Where to celebrate the New Year in Europe?

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Where to celebrate the New Year in Europe?
Where to celebrate the New Year in Europe?

Useful tips on how to have fun celebrating a holiday. Where to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Europe: ideas and recommendations.

New Year is a time of miracles, magic, new impressions and emotions. Therefore, many people want to celebrate the holiday in an unusual place, far from the usual streets and high-rise buildings. European cities are ideal for this purpose, combining ancient architecture and modern comfort. Consider what places in the Old World are most popular with tourists.

How to have fun celebrating New Year 2020 in Europe?

Celebrating New Year in Europe
Celebrating New Year in Europe

A tour to Europe for the New Year rarely includes Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland). The fact is that in these states it is customary to celebrate New Year's holidays in a close domestic circle. Therefore, tourists will not find bright illumination, mass events, comfortable hotel complexes decorated in the Christmas style (except for the capital) here.

In the countries of Central Europe, on the contrary, they are preparing for the New Year holidays on a grand scale. The capitals of European states are visited by millions of tourists, and each of them finds entertainment according to his own taste. Guests will remember Christmas markets, parades of fairytale heroes, fantastic fireworks and national cuisine for a long time.

To celebrate the New Year in Europe relatively inexpensively, you need to buy tickets in advance, book a hotel room and a table for a festive dinner. In summer and autumn, prices for these services are much cheaper than in the pre-holiday December. In addition, many travel agencies arrange discounts and promotions for vouchers to little-known, but no less interesting places in Europe.

The best ideas for where to celebrate the New Year in Europe

New Year can be seen in different cities of Europe. Most of the events are held in the capitals. A New Year tree is set up on the main squares, local musicians, presenters and animators are invited. At ski resorts, vacationers go sledging, skiing, snowboarding. In southern countries, they enjoy hiking, breathe in the clean air of the forest and the sea.

London, Great Britain)

New Years celebration in London
New Years celebration in London

When asked where to go to Europe for the New Year, many experienced travelers immediately answer - to London. This city has been sparkling with festive illumination since November, as it prepares to welcome millions of tourists. The best places to book are a room with a view of the Thames and a table in a restaurant with a medieval theme.

On the evening of December 31st, circle the London Eye. Its height is 135 meters, and the attraction session lasts 30 minutes. During this half hour, you can view the city, appreciate its New Year's decorations, and enjoy a beautiful view. And at the last minute of the old year, the clock on the huge screens of Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square begins a countdown, after which the sky is colored with sparks of amazing fireworks.

On January 1, a grandiose parade begins, which runs from Piccadilly to Parliament Square. It involves vintage cars, musicians, actors, dance groups, as well as representatives of educational institutions, sports teams, pet owners with their pets.

Paris, France)

Celebrating New Years in Paris
Celebrating New Years in Paris

Celebrating the New Year in Paris, the most romantic place in Europe, is the dream of all couples in love. It is worth noting that the city shines with festive illumination not only on the Champs Elysees and around the Eiffel Tower. French leaders and residents have been decorating houses and streets since December 6 (St. Nicholas Day).

Lovers can spend New Year's Eve on board a ship cruising along the Seine. At this time, you will enjoy an exquisite treat of European cuisine, see the historical sights and lights of modern Paris. In addition, the boat has a dance floor with a professional DJ and an outdoor area for getting out into the fresh air.

A trip to Paris is the best way to celebrate the New Year in Europe, not only for lovers, but also for families with children. After all, this night (until 01.00) can be spent in one of the best Disneylands in the world. The festive New Year's program is so extensive and varied that children will not notice how time has flown by. But the memories of Santa Claus, elves and fairytale heroes will stay with them for years to come.

Berlin, Germany)

Celebrating New Years in Berlin
Celebrating New Years in Berlin

When asked where to celebrate the New Year in Europe for a company of young people, travelers answer - in Berlin. Traditionally in Germany, Christmas is celebrated at home, and New Year's Eve is fun and noisy. Therefore, book in advance only a hotel room, and choose bars and nightclubs spontaneously, according to your mood.

On the 31st of December, the Party Mile, which stretches from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, attracts many residents and visitors of Berlin. The sounds of numerous musical groups are heard here and the smells of sausages, beer, sweets spread. All people are having fun, dancing, getting to know each other, congratulating each other on the holiday.

At midnight, a grandiose fireworks display is launched, after which vacationers disperse to numerous bars and nightclubs. Oddly enough, every January 1 in Berlin, an annual 4-kilometer race is organized along the main street of the city. It involves not only young people, but entire families with children and elderly relatives.

Germany is famous all over the world for its Christmas markets. There you can buy New Year's paraphernalia (including handmade), clothes, jewelry, delicacies. On the territory of the bazaars there are Santa's houses, merry-go-rounds, skating rinks, ice slides.

Vienna, Austria)

New Years celebration in Vienna
New Years celebration in Vienna

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in one of the European countries, choose Austria. Vienna at any time of the year surprises and fascinates with its graceful architecture of buildings, and on New Year's days, festive illumination makes them look like fabulous castles. The city will greet you with clean streets, warm weather, and the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

On December 31, starting at 14.00, residents and visitors of Vienna get to the central part of the city to walk the New Year's Eve (Silvesterpfad). On the way, they taste hot dishes, sweets and drinks, look at beautiful places, sing and dance with street musicians, get to know each other, and wish each other a Happy New Year.

