What to give the head for the New Year 2020

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What to give the head for the New Year 2020
What to give the head for the New Year 2020

What New Year gifts are appropriate for a female boss, and what are appropriate for a man? Ideas of status, unusual, universal, effective and inexpensive gifts.

A New Year's gift to the boss is a great reason to appease the boss, build relationships with him, and possibly accelerate the growth of his own career and well-being. But for the head of the company, as for any person, sincerity and sincerity are important when congratulating. Therefore, do not play, do not prepare a too fanciful gift for the boss for the New Year, but do not go down to shampoo socks. Take the time to find the best present and congratulate the director brightly.

What to give a woman leader for the New Year 2020?

What to give a woman leader for the New Year 2020
What to give a woman leader for the New Year 2020

Many ladies are quite critical of their appearance, accessories, gestures and, in general, the impression they make on others. Therefore, it is very important not to violate her moral comfort with a present, not to cause any complex, not to make her feel awkward.

It is clear that giving a woman leader a certificate for a facelift or a subscription to a weight loss magazine for the New Year is a failure. But the following surprises will become 100% "safe":

  1. A trendy novelty in household appliances. For example, in 2019, Beko invented a refrigerator that can simulate the daily cycle of the sun and thereby allow vegetables to remain fresh for a long time. Samsung has released interior TVs that display works of art when turned off. And LG taught artificial intelligence how to make a virtual fitting of clothes and get the result on the screen with the figure and proportions of a particular user. Such a New Year's gift for a woman leader is appropriate if you know for sure which devices will not interfere with her apartment or which she plans to replace. After all, it is quite possible that the boss has already managed to get a new thing.
  2. Valuable jewelry. They shouldn't be too personal, like a ring. The maximum that subordination allows you is a pendant with a precious stone, a brooch, a hair clip, a car keychain. And the best option is an ingot of valuable metal.
  3. Chic floral arrangement … Don't run after her to the nearest kiosk, go to the florist boutique. The assortment there is outstanding, and the specialists are competent. It is fashionable to pack large bouquets in wooden or cardboard boxes. The composition itself should not consist of 101 red roses and look like a gift from a fan. Ask to assemble a box of several types of colors in a single scale. The more unique the plants are, the more you will be able to surprise the director. And remember that we are talking about New Year's magic, which means that the bouquet should reflect the festive theme.
  4. Hobby accessory … Drawing, baking, sewing dolls, floriculture - you can pick up tools or paraphernalia for any hobby. The main thing is to turn again to the new products of a specific niche so that the present is useful. Fabrics and ribbons with fresh prints, a large palette of high-quality paints, fashionable flowerpots, a device for printing edible pictures - an incomplete list of what to give a woman boss for the New Year according to her interests.
  5. Assistant in your favorite sport … For example, waterproof fitness bracelet, gravity boots, running bag, new tennis racket. Products for more general purposes are also suitable: a stylish sports backpack, a personalized water bottle, a heart rate monitor, a sports-style towel. If you don’t know what sport the boss does and whether he trains at all, don’t give such things. Otherwise, she may perceive the gift as a hint of a problematic figure, or even get angry with the whole team.

Gifts for a male leader for the New Year 2020

Gifts for a male leader for the New Year 2020
Gifts for a male leader for the New Year 2020

A strong half of humanity is less prone to sentimentality and, perhaps, does not attach much importance to surprises from employees. But you still need to prepare a gift for a male leader for the New Year. Firstly, you never know how your director really relates to the holiday. And secondly, even an unexpected but pleasant gift will definitely cheer up and make the boss be more loyal to his subordinates during the hot period of New Year's reports.

But do not rush to immediately run to the store. Remember what impressions the leader of the company shared, what he talked about his leisure time, his plans, desires. Analyze his recent purchases, take a “sober” look at his office, gadgets, equipment. And then, instead of confusion, a clear picture of what to give to the male boss for the New Year will appear in the head.

You might find the following ideas useful:

