TOP 8 best ways to get rid of under eye circles

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TOP 8 best ways to get rid of under eye circles
TOP 8 best ways to get rid of under eye circles

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes? Effective ways to eliminate a cosmetic defect.

Circles under the eyes are a cosmetic problem faced by people of both sexes at any age. Sometimes it accompanies serious pathologies, but more often competent care of the problem area is enough to get rid of the blue. Among the effective ways to eliminate circles there are folk methods for which they use improvised means, but you can also turn to professionals - cosmetologists will offer several effective procedures.

Folk remedies for circles under the eyes

Cucumber for circles under the eyes
Cucumber for circles under the eyes

In the photo, a cucumber from circles under the eyes

To remove dark circles under the eyes, you should remember the simplest rule: this area is sensitive to heat, under the influence of hot water it swells and darkens. Therefore, the influence of cold helps to achieve the opposite effect. Given this factor, the people resort to ordinary ice. You can rub the areas under the eyes with ice cubes daily, watching them brighten and the puffiness subsides.

It is even better if you supplement the effect with beneficial herbs. You can make a decoction of chamomile, green tea, rose hips. Further, the infusion is used cold for a compress. Simply moisten cotton pads in it and apply them to dark areas. Alternatively, ice cubes are prepared from herbal decoction.

Vegetable juices are no less useful, which are also used in the form of a cold compress or ice. They saturate the skin with valuable substances, while simultaneously toning, eliminating swelling and blue discoloration. This effect is achieved by improving blood circulation and lymph circulation.

Even an ordinary cucumber has a similar effect. You can cut a few slices by keeping the fruit in the refrigerator. Then the pieces are placed on the area under the eyes, feeling the beneficial effect on the tissues. Both circles and bags go away, in parallel with cooling and feeding with moisture.

A mask from circles under the eyes, which is made from improvised means, is also able to help out. The people use several effective recipes:

  1. From raw potatoes … Rub the root vegetable finely, wrap the resulting gruel in cheesecloth. Such bags are placed on the area around the eyes. The procedure is repeated in a course of one week, twice a day. The effect of removing puffiness is observed in parallel with lightening the skin.
  2. From honey and cottage cheese … This remedy nourishes and tones up. It is necessary to take one teaspoon of liquid honey and cream for one tablespoon of cottage cheese. After rubbing the components until smooth, the mask is applied to the problem area. It can be left on for up to 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the remnants of the product are removed with a cotton pad moistened with warm milk. This mask is used in the morning or evening.
  3. Sour cream and parsley … The dairy product saturates the cells, and the plant has a whitening effect. Chop parsley finely, mix the herbs with 2 teaspoons of sour cream. The mask is applied for 20 minutes on the circles under the eyes. The procedure is repeated in the morning and in the evening in a course of 14 sessions.

Anti-circles creams

Sublimage Chanel Eye Cream
Sublimage Chanel Eye Cream

Photo of eye cream Sublimage Chanel at a price of 10882 rubles.

When wondering how to remove circles under the eyes, it is not necessary to limit yourself to improvised means. It is necessary to use special cosmetic products. As we age, the skin loses elastin and collagen due to the natural reduction in their production. Therefore, the epidermis needs to replenish their reserves and stimulate production. For this purpose, special creams are introduced.

The following funds are recognized as highly effective:

  • Moisturizing Valmont Moisturizing Eye C-Gel … It contains the anti-aging component silanol and menthyl lactate. The latter saturates cells with oxygen, eliminating traces of fatigue, helping to remove excess fluid to relieve puffiness. This is the development of a Swiss brand, available at a cost of 7210 rubles. or UAH 2695 for a jar of 15 ml.
  • Sublimage Chanel Eye Cream … The French brand also knows how to get rid of under eye circles. The product is based on several valuable ingredients, including vanilla pods. The cream improves microcirculation, eliminates puffiness, and at the same time the area brightens, tone is restored and fine wrinkles go away. This cream is sold at a cost of 10,882 rubles. or UAH 4068 for a jar of 15 ml.
  • Cream for the skin around the eyes Essential Energy Eye Definer, Shiseido … A product rich in hyaluronic acid, supplemented with an extract of medicinal burnet. The product saturates and nourishes the cells, relieving dryness, and the vascular mesh becomes invisible. In parallel, the cream covers the delicate skin with a protective film. The tool is relatively inexpensive - 220 rubles. or 822 UAH. per tube of 15 ml.

