What to give colleagues for the New Year 2020

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What to give colleagues for the New Year 2020
What to give colleagues for the New Year 2020

Rules for choosing New Year's gifts for colleagues. The best ideas, neutral stuff, not worth buying. New Year gifts for young employees.

Gifts to colleagues for the New Year are an important attribute of corporate culture. Although no one is forcing them to give, it will be embarrassing yourself if you ignore such a duty. This is where the biggest contradiction lies: you need a gift that, as you know for sure, will either be donated, or thrown into the trash bin, or safely hidden in a drawer and soon forgotten.

Rules for choosing a New Year's gift for colleagues

Choosing a New Year'st for colleagues
Choosing a New Year'st for colleagues

A gift that no one needs … This is how we think when we buy something for colleagues. They think in the same way, knowing that for the New Year they will receive another mug, a notebook or diary, a set of pens or markers or another business card holder.

Is it possible to come up with something original so that a person would like it? Obviously yes, but for this you need to analyze a lot of nuances and allocate some funds. A trinket for a couple of dollars is unlikely to be liked by anyone.

Most of us are either strapped for money or frankly tight-fisted: everything that is not in the house is considered an attempt on our wallet and family budget. We try to buy inexpensive gifts for colleagues for the New Year. And this is the main mistake. As we relate to others, so do they relate to us. Change yourself, and the New Year in the team will sparkle with different colors.

First and foremost, you need to adhere to the principles of corporate culture, if any in your company.

In large companies, everything is spelled out in the rules - from the style of clothing (dress code) to the specifics of entertainment events (corporate events, employee's birthday, and so on). And it is here that when choosing gifts for the New Year, colleagues at work cannot be mistaken.

In small teams, there are no strict rules, the relationship between people, including the leader, is much simpler, therefore there are many more ideas. Employees feel like they are part of a big family, and therefore they can quite afford some kind of informal presentations.

Other helpful tips for choosing a New Year's gift:

  • Consider your colleague's age and gender. A New Year's gift for a male colleague should be different from the one intended for a woman. Although there are many options for abstract gifts that can be gifted to everyone, regardless of gender and age.
  • Remember the chain of command. What can be presented to a neighbor in the office will not suit the immediate supervisor.
  • If there are many colleagues, and you want to congratulate everyone, and in different ways, all gifts should be in the same price category.
  • Don't give something super expensive. An exception is a collective gift to the chef. By the way, there are many more options here.

The right decision is to give your colleagues something neutral and inexpensive for the New Year. But this is where the catch lies. Neutral gifts have long been sore and tired of the order. So in the year of the Rat you will have to try and come up with something like that. The rodent really does not like negligence towards himself, appreciates intelligence and generosity, so he should definitely be appeased so that the whole year of 2020 will pass under the sign of good luck and happiness.

The best ideas for what to present to colleagues for the New Year

What to present to colleagues for the New Year - mugs with a name, cheap and sometimes frankly lurid, fridge magnets with a rat, another notebook or a pack of markers? All this is uninteresting, although it is quite acceptable. A person will accept such a present, thinking to himself - I will give it to someone for the next holiday. Gifts for the New Year 2020 for colleagues can be divided into several groups: useful, for work, nice trinkets, lively, tasty. Further about each of them in more detail.

Useful gifts

Containers for ready meals as at for colleagues for the New Year
Containers for ready meals as at for colleagues for the New Year

This includes everything that can be used in everyday life or for a holiday:

  • Mugs with the names of colleagues or elegant tea pairs. The first is suitable for men, the second for women.
  • Containers for ready meals or lunch boxes. Not creative, but definitely useful. Present several pieces at once. By the way, they are sold like that: smaller ones are put into a large box like nesting dolls.
  • Coasters for mugs.
  • Mouse pads.

The list goes on. It all depends on the team in which you work. If it is small and friendly, then gifts can be anything, just do not forget that their price should be approximately the same. And the boss for the New Year is best given something from the team.

Gifts for work

Camera stand as at for colleagues for the New Year
Camera stand as at for colleagues for the New Year

Here, something unpretentious is indispensable. Gifts for work are items that a person uses at the workplace or on business trips. For example, a photographer is working in your team - give him some necessary accessories in his business, or a cook - everything related to cooking will be appropriate here.

In general, choosing a gift of this type is difficult. Much easier to navigate among souvenirs or goodies.

