TOP-6 citrus juicers

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TOP-6 citrus juicers
TOP-6 citrus juicers

We are considering TOP-6 citrus juicers - the best models, their characteristics and features, price.

Today on the market you can find many models of juicers designed to make a drink from citrus fruits. These devices differ in functionality, productivity, ease of use and maintenance. In this review, we have highlighted the TOP 6 citrus juicers that are considered the best of their kind. After examining our list, it will be much easier for you to choose the right option for yourself.

Manual citrus juicer BergHOFF Zeno (1105451)

Juicer BergHOFF Zeno and orange halves
Juicer BergHOFF Zeno and orange halves

We start our TOP with an overview of the simplest juicer, when working with which the drink must be prepared manually. The model consists of two parts:

  1. A container for collecting freshly squeezed juice, which is similar in shape to a small saucepan. The dimensions of the tank are 120x100 mm. It is almost entirely made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish. In the upper part, the container is decorated with a black matte polypropylene ring.
  2. Filter attachments for retaining pulp and a cone for squeezing out juice. This element is completely metallic.

To prepare a drink, it is enough to cut the citrus fruit into 2 halves, attach one of them to the cone, scroll the fruit several times in different directions to obtain the maximum amount of juice. For 1 time in a container, you can collect up to half a liter of drink.

The model in question is compact enough, so you will not have any problems finding a place to store it. The juicer weighs about 0.45 kg, so it can be easily carried and washed by hand. Speaking of washing. The filter and cone are dishwasher safe. The juice container should only be washed by hand.

The price of BergHOFF Zeno (1105451) in Russia is 3,520 rubles

The price of BergHOFF Zeno (1105451) in Ukraine is 865 hryvnia

Juicer Braun MPZ 9

Braun MPZ 9 juicer and glass of orange juice
Braun MPZ 9 juicer and glass of orange juice

This model is extremely easy to use. It allows you to extract juice from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits. Braun MPZ 9 has the following main features:

Dimensions (edit) 200x180x250 mm
The weight 0.7 kg
Body material Plastic
Power 20 watts
Juice tank volume 1 l

The model is designed as a transparent bowl with an extended base. The lower recess is intended for storing the power cord, which is 1, 15 m long. On the side of the bowl, there are displacement markings so that you know how much juice is received at a particular moment. Above the bowl is a filter and a conical plastic press. To prevent the filter and press of citrus juicers from getting dusty during storage, the engineers have provided a transparent cover for them.

Braun MPZ 9 is an electric citrus juicer. To start preparing a drink, just plug it in and press half of the fruit on the press. He himself will start spinning; to stop, you just need to release the pressure. The Braun MPZ 9 citrus juicer has several features that make it popular in the market:

  1. High productivity. One half of a ripe orange makes a full 300 ml glass of juice.
  2. The model supports the reverse function (rotation in the opposite direction). With its help, you will be able to extract maximum juice, leaving almost dry pulp.
  3. The design of the juicer has the ability to control the amount of pulp in the drink.
  4. The filter and press are easily removed and quickly washed from the pieces of pulp.
  5. The bowl has an ergonomic handle that makes the process of pouring juice into glasses as convenient as possible.

Braun MPZ 9 has received many positive reviews. People note the high build quality, good performance of the model, ease of use and ease of maintenance. The only controversial point concerns the price. The model in question is not very expensive, but in the family of citrus juicers there are cheaper options. Although, if you need quality and durability, it is better to spend money on the appropriate device right away.

The price of Braun MPZ 9 in Russia is 2,500 rubles

Braun MPZ 9 price in Ukraine - 1 160 hryvnia (in the official store of the manufacturer)

Below is a short video presentation of the juicer:

Quality citrus press Gorenje CJ40W

Juicer Gorenje CJ40W close-up
Juicer Gorenje CJ40W close-up

This is a rather nice juicer with an oblong cylindrical shape. Its main characteristics are as follows:

Dimensions (edit) 165x210x165 mm
The weight 0.9 kg
Body material Plastic + metal
Power 40 watts
Juice container volume 1 l

The principle of operation of the Gorenje CJ40W juicer is very similar to the previous model:

  1. We install the bowl on the support, inside which the engine is located.
  2. We put a filter with a conical press on the bowl.
  3. We turn on the juicer to the network.
  4. We press on the press so that it begins to rotate and extract juice.

