How to get rid of absent-mindedness

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How to get rid of absent-mindedness
How to get rid of absent-mindedness

What is absent-mindedness, types and causes of its occurrence. Effective ways to get rid of forgetfulness.

Absent-mindedness is a disorder of consciousness of an imaginary or genuine nature. Attention ceases to be clear with the loss of memory of some episodes from the events that have occurred. As a result, a person gets stuck on the most key moment for him, forgetting about no less important aspects. Some people mistakenly confuse absent-mindedness and sclerosis. It should be noted that we are talking about completely different concepts. The question of the origin of inattention is worth investigating, because it significantly reduces the working capacity of people.

Varieties of absent-mindedness

Absent-mindedness in a girl
Absent-mindedness in a girl

Experts identify several variants of this deviation from the norm in the human mind. The main types of absent-mindedness are as follows:

  • Apparent decrease in concentration … In this case, we are talking about the psychological aspect, when there are no health problems in a person. He simply subconsciously separates the main and secondary events in life. What is not important to him, he pushes into the background. As a result, a process of conscious forgetting takes place according to the principle of choosing a priority.
  • True absent-mindedness … In its true manifestation, you should urgently contact a specialist. We can talk about a serious pathology, which is dangerous for a person's life.
  • Absent-minded manipulation … It is quite convenient to create the appearance of an eccentric with an interesting presentation of your behavior. As a result, no one owes anything to anyone, because public opinion classifies such a person as a fool and happily forgets about his obvious mistakes.
  • Absent-mindedness with low IQ … Nobody has canceled such a sounding of the problem yet. A person with a mediocre indicator of mental potential is not able to analyze the information given to him from society.

When considering the problem, one cannot ignore the analysis of fragments from the film "Absent-minded" with Pierre Richard. The comedic version of the presentation of the manifestation of insufficient concentration of attention is very interesting. The main character is obsessed with creating advertising projects, which is not forbidden to anyone. However, his plan of action is so ridiculous, because he often forgets some points in the conceived concept. The example of absent-mindedness in the interpretation of such a vision of the problem has not yet been played in the best light. The brilliant actor who became the director of the dubbed film remembered the main thing, and the little things were not interesting to him or simply fell out of consciousness.

No less interesting are the shots from the movie "Ancestors". In this case, you can diagnose with the naked eye a combination of imaginary absent-mindedness if you want to manipulate people. The absent-mindedness of the memory of one of the main characters of the comedy was of an episodic nature, but in the end it greatly interfered with the people around him.

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Causes of absent-mindedness

Fatigue as a cause of absent-mindedness
Fatigue as a cause of absent-mindedness

Many people attribute their forgetfulness to the characteristics of the body. Thus, they cover up the unwillingness to work on their own shortcomings. However, this condition often occurs due to other provocative factors. Consider the main causes of absent-mindedness:

  1. Professor Syndrome … People who are completely immersed in the study of any serious problems often forget about the world around them. Absent-mindedness of a person in this case is not a pathology, but the consequences of professional activity.
  2. General fatigue … A person cannot act according to the principle of a perpetual motion machine, which he should remember for his own good. Any "breakdown" in this mechanism will lead to the syndrome of chronic fatigue and absent-mindedness.
  3. Stressful situations … Sometimes being nervous is good for mobilizing inner strength. With the obvious nature of the repetition of such disruptions, absent-mindedness of attention to a person is ensured. Depression after a long state of shock can also affect the voiced process.
  4. Severe migraines … When they occur, it is impossible to concentrate on any subject or event. When discomfort occurs, a person often uses analgesics, which further increase absent-mindedness.
  5. Automatism in work … In a familiar environment, you can easily get carried away by conversation and confuse the purpose of potatoes and their peels.
  6. Insomnia … If sleep disturbance is systematic, then people begin to forget recent facts. This is not about sclerosis, but about the impossibility of creating in the mind a complete picture of what is happening in its chronological order.
  7. Oncology … The saddest fact is that when forgetful, a person is seriously ill. Memory distraction in brain tumors is a common occurrence, which is corrected with the help of chemotherapy.