Nice trinkets

Souvenir in the shape of a rat as at for colleagues for the New Year
Souvenir in the shape of a rat as at for colleagues for the New Year

Not all of them will appreciate them, however, this is an opportunity to save your budget, and pay attention to colleagues, and not get your face in the mud. To navigate finances, remember how much money you usually donate for a collective gift. For this amount, buy an individual one for each.

An excellent gift for the New Year 2020 for any of your colleagues will be a tiny Christmas tree with a rat sitting on it. Such a souvenir costs about 250 rubles.

Alternatively, just present each 2020 totem in the form of a small soft toy - there will always be a use for it.

Live gifts

A livingt to colleagues for the New Year
A livingt to colleagues for the New Year

This is an aquarium with fish, a terrarium with a turtle or a canary (budgerigar) in a cage. Since the year 2020 will be held under the auspices of the Rat, it is difficult to resist buying this cute rodent and bringing it to the office.

This will be a shared gift. And at first he will really touch colleagues, but exactly until the moment when you have to start cleaning the cage. If you do not do this daily, the unpleasant smell will be felt in the first week. The further fate of such a gift is unenviable.

Think 100 times before giving something alive. There are many pitfalls here:

  • A colleague may be allergic to fish food, rat droppings, or bird feathers.
  • The air conditioner is turned off in the office at night. If the summer is very hot, a bird or rat may die during this time.
  • Someone will have to be charged with caring for animals. Few people will like it. In addition, taking care of the aquarium in the office is still a pleasure.

And animals get sick. It takes time and money to treat them. No matter how original a living gift may seem to you, it is better to refuse it.

However, if the team is planning to chip in and get a cool aquarium for the chef, this can really be a good idea. Especially if specially trained people will be engaged in its installation, filling and further care. The aquarium will become the highlight of the manager's office and will constantly remind of the good attitude of the employees.

Delicious gifts

Cake as at for colleagues for the New Year
Cake as at for colleagues for the New Year

There are many options here - you can experiment as you like.

If the team is small, and you know how and love to bake or create cakes of extraordinary beauty, and most importantly, delicious, then you should pamper your colleagues with your work of art. Yes, it will be a collective gift, to which you will have to attach a pack or even two fragrant tea, lemon, and also provide everyone with beautiful tea pairs for a festive table setting. But such a gift will definitely be remembered for a long time.

It is much easier to choose a present that is simpler and cheaper, especially since on New Year's Eve in all large stores there are promotions when quality goods can be bought at a reduced price.

What delicious gifts to give a colleague for the New Year 2020:

  • A large bar of chocolate + a pack of unusual tea.
  • A box of chocolates (many people love Korkunov - it is believed that this is a status, besides the boxes are beautifully decorated in New Year's way) + a can of high-quality coffee, for example, "Black Card".
  • Collect a sweet set for each colleague yourself. Let it include loose sweets - 300 grams, only not cheap, and tangerines - 3-4 pieces, or a couple of oranges. Put it all in a beautiful organza pouch.
  • A box of gift cookies - these are often sold before the holidays in Auchan or Lenta, plus a set - a teacup and tea.
  • Gift set of mini Merci chocolates together with a gift set of Tess tea.
  • A jar of honey in New Year's "clothes", herbal balm (non-alcoholic) and herbal tea, for example, "Crimean bouquet".

If you think that giving a male colleague for the New Year all of the above is not entirely appropriate, add a bottle of good alcohol for him personally or his gift analogue in a small original container to the set. It will turn out creatively. In addition, if the man is a family man, tea with sweets can be drunk with the family - his wife and children will also be happy.

Sweet gifts should not be given to colleagues who have diabetes. The same rule applies to alcohol. There is no need to give a bottle of whiskey or wine to people who, in principle, do not drink alcohol.

Neutral New Year gifts

Box as at for colleagues for the New Year
Box as at for colleagues for the New Year

Some of them are listed above. Delicious gifts are neutral. They can be gifted to anyone - a guy, a girl, a man or woman of middle age or in years, an ordinary employee or the head of a company. Souvenirs are also something neutral, you just need to choose according to the interests of people.

Here are some good options:

  • a silver teaspoon with the company logo or an engraved name of the donee;
  • a stationery set with the logo of the company is a traditional gift from the head.

Neutral gifts include items made of semi-precious stones - coil, unakite, onyx. They are financially available to everyone. On New Year's Eve, shops usually make good discounts, so anyone can afford such a gift (in the region of 250-1000 rubles).