By midnight, people approach the Cathedral of St. Stephen, on the tower of which a huge bell is installed. It is he who counts the last seconds of the old year and heralds the arrival of the new one. After that, the sky of the city is colored with fireworks, and vacationers continue the celebration in numerous bars and cafes of the city.

In Vienna, you can celebrate the New Year and on an imperial scale. Anyone can purchase a ticket to the ball at the Hofburg Palace. To do this, you need to part with a decent amount, as well as purchase a black tuxedo and a floor-length evening dress. After an exquisite dinner, a performance by the stars of opera houses, the best musicians of Austria, awaits you.

Istanbul, Turkey)

New Year in Istanbul
New Year in Istanbul

New Year's Istanbul attracts tourists with a mild climate, a cheerful atmosphere, and a motley multinational crowd on the street. Moreover, celebrating the New Year 2020 in Europe in Turkey is interesting for both young people and families with children.

Tourists recommend starting the New Year celebrations with a traditional Turkish lunch. Enjoy national cuisine, relax in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of a Turkish restaurant to have the strength to walk and have fun all New Year's Eve. The most suitable places for youth street parties are Taksin Square, Faith and Istikul streets.

If you don't like crowding and hanging out with strangers, book a table aboard a pleasure boat cruising on the Bosphorus. Exquisite dishes, champagne wines, chatting with friends to the sound of live music are waiting for you. At the same time, a wonderful view of New Year's Istanbul opens from the ship, flickering with multi-colored lights and exploding with volleys of fireworks.

It will be interesting for families with children to walk along the New Year's streets of Istanbul, to see from the inside the Galata Tower and the two-tiered Galata Bridge. Then you can visit the Toy Museum, the Miniature Park, the Sea Life Istanbul aquarium, where more than 15,000 representatives of marine flora and fauna live.

Prague, Czech Republic)

New Year in Prague
New Year in Prague

Many Russians, when asked where to go to Europe for the New Year, immediately answer - to Prague. After all, this city is distinguished by fabulous Gothic architecture in the center and cozy neat streets on the outskirts. At the same time, the flight, booking a hotel and a restaurant is not expensive compared to other European resorts.

Many residents and guests of Prague meet New Year's Eve in the fresh air. The most popular are the Old Town, Wenceslas, Lesser Towns Squares. And the last seconds of the old year are usually counted on the Charles Bridge. There they make a wish and enjoy the fireworks, which are reflected in the waters of the Vltava.

On New Year's Eve 2020, for the first time, a large-scale long fireworks will not be held in Prague. The members of the city council decided to replace it with a video projection on the walls of the National Museum. They explain this not only by cost savings, but also by protection from loud sounds of children, old people, birds and pets.

The famous Prague Opera on New Year's Day organizes a special program for connoisseurs of this art form. In the evening, the artists show a performance, after which they communicate with guests at a dinner with exquisite dishes and expensive wines. Then the ball begins, in which all the people present become participants.

Edinburgh (Scotland)

New Year in Edinburgh
New Year in Edinburgh

This city of Scotland attracts tourists from all over the world with its unusual and cheerful New Year celebration. On December 31, residents and guests of the city go out on a torchlight procession. They walk along the main street of the city and sing the song "Auld Lang Syne" in chorus. Such a walk brings people together, creates an atmosphere of magic and unity.

The procession ends at Princes Street, where animators, musicians, street vendors of food, sweets and drinks await guests. There people have fun, get to know each other, celebrate the transition to the New Year 2020. And local residents go to visit relatives and friends at night. Indeed, according to tradition, the Scots with special honors greet the first one who enters their house in the New Year.

On January 1, you can watch the brave Scots walk into the waters of the Ford River. At the same time, they put on funny costumes, sometimes take pets with them. This tradition arose many years ago, but the reasons for "winter swimming" are different for everyone. Some people are just having fun, others are struggling with a hangover, and others are punishing themselves for unfulfilled promises in a year.

Fans of active rest book rooms in hotels of ski resorts. Each of them has its own peculiarity. For example, Nevis Range is located in one of the most picturesque corners of Scotland. Climbing the lift, you can view and photograph the beautiful lakes, mountains and valleys. And Cairgorn has a 30 km track, as well as its own ski school.

Bologna (Italy)

New Year in Bologna
New Year in Bologna

Spending the New Year in different cities of Italy has its own characteristic features. So, Rome greets guests with grandiose folk festivals. Venice is perfect for celebrating New Year's Eve for couples in love. Milan beckons fashionistas and fashionistas with Christmas sales and discounts.

Italian Bologna does not gather millions of tourists. But that is why on New Year's Eve you can see all the sights there. In addition, the city is considered the culinary capital of Italy and a gourmet paradise. It was here that tortellini, salsiccia, parmesan, mortadella, bolognese sauce were created.

On New Year's Eve, guests and residents of the city gather in the main square - Piazza Maggiore. There is a burning of a huge stuffed old man (in the leap year of the old woman), which is a symbol of the old year. It is believed that all troubles, troubles, illnesses disappear in the fire, and people receive renewal and ease of life.

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