Where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg

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Where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg
Where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg

The best ideas of how and where to celebrate the New Year 2020 in St. Petersburg. Free events, Christmas trees and performances, a holiday in a restaurant, hotel, ferry or liner.

New Year in St. Petersburg is an opportunity to celebrate one of the main holidays of the year in the northern capital. There are many places here that are striking in their beauty, and the New Year's illumination only enhances the enthusiastic impressions. Consider options for where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg.

Free events in the northern capital

Christmas market in St. Petersburg
Christmas market in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg for New Year 2020 offers an extensive program of social events. Here you can enjoy lush fairs, street performances, bright illumination, fireworks and even parades of fairytale heroes. If you carefully think over the program of the festive evening, you can celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg in an unusual and inexpensive way.

The most magnificent events will take place on the main streets and squares of the city. Guests and residents of the northern capital are offered ice skating, inexpensive ice shows, New Year trees, and fireworks.

Consider where to go for the New Year in St. Petersburg:

  • Christmas Fair … The event will take place at Manezhnaya Square and Malaya Sadovaya. You don't have to come here to buy something. You can just walk along the counters to admire the original products of the masters. Guests are offered art products, souvenirs, designer toys. More than 500 artists will perform for the audience, draws and attractions will be held. Master classes are prepared for children in the house of Santa Claus. Every evening a light show will be played on the wall of the arena.
  • Christmas tree on Palace Square … Every year, a large ornate Christmas tree is installed on the main square of the capital. It is opened by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. In 2020, after the opening, the Santa Claus race started, which is being held in St. Petersburg for the 4th time.
  • Festivities on New Year's Eve … On December 31, several venues are planned in the capital, where folk festivals and performances will be held. The main action will take place on the Palace Square. Festive events will affect Gostiny Dvor, Malaya Konyushennaya and Nevsky Prospect. Car traffic will be stopped here until 4 am. New Year's holiday theme - visiting master Danil. The big fireworks will take place in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
  • Skating rink on Elagin Island … If you haven't decided where to go on New Year's in St. Petersburg, visit the free skating rink on Elagin Island. There is also a large Christmas tree, the skating rink is illuminated.
  • Ice Sculpture Festival near the Peter and Paul Fortress … As part of the Ice Fantasy-2020 festival, the best masters will present ice sculptures on the theme "Living Planet". In the center of the hall there is a castle with a Rusalka. This is the most spectacular sculpture in the exhibition.

A lot of interesting events are being prepared for kids as well. New Year's fairy tales are held at the Oktyabrsky Big Concert Hall, where children can meet fairy-tale characters and favorite cartoon characters. The script is designed for viewers of preschool and primary school age. There is a large Christmas tree in the foyer, near which children can dance with Santa Claus and Snegurochka.

From the end of December to the beginning of January, a huge monitor is installed on the facade of the Stock Exchange, on which a light show is demonstrated. Special effects and installations will be of interest to teenagers and adults.

Children's musical quests will be held at the Tsarskoye Selo Museum. This year they are called the "White Tower". The younger generation will have plenty of fun here.

Also, several residences of Father Frost will open in St. Petersburg, where children will be able to meet with a fairy-tale hero. Grandfather will receive everyone who wishes at the Palace Square and Pionerskaya Square, in Sosnovy Bor, in Gatchina.

Concert program and Christmas trees in St. Petersburg

Theatrical performance Nutcracker in St. Petersburg
Theatrical performance Nutcracker in St. Petersburg

Many interesting New Year's performances will take place in the northern capital on New Year's holidays. They will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Theatrical performances, circus programs, ice shows and other events will delight residents and guests of the city.

We offer the best events for the New Year in St. Petersburg 2020:

  • "Baby-trees" … For kids, the capital offers educational shows on New Year's themes. The performances will take place at the Blue Sundress Theater on Sennaya Square. The guys will be at the festival not only as spectators, but will also take part in it as actors.
  • Christmas tree at Lenfilm … In 2020, viewers will see a modern version of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker". Viewers will be able to participate in the creation of a New Year's movie. A disco for teenagers will be held right in the pavilion.
  • Cyber Robo Christmas Tree … Will be held in the Palace of Culture named after I. I. Strip. The program includes a colorful show with transformers who will come to help fairy-tale heroes fight evil. Music and dancing, shooting from cannons, meeting with four fairy princesses await spectators.
  • Planetarium … A New Year's tale of wasted time will take place here. Children will be able to enjoy the sparkling starry sky, meet Santa Claus and Snegurochka. At the end of an exciting journey, gifts await guests.
  • Presidential Library … The Fairy Tale Tree will take place here. At the festival, children will meet the Fairy of Kindness, Sage, Mindfulness and Wits. The heroes of the fairy tale will send the kids on an unforgettable journey. The New Year's program in St. Petersburg 2020 in the library includes games, spectacular artistic performances, New Year's gifts.
  • Museum-theater "Tales of Pushkin" … Offers interactive programs for children of all ages. The performance lasts about an hour, at the end Santa Claus gives out gifts, takes pictures with the kids.
  • Christmas tree on a tram … The holiday will take place in a retro tram, in which Santa Claus has arrived this time. The final station will be a Christmas tree on the Fontanka. The program includes active games, fiery melodies, sweet gifts.
  • Circus on the Fontanka … The show "Magic Fountains -13 months" will take place here. The program is based on fairy tales. The plot is built around the 13th month enchanted in the Castle of Evil. At the arena, spectators will see circus acts and an ice fountain show.
  • Sheremetev Palace … Invites spectators to the performance "The Mystery of the New Year's Box". Together with Fedot the archer, the guests will save the New Year's Casket, stolen by Fairy Winter from Prince Vladimir. At the end of the performance, there will be games and round dances for children; together with fairy-tale characters, children will make snowflakes to decorate the house.
  • SC "Jubilee" … Ice show by I. Averbukh "Morozko" will take place here. The show will be complemented by decorations and special effects. Spectators will be able to enjoy the flawless skating of world sports champions.