It is noteworthy that the set includes 2 attachments: larger and smaller. The first is intended for large fruits (grapefruits, oranges); the second is used to make a drink from lemons, tangerines and limes.

The device does not have a gearshift option. But you can change the direction of rotation of the press (for maximum squeezing out of the juice). To do this, it is enough to release the pressure on the cone, and after a short pause, press it again. There is a dedicated switch at the top of the handle. It allows you to change the density of the filter. This will help you regulate how much pulp is in your drink.

As we mentioned above, the volume of the juice tank is 1 liter. To fill it, you need to spend about 7 minutes. In principle, this is not very long, and the finished drink will be enough for a standard family of 3 people.

The inner walls of the tank can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. Removable elements (filter, cone press) can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher. To prevent dust from getting on the filter during long-term storage, the creators put a transparent cover in the box.

The price of Gorenje CJ40W in Ukraine is about UAH 1,130

Below is a video of the unboxing of this juicer:

Budget juicer PHILIPS HR2738 / 00

Pieces of orange pulp on the filter of the PHILIPS juicer HR2738 / 00
Pieces of orange pulp on the filter of the PHILIPS juicer HR2738 / 00

This is a budget model that will be affordable for everyone. It has the following main characteristics:

Dimensions (edit) 140x160x140 mm
The weight 0.583 kg

Body - white polypropylene

Juice tank - transparent polypropylene

Juice tank volume 0.5 L
Power 25 watts
Optimal voltage 220-240V
Current frequency 50/60 Hz

The design of the product is extremely simple. It can be roughly divided into 3 zones:

  1. Polypropylene stand equipped with non-slip feet. Inside it is a motor that rotates the press shaft. Also in the lower area there is a compartment for storing a cord with a length of 1.2 m.
  2. Translucent juice jug. The reservoir is pushed onto a movable shaft that rotates the press while squeezing out the juice.
  3. Filter and press for squeezing out juice in the form of a conical nozzle.

The filter has a rim bent upwards to prevent juice spilling out of the device. Also, these sides prevent pieces of pulp from flying around the table. All removable parts of the juicer, including the jug, are dishwasher safe. Despite the fact that this is a budget model, it has 2 directions of rotation. The change of direction is achieved in the same way as with the previous juicer:

  1. Press down on the cone press.
  2. Let go of him.
  3. Press again.

Due to its compactness, the model is easy to store. It doesn't take up much space in your closet or kitchen counter. At the same time, the product has 2 obvious disadvantages:

  1. The drink is not prepared very quickly (due to low power).
  2. The model has a very small juice tank, so you can prepare a drink for up to 2 people at a time. In addition, the filter must be systematically cleaned, as it quickly becomes clogged with pieces of pulp.

The price of PHILIPS HR2738 / 00 in Russia is 1,690 rubles (in the manufacturer's official store)

The price of PHILIPS HR2738 / 00 in Ukraine is 600 hryvnia

Watch the video of unpacking and test run of the juicer below:

Modern citrus juicer REDMOND RJ-913

REDMOND RJ-913 on a dark background
REDMOND RJ-913 on a dark background

This is a modern functional model that will allow you to quickly prepare freshly squeezed juice for the whole family. Its main characteristics are as follows:

Dimensions (edit) 265x195x260 mm
The weight 1.1 kg
Body material Stainless steel + plastic
Juice jug volume 1, 2 l
Power 40 watts
Optimal voltage 220-240V
Current frequency 50 Hz

The device consists of 4 main elements:

  1. Foundations.
  2. Juice jug.
  3. Removable plastic filter.
  4. Cone nozzles.

By the way, the set includes two sizes of cones: small and large. The smaller nozzle is suitable for preparing a drink from tangerines, lemons and other medium-sized citrus fruits. The large cone is designed for squeezing out juice from grapefruits, oranges, sweets.