Important! The causes of absent-mindedness can lie in many diseases. Dementia, schizophrenia, oxygen starvation of the brain, and anemia often provoke brain dysfunction.

How to deal with absent-mindedness?

Keeping a diary as a method of dealing with absent-mindedness
Keeping a diary as a method of dealing with absent-mindedness

It is possible to cope with the problem only with an integrated approach to its solution. To do this, you will need to undergo drug treatment if the cause of absent-mindedness and inattention lies in the disease. Sometimes a person is recommended to have surgery for tumor pathology.

What to do with distraction, which threatens the development of plans for their life? First of all, you should visit a doctor to make sure that there are no health problems. If the specialist has confirmed the excellent physical shape of a person, then you need to continue to act in the right direction.

Consider how to get rid of absent-mindedness using simple but effective measures:

  • Selectivity in decision making … There is no need to try to grasp what is impossible to accomplish in a one-time mode. It is better to opt for the solution of the most important issue. Problems can often wait a while. However, you should not postpone their correction for a long time.
  • Alternating work with rest … You cannot engage in physical or mental labor for a long time. In this case, the question of how to deal with absent-mindedness will never be resolved. When sedentary work, it is necessary, if possible, to do a simple set of exercises every half hour.
  • Using a visual reminder … Signal sheets attached to the refrigerator work perfectly. Any place that often catches the eye of a forgetful person will do. The main thing is that the renderer is of a bright color and medium size.
  • Tidying up the workplace … Nothing distracts attention more than chaos in this important part of the work area. It is necessary to remove from the field of view those documents that can wait with their study.
  • Keeping a diary … It is imperative that you delete the completed task from the list of planned tasks immediately after performing an action.
  • Time allocation … It is recommended to schedule every minute and then check the expected performance of the task with reality.
  • Eliminate noise signals … In rare cases, a person is able to concentrate when the TV is on or endless phone calls. It is also advisable to cover the window so that street noise does not interfere with concentration.
  • Working area arrangement … If the work involves a long sitting position, then you should position yourself as comfortably as possible. The chair or chair must not have a solid seat.
  • Putting incentives into practice … It never hurts to pamper yourself for a job well done. The stimulus will help you focus on one thing or thing. Ideally, the encouragement comes from someone in the family. It also doesn't hurt to draw your main goal and place the image in a prominent place.
  • Walks in the open air … The body needs a sufficient amount of oxygen. How to overcome absent-mindedness if its lack leads to malfunctioning of the brain? This aspect should be considered.
  • Outdoor surveillance … A walk in the fresh air will help doubly if during it you focus on all the little things around you. It does not hurt to study all the signs and unobtrusively inspect passers-by.
  • Reading by heart … To develop memory, it is useful to periodically engage in such an activity. It is not necessary to take large and complex works, because there will be little sense from this.
  • Learning puzzles … On social networks, you can often find a proposal to find the differences between two pictures. This exercise trains memory and improves observation.
  • Reduce internet exploration … In addition to a significant loss of vision and cervical osteochondrosis, you can finally lose contact with reality. The virtual world cannot replace live communication.
  • Correct use of drinks … Large amounts of coffee will not help you concentrate. This common misconception only leads to high blood pressure. Some experts disagree with this assessment of the drink. However, it is best to replace it with a cup of tea, warm milk, or herbal tea.
  • Contact with an animal … A prerequisite is the absence of aggressiveness in the pet. A cat or aquarium fish are perfect in this regard.

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Absent-mindedness training exercises

Meditation as a method of preventing distraction
Meditation as a method of preventing distraction

In addition to the voiced recommendations, you can try to use additional methods of dealing with inattention:

  1. Meditation … Numerous studies have shown that the sound way of relaxation increases the amount of gray matter in the brain. Information processing begins to occur in a more accelerated mode. Meditation can also help you deal with stressful situations that weaken a person's attention.
  2. Massage … Rubbing the shoulders and earlobes is not only recommended to speed up the circulation. The brain function improves with this massage.
  3. Morning work-out … Jogging and playing sports will not hurt either. An active lifestyle has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system.

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When asked how to overcome absent-mindedness, you just need to set the goal as the desire to get rid of it. This will help our recommendations, which have been developed by experienced psychologists.