Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

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Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow
Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

The best options for how to spend a festive night in the capital. Where to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Moscow: free events, performances, restaurants, rest on the ship and in the hotel.

New Year in Moscow is an opportunity to cheerfully celebrate the holiday with the whole family. In this case, it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money. There are places where you can celebrate the New Year in Moscow inexpensively and not be disappointed in your choice.

Free New Year's events

Fireworks for the New Year in Moscow
Fireworks for the New Year in Moscow

There are places in the capital where you can have fun with all the heart on the eve of the holiday and on New Year's Eve. Entertainment is inexpensive if you think over the route in advance.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow to make it cheap and interesting:

  • Firework … The light show will take place in 2020 at 1 a.m. The entertainment is free, it is watched not only near Red Square, but also in other public places and parks: in Krasnaya Presnya, Vorobyovy Gory, Izmailovsky, Victory Park and others. An excellent view opens up on Poklonnaya Hill and the Patriarch Bridge. After the fireworks, you will want to wander around the festive city and admire its beauty. If you wish, you can start the fireworks yourself. Pyrotechnics will cost 400-2000 thousand rubles, depending on the quality.
  • Poklonnaya mountain … Go to Poklonnaya Hill before the fireworks. Here, residents of the capital are offered dance shows, master classes, treats, sports competitions, and an exhibition of ice sculptures. The fair sells New Year's souvenirs. Visitors to the city can celebrate New Year 2020 in Moscow by sightseeing under illumination lights.
  • City-skating rink … Not far from the Moscow-City business center, there is an ice rink with beautiful views of the majestic buildings. There are 2 neon arenas, a tubing slide, and a food court on the territory. Entertainment is accompanied by pleasant music. The entrance ticket price is 300 rubles, children under 6 years old are free. Discounts are available for families.
  • Zaryadye park … The favorite place of tourists will be transformed on the eve of the holidays. A bright and unusual Christmas tree will be installed here. Light compositions will decorate the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell. The park offers visitors creative light trees for viewing. The bridge offers a charming view of the Moskva River. From here you can go to Red Square. It is better to visit the main square of Moscow before New Year's Eve, since from December 31 to January 1, entry here will be prohibited. Invitation tickets to the concert will be given to government officials and other important persons. The New Year's fair is also held here.
  • Manezhnaya square … For the New Year, it is decorated with many trees so that it looks like a grove. In the middle there is a 30-meter spruce, completely covered with garlands. It looks especially impressive in the evening. On New Year's in Moscow, light compositions are exhibited on the square, near which excellent photographs are obtained. From Revolution Square to Manezhnaya there is a 100-meter slide 8 meters high. This year it has four slopes.
  • Revolution square … New Year in Moscow 2020 can be celebrated in this stunning place. In addition to a long slide, the area attracts with glowing trees and beautiful views.
  • Arbat … The main street of Moscow will welcome guests with a fair, intellectual entertainment, culinary master classes.
  • Tagansky park … The New Year theme will be related to Hogwarts and Harry Potter. Magicians, wizards, a program with contests and gifts await visitors, and in the park there is a skating rink, a Christmas tree, and treats in the form of chocolate frogs.
  • VDNKh … A theatrical performance will begin at the large skating rink at 9 pm, which will end only at 3 am. The show will end with fireworks. Theatrical processions will take place here throughout the winter holidays.
  • Novopushkinsky square … You should definitely go here on New Year's Eve. Here you will be greeted by a real ice theater.
  • hermitage Museum … The most comfortable skating rinks are located here. The Bauman Garden also has an ice cover where the whole family can go skiing.

The listed activities are free of charge and last until 3 am. Do not be afraid to celebrate the New Year on the street. Security on the streets of the capital is provided by law enforcement agencies.

In addition to these places, there is where to go on New Year's in Moscow. Visit the square in front of the Bolshoi Theater, which boasts amazing glowing arches. Stoleshnikov Lane is also beautifully decorated, illuminated by thousands of hanging lanterns.

To witness the New Year's transformation of the capital, just walk the streets on New Year's Eve. Everywhere you go, you will find bright illumination, countless decorations that transform the usual streets and buildings.

