How to color your hair using the strobing technique

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How to color your hair using the strobing technique
How to color your hair using the strobing technique

Strobing in hair dyeing: what it is, the advantages and disadvantages of today's fashionable technique and its features. How to independently perform the procedure on black, dark and red curls. Strobing in hair dyeing is a technology that lightens some strands and darkens others according to a unique scheme. It was invented by stylist Daniel Moon, however, initially it was used only in makeup in order to correct the appearance by creating light and dark areas on the face with the help of special means. Today, colorists are also successfully using the technique for the same purpose, but being guided by other tools.

The price of staining using the strobing technique

Strobing dyed hair
Strobing dyed hair

Strobing is a staining technique that takes into account the individual characteristics of the client's appearance. This procedure involves the use of different shades of paint, which are applied "strokes" to the entire mass of hair in accordance with the shape of the face, eye shape and other things.

The cost of strobing is influenced by the length and thickness of the hair, the amount of gray hair, the shades of paint used, as well as the qualifications of the master. This work is considered to be close to art, and therefore it is highly appreciated.

In Russia, staining using this technique can be done at a price of 5,000 to 20,000 rubles. In Moscow, craftsmen perform this work more expensively than in the regions.

In Ukraine, there are also qualified hairdressers who will undertake such coloring. On average, in Kiev, the cost of strobing ranges from 1,500 to 8,000 hryvnia.

The specific price for staining in a similar technique is set by the master after analyzing the client's appearance. It is worth noting that the dye can be applied both to the entire mass of hair, and occasionally. The cost of the procedure also depends on the volume of colored hair.

What is strobing in hair coloring

Hair coloring using strobing technique
Hair coloring using strobing technique

Strobing is a specific individualized "highlight" that can visually change not only the shade of the hair, but also the skin tone and even the shape of the face. This is how its creator Daniel Moon speaks of his technique.

Sometimes this technique is called highlighting, but this is not entirely correct. Highlighting is performed according to the standard scheme, while strobing is done taking into account individual characteristics. A colorist examines a person's face and, by lightening and darkening certain strands, creates a unique play of light and shadow, as a result, winning facial features stand out, and imperfections become less noticeable.

For example, by lightening a couple of strands along the face in the right way, you can emphasize the cheekbones and give the eyes more expressiveness. Conversely, if you need to hide a heavy chin, the strands next to it darken.

Strobing is a rather expensive procedure, which is understandable, because long individual work is required here. In addition, not every master will take on such a complex technique. However, if you have already decided on strobing, you should not save money, in this case an experienced colorist is the main condition for the successful completion of staining.

The strobing technique has a number of fundamental differences from other types of coloring. The stylist works with several shades of paint at once. As a rule, we are talking about two colors: one is a couple of shades lighter than the one with which you have to work, the second is a couple of shades darker. The first is the lightening, the second is the darkening.

In this case, the master can choose completely different areas of work, the strand is not necessarily dyed along the entire length, and the width of the dyeing area can vary from curl to curl. Thus, a completely unique picture is created.

It is noteworthy that unnatural shades can also be used in strobing - blue, green, pink, but you should work with them as carefully as possible so that the final result looks stylish and not comical. By the way, coloring with pale pink shades is especially popular today.

And finally, there is one more interesting feature of strobing. It lies in the fact that the stylist, at his discretion, determines the volume of hair that will be involved in the procedure. The matter can be limited to both literally a few strands, and half of the total volume of hair.

Best of all, this dyeing technique is in harmony with light brown, brown, golden, natural shades of hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hair strobing technique

Gentle hair coloring using strobing technique
Gentle hair coloring using strobing technique

The main advantage of strobing hair is that the technique is suitable for absolutely any type of face, if, of course, it is performed by a competent stylist. Moreover, it not only fits, it decorates. True, you need to take into account a lot of features, starting with the shape of the face and ending with the correct selection of shades for coloring. The second advantage of the technology is its careful treatment of hair. The fact is that strobing is performed only on the top layer of the strand, which means that they deteriorate less than from ordinary staining.

Another advantage of the technique is that strobing is an opportunity not only to emphasize advantages and hide disadvantages, but also to create a fresher look. It is for this reason that this dyeing technology is so popular among the stars. Even after hours of concerts and sleepless nights, strobing hair allows famous beauties to look radiant and rested.

And finally, remembering that strobing is still a technology for dyeing hair, and not just the ability to correct a face, it should be said that it will help make a haircut clearer and more textured. Thanks to this, after the procedure, the curls look more well-groomed. The main disadvantage of the strobing hair technique is the insufficient number of specialists who can perform it, despite the fact that this style of dyeing has been popular for quite a long period of time. The reason for this state of affairs is due to the fact that this is a technique that you need not only to learn, but also to which you need to have talent. After all, it's one thing to dye your hair according to a ready-made scheme, and quite another thing to create an individual dyeing scheme that corrects your appearance.

