Angry people - the reasons and rules for communicating with them

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Angry people - the reasons and rules for communicating with them
Angry people - the reasons and rules for communicating with them

Who is considered evil, the behavior of such in everyday life, how to recognize an embittered person, the rules for communicating with him. Embittered people are extremely selfish individuals who consider themselves "the center of the earth", and therefore irritably perceive a different point of view. They are always unhappy with everything and suspicious of their opponents, even to the point of aggression. Such a negative character trait makes them quarrelsome, unpleasant in communication.

Who is called an evil person

Communicating on the phone in a raised tone
Communicating on the phone in a raised tone

An unpleasant person is considered an evil person. A conversation with such leaves a painful impression. Whatever you ask him, you will definitely get an irritable, spiteful answer. It seems that everyone is familiar with such "bad guys". You can meet them anywhere: at work, in a store, in the yard. It’s bad if this one is close by - in the family. This is a great misfortune for loved ones, and if the most important thing is “the weather in the house”, it is spoiled for a long time.

You will never hear a benevolent response from "non-positivists". In any person, they will always find some kind of wormhole. For example, he (she) does everything wrong, his (her) friends are disgusting and the taste is completely bad: he will pull on himself God knows what and seems to himself a handsome (beauty).

They avoid such embittered people, they try not to enter into a confidential conversation with them, because they will not say a kind word. Lack of positive communication causes rejection. They try to bypass the thorny, like a hedgehog, evil person.

The life of wicked people is devoid of attraction and warmth. They do not have their spiritual qualities to themselves, they bring disharmony into relations with others. Since they evaluate people on their negative scale of morality.

This applies not only to interpersonal relationships. Even animals know how an evil person behaves, and therefore they are afraid of people with a loud voice. For example, a screamer can kick a cat with his foot, disgustingly muttering that it has flea and worms, "you can catch it from just such an infection."

The weather of such individuals is always not happy. It is raining outside the window - gloomy and damp, the sun is shining - very hot, poor work. Everything around is seen in an unattractive light. About such a ruffy one rightly notice that this is a person embittered with the whole world.

It is important to know why people are evil. The roots of such behavior must be sought in the conditions of life. It is possible that in childhood a person was deprived of parental warmth and care. This left an imprint on the character. The child became suspicious and vicious.

The main causes of anger in people

An embittered man
An embittered man

Before you can understand why people become angry, you need to understand the difference between evil and bitterness. From a psychological point of view, anger is one of the main emotions. It is a completely natural reaction to pain or other strong stimulus. This can be, for example, overwork. The man is very tired, he has no time for conversations, but here they pester him with "balachki". He explodes with anger, they say, let me finally rest!

If we talk about the psychology of evil people, it should be noted that an evil feeling does not arise spontaneously, it gradually accumulates in sensations. For the time being, a person tries to restrain a negative reaction to an external stimulus, when he is not able to do this, he explodes with a cry up to a severe nervous breakdown. In a state of passion, the person becomes aggressive and can cause serious harm to the health of his opponent, up to death. This is definitely a bad quality.

But, strange as it may seem, anger as an emotion can be positive. When it helps to mobilize in order to act against adversity. Suppose a person works long and painstakingly on something, he does not succeed, he is angry. However, this only infuriated him, he gathered all his strength into a fist and, in spite of everything, achieved success.

Unlike anger, anger is no longer an emotion, but a state of mind, a character trait. The anger goes away, for example, the person shouted, was discharged emotionally and calmed down. A bitter person is constantly permeated with rejection of the environment.

Why a person is embittered is hard to say for sure. A number of factors in his personal life contribute to this. For example, in childhood, he was simply disliked. Mom and Dad paid little attention. They will pat on the head in a flash or get off with a gift. And live, sonny (daughter), with your childhood fears and worries yourself (a). In the worst case, adults can be harsh, insult the little person's vanity with their inappropriate jokes.

The child feels false in such a relationship, becomes isolated, goes into his fantasies. In surreal life, he often copies the behavior of his elders. He also behaves cruelly with fictional characters and animals. Such an attitude is fixed on a subconscious level, and now a negative character trait has formed - anger.

She splashes out on her peers, for example, in kindergarten. It manifests itself as capriciousness: “I don’t want to be friends with him or I don’t like porridge”. Adults do not take such "pranks" seriously, they say, it’s still small, it’s not worth paying attention to. In school years, anger already becomes a dominant character trait and brings a lot of inconvenience to a teenager. Others suffer from it. Peers try not to be friends with him, bad fame goes about him. It turns out a vicious circle. A bad dash of temper makes a person even more vicious, for such a person the whole world is not nice.

It's important to know! Angry people are very vindictive. This affects their behavior. They try to compensate for all their insults and humiliations on others with suspicion, sarcastic remarks, a grin or shouting and abuse.

