Audials - Appearance, Habits, and Manners

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Audials - Appearance, Habits, and Manners
Audials - Appearance, Habits, and Manners

Audial and characteristics of a person with a similar perception of reality. Recommendations for communicating with people who are sensitive to sounds. An audial is a person who perceives the world around him through sounds. There are quite a few people with this feature (about 7%), because information usually enters the brain after visual contact with objects. The voiced type of perception of reality is so peculiar that it is worthwhile to understand its main features.

The appearance of audials

What does an audial look like?
What does an audial look like?

A person who lives in the world of sounds cannot be confused with anyone. Even at the first acquaintance, it can be calculated by the following criteria:

  • Half-closed eyes when talking … The auditory type of perception in a person implies a constant comprehension of the information that he received. At the same time, such people do not need to see the interlocutor, because they evaluate only his voice.
  • Characteristic head tilt … If you want to know how to identify the audial, you should observe his manner of answering questions. Usually they tend to tilt their heads to the side closer to the shoulder during dialogue.
  • Specific posture when talking … During a conversation, the audial always sits half-sided to the person with whom he is communicating. Ideally, he even seeks to turn his back on the interlocutor and thus continue communication.
  • Fluent speech … The audials speak sedately and unhurriedly. The timbre of their voice is pleasant and does not differ in the presence of high notes. They will never allow themselves to shout at the interlocutor, and they will express their displeasure towards him in the phrases "do not contact me" and "do not ask such questions."

The nature of the audial people

Audial people
Audial people

In addition to choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic people, there is another classification of people according to the way they perceive reality.

The audial psychotype usually manifests itself as follows:

  1. Detachment … Such persons will never react to the picture shown on the internet and the family photo in the album. They simply will not be imprinted in their memory, because they are not capable of it. They also do not remember human faces even after repeated meetings.
  2. Absent-mindedness … Getting lost in three pines is a familiar situation for audials. Such disorientation in space makes their movement around their hometown problematic.
  3. The need for soundproofing … The audial will never undertake responsible work if it is interfered with. He is so sensitive to any noise that even loud voices behind the wall will knock him out of his rut for a long time.
  4. Resentment … If you raise your voice to such a person, then you can safely rank him among the enemies for life. In rare cases, audials forgive such mistakes on the part of even close people and simply stop communicating with them.
  5. Tolerance … Don't touch me and I won't touch - the motto of such people. They do not like harsh sounds, so only as a last resort they enter into a skirmish. It is possible to infuriate the audial only in case of a frank desire to enter into a conflict with him.

Features of the behavior of audials

Audial male at a concert
Audial male at a concert

Getting along with such people is quite easy if you carefully study their way of presenting themselves. The characteristic of audials is usually voiced by psychologists through the following parameters:

  • Memorization by sound … Such persons do not care what their new acquaintance looks like. They even record close people on their phones under a certain melody for further identification. For an ordinary person, such manipulations are a tribute to fashion, and for audials they turn into a vital necessity.
  • Characteristic expressions … For people of this kind, the statements “I heard it”, “these sounds annoy me” and “it was very noisy (quiet)” are inherent. When describing their outdoor recreation, they will not remember what the flowers looked like in the meadow, but they will clearly and in colors sound the singing of birds and the rustle of foliage.
  • Reasoning tendency … Audiala do not feed bread, but give the opportunity to talk to someone. From an ordinary topic, they are able to organize hours of dialogue.
  • Harsh reactions to unpleasant sounds … Audials start to get nervous if an alarm is triggered somewhere or a child cries loudly. For them, these sounds are unbearable, because they irritate their hearing.
  • Light sleep … Usually such people go to bed with ear plugs in their ears. Otherwise, they suffer until the morning from the slightest sound. If they managed to plunge into the kingdom of Morpheus, then they often talk in a dream.
  • Purchase of good musical equipment … The type of perception of the audial is characterized by the fact that he can limit himself in eating and sleeping, but he is not able to refuse such a victim. If he buys an audio system or a telephone, then they will be quite expensive and from a well-known manufacturer.
  • Predictability in gifts … A lady should not wait for a present from a gentleman-audial in the form of perfume or a bouquet of roses. But she can safely count on a musical congratulation, a disc with fashionable songs or a player.
  • Frequent phone calls … The fact that it is impossible to see the interlocutor is quite satisfactory for the auditor. He can spend hours discussing something on the phone, often moving from one topic to another.
  • Theater and concert visits … Audials and days cannot live without sound effects that do not irritate their ears. They will not miss a single colorful show, without noticing neither the costumes nor the scenery.
  • Collecting … The main "trick" of their hoarding is collecting any interesting facts about objects, which they then enthusiastically tell friends.
  • Having a pet … In the home of such people, you rarely find a cat, dog or aquarium fish. But a parrot or a canary will definitely live there.

