How to choose an inflatable pool for a summer residence?

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How to choose an inflatable pool for a summer residence?
How to choose an inflatable pool for a summer residence?

What is an inflatable pool, design, characteristics, pros and cons. Criteria for choosing an inflatable pool for a summer residence: size, volume, shape. Top manufacturers, best models, prices and reviews.

An inflatable pool for a summer residence is a product made of reinforced PVC film, which includes a hollow ring, into which air is pumped using a pump. Under pressure, the bowl takes on the required shape and straightens out. This simple design, coupled with reasonable cost and ease of assembly, has made inflatable pools very popular. The range of models is huge, and in order to make the right choice, it is important to familiarize yourself with the key characteristics of the products, find out their strengths and weaknesses, find out what types of tanks there are, which manufacturers are the most reliable.

What is an inflatable pool?

Inflatable pool
Inflatable pool

In the photo, an inflatable pool for a summer residence

The inflatable pool is a bag made of PVC film, which consists of walls, a bottom and an inflatable element in the form of a ring, which is located in the upper part of the structure, and is pumped with air. When water enters, the inflatable rim rises to form the walls of the tank.

For the manufacture of inflatable pools, a three-layer polyvinyl chloride film is used. The material is very durable, does not stretch under the volume of water and the weight of people who are inside, invulnerable to natural phenomena, resistant to minor impacts and physical damage. The thicker the PVC film, the stronger the tank will be.

In the manufacture of large inflatable pools, the PVC canvas is reinforced with a polyester mesh, which significantly increases the durability and reliability of the entire structure. Oval bowls are often reinforced with a frame made of thin-walled aluminum tubes.

In the production of children's models, not only PVC film and polyester are used, but also synthetic rubber and nylon. Thanks to this composition, inflatable structural elements, slides, trampolines withstand high physical pressure, do not stretch and do not change shape.

Inflatable pool diagram
Inflatable pool diagram

Inflatable pool diagram for summer cottages

Depending on the design, the following types of pools are distinguished:

  1. Inflatable … Before filling the reservoir with water, the bowl is completely inflated with air using a pump and takes on the required shape. The bottom in such structures is also inflatable. The model is suitable for the smallest children, because it is comfortable to sit on an airy soft base, and it is also safe to play, splash without the risk of accidental injury on a hard surface. In addition, the inflatable bottom protects against the cold coming from the ground.
  2. Bulk … In this design, only the upper balloon is inflated with air, which rises to its maximum level as it fills with water. As a result, walls are formed that remain solid, like the bottom. Thus, the model is characterized by a simplified installation. It is considered the best inflatable pool for adults and older children, adolescents, since a flat surface remains underfoot, allowing, among other things, a slide to be installed in the pool. In addition, this bottom is more difficult to break.
Inflatable SPA Pool
Inflatable SPA Pool

Photos of the inflatable spa pool

The design of inflatable pools often includes an inflatable dome, an awning, a canopy, children's models - a slide, a trampoline, a ladder, a spray shower, seats and additional inflatable toys.

In addition, inflatable models with hydromassage and SPA-pools with continuous water filtration are also on sale.

The complete set of inflatable pools is different and depends on the model. As a rule, the delivery set, in addition to the bowl itself, includes assembly instructions, often with an accompanying diagram for clarity, a bedding and a blanket. The equipment may include a cartridge filter, a pump for an inflatable pool, an awning and a ladder.

The structure is assembled on a flat base, but no specific preparatory work is required. Installation of an inflatable pool of any model takes no more than 1 hour, but filling the tank with water takes much more time.

With the onset of cold weather, the structure is disassembled and sent for storage until next summer, since the product is seasonal. It is quite simple to do this: the inflatable pool is blown off, washed and dried thoroughly, after the canvas dries well, it can be folded and hidden in a room with an average air temperature, for example, in a closet. In this case, it is important to ensure that there are no sharp objects nearby.

Advantages of inflatable pools for summer cottages

Ease of installation as an advantage of inflatable pools for summer cottages
Ease of installation as an advantage of inflatable pools for summer cottages

If you have a country house or summer cottage, it would be nice to arrange a pool there for a family holiday in hot summer and a pleasant pastime in a friendly company when there is no opportunity to go on vacation at sea. Installation of a full-fledged stationary pool is costly and not everyone can afford, but you can always choose an alternative and buy an inflatable model.