Before getting rid of dark circles under the eyes with cosmetic developments, it is helpful to consult with a specialist. Sometimes their appearance is due to individual characteristics, which cannot be dealt with by creams. A competent cosmetologist will assess the condition of the tissues, advise which remedies are best to use.

Patch to combat circles under the eyes

Eye Therapy Patch Talika for under-eye circles
Eye Therapy Patch Talika for under-eye circles

In the photo, Eye Therapy Patch Talika patches from circles under the eyes, the price of which is 2214 rubles.

Patches for circles under the eyes help well. The only thing that is important to know: such funds have a short-term effect. They contain hyaluronic acid and other valuable ingredients that help quickly eliminate swelling and blue discoloration. However, after a while, unpleasant manifestations return. You can use patches in courses to consolidate the result.

We can say that this is an "ambulance" in case you need to urgently put yourself in order. Fabric patches predominantly help to get rid of dark circles caused by inappropriate lifestyles. They can be used by young girls to recover from a party or to freshen up the look before an important meeting.

Gel patches are considered "impact remedies." They are capable of not only eliminating dryness and replenishing the lack of moisture. In parallel, the following effects are observed with the right choice of funds:

  • Elimination of fine pigmentation;
  • Reduction of the mesh of wrinkles;
  • Skin tightening.

Circles, puffiness under the eyes are well removed by patches with caffeine, wine and chestnut extracts. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and retinol will hide the first signs of aging along with the disappearance of the treacherous blue.

The following products show good results:

  • Super Aqua Eye Patches, Guerlain - 6 pairs worth 4198 rubles. or UAH 1569;
  • Eye Therapy Patch, Talika - 6 pairs in a container at the price of 2214 rubles. or UAH 827;
  • Gold Racoony, Secret Key is a Korean product that shows good effects when used regularly. A box with 60 eye patches and 30 for local use costs 1119 rubles. or 418 UAH.

Hyaluronic acid for under eye circles

Hyaluronic acid for under eye circles
Hyaluronic acid for under eye circles

For whatever reasons there are circles under the eyes, cosmetology will cope with them. If home treatments do not help, injections can be done. The specialist gives injections by injecting fillers with hyaluronic acid.

Provided the correct introduction of the agent, it is possible to solve the problem in a cardinal way:

  • Fillers lift areas that have sunk;
  • With the filling of tissues, venous vessels move away from the surface of the skin;
  • Due to the activation of the lymph flow, pathological varicose veins disappear.

Fillers are injected once, and the effect of the procedure lasts about a year. In cosmetology, they learned to combine stabilized and unstabilized hyaluronic water into one product. This ensures the most efficient outflow of blood and lymph in the periorbital zone.

The price of injections against circles under the eyes starts at 9,000 rubles.or UAH 3365 The cost depends on the type of product.

Meso cocktails to get rid of under eye circles

Meso-cocktail for circles under the eyes
Meso-cocktail for circles under the eyes

In the photo, a meso cocktail from circles under the eyes

Beauty salons know how to remove under-eye circles by injecting cocktails containing numerous valuable ingredients with the help of the finest needles. Thanks to special tools, it is possible to solve the problem for a long time.

Mesotherapy demonstrates the following effects:

  • Elimination of paint bags;
  • Prevention of the formation of periorbital hernias;
  • Restoration of elasticity simultaneously with the elimination of pastiness.

After mesotherapy injections, the effect can also be fixed for a year. The skin under the eyelids returns to tone, acquires turgor. In parallel, the smallest wrinkles in the corners of the eyes often disappear.

