DIY Christmas tree toys: made of paper, thread, cardboard

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DIY Christmas tree toys: made of paper, thread, cardboard
DIY Christmas tree toys: made of paper, thread, cardboard

DIY Christmas tree toys from the materials at hand. Popular crafts for the New Year 2020: balls, stars, fir trees, cones, snowflakes, angels. Manufacturing techniques and tips.

DIY Christmas tree toy is an amazing decoration for the New Year's holiday. In stores you can find a variety of products for every taste. But hand-made crafts will become a memorable souvenir for friends and family.

Popular Christmas tree toys

Balloons for New Year 2020
Balloons for New Year 2020

There are many types of homemade Christmas tree toys. To make products voluminous and colorful, they are made from beads, plastic, fabric and other improvised means. But making toys for the Christmas tree with your own hands from the listed materials is long and expensive. At the same time, products made of paper, cardboard and threads do not require much effort and time.

The following types of products remain the lightest and most popular:

  • balls and snowmen;
  • Christmas trees;
  • stars;
  • Chinese lanterns;
  • angels;
  • snowflakes;
  • ballerinas;
  • cones;
  • animals and birds.

They can be made using different techniques: decoupage, quilling, origami, using plain or corrugated paper.

Important! By showing your imagination, you can make various toys, combining or inventing unprecedented images. Stock up on colored paper, cardboard, thread and get started!

Christmas toys made of paper

The most popular material for making toys is paper. Use colored, corrugated, foil, thin quilling paper. You will also need glue, scissors, toothpicks.

Thick paper ball

Thick paper ball for the New Year 2020
Thick paper ball for the New Year 2020

Paper balls for the New Year come in different sizes. You can choose the one you like and make a toy according to the following scheme:

  1. Cut 8 small circles out of the paper.
  2. Fold the circles in four.
  3. Connect the circles so that they touch the walls and form a single ball, and glue.
  4. Sew the sides of the small balls at the top, do not cut the end of the thread, but tie a loop. With its help, hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

To make a Christmas tree toy, it is better to take colored paper with drawings or different shades, then the product looks more interesting.

Paper tows for the ball

Paper tows for a ball for the New Year 2020
Paper tows for a ball for the New Year 2020

A voluminous Christmas tree toy can be made even more interesting if you take paper bundles as a basis. To make them, roll the newspapers into thin tubes and secure the ends with glue. For one ball, you will need 10-15 bundles of different lengths.

To make a paper ball for the New Year, first make a small circle and glue the edges with glue. Then apply the rest of the harnesses, gradually expanding them towards the center of the ball. The largest circle is in the middle, then they narrow again. Fasten the thread on top and hang the ball on the tree.

Forest Christmas trees

Forest trees for the New Year 2020
Forest trees for the New Year 2020

A homemade tree can be of any size, but it is better to make small Christmas trees that are easy to decorate with or hang on a real one.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. Fold a piece of colored paper in half and outline the outline of the tree.
  2. Cut along the outline so that the fold line of the sheet is in the middle.
  3. Cut the trees along the fold.
  4. Cut one from the top to the middle, the second from the bottom.
  5. Thread the parts one into the other perpendicularly.
  6. To prevent the elements from falling apart, sew them together and leave a loop of thread on top.

If you want to make shiny Christmas trees, cut out the foil elements. Stick them onto cardboard for strength.

Paper ballerinas on the Christmas tree

Paper ballerinas on the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020
Paper ballerinas on the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020

Like angels, white figures of small ballerinas look beautiful on the Christmas tree. To make them, you need white paper or thin cardboard.

Manufacturing technology:

  1. Cut a circle out of paper and make a snowflake out of it. To do this, fold the blank in four, draw patterns on it and cut along the marked contour.
  2. Unfold the snowflake and set it aside.
  3. Take the remaining paper and draw the outline of the ballerina on it. If it is difficult to do it yourself, use templates from the Internet. Print them out or redraw them.
  4. Cut out a ballerina figurine.
  5. Make holes in the middle of the snowflake and put the blank on the ballerina. The snowflake plays the role of a ballet skirt.

The Christmas tree toy is ready. It remains to thread a thread through it and hang it on a branch.

Snowflake 3D for New Year 2020

Snowflake 3D for New Year 2020
Snowflake 3D for New Year 2020

DIY Christmas tree crafts in the form of snowflakes are popular. To make them look attractive, make them voluminous, especially since it is not difficult.

Manufacturing technology:

  1. Cut 6 squares out of white or colored paper.
  2. Fold each of them diagonally, then 2 more times.
  3. Cut the paper parallel along the fold lines.
  4. Expand the squares.
  5. Turn the strips out and glue them together.
  6. Fix the petals with glue or a stapler.

