Sauna bucket: types, manufacturing and features of use

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Sauna bucket: types, manufacturing and features of use
Sauna bucket: types, manufacturing and features of use

Wellness procedures in the steam room are impossible without bath accessories. In particular, a ladle is required for douche or steam generation. This accessory can be purchased from a specialty store or you can make your own. Content:

  1. Types and material of buckets
  2. Choosing a bath ladle

    • Making a wooden bucket
    • Selection of material
    • Carved ladle
    • Split bucket
  3. Bath ladle care

The requirements for all bath accessories are practically the same - environmental friendliness, safety and functionality. The same characteristics should have a bucket for a bath. This accessory is required for douches. It can also be used to fill a basin with water from a boiler.

Types and material of buckets for a bath

Metal bucket for a bath
Metal bucket for a bath

There are models in different sizes and shapes. Buckets are distinguished by the type of holder:

  • With vertical handle … Suitable for scooping up water from the boiler.
  • With horizontal handle … Used for douches. In the absence of a scoop, such a ladle can be used to supply water or a decoction of herbs to the heater.

Bucket holders are usually long. This is necessary for the convenience of pouring, and also so as not to burn yourself with steam if you have to pour water on hot stones.

By type of capacity, buckets are:

  1. Carved … They are cut from logs. Such models look aesthetically pleasing, but require special care. In particular, the wooden bath ladle should not be left in a dry room, otherwise it will quickly begin to crack. To prolong its life, it is recommended to fill it with water between uses and keep it wet.
  2. Composite … The capacity of such a bucket is a small "barrel" and has an original design. Such a model does not crack, but it must be stored in the same way as the previous one - in water. Otherwise, the bucket will dry out.

Traditionally for the manufacture of these accessories are used:

  • Wood … In terms of its performance characteristics, this material is optimally suited for use in a steam room. It is environmentally friendly and safe. However, the product requires careful maintenance for a long service life.
  • Stainless steel or copper … Practical and convenient metal buckets can be used and stored in any conditions. Their only drawback is strong heating. Metal products can cause burns. Therefore, most often, for safety reasons, such buckets are equipped with a wooden handle.
  • Plastic … Such models are highly undesirable to use in a steam room. If the bucket is made of poor quality plastic, then it can suddenly deform when it comes into contact with hot water. Although polycarbonate products are highly heat resistant.

You can purchase a ready-made production model or make a diy bath bucket.

Features of the choice of a bath ladle

Sauna bucket and ladle
Sauna bucket and ladle

You can buy a finished product in a specialized store or order online.

It is advisable to have several buckets in the bath for different purposes:

  1. Several people can be in the steam room and the wash compartment at the same time. It will be convenient if a bucket is provided for each vacationer.
  2. Separately, there should be a model with a long horizontal handle for supplying water to stones.
  3. It is more convenient to draw water from the boiler with a ladle with a long vertical handle.
  4. For pouring in the washing compartment, a product with a medium-length handle is ideal.

It is recommended to give preference to safe wooden accessories. They will cost a lot, especially the models of folk craftsmen. But you can be sure that they will not burn you when heated.

Manufacturing technology of a wooden ladle in a bath

To make a bucket for a bath yourself, you must initially decide on its size, length and position of the handle, material of manufacture, type of container. Having chosen a model, it is advisable to initially make blanks from thick cardboard.

Selection of material for the bath ladle

Bath bucket bottom drawing
Bath bucket bottom drawing

First, choose the type of wood you will be using.

The best options for these purposes:

  • Linden … Practical wood with a pleasant aroma and original texture. Ideal for making all bath accessories. Does not rot or crack. Flexible to processing.
  • Oak … Strong and durable material. It has an interesting rich shade.
  • Ash … Light and aromatic wood. Withstands large temperature drops.
  • Mulberry … Differs in moisture resistance and durability.

To make a wooden bucket for a bath with your own hands, it is recommended to use dry wood.