As a rule, mesotherapy takes place in several stages. On average, 4 to 6 injections are needed. But their number depends on individual characteristics and on the degree of neglect of the bags.

To remove wrinkles, circles under the eyes, you have to pay from 2880 rubles. (1076 UAH) for the procedure. More precisely, the cost will be calculated by the cosmetologist, choosing the optimal tool, finding out how many sessions need to be repeated.

IPL photorejuvenation against under eye circles

IPL photorejuvenation for under-eye circles
IPL photorejuvenation for under-eye circles

The photo shows how IPL photorejuvenation is done for under-eye circles.

If neither the cream for the circles under the eyes, nor the injections help to achieve the desired result, you can resort to a gentle procedure using laser equipment. By acting on the skin with a wide-pulse light flux, it is impossible to violate the integrity of the tissues. In this case, the rays directly affect age spots, dilated blood vessels, pathological bacteria.

Due to this, the process of cell regeneration is activated simultaneously with the elimination of factors that cause darkening under the eyes. This effect triggers the production of collagen and elastin. Therefore, rejuvenation naturally begins in parallel with the restoration of tone and turgor.

Bags and circles under the eyes using this method are not eliminated in one procedure - a whole course is needed. The number of sessions is calculated individually. On average, they need about 3-5. In this case, a gentle photorejuvenation is performed with a large interval. Between procedures 2 to 3 weeks pass. This service costs from 5000 rubles. or UAH 1869 in one session.

Acid peels for under eye circles

Acid peeling for under-eye circles
Acid peeling for under-eye circles

If the question arose of how to quickly remove circles under the eyes, it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve the goal with folk methods and cosmetics. Especially when it comes to age-related changes. You can resort to acid peels, which are considered very aggressive. If, in general, the face can be processed at home, strictly following the instructions, then the procedure around the eyes is best performed in a beauty parlor. Such a zone is too delicate and vulnerable, so the slightest mistake is fraught with disastrous consequences.

But acid peeling acts in a complex way, eliminating several reasons for the appearance of circles under the eyes at once:

  • hyperpigmentation;
  • swelling;
  • depression of tissues.

The essence of the procedure is the controlled damage to the skin using special ingredients. Acid peeling is an effective remedy for circles under the eyes, because after the destruction of old cells, new ones begin to be produced at an accelerated rate. In particular, the production of collagen and elastin fibers is stimulated, which are responsible for elasticity and tone, restoring youth and beauty.

The cost of peeling starts from 2000 rubles. or UAH 747 The beautician will name the specific price, choosing the best composition of the product, taking into account the peculiarities of the skin and the degree of neglect of the problem.

Laser therapy for under eye circles

Laser therapy for circles under the eyes
Laser therapy for circles under the eyes

Photo of laser therapy for circles under the eyes

Sometimes blue circles under the eyes in cosmetology are removed in a radical way. Laser therapy can demonstrate excellent results:

  • Thanks to the effect, it is possible to break down the accumulation of fat under the lower eyelid.
  • The laser triggers the skin's regeneration process by smoothing out wrinkles and activating the creation of new cells.
  • The therapy helps to eliminate age spots: the skin brightens literally after one procedure.

Although laser resurfacing is considered to be very aggressive, sometimes it cannot be done without it. It is she who helps out if dark circles under the eyes in women are due to heredity. The fact is that the device practically eliminates tissues at a given depth, starting the process of creating new young skin. Therefore, the result is impressive, although it will have to go through a long recovery.

The laser has a positive effect on skin that has darkened under the influence of excess pigments. It refreshes the appearance when the blue is due to too thin covers. The fact is that after laser resurfacing, not only light, but also denser skin is formed. Therefore, vessels and muscle tissues will not be so clearly visible under it. Work on laser equipment costs from 5000 rubles. or 2000 UAH. per session.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes - watch the video:

To look fresh and young, it is important not only to choose the right gel for under-eye circles or a cosmetic procedure, but also to establish a healthy lifestyle. In many ways, the cosmetic problem is caused by a banal lack of sleep, a violation of the diet and stress.