Hang the finished paper Christmas tree toy on the tree by attaching a thread to it. If you make a dozen snowflakes, you can form a garland out of them.

Paper sweets

Paper sweets for New Year 2020
Paper sweets for New Year 2020

Children love these bright, spectacular DIY paper Christmas decorations. Of course, the candies are not real, but they look amazing on the tree.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. Take the toilet paper sleeve.
  2. Roll a roll of colored or corrugated paper with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the sleeve: it should be 2 times longer.
  3. Thread the sleeve into the paper roll, placing it in the middle, glue the edges.
  4. Tie colored ribbons around the edges of the roll, form bows out of them.

Hang ready-made homemade Christmas toys in the form of sweets on the Christmas tree.

Lanterns for the New Year 2020

Lanterns for the New Year 2020
Lanterns for the New Year 2020

A do-it-yourself Christmas tree toy in the shape of a Chinese lantern was popular back in Soviet times. Even a child can make it. It will require several paper strips of different colors.

Take colored paper and cut a strip to the desired length of the flashlight. Make 2 more stripes longer, the next ones even longer. Glue the middle ones to the short strip on 2 sides. With the next layer, attach the longest ones. Hang bulky paper toys on the Christmas tree with a thread, attaching it to the top of the product.

There is also a more complex version of the flashlight. To make it, you need a sheet of A4 paper:

  1. Cut a strip 1-1.5 cm wide from a sheet of paper.
  2. Fold the remaining paper in half.
  3. Make cuts on the sheet, not bringing to the edge 1-1, 5 cm.
  4. Unfold the sheet and glue its edges to make a volumetric flashlight.
  5. Glue the pre-cut strip on top in the shape of a semicircle: this is the handle for the product.

Hang the flashlight on the tree. To make it look more interesting, you can insert a paper cylinder of a different color inside by gluing its edges to the flashlight.

Family Photo Cubes

Cube with family photos for New Year 2020
Cube with family photos for New Year 2020

Hang this memorable toy on the Christmas tree or give it to friends and relatives as a keepsake. Stick your children's photos or friends and relatives on the sides of the cube. Thanks to this decoration, you can come up with exciting entertainment for the New Year's Eve: let the guests guess who is in the photo.

To make a cube, you will need thick multi-colored paper:

  1. Cut 6 squares or circles out of the prepared material that are larger than the photograph.
  2. Bend the edges of the blanks: at the base you should get a square.
  3. Glue the edges of the squares together, forming a box.
  4. Attach photos to the sides of the cube. Leave some sides free and decorate with other components (sequins, colored paper or foil, stickers, snowflakes).
  5. Attach the thread to the cube and hang it on the tree.

You can decorate with cubes not only a Christmas tree, but also a home.

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New year angel

Angels for New Year 2020
Angels for New Year 2020

To make a Christmas toy in the shape of an angel, you only need a circle of paper. Choose double-sided so as not to waste time coloring. Draw a small circle in the middle, from it the lines dividing the circle into 3 parts, one of which make a little wider.

Cut out the circle without completely cutting the line. Cut 2 lines, separating the wider part from the two narrower ones. From the wide one, form a cone - the body of the angel, glue the edges of the cone. In the middle of the resulting semicircle, stick a colored strip. Lift the small circle above the cone - and the angel is ready. It remains to thread and hang it on the tree.

Paper cones

Paper cone for New Year 2020
Paper cone for New Year 2020

A large do-it-yourself Christmas tree toy can be made in the shape of a cone.

The manufacturing technique is simple:

  1. Cut 2 short strips out of the paper, 2 medium and 1 large.
  2. Fold each strip with an accordion to create a large corrugation.
  3. Glue the edges of the stripes.
  4. Collect the circles into corrugated discs.
  5. Glue the medium ones to the largest disc on both sides, and the short ones to them.
  6. Thread the string through the toy and tie a bow.

The bump is ready. We offer you to make a DIY Christmas toy of any size and give it to your friends.

Paper star

Paper star for New Year 2020
Paper star for New Year 2020

This version of a star on a Christmas tree made of paper is available even to a child. To make the product, you will need 2 circles of the same size. Divide them into 8 sectors and cut along the lines, without cutting a little to the end.

Roll the edges of the sectors with a tube, securing with glue. It will look like a flower. Place the circles on top of each other. The sectors of the lower circle should be located between the sectors of the upper one. It turns out a star on a Christmas tree with your own hands. It can be easily hung on a branch with braid or thread.

Cones on the tree

Cones on the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020
Cones on the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020

If there are no real cones in the house, make them out of paper. Products can be of any size: it all depends on the goals and your wishes.