New Year's performances in Moscow

New Year's performance at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus
New Year's performance at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus

Couples with children can not only walk around the city, but also visit cultural events. Theaters, circuses, concert halls offer a program for every taste.

Events for the New Year in Moscow are grandiose. The main one is the Kremlin tree. But not everyone can get on it, especially since tickets are expensive. If you could not send your child to have fun at the main Christmas tree of the capital, do not be discouraged. Visit one of the events in a theater or circus, especially since the choice of such places is huge:

  • Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard … During the New Year holidays, the performance "The Mystery of the New Year's Star" will take place here. This time the program is presented by Gia Eradze and his Royal Circus. Spectators will travel to the kingdom of the Snow Queen in search of the New Year's star together with the prince.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior … In addition to the entertainment task, the Christmas tree in the church also solves an educational one. The performances are ecclesiastical. This year, children will see the fairy tale "Silver Boy" and together with the heroes will go on a journey by ship.
  • Crocus City Hall … As always, the audience is waiting for a grand show, which this time is called "Father Frost's Birthday". Once in a thousand years, Grandpa celebrates his birthday and collects fairy-tale heroes who present him with different numbers as a gift. More than 2,000 people worked on the creation of the show, including foreign artists. So the holiday is planned to be amazing and at the same time warm and cozy at home.
  • Circus on Vernadsky Avenue … New Year in Moscow 2020 with a program at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus is one of the best options where to go on New Year's holidays with a child. The show is called "If I were a queen …" based on the fairy tale by A. Pushkin. The tricks are performed by professional artists and trained animals.
  • New Year's ice show … There will be several of them in Moscow for the New Year: the show by E. Plushenko "Cinderella", I. Averbukh "The Wizard of the Country of OZ", T. Navka "The Sleeping Beauty". It's fun for the whole family.
  • Christmas tree at the conservatory … Music lovers will be interested to watch the New Year's musical performance "The Snow Queen" and "The Magic Bow".

The listed shows for the New Year in Moscow for children are only a small part of what can be seen in the capital. Performances start on average from December 14th and continue until January 15th. So you will surely have time for the show you like.

Where to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant?

New Year at the Empire restaurant in Moscow
New Year at the Empire restaurant in Moscow

You can celebrate the New Year in Moscow with a group of friends or relatives in a restaurant. Start choosing a place for the celebration in advance, because on New Year's Eve there may not be vacancies.

The best restaurants where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow 2020:

  • Empire … The restaurant is distinguished by luxurious halls located in a 19th century mansion. On New Year's Eve, a program based on the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession" is offered here. A fair with bagels and bagels will be held in the courtyard.
  • Desert Rose … When deciding where to go for the New Year in Moscow, choose the Desert Rose restaurant. The main hall will be decorated in oriental style. The program includes a show, a prize drawing, fireworks. New Year's Eve in Moscow in the "Rose in the Desert" cafe will be held with oriental music, a show of bartenders, oriental and European cuisine.
  • Hands up bar … You can spend the New Year in a restaurant in Moscow as in hot countries. The Hands Up Bar is decorated in the style of exotic beaches, and an enchanting show will take you to the southern shores.
  • Villa della Pasta … The restaurant offers to celebrate the New Year with Yuri Loza and the Jam group, listen to the hits of the 80-90s, taste European and Italian cuisine. The program includes a dance show, illusionists, master classes, congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Special effects are also needed.
  • Banquet hall "Mir" … Acrobatic performances, dance and light shows will delight guests. Also in the program is the performance of a cover band. Special effects and surprises await those present.
  • Night on the 90th floor … Those wishing to celebrate the New Year in an unusual way are invited to the highest platform in Europe, located on the Presnenskaya embankment. You will admire the capital from a bird's eye view. Here you can celebrate a holiday with Santa Claus, animators, artists. Hot snacks and drinks will be sold on the premises.
  • Banquet hall "Victoria" … Here you can enjoy dishes of Eastern, Russian and European cuisine. The program includes doubles of pop stars, Linda show, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, illusion show, disco, animators. At the end, a New Year's lottery and gifts await guests.
  • Boudoir restaurant … A quiet, cozy atmosphere is created by amazing decoration with stucco molding, bright upholstery on furniture, paintings on the walls. A show program, a drawing of prizes, a lottery awaits guests. The festive feast includes popular dishes of Russian cuisine.
  • Chalet country club … The restaurant offers to celebrate the New Year in an alpine chalet. A Christmas tree, a show program with vocalists, fireworks, a mischievous presenter, New Year's hits and dances await guests in the courtyard. The restaurant is suitable for both corporate parties and family celebrations.
  • Galaxy … The karaoke club offers corporate events. On different floors of the building, the New Year will be celebrated in different ways. The second floor will host a bowling and karaoke tournament, a round dance and dancing. On the 3rd floor, guests will go on a fabulous journey with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.
  • Beluga … The windows of the restaurant overlook Red Square. Luxurious setting without fuss is good for family and romantic getaways. The event will be held decorously, but on a royal scale. So it is worth preparing for a secular party in the best traditions.
  • Turandot … The restaurant will turn into a fairy tale during the New Year. The event is planned in a Thousand and One Nights style with music and dance, celebrities and popular songs.