What an evil person looks like

Evil person
Evil person

You can recognize angry people by their appearance. They are constantly gloomy, look unfriendly, sullenly. Such people are always annoyed, they always “run into” someone, even to the point of open aggression. By these and some other important points, you can determine that this person is evil, and therefore you should not run into contact with her, so as not to spoil your mood for a long time.

The following factors can serve as signs of an evil person:

  • Unfriendliness … Coldness in a relationship is the main trait of an embittered personality. An eternally gloomy, unfriendly person cannot be a good friend. They say about such that "the eyebrows are hanging - anger at thoughts." His friends are the same irritable people, united by only one common goal - to blacken the whole world. Such people are suspicious of each other. If any trouble happens, they will not rush to help and certainly will not borrow money. And they will only spitefully reprimand that they have addressed (addressed) the wrong address.
  • Envy … Anger is often combined with envy. He succeeds, but I do not. And since anger is a character trait, annoyance at the success of another grows into an envious attitude towards him. A person is bad only because he does everything better. He has a different attitude to life, not smacking in dark, gloomy tones.
  • Melancholic … A characteristic trait of evil people. Previously, such people were said to have black bile - they see everything in a gloomy light. On this basis, hypochondria can develop, when painful suspiciousness and suspicion appear. In communication, the hypochondriac may be lethargic, but react viciously during the conversation.
  • Choleric … Explosive, impulsive personality. It is better for such a "wicked" not to fall under the arm. Can and beat. The anger will quickly subside, but the bruises will take a long time to disappear. And it’s good if someone who has fallen under the evil disassembly gets off only with bruises. The temperament of the interlocutor must be taken into account, especially when he is unfriendly by nature.
  • "Black" thoughts … Whoever thinks “darkly” expresses it “crookedly”. The evil one constantly speaks badly of everyone. You will never hear a good word from him. Such a person is full of gossip. He will always find a fly in the ointment to blacken everything: people are bad, animals too, politicians are always talking utter nonsense, the world is heading for collapse, there is no truth in life and much like that. It is not without reason that it is said that “an evil person is like coal: if he doesn’t burn, then he blackens”.
  • Inappropriate behavior … A person, when angry, often behaves inappropriately. He does not listen to the opinions of others, interrupts the interlocutor, can speak out of place, completely off topic. Puts out his own judgment. This happens because a different opinion disgusts him, it only embitters and makes him nervous. If this happens regularly, you have a vicious personality in front of you that should be avoided.
  • Mistrust … An evil person always treats others badly because he does not believe that there is a good relationship. He is always on "betrayal", the thought immediately flashes in his mind: "There is something wrong here, why would he (a) treat each other like that?" The proverb says about such: "all the people of evil Natalia are canals." Malicious people are individuals deprived of human warmth, and therefore suspicious by nature.
  • Unsettled life … When, for example, there is discord in the family, an evil personality tries to "play out" his inner emotional breakdown on the interlocutor. This manifests itself in crooked grins, sarcastic remarks and rude remarks. Such people do not always control themselves, they can spontaneously explode with a stream of abuse. That's really "I'd rather go crookedly, but I won't go to the evil one."
  • Disease … A serious illness leaves its mark on the disposition. The patient becomes embittered, does not want to see anyone and enter into a conversation, abruptly interrupts the interlocutor. It is unlikely that he does this deliberately. The painful condition is to blame. You need to understand this and try to behave tactfully with such a person.
  • A categorical rejection of a different opinion … An embittered person listens only to himself. The opinion of another is dangerous, since it does not agree with the moral principles of the "villain", and they do not "smell" of good deeds at all. The people have long noticed that "an evil person will not live in good times." Such people do not want to heed someone else's advice, therefore they live uncomfortably, they blame everyone around for their unsettled life, but not themselves.

It is important to know how to deal with an angry person. It is necessary to end the relationship with him. Otherwise, it is more dear to yourself - you will have to experience many bitter minutes, communicating with such a person. The proverb says: "To love an evil - to destroy yourself!"

Rules for communicating with angry people

There are many tips on how to protect yourself from evil people. Some are good for those who reluctantly communicate with evil people outside the home. Let's say a guy is in trouble with his girlfriend. He came to work in a bad mood, angry at everything and everyone. What to do, what to do in this case? Other recommendations are suitable for those who have their own home "villain" in the family. How to respond to an evil person in all these cases, we will consider in more detail.

Communicating with angry people in the family

Ultimatum to husband
Ultimatum to husband

It's a big trouble when a loved one turned out to be angry. If a husband, for any reason, takes out his anger on his wife and children, living with such under one roof becomes just a nightmare. You need to do something. There is no single advice for all occasions, each family is its own big world with many nuances. Someone will suit some rules of behavior in a critical situation, while others will be completely different, but you certainly need to know them.

