be used, but self-tapping screws are more effective. Do not forget about wood preservatives - antiseptics and fire retardants.

Please note that the moisture content of the wood used to create the table should not exceed 20%.

Choosing the shape of the table for the bath

A table in a chopped bath
A table in a chopped bath

Having picked up the wood, draw up a drawing of the table in the bath with your own hands. To get a durable and durable product, you need to decide on its shape and design:

  1. A round table in a bath can be installed if it is supposed to place benches in the form of a corner or arrange chairs in a circle. This model is more suitable for large rooms.
  2. A product with a square or rectangular tabletop is placed under a wall or near a straight bench. This table is the most popular because of its versatility.
  3. As for oval tables, they are extremely rare in the bath. They are usually used to house a large company.
  4. If the room in which the table will be located is oversized, then you can make a stationary structure on four legs. In this case, the table will be the most stable.
  5. In a small room, an excellent way out of the situation will be the installation of a folding product on two legs or one wide support. They are usually designed to accommodate 2-4 people.

Making a square table for a bath

Drawing of a square table in a bath
Drawing of a square table in a bath

Before starting work, carefully sand the wood and treat with two layers of antiseptic and fire-fighting composition, applying each next layer after the previous one has dried.

Making a square wooden table in the bath is as follows:

  • We make blanks for 4 legs on a bar 14.5 cm wide and 3 cm thick, measure 10 cm on each and draw a segment to the corner. We make an incision along the drawn line and repeat for all four elements. Grind the parts thoroughly using sandpaper.
  • We combine the legs in pairs in the form of the letter "X" so that the cut edges are located strictly on the same level. The distance between the pair should be 38 cm. We fix the elements with the help of clamps, make outlines for fasteners and holes in the designated areas.
  • We assemble the structure and strictly monitor the level of the cuts. It is possible to finally fix the individual parts with spacers only when the edges of all the legs are in the same plane. In this case, the spacers should be placed at a height of 12 cm from the bottom and 8 cm from the junction of the legs. Their width should be 14.5 cm, and their length should be 105 cm.
  • Let's start assembling the countertop. We prepare three sanded boards 1, 75 meters long and 25 cm wide. We knock them down into one canvas with the help of crossbars. Leave a distance of about 0.5 cm between them. Attach the resulting part to the legs from above. We grind the surfaces again and cover them with protective compounds.

Up to six people can freely sit at such a table: two on each side and one at the ends.

Making a round table in the bath

Round table in the bath
Round table in the bath

This is a technology for manufacturing a small table with a round table top on eight legs, which will complement the interior of the room in an original way.

To assemble a round table in a bath, we work in the following sequence:

  1. We prepare a bar with a section of 10 * 10 cm and a length of 66 cm. We grind it thoroughly.
  2. We cut out two parts for the cross from wood. To do this, on a bar with a section of 8 * 10 cm and a length of 95 cm, we measure 10 cm along the edges and make a 2-cm depression between the marks along the part.
  3. On the lower element of the cross, we make a groove, 4 cm deep, from the back side and drill two holes for fasteners on both sides at a distance of 4 cm from the notch made and from each other.
  4. We repeat the procedure for the upper part of the cross, only we make the corresponding recess on the same side as the 2-cm saw cut, and the holes for fasteners - from the back.
  5. We fix the upper and lower element with a self-tapping screw, collecting one strong cross.
  6. We do the second part according to the same principle.
  7. Cut out eight round legs 5 cm in diameter and 66 cm in height. Grind them thoroughly.
  8. We make a square tabletop from a grooved board with an edge of 1.5 meters.
  9. We nail a small temporary nail into the center of the back side, tie a thread to it, and a pencil to it.
  10. We draw a circle with a diameter of 1 meter.
  11. Carefully take out the carnation and cut out the detail around the perimeter of the future table. We grind the slices.
  12. Attach the first cross on the back of the tabletop. It is advisable to use galvanized self-tapping screws for this purpose.
  13. We hammer eight legs in the holes made on the cross. Please note that the optimal table height is 75-80 cm.
  14. We re-carefully grind all coatings, treat them with a fire-fighting and antiseptic composition.

Please note that rough sanding can be done with coarse-grained paper, while fine-grained paper should be used for final sanding. How to make a table in a bath - watch the video:

You can make a table in the bath with your own hands, even without special carpentry skills. The main thing is to take into account the size of the room, since the dressing room or the rest room usually tries not to clutter up with overall furniture, but to use simple and functional models. In a room with low ceilings, it is better to place tables and chairs on high legs. Our tips and a photo of the table in the bath will help you quickly assemble an original design for your steam room, which will last for more than one year.