What to give a colleague for the New Year 2020 from semi-precious stones:

  • Coil pyramid … It is cheap, original, besides, the item is considered the strongest amulet. This is exactly what you can give any colleague for the New Year, and not be afraid to be misunderstood.
  • Fridge magnet … Such products can be with a totem animal or with a zodiac sign, so in advance, inquire about the days and years of birth of employees. Ideally, order the same rat magnets. If the company works under the order, then it is possible to stipulate the size of the product, and the type of stone, and the image.
  • Powder box or mirror like powder box … If you do not know what to give your female colleagues for the New Year, choose and you will not go wrong.

Creative people will appreciate the painting by an unknown artist. It is clear that it will be small and inexpensive. However, for a living space, any painting is a bright accent. Choose a landscape or a floral still life - please both man and woman.

What shouldn't you give your colleagues for the New Year?

Bath accessories should not be presented to colleagues for the New Year
Bath accessories should not be presented to colleagues for the New Year

The work collective is not friends, relatives or acquaintances. These are the people with whom you are in contact on duty. Not all of them may be pleasant, but everyone will have to pay attention.

What to donate within the walls of your organization is definitely not worth it:

  • Money … Spend the amount you want to give on a present.
  • Humorous gifts … T-shirts with slogans, photo collages and so on are inappropriate in a team.
  • Ritual and ceremonial objects … It is generally better not to give such gifts to anyone, especially if you do not know the person well and cannot predict his reaction.
  • Bath accessories, cosmetics, towels … In a large team, this is unacceptable. This can only be given to close people, and even better to relatives.
  • Trinkets … By the way, mugs with inscriptions cannot be counted among them, so they were given and will be given - such a thing will definitely come in handy on the farm.

Never give your coworkers gifts with a hint. If you have no idea what you can choose for this or that person, get along with something neutral, for example, a box of good chocolates. This is an appropriate New Year's gift for a colleague - both a woman and a man.

What to present to young colleagues for the New Year?

Perhaps this is the hardest part. If you are over 30, and other employees are 23-25 years old, it is difficult to understand which gift will be received favorably by them. Of course, you can get by with a neutral option - sweets, tea, coffee, plus an original mug. But you want to be creative, not a hardened conservative.

And one more dilemma - you can't give a guy the same gift as a girl. You’ll break your head until you come up with something useful that doesn’t go to the trash the next day.

Gifts for a girl

Indoor plant as at for a colleague girl for the New Year
Indoor plant as at for a colleague girl for the New Year

If you think that all the fair sex are the most delicate creatures, then you are wrong. Modern girls do not hesitate to engage in power sports, ride bikes, jump with a parachute, love kitesurfing and do a lot of things that not every adult man can do. However, there are many who prefer to spend all their free time at home reading an interesting book, cooking, coziness, or doing yoga or meditation.

Let's try to fantasize what to give a colleague girl for the New Year:

  • Indoor plant. But first, take a closer look at the person. If a girl loves flowers, then she will plant a garden even on a tiny windowsill in the office. Choose a showy plant - with unusual leaves or bright colors. And do not forget to attach a mini-care instruction, if a person sees such a flower for the first time.
  • Animal feed. Everything is clear here. If a girl volunteers, and today it is very fashionable, then she will never refuse to help her homeless people. Specify the brand of food that a colleague feeds his cats or dogs, and present a pack for the New Year. The person will be very grateful to you.
  • Original handmade soap. This is not a completely neutral gift - you might not please with the scent. But in any case, he will be remembered.
  • A huge openwork scented candle in the shape of a herringbone, you can choose a simple carved one or a set of small flat ones with an elegant stand.
  • Oil burner. Such a gift will definitely come in handy if a girl is fond of yoga or meditation.

Boyfriend gifts

Boxing gloves as at for a colleague guy for the New Year
Boxing gloves as at for a colleague guy for the New Year

If you know the employee's interests, consider the job done. The ideal solution is to casually find out from the person what he wants. Then you will definitely not miss with a gift, and in any case, do not "make a person happy" with what he does not need.

What to give your colleague guy for the New Year:

  • Dumbbells or boxing gloves if involved in sports.
  • Car accessories if he has his own car.
  • A useful book if the employee works in the intellectual field. Just first ask what the person lacks, otherwise give what he already has.

What to give colleagues for the New Year - watch the video:

Now you know what is inexpensive to present to colleagues for the New Year. Get creative with your gift choice. Do not get hung up on recommendations, but keep in mind that not everything can be gifted to colleagues: some items are too personal, some are outrageously banal. And don't be afraid to experiment: study your coworkers and head to the store. New Year is coming soon. Holiday greetings!