The popularity of inflatable pools is growing every day, as they have numerous advantages:

  • Wide range of … On sale are small models with an inflatable bottom for the smallest, in which the water warms up well, medium options for the whole family, huge bowls for a large company. You can always purchase a small inflatable pool for installation in a limited area. It is also possible to buy a real play center for children with slides, ladders, a trampoline and numerous toys, or an inflatable SPA pool with hydromassage for relaxation after working days.
  • Affordable price … This is one of the main advantages of inflatable pools in comparison with frame and stationary ones, the arrangement of which is not affordable for everyone. As a rule, the cost of an inflatable model is 25-40% lower than that of a frame of the same size. And, of course, the price of an inflatable pool is ten times lower than the device of a full-fledged stationary structure.
  • Mobility … This is a compact product that does not take up much space when assembled. At the end of the season, an outdoor inflatable pool can be simply deflated, washed, dried, folded, and you can hide it for storage until next summer. In addition, due to the low weight of the container, it can be easily transferred to another place on the site. When folded, the product is placed in the trunk of a passenger car, so you can take it with you during a trip to rest, to visit relatives or to visit.
  • Security. Inflatable pools are products that are completely safe for children. The design does not provide for a metal frame, so it is not traumatic. You don't have to worry that the child will get hurt. The air-inflated soft roller, which is located along the upper edge of the tank, allows you to lean on it. This is important when buying an inflatable pool for children who jump into the water right over the board.
  • Ease of installation … This is the main advantage of inflatable pools. Remove the product from the packaging, unfold and inflate using the pump, the hollow ring located at the top of the structure. This completes the installation process, get out the garden hose and start filling the pool with water. In addition, such a tank is less demanding on the site than a frame structure. Small inclines and irregularities are quite acceptable. All work on the installation of the structure can be completed in 10-40 minutes.
  • Saving space. Inflatable pools are compact products that do not take up much space on the site. In addition, at any time you can blow it off, and the site occupied by the tank will again be freed up for other purposes.
  • Ease of cleaning … Inflatable pools are easy to clean and much easier to clean than a bulky and heavy frame structure. You can even wash the canvas if you wish.

Disadvantages of inflatable pools

Frequent water changes as a disadvantage of inflatable pools
Frequent water changes as a disadvantage of inflatable pools

An inflatable pool is a fairly popular solution for a summer residence, which has many significant advantages over competitors. However, it also has significant drawbacks that are important to consider before buying.

Inflatable models are limited in size, as a rule, they are not deep, since they are not reinforced with support legs and a frame. If you want to install a huge tank, it is better to opt for a skeleton frame or equip a stationary structure. In addition, due to their design, inflatable pools are filled with water only to 80% of the entire height.

Inflatable models should not be considered a purchase of a lifetime. This is still not a stationary pool, as a rule, such a product with active operation is enough for several seasons. Depending on the manufacturer, you can expect 2-3 years of use.

The durability of an inflatable pool for a summer residence is reduced due to an inflatable roller that is too soft, for the manufacture of which a thinner material is used compared to the bowl of the structure. Under the influence of UV radiation, over time, its surface loses its strength and elasticity. But, first of all, this is true for cheap models, but when buying products from a good manufacturer, you do not have to worry about low wear resistance. The material for the manufacture of expensive products contains dyes that absorb ultraviolet light.

When swimming in an inflatable pool, you need to understand that the material is easily damaged. PVC is afraid of punctures and cuts, so make sure that there are no piercing or cutting objects nearby. This also applies to pets. But the product is still resistant to light blows.

Note! Models for children under 6 are especially susceptible to damage.

An inflatable pool for adults and children needs to be pumped up periodically, as it lowers. If the inflatable roller, which ensures the stability of the entire structure, is deflated, then water can pour out onto the site. With a large bowl volume, this is fraught with flooding of the local area. But, again, cheap models are guilty of this, therefore, when choosing a tank, you should not chase after cheapness, you need to proceed from the principle of "price-quality".

