How to Pick a Good Hair Dryer

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How to Pick a Good Hair Dryer
How to Pick a Good Hair Dryer

To choose a good hair dryer, you need to stock up on the necessary information, their technical characteristics, types, etc. Then you can safely go to the store knowing what you want to buy. A hairdryer helps to give the hair the desired volume and shape. This device can be professional, and used in beauty salons and hairdressing salons, and household - which are dried every time they leave the bathroom at home. A properly selected hairdryer will help not only save money, make the desired styling, but most importantly, preserve your hair, preserve its structure and health. So, we answer the question.

How to choose a hair dryer?

You need to know that hair dryers are divided into the following categories: by the type of drying, by the power (W), by the number of speeds of the blown air flow and the supply temperature, by the presence of additional functions and, finally, by the manufacturer and price. All this is important to consider when choosing a good hair dryer - the appearance and health of your hair depends on it.

Types of hair dryers

Professional hair dryer Brezza DC Tourmaline Ion 2000 W Ga. Ma
Professional hair dryer Brezza DC Tourmaline Ion 2000 W Ga. Ma

Professional hair dryer Brezza DC Tourmaline Ion 2000 W Ga. Ma costs 1900 rubles. 1. Common type has the largest size and highest power. There can be two nozzles to it: a directing air stream (concentrator) and a diffuser to create volume. If you want to choose a hairdryer for use at home, then the option is yours. Thanks to its high power, it will dry out long and / or thick hair well.

Compact hair dryer AEG HT 5579
Compact hair dryer AEG HT 5579

In the photo AEG HT 5579, cost 590 rubles. 2. Compact type. Such a device is smaller than usual in size, it is more convenient to hold it in the hand (especially good for self-laying), with a lower power, and a cheaper cost. It is good to take it on the road, it will also dry any hair, but for a longer period of time.

Hair dryer VITEK VT-2279 R
Hair dryer VITEK VT-2279 R

In the photo, the VITEK VT-2279 R hair dryer. The price is 1590 rubles. 3. Hair dryer. If you want to choose an apparatus for creating a hairstyle, then this is your option. The power of a small brush for drying and styling is small, but the attachments will create curls and curls of any size and direction for you at the same time as drying. Good for thin and thin hair.

Hair dryer power

Hair dryer Philips Pro HPS920 / 00
Hair dryer Philips Pro HPS920 / 00

Pictured is Philips Pro HPS920 / 00. The price in Russia is more than 4000 rubles, and in Ukraine 820 UAH. at the time of 2014-09-07. The four-digit number in W (W) indicated on the body of the device is the power. The higher it is, the stronger the air flow is created. Conventionally, this value is divided into 3 ranges:

  • up to 1500 W. Low power hair dryers are very good for gentle styling (hair dryer);
  • from 1500 to 2000 W. Medium power is most often found in compact models;
  • over 2000 W. This power is typical for professional and conventional devices.

To choose the right hairdryer and not overpay, you need to know how thick your hair is. The denser the hair and the faster you want to dry it, the more powerful a jet of warm air is required.

Some manufacturers indicate the maximum power on the body of the device, and for convenience they complete the hair dryer with speed change buttons.

Number of speeds

How to Pick a Good Hair Dryer
How to Pick a Good Hair Dryer

Buying an expensive, high-power apparatus for drying naughty, long and thick strands, no one thinks that the hairstyle can change. But enterprising manufacturers have thought about this. Therefore, it is better to choose a good hair dryer with buttons that switch the air flow rate. In this case, on the body of the device you will see numbers and buttons meaning:

  1. The speed is the quietest.
  2. The speed is average (the compact hair dryer has the maximum).
  3. For normal type, maximum power.

In some cases, there are more numbers, but this is not necessary. Most likely, you will simply overpay.

Temperature regime

Ampix AMP 300
Ampix AMP 300

Photo of Ampix AMP 300 hair dryer. Hot air damages hair. Thinns them and makes them brittle. Therefore, smart manufacturers suggest choosing the temperature that suits your curls. On the body there is a switch with numbers (1, 2, 3) or just a button to turn off the heater and then cold air is supplied.

The more temperature settings are offered, the better. This is not only an opportunity to keep your hair intact, but also to create stable curls. For example, do the drying at the maximum temperature, wind the curl on the brushing and dry it at a lower temperature, and fix the result by cooling it with a jet of cold air.

Additional functions

Hairdryer BaByliss 6634 E
Hairdryer BaByliss 6634 E

The photo shows the model of the hair dryer BaByliss 6634 E, its price is within 2000 rubles. Manufacturers, who prioritize the creation of gentle hair dryers, supply their product with an ionizer and a special button that turns off the spiral heating the air, due to a cold air flow.

If you choose a hair dryer with ionization, then when drying and styling your hair will not electrify, stick out magnetized in different directions and get tangled. When charged with negative ions during drying, the hair scales are smoothed, which means that the hair itself becomes smoother and more shiny.

Cool air, which is supplied at the touch of a button, is very convenient for styling all kinds of curls. The procedure looks something like this: wind a curl on the brushing and dry with a hot stream, when it dries, press the button and fix the result with a cold stream. With this styling, your curls can last as long as possible.


It is simple to choose a hairdryer depending on the manufacturer: the more famous the company, the more carefully the technological process of assembling the hairdryer is followed and all the rules for drying hair are maintained. There are plenty of firms producing this product and the choice is wide. For those who appreciate quality and consistency in style, it is better to choose a hairdryer made in Europe (the standards are stricter). For example, a list of the best brands of hair dryers:

  • BaByliss (production in Paris, the company was founded in 1960), Rowenta, Velecta-Paramount - France.
  • Moser, Bosch, Braun - Germany.
  • Valera - Switzerland.
  • Coif in, Gamma Piu, Paralux, Tecno Elettra - Italy.
  • Remington, Scarlett - England.

For those who like to change their hairstyles, you can choose a product of the "yellow" assembly. These are much cheaper, and if it breaks, it's not a pity.


You can also choose a hairdryer at a cost. The price will depend on the configuration and the manufacturer. European models of "white" assembly cost about $ 100-150, cheaper hair dryers with low power from $ 10 to $ 40. The higher the power, the more additional functions, the higher the price. If you do styling (hairstyle) every day, then it makes sense to purchase a hairdryer for drying and a styler for styling.

Advice. Before deciding on a purchase, decide: where you will use the hairdryer, for drying or for styling you need it, what attachments you need. Also, it is not unimportant how long the power cord of the hair dryer is. If it is shorter than 2 meters, then the drying process will be difficult or inconvenient. For inexpensive models, before buying, check how the nozzles work and where the air is supplied from. For example, if the concentrator is too wide and narrow, then it will not work for creating curls (it captures a large area with air blowing). For hair dryers, the flow should come out from the inside of the nozzle, if it is fed from above to the hair, then disheveled hair instead of charming curls is provided for you.

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