  • Effective presentation of alcohol. It can be a mini-bar in the shape of a globe or a roulette, a decorative composition with glasses and a decanter, "drunken" glasses for whiskey or an original bottle for spirits. If the boss doesn't take such a gift home, it will come in handy in the workplace. After all, often the head has to accept partners, investors, suppliers, customers, and in some situations, guests need to be treated to alcohol. By the way, do not forget to add alcohol itself to the surprise so that the present does not look "naked". And if such accessories are definitely useless, present a bottle of elite alcohol in a wooden box and with the appropriate decoration - small Christmas balls, chocolate, assorted nuts.
  • Sports surprise … For example, swimming goggles, volleyball, golf club. Look for a New Year's gift for your male boss that matches his favorite sport. Or vice versa, present equipment for the most modern workouts to surprise the boss and interest him in a new sports direction. For example, TRX loops, a Bosu rubber hemisphere, an interactive home workout mat. An equally progressive type of activity is riding a gyro scooter or unicycle: here the main muscle groups are involved and balance is trained. Also interesting can be game forms of activity - table football, air hockey, billiards. If the boss is very far from being physically active, present a ticket to the final games of the football championship, a ball autographed by your favorite player, an item from a fan's paraphernalia.
  • Unrealized dream. Few people received all the toys they wanted in childhood. Therefore, in the soul of many men, there is nostalgia for remote-controlled cars, huge Lego sets, game radios. It turns out that these moments can be made up with quite adult "fun". A quadrocopter with a video camera, a serious 3D constructor, an air gun, a souvenir sword, participation in off-road crossovers - this is what to present to a male leader for the New Year in order to cause boyish delight in his eyes.
  • A present for the smoker. The newest electronic vaporizer and aromatic fillings for it, high-quality tobacco with casings, a wooden pipe, a branded lighter, Cuban cigars will perfectly emphasize the director's status. Yes, it’s wrong to maintain a boss’s bad habit, but on the other hand, it’s not for you to teach him. Therefore, smoking devices and additions to them are a perfectly acceptable gift for a leader for the New Year 2020.
  • Everything for relaxation. Does your CEO love nature trips? If the answer is yes, he will need a tent, a portable grill, a personalized flask, a picnic set in the form of an iron canister. A connoisseur of fishing will be delighted with a new spinning rod, a strong landing net, a collection of silicone baits, and a motor boat. A hunter will gladly accept a bandolier, binoculars, tactical glasses, and a decoy in the form of a scarecrow as a gift. Additional ideas of what to present to the boss for the New Year may be: a certificate for a sauna or a set of bath accessories, accessories for gambling, a fresh exhibit in the chef's collection, precious cufflinks or a tie clip, equipment for cycling trips, a souvenir on the theme of your favorite computer game …

Universal New Year gifts for the head

A coffee machine as at for the head for the New Year
A coffee machine as at for the head for the New Year

Such presentations are suitable for the head of the company, regardless of gender, hobbies, level of income. For convenience, we will divide them into several categories.

  1. Cabinet items … Often this is an office decor, all sorts of anti-stress, useful devices. The most original gifts to the head for the New Year may look like this: a reproduction of a famous painting, a book-cache or a safe, a rare or collector's printed edition, miniature versions of a biofireplace, a backlit fountain - for a desktop, a retro telephone, a smart lamp, an aquarium with elite fish, a desktop organizer made of wood or onyx, an hourglass or flip clock, a thermal calendar that, after touching, shows the current date and interesting facts about this day, a massage cover for a work chair or a compact trainer for back muscles.
  2. Useful technique … Exactly the one that the boss will use at work. Although if he wants to take the present home, do not be upset. This means that the subject turned out to be more than necessary. Here's what you can give for the New Year to a leader in this area: a coffee machine, a humidifier, a digital photo frame, an interior barometer, a surveillance camera with a wide viewing angle, a power bank with Swarovski crystals.
  3. Funny gifts … A boss who appreciates humor will instantly be delighted with a funny surprise. And an extremely strict and serious director may not understand the joke and react negatively to it. Therefore, think carefully about what to present to the head for the New Year 2020 - an elite item or still a cool thing. If you settled on the last option, here are some ideas: a cartoon doll made from a photograph of the boss, a picture with caricatures of all employees and the boss himself, a cake in the style of his work sphere ("tooth" - to the dentist, "laptop" - to the director of an IT company and so on), an album of memories, where all the mistakes and incidents of the workflow will be collected, a chocolate New Year's letter, a beer scratch map of the world, a bundle of banknotes with a picture of the head, a cool seal from the "Great Boss" series.
  4. Vivid impressions … This includes intangible gifts that will remain in the boss's memory for a long time. Match the type of entertainment and your boss will appreciate the gift. He can be presented with: a helicopter flight, a parachute jump, a safe dive to a shark hunting site, a ride in a racing car along a winding track, an unusual excursion (to a radioactive exclusion zone, a former prison, etc.), swimming with dolphins, a certificate in quest room with the maximum level of difficulty.
  5. Advanced training … An excellent gift for the head for the New Year from the team - training in market novelties, marketing, business development. A prerequisite for such a presentation is a topical training topic and an authoritative coach. After completing the course, the director will not only increase his personal experience, but will also be able to share it with his subordinates, which means he will optimize work processes. However, the training may not be business-related at all. The boss will also appreciate progressive learning about his hobbies or personal growth.
  6. Surprise economy option … When the staff of the company is very small and the total budget of the presentation is minimal, inexpensive gift ideas for managers for the New Year will come to the rescue. The most popular products are: a flash drive with a code, a certificate for a massage session, a stylish umbrella, an exotic plant, a money clip, a high-quality wallet, a USB-heated mug, a set of elite tea or coffee, Belgian chocolate, cream honey or designer jam. A fairly budgetary and sincere present - a treat from the team. Prepare a couple of interesting snacks, add champagne and invite the director to the table. Such a pastime will help to unite the team, get to know each other better and have a worthy outgoing year.

What to give the head for the New Year - watch the video:

And remember that any gift to the boss needs to be presented beautifully: decorated in New Year's style, picking up a warm wish. If among colleagues there are those who wish, you can also dress up as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Such congratulations will not leave the chef indifferent and promises an excellent working atmosphere during the festive period.