The water in the pool needs to be changed regularly, as cleaning with traditional methods is difficult. Some models do not provide a drain for the inflatable pool, which creates certain difficulties: you will have to use a special pump to pump out the water. As a rule, it is included in the package, but in any case, you can always buy it.

Criteria for choosing an inflatable pool for a summer residence

Before buying a home inflatable pool, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the product, the model range, and find out what is included in the package. Only with this approach can one expect that the product will serve faithfully for more than one season.

Sizes of inflatable pools

Sizes of inflatable pools
Sizes of inflatable pools

The range and sizes of inflatable summer cottages can satisfy any customer. On sale are tanks with a diameter of 3-4, 75 m, with a wall height of 76-122 cm.

When choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to one nuance. The actual waterline diameter of the inflatable pool will be significantly smaller than what is shown on the package. It is indicated at the widest point of the product, which has a pear-shaped vertical cut with the largest lower part and the narrowest upper part. For example, a model with a diameter of 549 cm at the waterline will be 485 cm.

When choosing an inflatable pool, it is important to take into account its depth, it should not be cramped in it. There are several options for sale:

  • up to 17 cm - mini, suitable for bathing babies from 1, 5 years old;
  • up to 50 cm - "paddling pools", intended for children under 3 years old;
  • up to 70 cm - ideal for a child under 7 years old;
  • up to 170 cm - pools with a high side, suitable for children under 12 years old, adolescents, adults;
  • from 170 cm - family models, can be used for older children and adults.

When choosing a children's inflatable pool, take into account the height of the child: the model is selected 20-30 cm below the baby.

Note! The most popular are family models of various shapes with a depth of about 1.5 m. The length can reach 7 m. Both parents and teenage children bathe in them.

Inflatable pool volume

Children's inflatable pool
Children's inflatable pool

In the photo, a children's inflatable pool

When choosing an inflatable pool, take into account the volume of the tank. This is especially an important criterion when buying a children's model: the child should be comfortable getting in and out of the water, playing inside without the danger of slipping.

Types of inflatable pools, depending on the volume:

  • from 45 years - designed for 1 child;
  • 2000-10000 l - suitable for 3-7 people;
  • from 10,000 liters - intended for a company of 5 or more people.
Family inflatable pool
Family inflatable pool

Photo of a family inflatable pool

The maximum volume of an inflatable pool differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The largest of them hold up to 40 tons.

Inflatable pools are filled with water to only 80% of the total structure height. For example, if the pool is 122 cm high, then the depth will only be 98 cm.

Note! For a large company consisting of 5-7 adults and school-age children, choose an inflatable pool with a volume of 5-8 thousand liters.

Inflatable pool shape

Inflatable pool shape
Inflatable pool shape

Inflatable pools differ not only in size, but also in shape - round, oval, square, rectangular, in the form of a star or in the shape of the number "8", reservoirs of complex shape.

The most popular round models. The capacity is more stable compared to other options, since the water inside is distributed evenly, respectively, and the same pressure is exerted on the walls. Does not take up as much space as rectangular or non-standard tanks with the same declared area.

It will not be difficult to purchase a square or rectangular inflatable pool, but such solutions are less popular than the classic round ones. It also requires more free space for installation.

For children, you can buy a non-standard inflatable pool with slides, fountains, waterfalls, spray showers, ladders, various toys, cartoon characters and animal figures attached to the walls, which is a real entertainment complex. It can have any shape - stars, numbers "8", a house or arena. As a rule, such a tank is shallow, without depth differences, and has an inflatable bottom.

Oval models are reinforced around the perimeter with frame struts for better support.

The bottom of the pool can also have different shapes: it can be flat and hard, soft inflatable, with ribbed cushions that prevent feet from slipping.

Note! If you do not know which model to buy, give preference to a round inflatable pool for a summer residence.

Manufacturers and best models of inflatable pools

Inflatable pool Intex
Inflatable pool Intex

In the photo inflatable pool Intex

Many manufacturers represent their products on the domestic market. A large assortment allows you to choose both a deep inflatable pool for the whole family and a children's option for kids of different ages, buy a spa bath with hydromassage for your wife or a play center for a child.

