How to take Mibolerone in bodybuilding?

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How to take Mibolerone in bodybuilding?
How to take Mibolerone in bodybuilding?

Find out why Mibolerone is very popular among bodybuilders and what are the rules for taking this drug. Today there are a lot of messages from athletes about conquering their own records after using check-drops. Using the drug for a short period of time will not lead to a serious drop in endogenous testosterone production, and the hormone concentration will recover quickly enough. However, most often athletes use mibolerone in bodybuilding in combination with other anabolic steroids.

We have already noted that the drug is able to significantly increase the strength characteristics, but it can also be useful during the drying period. On the other hand, there are safer and more effective steroids that can solve a similar problem. Just as the drug is not inclined to interact with aromatase, then you will not need aromatase inhibitors on the course.

The fact that check-drops has progestogenic properties, when talking about the doses mentioned above, can be ignored. But the work of the pituitary arch will definitely be stopped, and without appropriate restorative therapy, you can lose the normal level of the male hormone for a long time. Let's also note the main effects of the drug:

  • Aggressiveness reaches extreme limits.
  • Immediately after ingestion, a powerful adrenaline rush is observed.
  • Power characteristics increase.
  • Fatigue is eliminated.
  • The motivation of the athlete increases.

Rules for taking Miboleron

Mibolerone in the form of tablets
Mibolerone in the form of tablets

We have already noted that long courses of mibolerone in bodybuilding can cause serious harm to the body. The optimal solution is a one-time point application of this drug. It is recommended to take this powerful androgen and anabolic half an hour or 40 minutes before starting your workout. This will allow you to achieve a strong release of adrenaline into the bloodstream and thereby increase aggressiveness and strength characteristics.

In our opinion, the use of mibolerone in bodybuilding is not justified. It is better to use steroids that will give good results and are safer. Martial arts are another matter, where high aggressiveness can help a fighter achieve victory. The duration of the course should be limited to two weeks when using a daily dose of no more than 0.5 milligrams. However, even in this case, the risks of developing ailments of a somatic nature are quite high.

There are no exact recommendations for taking the drug in sports and the athlete needs to select them individually. Remember that long check-drop cycles can severely deplete the endocrine and hormonal systems. If it was decided to use mibolerone in combination with other drugs, then again there are no uniform recommendations. You should choose the ligaments so that you can balance the mental state with real physical abilities. Otherwise, the risk of injury increases dramatically.

Side effects of Miboleron

Sad bodybuilder
Sad bodybuilder

It is not only one of the most powerful androgens created to date, but also a highly toxic drug. The presence of progesterone activity indicates the possibility of the development of prolactin-dependent gynecomastia. This can only be avoided through the correct use of the drug. In addition to the correct choice of dosages and duration of the course, we are also talking about the need to use cabergoline.

The fact that the drug is alkylated indicates a serious risk to the liver. Moreover, the hepatotoxicity of check drops is significantly superior to all modern tableted steroids. There is no doubt that athletes need to forget about this drug. Actually, in amateur sports, mibolerone is also completely unnecessary.

In athletes who have a naturally high level of aggressiveness, the use of the drug can significantly aggravate the situation. The effect of check-drop on the body of different athletes can differ significantly. We also note that it is highly discouraged to combine Mibolerone with tableted steroids.

The most dangerous drugs in bodybuilding

Skull capsules
Skull capsules

Today we touched on the topic of the use of mibolerone in bodybuilding. This drug, without a doubt, can be considered one of the most dangerous. Continuing the topic of the health of athletes, it is worth talking about the most dangerous pharmaceuticals. In fairness, we note that some of the drugs discussed below will not harm the body if used correctly.

Dinitrophenol (DNP)

This is one of the most powerful, and, according to some athletes, the most fat burner. Dinitrophenol was created for use in various industries. During the Second World War, the substance was even used to create explosives. Scientists have long noticed that after contact with dinitrophenol, a person begins to quickly lose body weight, and the temperature rises sharply.

Note that the danger of the drug for the human body has been poorly studied today, but there are many cases of death due to the fault of this drug. The substance can inhibit the work of ATP, the main source of energy. Recall that adenosine phosphate is used for the synthesis of ATP molecules and DNP can block this process. Actually, it is the sharp and significant slowdown of the basic metabolism that is the cause of death.


Professional bodybuilders have been actively using this powerful anabolic in recent years. Most often it is combined with growth hormone. Insulin helps to speed up the conversion of glucose into glycogen. It is also necessary to remember about the transport functions of the substance.

In addition, athletes appreciate in the drug its ability to accelerate the synthesis of many hormones, for example, luteinizing, follicle-stimulating, insulin-like growth factor, etc. The first two of the substances mentioned are used by the body to regulate the synthesis of the male hormone. There is no doubt that this is an effective means of improving athletic performance, but also extremely hazardous to health.


Like mibolerone, halotestin (fluoxymesterone) has potent anabolic and androgenic properties. However, this drug is not able to aromatize. Halotestin is more androgenic than anabolic. This makes the drug popular in sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting. The drug poses the greatest danger to the liver.


This is a rather rare "guest" in bodybuilding, but some athletes use it periodically. The drug is most popular in cyclical disciplines, as it is able to increase endurance by increasing red cells in the blood.


The presence of oxy in this list can be considered symbolic. This steroid is actively used by bodybuilders and especially professionals. Many words have been said about the dangers of oxymetholone, but all of these statements have an evidence base. Builders actively use hydroxy to gain muscle mass. It should be remembered that on a steroid cycle, a sharp increase in female hormones is possible, which will lead to the development of corresponding side effects. Like all tableted AAS, oxymetholone can pose a danger to the liver, but its hepatotoxicity index does not go in any comparison with fluoxymetholone or the same mibolerone.