Diy carved ladle for a bath

Carved bucket in steam room
Carved bucket in steam room

This method of making a bucket is considered uncomplicated, but it will require certain inclinations of a carpenter and a set of tools. Decide on the type of wood and start processing.

Consider how to make a carved ladle in a bath:

  1. On thick cardboard we draw templates for the bottom of the bucket, its top and side walls. It should not turn out to be too bulky, since it will be difficult to carry it filled with water. However, if it is too small, then the water will have to be drawn more often. The optimal size is up to two liters.
  2. Cut out the blanks and mark the edge contour lines with a pencil on the wood.
  3. We make a rough stump.
  4. We mark the contour of the sides and top and make a stump along the approximate outline of the bucket.
  5. We process the resulting workpiece with a round chisel, remove the excess layers of wood.
  6. We form the handle of the product using a chisel.
  7. With Tesla we process the inner sides and once again go through with a large chisel.
  8. Using a knife, we cut out the handle of the desired shape and the entire product on wood. If you have artistic skills, you can make original patterns as decor.
  9. Inside, we process the product with cranberry.
  10. We process the outer surface with sanding coarse-grained paper and go to the inner one.
  11. With chisels, if desired, we cut out decorative patterns.

To keep the product longer, it is recommended to soak it with several layers of linseed oil or cover it with beeswax.

How to make a composite ladle in a bath

Composite bath ladle
Composite bath ladle

You can make such a model without special cooper skills. To do this, you need a board, a pen, a base and a metal rim.

We adhere to the following instructions in the process:

  • Cut out a plank with dimensions 1x2, 1 cm.
  • We sharpen the sides at an angle of 12 degrees.
  • We cut 15 pieces of 8 cm each.
  • We mill a groove along the bottom of all the planks, its depth should be 0.4 cm, and its width should be 0.8 cm.
  • Round the sharp corners of the end sides. These will be the boards for the product.
  • Preparing the handle. To do this, we use a planed board, the dimensions of which are 1, 5x7, 5x38 cm.
  • We cut out a part of a convenient shape and round the sharp corners.
  • We drill a hole with a diameter of 0.8-1 cm at the end and thread a loop of rope through it.
  • Cut out the base from a planed board 1x9 cm and grind the circle down to 0.6 cm, and to the radius - up to 0.8 cm.
  • We drill two through holes with a diameter of 0.4 cm in the main board. They will be used for fastening with sharp self-tapping screws with a pressed washer (0.4x2.5 cm).
  • We collect all the individual planks around the base, driving the bottom into the lower pre-made grooves.
  • We squeeze the structure using twine.
  • We prepare two hoops. To do this, we choose a cold-rolled, low-carbon, soft, packing tape made of steel, with dimensions of 0, 4x0, 2 cm.
  • We make three holes in the prepared hoops with a diameter of 0.16 cm for construction nails 0.16x2.5 cm.
  • We fill the first hoop from below at a height of 0.5 cm.
  • We shorten the nails from 2.5 cm to 0.8 cm and fasten the upper hoop at a distance of 1 cm from the upper edge.
  • We fix the handle with self-tapping screws with a pressed washer.
  • We lower the bucket into the water for a while.

After the wood swells, all cracks will disappear. Be sure to store such a product in water to prevent drying out.

Bath ladle care

Ladle in the steam room
Ladle in the steam room

A copper ladle for a bath can be operated at large temperature differences and stored in any conditions. But wooden models require more serious maintenance.

Compliance with these simple rules will significantly extend the service life of the accessories and help keep them in their original form:

  1. Before the first use, the wooden bucket must be soaked for an hour.
  2. Store it full of water and away from the sun or heating appliances.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to clean a wooden product with chemical detergents. It is better to use mustard powder and soda for this purpose.

What a bucket for a bath looks like - watch the video:

Our recommendations and reviewed features of each type of bucket will help you choose the right production model, if necessary. Although a multifunctional and original wooden bucket for a bath is easy to make and design with your own hands, if you take into account all the nuances of the selection of materials and the workflow.