Among the manufacturers of inflatable pools, several large companies are in the lead - Intex, Bestway, Happy Hop, Jilong, Jacuzzi, Little Tikes, Mondo, Romana. Their products have all quality certificates and meet European requirements. The buyer receives a warranty card for 6-12 months.

Inflatable pool Bestway
Inflatable pool Bestway

Photos of inflatable pool Bestway

Regardless of the model, inflatable pools from leading manufacturers will last for several seasons due to the high strength and wear resistance of the material. They are quick to install, can be transported, and besides, they are extremely easy to maintain, since you can always buy additional products of the chosen brand for the maintenance of the tank.

Features of inflatable pools from the best manufacturers are shown in the table:

Manufacturer Product features
Intex The Chinese leader among manufacturers of inflatable pools, which are deservedly considered the best in their field. High reputation, excellent reviews, quality products, reliability and durability. The company has patented the technology of triple protection of the pool. In addition to polyester, it uses 2 layers of vinyl for reliable protection of the inner lining.
Bestway Another leading Chinese manufacturer that is among the market leaders. Bright design, a wide range of models of different shapes and sizes, the best price / quality ratio. Inflatable pools Bestway are compact, lightweight. Servicing of selected models is brought to a new level with digital control capability.
Happy hop A Chinese manufacturer of children's inflatable pools and play centers with slides, houses, ladders and a trampoline. The products are tested by leading experts, are safe, and meet all European requirements. Some areas of the structure are covered with laminated material to reduce the degree of slip.
Jacuzzi An American company that stands out among manufacturers for the sophistication and exclusivity of its models. It specializes in the production of inflatable pools with hydromassage.
Jilong Shanghai firm, whose products are supplied to more than 50 countries of the world. The assortment is constantly expanding, models in different price ranges.
Little tikes The American brand presents inflatable centers with mini-pools, models for children of different ages that will not let them get bored. The products are manufactured using a special technology.
Mondo An Italian company that is primarily known for the production of sports equipment and cooperation with the country's football teams and the Olympic Games. Offers inflatable pools of high quality and original design.
Romana Russian brand, which is a leader in the manufacture of children's complexes and sports equipment. The products are certified, comply with international standards, and are protected from counterfeiting.

The top Chinese manufacturer Intex is ready to satisfy the most demanding customer requests and offers the best inflatable pools of various types. These are capacious family tanks, and small children's "bagels", and medium options for 2-3 people, and inflatable jacuzzi equipped with massage systems, and premium containers for a large company.

The best Intex inflatable pools for children are presented in the table:

Model Description For whom is it suitable Dimensions (edit) price, rub.
Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center 57453 The play center in a bright design (blue, red, yellow and orange), made in the form of the number "8", consists of 2 round-shaped pools. The walls are soft of different heights, the bottom is hard. High quality PVC material, reliable seams. The delivery set includes a slide, curly sides with cells, an inflatable element in the form of a rainbow, a sprinkler. For children from 0 to 6-7 years old, for swimming and water games 2-3 toddlers. Length - 297 cm, width - 193 cm, height - 135 cm, weight - 7.4 kg, volume - 200 liters and 227 liters. 3450-4290
Intex Sunset Glow Baby 58924 Inflatable compact pool that takes up a minimum of space on the site. Made in a laconic style, it consists of 3 multi-colored rings - green, orange, pink, round. The sides are soft, the bottom is soft, curly, rounded bulges serve as a trainer for the legs and body of the child. Of the additional elements, the structure has a valve for draining water. For babies from 0 to 3 years old. Older children will be cramped. 2 children fit freely. Diameter - 86 cm, height - 25 cm, weight - 0.7 kg, volume - 68 liters. 305-605
Intex Swim Center 56490 Inflatable pool of oval shape. Bright design - light blue color and patterns on curly sides, however, the top white side of the brand requires frequent cleaning. The bottom is solid. There is a water drain valve. For a group of children up to 5 people, for kids from 2 years old and older. Length - 46 cm, width - 160 cm, depth - 46 cm, weight - 4, 38 kg, volume - 466 liters. 1990-3342
Intex Dinoland Play Center 57135 An inflatable playground with 2 pools and a double-sided slide that connects them, and an inflatable bottom that guarantees a soft landing. The arch in the form of a dragon's torso allows you to arrange a waterfall. The inflatable play pool has a second dragon with rings and balls for children's games. The scope of delivery includes a spray arm. For swimming for babies up to 4 years old, for downhill skiing and water games for an older child, it can accommodate 3-5 children. Length - 333 cm, width - 229 cm, depth - 15 cm, height with the arch - 112 cm, volume - 280 liters. 3990-5500