You need:

  • multi-colored paper sheets;
  • a ball of foam or crumpled paper;
  • safety pins.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. Cut colored paper into strips 2.5 cm wide.
  2. Divide each of them into squares with sides of 2.5 cm.
  3. Fold the opposite corners of each square to form an arrow.
  4. Glue the blanks in rows in a circle to a foam or paper ball.
  5. Place the elements of each subsequent row in a checkerboard pattern in relation to the previous elements.
  6. When the pinecone is ready, attach the string to it to hang it on the tree.

You can decorate the pine cone with other decorative elements.

Quilling toy

Quilling toy for the New Year 2020
Quilling toy for the New Year 2020

The creation of jewelry using the quilling technique consists in working with thin strips of paper, which are twisted in spirals and connected to each other. There is special paper for quilling, but office tissue paper or newspapers will work as well. Use toothpicks, kebab skewers or thin wooden sticks to twist the elements.

Execution technique:

  1. Cut strips of any length from a sheet of paper, up to 5 cm wide.
  2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise.
  3. Unfold, then fold along the fold and fold in half again.
  4. Prepare a round baking dish.
  5. Lay a paper strip around the edges.
  6. Place folded paper circles of different diameters inside, securing them with glue.
  7. Glue the finished elements together, forming fancy shapes or patterns.
  8. Attach a ribbon or thread to the finished product and hang it on the Christmas tree.

The quilling technique will allow you to create openwork snowflakes, frosty patterns, flowers, garlands that look like airy, weightless clouds.

Cardboard toys for the New Year 2020

Cardboard toy for the New Year 2020
Cardboard toy for the New Year 2020

Christmas decorations made of cardboard are considered durable and reliable, at the same time, they are simple to perform. If you have a box of chocolates or household appliances lying around at home, you can make the top of the Christmas tree out of cardboard. It is the most economical material for making any product. But the star comes out best.

The technique is simple:

  1. Take a piece of cardboard and draw 2 five-pointed stars on it.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Bend each sector in half to make the star appear three-dimensional.
  4. Connect 2 stars and tape together.
  5. To make the product seem voluminous and not lose its shape, place crumpled paper or fabric inside.
  6. Wind the wire around the stick to form a spiral.
  7. Place the spiral inside the star.
  8. Insert the tip of the spiral into the toy.

The item is now ready to be placed on the top of the tree. Lubricate it with glue, sprinkle with sparkles - and use as directed.

If there is cardboard left, you can make another product. A cardboard ball is no less simple. It is made in the same way as the paper ball described above. Cover the cardboard with foil or colored paper.

Christmas toys made of threads

Toy made of threads for the New Year 2020
Toy made of threads for the New Year 2020

The principle of making Christmas tree decorations from threads is the same regardless of the type and shape of the product. First, a frame is made from cardboard, a plastic bottle, or other materials. On top of it, threads are wound, smeared with glue. When they dry and hold their shape well, the frame is removed.

DIY Christmas balls are simply and quickly made from threads based on a balloon frame. Inflate the balloon and wrap the threads around it. Lubricate the threads with glue. When the balloon is dry, pierce it and remove. Decorate Christmas balls with your own hands from threads with sequins, bows or other decor at your discretion.

Using a cardboard frame, they also make a Christmas tree from threads with their own hands:

  1. Cut a circle out of cardboard, cut to the middle and form a cone.
  2. Cover the frame with tape so that the threads do not stick to the cardboard and can be easily removed.
  3. Wrap the green thread around the cone. The frequency of winding depends on the desired density of the toy.
  4. Grease the threads with PVA glue.
  5. Wait until it is completely dry and remove the tree from the frame.
  6. Decorate it with beads, shiny threads, bows, plastic or paper snowflakes.

In a similar way, make a star from threads at the top of the tree. To make it, you will need a sheet of cardboard, safety pins, silicate glue, thick red threads.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. Pour PVA into a bowl and dip the threads into it. Leave them wet.
  2. Draw a five-pointed star on the cardboard, fix the pins in each corner.
  3. Start tracing the contour with threads, fixing them in the corners by the pin legs.
  4. Fill the inner space with threads, placing them on cardboard in the form of patterns.
  5. Wait for the threads to dry.
  6. Pull out the pins, form a loop from the rest of the thread (if you want to hang the toy on the Christmas tree).

Frame technology allows you to make products of any shape. It is best to form a base from plastic or cardboard: these materials perfectly hold the specified parameters. Use silicate glue or PVA to harden the threads. Construction marks smell bad and freeze too quickly.

From the types of threads, give preference to acrylic or wool. If you want to get an airy, weightless product, use cotton threads.

How to make Christmas toys - watch the video:

Homemade Christmas toys are the best gift. They not only decorate the home, but also testify to your attention and care, and at home they help to save the family budget, because it is much cheaper to make toys yourself than to buy in a store.