The second drawback is the need to prepare the hair for the procedure, if a too light or too dark shade was "worn" before. The fact is that such unambiguous colors do not allow creating a beautiful and soft play of light and shadow. That is, the owners of a frank blonde and burning brunettes first need to change the main color of the curls, and only after that perform strobing.

Basic hair strobing techniques for different face types

Strobing painting
Strobing painting

Despite the fact that a specific scheme of work is determined based on the totality of many unique human traits, there are still classic strobing techniques for different types of faces. So, if it has a round shape, the bangs are sure to lighten. If the girl does not wear it, the area of the face just above the hair growth is lightened. But along the line of the cheekbones, on the contrary, darkening is performed. These techniques allow you to visually lengthen the face.

Girls with an oval face, which is recognized as the standard of beauty, do not need visual adjustments, so the main emphasis is on highlighting the eyes with strands that are in harmony with the iris, and softening the skin tone - usually strands of warm tones are used for this.

If it is necessary to correct the rectangular shape of the face, the main priority is given to softening the corners: a heavy chin, a pronounced forehead and too sharp cheekbones. Perfectly, these imperfections remove light strands at the level of the cheekbones. This technique widens the line of the cheekbones, sharpens the chin and narrows the forehead.

The square face correction combines work elements with round and rectangular faces.

The main drawback of a triangular face or a diamond-shaped face is a disproportionate forehead, in order to correct it, it is better to combine strobing with modeling an oblique bang.

And finally, when it comes to the trapezoid face, the first step is to eliminate the massive jaw and round cheeks. Correction in this case is achieved by combining contrasting light and dark curls along the cheekbones. This technique narrows the oval and hides the massive chin.

Strobing technique for dyeing hair of different colors

Despite the fact that strobing is a complex technique, an expert at Clairol, specializing in the sale of hair cosmetics, Jonathan Long assures that, based on basic recommendations and having certain skills in working with paint, you can perform the procedure yourself at home. One way or another, carrying out staining without the help of professionals, it is better to simplify the technique and work with only one color for lightening.

Doing strobing on black hair

Preparing for strobing on black hair
Preparing for strobing on black hair

As we said above, strobing on black hair is unlikely to look spectacular if you don't bleach first. That is, in this case, the order of action is as follows: first general lighting, then strobing. If you also plan to lighten your curls at home, you should purchase a special brightening mask from a professional hair care store. Since black strands are the most difficult to lighten, be sure to contact a consultant to help you choose a strong, but the safest remedy - you may need to apply the mask more than once. And please do not lighten with hydrogen peroxide - this is an effective and cheap method, but it is very aggressive on the hair!

After you lighten your hair, you need to go back to a professional hair care store to select a strobe dye to match the tone that turned out after the procedure.

You need to pay attention to products that will not spread and will allow you to spot color. Matrix and Redken have proven their worth in strobing. An important point is tone, pick a color that will be no more than a couple of shades lighter than your current color. So, when everything is ready, we proceed to the procedure:

  • We decide on the strands that we will paint over. To do this, we are looking for photos of girls with a successful strobing of your face type on the network.
  • When decided, we collect hair in a ponytail.
  • We release individual curls chosen for coloring.
  • We dilute the paint, put on gloves, take a brush and start painting over strand by strand.
  • We wrap each strand in foil.
  • We withstand the paint for the time specified in the instructions, then rinse off.

Ready! Now we evaluate the result. If the strands do not seem light enough, repeat the lightening procedure after a couple of weeks, giving your hair a little rest. If it seems to you that the light zones are not enough, you can paint over additional strands immediately.

How to strobe dark hair

How to strobe dark hair
How to strobe dark hair

On dark hair, strobing looks best: brown-haired women, owners of dark blond hair, you can rejoice - this technique seems to be created for you. No additional preparation is required. So you can go straight to the store for strobing.

Choose creamy paints that do not spread, pay attention to the proven formulations of Matrix and Redken in strobing. Do not forget about the harmony of tones: choose warm ones for warm shades, cold ones for cold ones, and then the image will be as natural and soft as possible. How do you strobe dark hair? We follow this simple instruction:

  1. We choose curls for dyeing, for this we are looking for photos of girls with strobing of your face type and a similar hair tone on the network.
  2. Now we collect the hair in a ponytail and with the help of a comb with a “ponytail” we get the strands that we will lighten.
  3. We dilute the paint, put on gloves, take a brush and begin to paint over strand by strand, wrapping each in foil and, if necessary, securing with hairpins so that they do not interfere.
  4. We withstand the paint for the time specified in the instructions, then rinse off.