The REDMOND RJ-913 model can serve juice in 2 ways:

  1. In a removable jug.
  2. Directly into a glass or mug through a small container with a spout.

It is also worth adding that the package includes a lid that can be used to cover the jug. Thanks to her, drops of juice will not splatter when processing the fruit. REDMOND RJ-913 has a large enough jug that allows you to prepare a drink for a large family at a time. There is a liquid level scale on the side of the reservoir. With its help, you can extract the right amount of juice for making a cocktail in proportions.

The shaft of the press cone is capable of rotating in two directions. The change of direction occurs with very strong pressure or pressure at an angle. This function of the juicer has a double benefit:

  • the maximum amount of juice is extracted from the pulp;
  • the mechanism is protected from overload.

Finally, it should be said that the device is equipped with built-in overheating protection. In addition, it has been assigned the 2nd class of protection against electric shock.

The price of REDMOND RJ-913 in Russia is 2,900 rubles

The price of REDMOND RJ-913 in Ukraine is from 1,300 hryvnias

Review of the STEBA ZP 2 juicer

Juicer STEBA ZP 2 is ready for use
Juicer STEBA ZP 2 is ready for use

Introducing the most powerful member of our TOP. This model is not very elegant and stylish, but in juicing it will outperform many competitors in its class. The characteristics of the device are as follows:

Dimensions (edit) 290x180x255 mm
The weight 2, 3 kg
Body material Stainless steel + plastic
Power 160 watts
Juice tank volume 0.75 l

The model has the shape of a vertical cylinder mounted on a stand. There are not very many stainless steel in the design. Its base is plastic, and the metal only wraps it in a thin layer. This decision of engineers is easily explainable, because otherwise the device would weigh much more than 2.3 kg.

The STEBA ZP 2 juicer has 2 interesting features:

  1. The design of the device allows you to prepare a drink in two ways. You can accumulate juice in a tank, and then remove it and pour the drink into glasses. You can also lower the jumper, and the juice will be poured along the groove directly into the provided cup.
  2. A special handle is attached to the body of the product with a bowl at the bottom. It allows you to fix the half of the fruit and squeeze out the juice more efficiently.

The algorithm for using the model looks like this:

  1. We insert the bowl, put on the filter and the cone nozzle.
  2. We turn on the device to the network.
  3. Cut the citrus fruit into 2 halves.
  4. We insert one half into a special bowl under the lever.
  5. We place the glass under the groove (if we want to squeeze the fresh juice directly).
  6. We press the fruit with the upper handle until it stops, until the juice stops flowing.
  7. After squeezing out the juice, repeat the procedure with the other halves of the citrus fruits.

As in all previous juicers, the press starts working automatically after pressing on the cone. The device does not emit a strong annoying noise. The filter of the device is also made of stainless steel. It can be easily removed and washed. To make it more convenient for the user to work with fruits of different sizes, the kit includes 2 attachments.

Thanks to a powerful motor and a special handle, which is equipped with a bowl for placing the fruit, the device allows you to quickly fill several glasses with a drink (but in fairness, it must be said that it will take a lot of fruit). The device has only 2 drawbacks: large dimensions and weight, which is why the product is not very convenient to carry and store. And by design, this juicer is not for everybody. Although, in view of its effectiveness, this moment can be ignored.

The price of STEBA ZP 2 in Russia is about 6,900 rubles

The price of STEBA ZP 2 in Ukraine is about UAH 2,100

As you can see, lovers of fresh citrus fruits have a lot to choose from. You just need to decide how productive the device you need. However, regardless of which of the described models you choose, the purchase will be successful in any case, because all members of our TOP are united by the highest quality and durability.