The best Intex inflatable pools for the whole family are presented in the table:

Model Description For whom is it suitable Dimensions (edit) price, rub.
Intex Easy Set 28144/56930 A family-style inflatable pool with a round shape and an inflatable top ring that acts as a comfortable armrest, but the roller material is too thin. The bottom is inflatable, soft. The delivery set includes a light cover for covering, there is no water filter. It is recommended to store it in a heated room in winter. For a family of 3-4 people. Diameter - 366 cm, height - 91 cm, weight - 12, 9 kg, volume - 6734 liters. 5999-7379
Intex Easy Set 28120/56920 The family model is round in shape with an inflatable top ring and a soft bottom. Pool in a laconic style, compact, does not take up much space. Height allows you to climb without a footboard. The kit does not include a pump and filter, a standard water supply hose to the hole does not fit, adapters are needed. For adults and children. Diameter - 305 cm, depth - 76 cm, weight - 8, 4 kg, volume - 3853 liters. 4210-7490
Intex Easy Set 28122/56922 The inflatable pool is round in shape, there is a soft armrest, the bottom is solid. The quality of the material is excellent, which justifies the high price. The delivery set includes a powerful pump with a capacity of 1250 l / h, a cartridge-type filter and an awning for covering. For children, adolescents and adults. Diameter - 305 cm, height - 76, weight - 10.2 kg, volume - 3854 liters. 6999
Intex Easy Set 28122/56972 Great compact economy class inflatable pool designed for small areas. It has a round shape and the upper inflatable ring is deep enough, the bottom is hard. The set includes a powerful pump with a capacity of 1250 l / h and a cartridge filter. For adults and children, it is designed for 2-3 people. Diameter - 244 cm, depth - 76 cm, weight - 9 kg, volume - 2420 liters. 7290

Real reviews of inflatable pools for summer cottages

Reviews of inflatable pools for summer cottages
Reviews of inflatable pools for summer cottages

After studying the characteristics of the selected model, it is important to find out what buyers think about such products, who have already managed to get to know them better. The following are the most revealing reviews about inflatable pools, which will help you assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Dmitry, 42 years old

They have many disadvantages, even the most expensive models. In vain I hoped that the inflatable pool would be "eternal" and would last at least 6-7 years. In fact, it turned out that this is a disposable product, although, perhaps, we have a very active child, but every two seasons we change the pool, as it starts to leak water. It will be possible to find the leak, if you are lucky, it is not easy to do, then you can patch it using a repair kit.

Sergey, 33 years old

For 4 seasons we have been using the Intex inflatable pool, it is reliable, it serves faithfully, it is pleasant to us, adults and children. The assembly process does not present any difficulties, all work can be completed in literally 15 minutes. We turn it off for the winter, but friends said that you can leave it on the site. The only thing I can say is that immediately choose a larger tank, since the dimensions indicated on the packaging differ from the actual ones.

Olga, 32 years old

An excellent thing, an inflatable pool is inexpensive, if finances do not allow you to accelerate and buy a frame or build a stationary one, this is the only solution. It helps out perfectly in the heat, after the bathhouse it is very good, for the children the most important thing is that we rest at home no better than at the resort, but I do not recommend diving into it.

Which inflatable pool is better - watch the video:

As a rule, when buying an inflatable pool, a warranty card is issued for 6-12 months. During this time, the product must be replaced with a similar model or repaired if the manufacturer's fault is proven. To confirm this, the service department checks the defective products. If the supplier's fault is not established, the item will be returned to the owner.