Fine! Now you can evaluate the result. If the strands are not light enough, paint them again after a couple of weeks, the hair should rest a little. If there are few light zones, you can carry out additional staining again.

Strobing red hair

How to strobe red hair
How to strobe red hair

Strobing on red hair is a procedure that requires the utmost care. The fact is that the redhead is already a very bright spectacular color, and complementing it with light strands, it is necessary to very competently select the shade and not use too many curls, otherwise you will not get a natural stylish image, but a sloppy lurid picture.

Pay close attention to the harmony of tones: bright red is better to calm down with brown shades with a slight copper tint, red without red pigment will perfectly complement dark blond tones, light and not pronounced red will harmonize with blond, etc. One way or another, before doing the strobing of red hair on your own, you need to pay close attention to studying photos of girls with successful dyeing, which can be found in abundance on the network.

When you decide on a shade, go to the store for paint. Choose overflowing agents, pay attention to the proven strobing paints from Matrix and Redken. So now let's go directly to the procedure:

  • We collect the hair in a ponytail and take out the curls chosen for dyeing with a special comb.
  • We put on gloves, prepare the composition for lightening the strands.
  • We paint over one strand, wrap it with foil and fasten it with a hairpin.
  • Repeat step # 3 with the rest of the curls.
  • We withstand the paint for the time specified in the instructions, then rinse off.

Real reviews of strobing staining

Hair strobing reviews
Hair strobing reviews

The strobing technique for hair coloring is currently just beginning to appear in domestic beauty salons. Therefore, there are still not very many qualified craftsmen. We present some feedback on this procedure.

Irina, 29 years old

The strobing technique on the hair is interesting, but very difficult. I wanted to do this coloring for myself, because I fell in love with the play of shadows and light on the curls, which makes the facial features more expressive. For the first time I saw such a technique from Gigi Hadid, I love it very much, and therefore I went to the best master of the city so that he would repeat this staining on me. I have dark blonde curly hair and the hairdresser added the blonde strands in a specific order. In fact, it turned out the same as some kind of Californian highlighting. If you show a photo of my hair, then hardly anyone will say for sure which technique was used. Perhaps strobing works best on lighter hair. However, it seems to me that this is more of a marketing ploy with a beautiful new name, and the very essence of coloring is quite old.

Nadezhda, 25 years old

At first I wanted to do some California highlights. I always admired Jennifer Aniston's curls. But while studying the technique on the Internet, I came across a new word "strobing". I liked the technique, because the paint is selected individually, as well as the strands for its application. I was slightly embarrassed by the rather high price for this service, but I still decided not to spare money, because I already had an unsuccessful experience of “yellow blonde” and overburned hair, so since then I have vowed not to skimp on appearance. Strobing is done without foil, hats, or other gadgets. This is an exclusively manual painstaking work that requires tremendous skill from the hairdresser. In addition, on my hair they used not an ordinary bleach, but a special paste with beeswax, which dried in the open air. This minimizes the risk of damage to the curls. I had lighter strands on my face, which gradually faded towards the back of my head. Another advantage I can highlight is that the paint is applied not to the root zone, but a little further. Therefore, the composition does not affect the scalp and does not dry it out. I was very pleased with the result! Now you can only slightly renew the staining - every 3-4 months.

Elena, 23 years old

For the New Year holidays, I decided to transform and do something new on my head. I've already tried a lot of things - highlighting, bronzing, amber. So I decided to try strobing on my hair. The master in the salon herself suggested that I make it, apparently, she wanted to learn from me. Strobing implies a smooth transition from one color to another and applying paint only in those places where it is needed, based on external data. I have a round face, and therefore the hairdresser suggested stretching it a little, lightening the strands around it. The whole action lasted about five hours! For a very long time, the master carefully chose the strands that she would dye, and the color of the paint that would suit me optimally. As a result, I got lighter ends, curls around the face, and the rest of the hair color became more golden. It looks gorgeous in the sun and shimmers. Now I think by spring to lighten the strands even more, so that more bright highlights are obtained.

Photos before and after strobing hair

Before and after strobing hair
Before and after strobing hair
Hair before and after strobing
Hair before and after strobing
What hair looks like before and after strobing
What hair looks like before and after strobing

How to make strobing on hair - watch the video:

Strobing is a popular curl dyeing technique today, the purpose of which is not only to create a unique image, but also to highlight the advantages of the face and hide flaws. It looks especially harmonious on dark blond, light chocolate hair. However, if you choose the right tones, coloring can look natural and stylish with any hair color, with the exception of too light and, on the contrary, too dark hair. It is highly desirable to entrust the procedure to a talented colorist, but if you want to save money, you can try to perform it yourself at home, the main thing is to follow the recommendations described in the article.