Suitable professions for audials

Audial musician
Audial musician

The choice of a specialty is a crucial moment in the life of any person. Audials should look for the following professions that experts advise them:

  1. Musician … A person who receives information through sounds can perfectly convey the essence of any melody. However, audials perceive classical music best of all, avoiding the performance of unnecessarily noisy works. Quite often they are composers themselves, because they have a unique ear.
  2. Arranger … Many people in most cases cannot do without the help of such professionals. When using computer technologies, the arranger adjusts the basis of the musical composition to a certain texture. Usually, one hundred percent audials try to superimpose the sound of ethnic instruments on the general background of the piece.
  3. Sound engineer … A writer creates artistic images, and this profession is necessary for the formation of a musical concept. Audials are great at capturing and processing sound. They are also irreplaceable when creating a phonogram.
  4. Speaker … Almost all audials naturally have excellent speech delivery. They say about such people that teaching them is only to spoil. On television, they value such professionals in the form of nugget announcers.
  5. Prompter … Who if not audial will be able to convey to the actors the text of their roles. Possessing a phenomenal memory, during visits to rehearsals, they quickly copy the information they heard in their minds.

The voiced professions are directly related to creativity. Therefore, audials are extraordinary people. Living in the world of sounds, they significantly stand out among ordinary people.

Rules for communicating with audials

These tips are intended for those people in the immediate environment of which there is a described type of people.

Recommendations for communicating with audial children

Audial child listening to audiobook
Audial child listening to audiobook

If the child likes to talk more about the game than to participate in it, then we are talking about one hundred percent audial. Experts advise in the following way to communicate with small personalities of this type of information perception:

  • Refusal of inappropriate criticism … Audial children are not able to draw beautifully and are completely devoid of calligraphic handwriting. Their hearing is more developed than sight, so it is pointless to scold them for the carelessness of the lettering.
  • Correctness in communication … It is at a young age that all the foundations of human behavior in society are laid. You cannot yell at the audial child, because he will simply fence himself off from the offender with a stone wall. Psychologists recommend in this case to talk to a fidget without using a raised tone.
  • Relax … Audial children negatively perceive extremely harsh sounds. This reaction to the external background can be corrected by giving your child the opportunity to listen to calm soul music.
  • Development of abilities … A kid who perceives what is happening around him with the help of sounds can become a great musician in the future. The peculiarities of audials are that they are sensitive to every rustle they hear. Such children need to purchase musical instruments in the form of pipes, music consoles, miniature guitars and drums.
  • Neatness in expressions … What a child with visual memory does not remember will be easily heard and learned by the auditory. With him, even in a whisper, you can not let go of greasy jokes, use black humor and obscene expressions. He, like a litmus test, absorbs them into himself, and then easily reproduces the vulgarities he has heard to anyone who wishes.
  • Application of audio tutorials … This is how the child will perceive the information he needs by ear. Methodical literature with a bright design will not make an impression on him.

The help of a teacher in all of these cases is not required. The audial child will be happy to independently engage in an interesting business for him and will not conflict with his parents if they do not express their complaints in a raised voice.

Communication with adult auditors

Communication with audial
Communication with audial

It is necessary to find an approach to a person with a similar way of obtaining information. Experts in this regard have developed the following recommendations, which have been tested in practice:

  • Using key words … The type of people with a perception of the reality of such a plan reacts to what they see through the phrases “do you hear?”, “Ask” and “tell”. It is this concept of communication that should be adhered to with audials.
  • Involvement in discussion on interesting topics … People with such a reception of information will definitely remember beautiful and unforgettable statements. Visuals usually speak effectively, which is why they end up becoming audials' best friends.
  • Focusing the interlocutor's attention on ambient sounds … The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, comparing the spring or cat with a divine symphony. Audial will never forgive such a substitution of concepts.
  • Limiting tactile contact … During a conversation, you do not need to look directly into the eyes of such a person, and even more so to touch him. He immediately ceases to understand the essence of the conversation and dissociates himself from the interlocutor.
  • Correctness in conversation … In no case should you interrupt the audial. Having finished his speech, he will definitely listen carefully to the answer. If you stop him while presenting a fact, then he will be confused and even seriously offended by the interlocutor.
  • Conversation in one key … It is not necessary to whisper during a conversation, the audial will perceive this as a mockery of him. However, raising your voice to it is not recommended. It is easier for him to turn around and leave than to prove his interlocutor wrong.
  • Giving up some tricks … A woman can spend half a day in a beauty salon and then be offended for a long time by the audial's inattention. It should be remembered that it is more important for him that the lady has a melodic voice and a large vocabulary.

How to identify an audial - look at the video:

The audial personality type is so rare that it is not every day that you meet such an extraordinary personality. They love to listen and talk, so communicating with them can be an interesting and rewarding process.