Do-it-yourself cesspool from a barrel

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Do-it-yourself cesspool from a barrel
Do-it-yourself cesspool from a barrel

The device of a cesspool from a barrel. Advantages and disadvantages of drives made of plastic and metal containers. Sump construction technology from tanks. Of the minuses of a cesspool from a plastic barrel, one can note the loss of strength of the product in severe frosts. Trouble can happen if the tank is buried at a shallow depth and not insulated.

How to make a drain pit from a barrel?

Installing a cesspool from a barrel
Installing a cesspool from a barrel

Work on the construction of a cesspool from a barrel takes place in several stages. First, you need to choose a location for the drive. According to SNiPs, the pit should be located at a distance of at least 5 m from the house and at least 2 m from the fence.

The most time-consuming and difficult is considered to be digging a pit of the required size and geometry. Its depth should not exceed 3 m, so that it is convenient to pump out the contents with a sewage machine. On the other hand, the dimensions of the pit should be such that the neck of the container protrudes 250-300 mm above the ground. Make the width 0.3 m larger than the tank for easy filling of the finished product.

In sandy soil, after removing the soil, you will have to strengthen the walls with wooden shields. Do not take the earth out of the pit far, it will be needed to fill the cracks and to fill the structure on top. It is easier to dig a large pit with a mini excavator, but in this case there is a danger of damage to summer cottages. Make the pit the same shape as the barrel.

After digging the pit, perform the following work:

  • Modify the walls and corners of the pit by hand.
  • Align the bottom and check that it is horizontal.
  • If the soil is sandy, place a concrete slab on the bottom or fill it with concrete.
  • The base of the drain pit from the barrel can not be poured with a screed, but covered with a mixture of sand and gravel. Create a thick cushion of coarse sand on top.
  • Install the storage device in the prepared pit manually or with any lifting mechanism and place it in the middle of the pit.
  • Check that the neck protrudes above the ground.
  • Mark on the ground the location of the receiving flange to which the sewer pipe from the house will be connected. Make sure that the hatch in the barrel is opposite the road for the suction truck.
  • Check the tightness of the hatch closure. If there are no gaps, it is necessary to create ventilation of the tank. To do this, you need a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. To install it, make a hole in the tank. Install a pipe in the opening and secure in any way. It should protrude 1.5 m above the ground. This precaution will allow you to get rid of methane, which is released during the decomposition of organic matter. If the drum is sealed, the container may explode.
  • Remove the tank from the pit.
  • Dig a trench from the house to the mark near the hole. Its depth should be at least 0.5 mm so that the drains do not freeze in winter. It is recommended to dig a hole 20-30 cm below the level of soil freezing in the area.
  • If you are making a drain pit for a bath from a barrel, connect the pipes from the steam room and shower with a tee, to which you fix the cut leading to the sump. To inspect the sewer system, a viewing well should be provided in the dressing room.
  • Place sewer pipes in the pit. Ensure their slope towards the pit 1.5-2 cm per meter.
  • If the barrel is metal, waterproof it. Coat the outside of the container with polymer grease. It is well applied to any surface shape. Treat the inside with liquid waterproofing - nitro paint. You can also use injection materials, for example, three-component formulations based on polyurethane resins. They have good adhesion and adhere to any surface. The negative side of such a substance is its toxicity.
  • Install a barrel in the pit and turn it around in such a way that it is convenient to connect it to the sewer pipe.
  • Using the special pipe supplied with the product, connect the sewer pipe to the storage tank. If there are no special flanges on the body, cut a hole of the appropriate size in the wall.
  • If the groundwater is shallow, the barrel must be anchored so that it does not float during floods or heavy rains. To do this, use polymer cables, which you tie to the product and to hooks driven deep into the ground or concrete slab.
  • Fill all gaps between the container and the pit walls with sand. Add dry cement to stabilize the soil pressure on the walls. Fill the gaps in layers to make it easier to compact the mixture. After drying, a strong ring forms around the barrel, which will protect the drive from seasonal ground movements.
  • Fill the trench above the sewer pipes with soil. Do not compact the earth above them.
  • Cover the tank with earth on top and decorate the area. The easiest option is to plant a flower bed above the tank.
  • Prepare the road to the waste disposal truck barrel.

The water from the barrels can not be taken out, but discharged through the underground filtration system. In this case, the effluents undergo preliminary treatment, and then they are distributed through pipes throughout the entire territory at a depth of 1-1.5 m, but not less than 1 m from the groundwater. This method has a number of disadvantages associated with a significant amount of work performed, high costs of building materials and the complexity of installation work.

After the completion of the construction of a cesspool for giving from a barrel, it is recommended to add special substances to the container, which accelerate the processing of organic matter in wastewater. Sewage streams entering the tank are separated into liquid and solid fractions. Insoluble fragments (toilet paper, cleaning, household waste) fall to the bottom, soon a solid sediment forms on it, which quickly fills the tank. It must be removed mechanically. If you do not pay attention to the drain hole for a long time, an unpleasant smell appears next to it and in the house. In addition, dense sludge forms at the bottom, which is difficult to remove with a suction truck. To prevent the garbage from becoming compacted, microorganisms that feed on organic matter are periodically added to the barrel. They quickly recycle and degrade paper, grease, fruit and vegetable particles, etc. As a result, a gas and a semi-liquid mass is formed, which can be easily pumped out by a pump.

Preparations for drain pits are a complex of enzymes and bacteria. They are sold in dry or liquid state. To activate bacteria, they must be filled with water in the proportion indicated in the instructions for the product.

How to make a cesspool from a barrel - watch the video:

To build a drain pit from a barrel at the dacha is within the power of the owners of country mansions, even if they have no experience of such work. But before starting construction, it is recommended to study the rules for creating a local sewage system with a sealed drain pit from barrels and get competent advice from professional builders.