In order not to be blown away by the "roof" themselves, we recommend adhering to these simple rules:

  1. Restrain your emotions … Don't run into conflict. I would like to respond to the constant abuse of my husband (wife) with the same malicious reaction. It is not right. Try to hold back and calm down. When mutual passions boil, the mind is silent. In such a situation, there is no right. You should weigh everything on a "cold" head. If you respond to angry attacks with silence and behave calmly, this will help to reason with the screamer. And then it will not turn out that "the dear is not a villain, but dried up to the bone." This advice is more suitable for people who are mild in nature, who are not in the mood for family "fights without rules."
  2. Deliver an ultimatum … This is when you should not hold back, but you need to declare your irreconcilable position, for example, "your swearing has already gotten so bad that go live with your mother." Such a harsh passage should reason and calm down the loud one. A sane person will not change close relationships, family for negative emotions.
  3. Know how to listen … In a family, you need to be able to listen to the opinions of loved ones, even if they are wrong, express their position aggressively. The man is screaming, angry, and you listened to him in cold blood and asked with a smile: “Have you shouted? Now listen to what I tell you … ". A quiet voice and reasonable speech will sober up the raging “phantomas”, he will be ashamed of his tactless behavior.
  4. Distribution of duties … Evil people are domineering. They try to subdue those around them. If this happens in the family, you need to set the boundaries of what is permissible. Let's say the husband loves football, the wife is indifferent to him. He gets angry, tries to impose his passion on her. She resists, a conflict arises. To prevent this from happening, everyone should have their own personal "territory", which should not be invaded with their claims. This is an effective way to protect yourself from quarrels with a close, but embittered person.
  5. Seeing a psychotherapist … If all attempts to cope with the aggression of relatives on their own have not been successful, you should consult a psychologist. Having familiarized himself with the problem (husband, wife, child), he will select a psychotherapeutic way to treat such a bad emotion as anger. This process is long and largely depends on the desire of the person himself to get rid of his "angry" character traits.

It's important to know! Anger destroys family relationships. It is necessary to take all measures so that such a destructive beginning bypasses the family.

Chatting with angry people outside the home

Communication with an embittered person
Communication with an embittered person

An angry person can be found everywhere: at work, in a department store, in a movie theater, just on the street. Such an accident can ruin the mood in case of an accidental meeting, for example, in a queue in a store. There are many such people there. What to do in this case, so as not to go to white heat and not fall into the category of evil personalities?

Here are some general tips:

  • Change behavior … When there is a problem, you need to change your attitude towards it. If you really have to constantly communicate with an embittered person, you should not be afraid and shy away from him, as if from a leper. You need to behave calmly, showing that you are in a friendly mood towards him. A "duty" smile on your face is better than a fierce skirmish. Friendly communication will calm down the angry one. It is not at all necessary to curry favor with this, but it is better to be the first to say hello by asking a banal question: "How are you, how is your health, what's new?" This will disarm, reduce the tone of anger habitual for a spiteful person.
  • Stop in time … If a conversation has already happened in a raised voice, be sure not to lead it into emotional "jungle". You can't let someone else's anger take over your heart. The mood will be ruined for a long time. To prevent this from happening, you need to be able to control yourself. Keep your emotions in check! This is a guarantee that the conflict will not go far. The spite of the interlocutor is not a reason to spoil your mood, so that you can then swallow a sedative, worrying, "Here is a bastard!"
  • Critical attitude towards the interlocutor … If he is known to be an evil person, you need to know what exactly brings him to this state. And try to avoid talking on this topic, even if he himself "moves out" on it. The ability to avoid sharp corners in polemics with such a person is a guarantee of peaceful communication, which means unspoiled, good mood for the whole day.
  • Good thinking … In order not to succumb to malicious attacks, you need to think positively. Positive emotions set you up for a good-natured mood. A kind person intuitively feels, and therefore repels from the negative coming from evil people. This saves you from meeting them. If it happened unwittingly, one should silently listen to the passages of the spiteful person and get rid of him under any plausible pretext. It is useless to persuade him, it’s our own dear.
  • Holding your breath … This advice is for those who have already entered into a skirmish. You should stop in time, take a deep breath and hold your breath for as long as possible. Then exhale sharply. Repeat two or three times. And let the evil cry. This exercise will save your nerves and help you get out of a delicate situation with dignity.

It's important to know! All advice is good - choose the taste! One thing is certain that wicked people should be avoided, there should be no squabbling with them. The little men "hardened" by the negative burn good souls. It is unlikely that anyone needs it. How to communicate with angry people - watch the video:

In relationships between people, "like attracts like" quite often. Evil is drawn to the bad, and good to the light. A good person will always avoid evil. He is not on the way with such. If evil personalities are often found in your life or you have to live with such, it is worth thinking: what if you also have a wormhole in your disposition? You need to get rid of it, then there will be more light and warm in communication with relatives and friends. And the evil will run away. It doesn't like good people.