In addition to these performances, many more interesting children's Christmas trees will be held in St. Petersburg. Book your tickets in advance so you don't miss out on the fun.

New Year 2020 in a restaurant

New Year at the Gymnasium restaurant in St. Petersburg
New Year at the Gymnasium restaurant in St. Petersburg

On New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg restaurants offer a festive program with a disco, live music and songs, contests and raffles for children and adults. Before booking tables, study the program and make sure that you will enjoy your stay in this institution on New Year's Eve. The subject matter plays an important role: it must meet your expectations.

A number of popular offers from bars and restaurants where you can celebrate the holiday in an interesting way:

  • Buddha bar … The welcome cocktail will continue with a musical composition. The program includes a Pan-Asian dinner, a cocktail-buffet, incendiary songs performed by a Brazilian woman.
  • Apron … The restaurant offers a traditional family dinner with hot and cold appetizers, game and fish. There is a Christmas tree in the hall. Entertainment for the guests was prepared by the restaurant staff themselves. At the end, gifts will be handed out to guests.
  • Gymnasium … The restaurant invites guests to plunge into the atmosphere of a masquerade. Entrance to the establishment is allowed only in costumes. The special guest of the concert will be the Cabriolet group. Guests will be entertained by acrobats and a live python. For children, the services of animators and make-up artists.
  • Chaplin Hall … New Year's Eve will be decorated with the Gipsy Kings group with gypsy and Spanish motives. The chefs of the restaurant have prepared an author's menu. At the end, the guests will see the show of Santa Claus.
  • Karl and Friedrich … The brewery attracts guests with its unlimited beer and Bavarian menu. National costumes are welcome. Dances here arise spontaneously and end with a general round dance.
  • Bali … The restaurant decided to move away from the traditional celebration of the New Year. The menu includes pancakes stuffed with red caviar, duck fillets with raspberry sauce and other delicious dishes. Music performed by a gypsy choir will delight you. Fireworks are planned outdoors. There are special rooms with animators for children.
  • Sail … The restaurant will host a live Blue Light. Irina Allegrova, Lolita, Masha Rasputina, famous parodists will take part in the musical program of the evening. The chef's dinner includes foie gras.
  • Old customs … In the restaurant, energetic Cuban rhythms will create a festive mood. Dinner is also Latin American style.

The restaurants are suitable both for families on a festive evening and for walks with a noisy company. In such establishments, you can celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg inexpensively and with taste. It is noteworthy that many restaurants offer children a separate program with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, so the kids will not be bored.

New Years celebration at the hotel

New Year's Eve at the Astoria Hotel in St. Petersburg
New Year's Eve at the Astoria Hotel in St. Petersburg

Large hotels have restaurants where you can also order a festive dinner and a comfortable room. New Year's Eve in a hotel in St. Petersburg allows you not to rush home, but to relax until the morning in the same institution.

Bright offers from hotels on New Year's Eve:

  • Astoria … Guests can stay at the hotel on December 31st. In the evening, a concert will be held at the Yusupov Palace Theater. New Year's Eve will be held at the hotel restaurant. Artists from the Mariinsky Theater will take part in the music program.
  • Europe … New Year's Eve will be held in the style of a Hollywood movie. Guests will walk along the red carpet under camera flashes and find themselves in the atmosphere of famous Hollywood films. The hotel has several restaurant rooms, each of which will host a separate party.
  • Radisson Royal Hotel … On New Year's Eve, guests will find themselves in a royal fairy tale. Real magic awaits them. The buffet, open kitchen, bartender show will be complemented by a light show, mimes and electric violin melodies by a virtuoso.
  • Lotte Hotel … At The Lounge, the hotel begins dinner with a welcome cocktail. The menu of the New Year's dinner includes sturgeon caviar and oysters. The mood is created by live music.
  • SO Sofitel … The hotel offers New Year's Eve in the Baroque style. A pompous party will be held with lush costumes and decorations. Guests will plunge into the world of fantasy, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred.

The hotels offer many original New Year celebrations. In some, there is an additional menu for children.

New Year's Eve with excursion program

New Year's Eve with an excursion program in St. Petersburg
New Year's Eve with an excursion program in St. Petersburg

Tour operators offer to celebrate the New Year on a cruise or on a bus tour of the city. The first option is suitable for residents of the northern capital, but the second is more likely to suit the guests of the city.

Cruises from St. Petersburg take place by ferry or liner. Guests can enjoy amazing views. Entertainment with music, dancing, competition program and gifts, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will not let you get bored.

Ferries and liners go mainly to Scandinavian countries, because real winter reigns here. New Year's Eve takes place on a ferry or liner with an entertainment program.

The bus tour takes 5-6 hours. The guests of the capital visit the sights of the city. There is an opportunity to admire the festive night illumination and take spectacular photos. The walk is a great alternative to the traditional New Year's celebration with a festive table. Take a city tour with your friends and you will not regret it.

Where to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg - watch the video:

St. Petersburg is an amazing city. It offers many options for celebrating the New Year. Choose the most suitable for you, book places in restaurants, hotels or excursions so that this night will be remembered for a long time.