The list of the best restaurants ready to receive guests on New Year's Eve. There are many other establishments in Moscow where you can celebrate inexpensively and tastefully with your family or a group of noisy friends.

New Year's Eve on the ship

New Year's Eve on a motor ship in Moscow
New Year's Eve on a motor ship in Moscow

New Year on a motor ship in Moscow is an exquisite meeting place for the holiday. Of course, the ship will not sail around the world in the seas, but a river trip along the Moskva River with the observation of New Year's fireworks is guaranteed to guests.

Banquet halls with a wonderful dinner are organized on the ships. Hot dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks will be presented at the banquet. A show program with competitions and prizes awaits guests. It is composed in such a way that it will be interesting for both adults and children.

But celebrating the New Year on a boat is different from a banquet in an ordinary restaurant. During the celebration, you can admire the winter banks of the Moskva River, see the sights of the city, illumination. After the ceremonial part, guests will find a night disco on board.

It is worth booking tickets in advance. On average, New Year's Eve on a motor ship will cost 6-10 thousand rubles. Children's tickets are cheaper. It is better to attend such events with children from 10-12 years old, who will be interested in the dance program, and waking at night is not tiring.

New Years celebration at the hotel

New Year's Eve at the Metropol Hotel
New Year's Eve at the Metropol Hotel

Each self-respecting hotel offers guests a New Year's program. This option is suitable for a noisy company, especially if there are people from other cities among the celebrants. In the banquet hall of the hotel guests will find a show program, gourmet dinner, dancing and entertainment.

Among the most popular hotels are the following:

  • Metropol … The famous hotel invites you to celebrate the New Year and watch a program with the participation of professional musicians and dancers.
  • National … The hotel overlooks Tverskaya and Red Square. There will be a disco with live music and the participation of artists.
  • Izmailovo … The hotel complex will host a New Year's program with sweepstakes and contests. For just 3 thousand you can rent a room for two here, so the hotel is indispensable for celebrating the New Year for married couples and newlyweds.
  • China town … The hotel is located next to Red Square, so you can walk in the very center of the capital and enjoy the beautiful views. Breakfast is included in the price.

You must also book a hotel room in advance. Profitable offers are quickly sold out.

Rest in the Moscow region for the New Year

Rest in the Moscow region for the New Year
Rest in the Moscow region for the New Year

For those who are tired of the bustle of the capital, tour operators offer to retire to country hotels and hotel houses. This type of New Year's celebration is suitable for families and small groups.

In the Moscow region there are many tourist centers and complexes offering an extensive program for the New Year holidays. This includes a concert program, and street entertainment with roller coasters and sledges, horseback riding. Here guests will find fairs, a meeting with Santa Claus and Snegurochka, New Year's treats in the Russian style.

There are animators for children. They organize interactive games so kids never get bored. Competitions, entertainment, costume performances will leave your little one with good memories of this New Year's Eve for a long time.

To find an advantageous offer for celebrating the New Year in the Moscow region, you can contact the tour operator or book your own place online by choosing a suitable holiday complex. Try to do this early or miss out on great deals.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow - watch the video:

The New Year's holiday remains one of the most important. He is greeted by families, companies, at work or with close relatives. The capital of Russia remains one of the best cities for celebrating the holiday, because here everyone can find entertainment in spirit.