Features of training with severe fatigue

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Features of training with severe fatigue
Features of training with severe fatigue

Learn how to create the right training program so you can train and progress, regardless of your daily routine. Often people get very tired at work, and this applies not only to physical overstrain, but also emotional. There may be many reasons for this, but now we are not talking about that. Often people, even in conditions of extreme fatigue, come to the gym and train with complete dedication. However, this is not the correct approach, and we recommend that you reduce the load in such a situation. Otherwise, the body simply will not have time to recover. So, the topic of this article is how to train if you are very tired?

How to train if you get very tired after a hard day at work?

Man tired after work
Man tired after work

When we feel tired, it is a signal from the body about the appearance of an energy deficit. Now we will give some tips on how to avoid this situation:

  1. Be sure to eat two hours before the start of the training. As a last resort, a gainer or a complex protein supplemented with simple carbohydrates will do.
  2. If your work is associated with strong physical and emotional stress, then you can take pharmacy supplements of the adaptogen group.
  3. During physical activity at work, you should use "heart" vitamins, such as Riboxin. Don't forget about omega-3s and eat raisins.
  4. If possible, sleep for an hour or an hour and a half before starting the class.
  5. You can use pre-workout complexes, but not very often, because they are powerful stimulants of the nervous system.
  6. Make a training program based on your own capabilities, and we will talk about this below.

Now let's take a look at a few options that will help you learn how to train if you are very tired.

  1. Reduce the amount of exercise. We are talking about auxiliary movements aimed at working out one muscle group. If you are feeling tired, there is no point in wasting energy on single-joint exercises. Only work with basic ones. This approach to drawing up a training program is the most successful, because you can save not only energy, but also time.
  2. Reduce working weight. If the first option is perfect for athletes working on strength or mass, then this recommendation applies to those who want to lose weight. In this case, the weight of the projectile no longer matters, but the number of repetitions and exercises must be left unchanged.
  3. Reduce the number of repetitions. If your task is to increase strength or gain mass, then the number of repetitions can be reduced by 20 percent.
  4. Reduce the number of sets. This recommendation can be considered universal, because it can be used in any situation. However, try the above options first. If, for example, after reducing the number of repetitions, the training turned out to be very difficult for you, feel free to reduce the number of sets by one or two.
  5. Combining different options. Depending on how you feel, you can combine all four of the above options. However, remember that sometimes it is worth skipping classes if you are feeling very bad and there is absolutely no desire to study.

How to train if you are very tired - training program

Sports girl in the hall with mirrors
Sports girl in the hall with mirrors

You must remember that in order to obtain the desired result in bodybuilding, it is necessary to correctly combine three components: training, nutrition and rest. We already know how to train if you get very tired. However, for many, the question of drawing up the correct training program is also relevant. If you do strength exercises without a specific system, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Surely someone thought that nothing could be easier, because on the network you can easily find a lot of programs that are used by bodybuilding stars. They are available on any specialized web resource. However, this approach to organizing training will again be wrong. If you look closely at the majority of fitness center visitors, they perform the same set of movements, and then complain about the lack of progress.

You shouldn't be surprised, and now we'll tell you why:

  • The habit of conducting monotonous exercises on the machine does not contribute to gaining mass.
  • Lack of basic knowledge in the field of physiology of muscle tissue growth processes.
  • Banal laziness.

Many people believe that bodybuilding is an easy sport and that to get the desired result, you just need to go to the gym and lift weights. However, this is not so and you have to think, and only then act. All well-known builders, including Iron Arnie, have spent a lot of time and effort in order to find the most effective training program.

In total, there are three ways to draw up a training program. The first is to use a ready-made template, which is most often used by the techniques of star athletes. The second approach is correct and consists in drawing up a training program in accordance with certain rules. The latter approach can be called a design approach and you can use it with some experience.

Note that it is the last method of drawing up training programs that is the most effective. However, at first you do not know the characteristics of your body, and it is worth using the second approach, following some rules. There is a foundation in bodybuilding that will help you progress. For example, the basic program can be a method created by Bill Star - 5x5 or 6x6. Its essence boils down to performing basic movements in five sets with the same number of repetitions in each.

Moreover, a mandatory rule of this system is a weekly increase in working weight by an average of one kilo. Consider the basic rules according to which you have to draw up your own training program.

Defining tasks

In any business, without a predetermined goal, you cannot count on success. First, you must decide for yourself what training will give you - increasing muscle mass, losing weight, adjusting the physique, etc. and it is desirable to set specific, but real tasks. They will change as you progress.

Focus on your skill level

Often, people begin to actively train and at the same time do not pay attention to their body and its readiness to endure physical activity. First of all, you must not harm your health. For example, you can pump the abs daily, but the results will not be noticeable if there is a large amount of adipose tissue in the abdominal area. Only after you get rid of belly fat will the cubes be seen.

Duration and magnitude of loads

After determining the goals of the training, it is the frequency of the sessions and their duration that are the most important parameter. Get ready to keep a training diary, without which it is simply impossible to track your progress. No one person can remember all the numbers that you come across in class. With the diary, you can quickly make adjustments to speed up your progress.

Lesson planning

All the stages discussed above can be safely considered preparatory. When you have successfully passed them, you need to start planning a competent training process. In addition to choosing the exercises directly, you have to plan the following:

  1. Physical activity level - you need to know what working weight you can handle.
  2. The number of sets and reps in each movement - to gain mass, you should perform 3 or 4 sets with 7-10 repetitions each. If the goal is to increase strength, then do three sets of 1-5 reps each.
  3. The pace of movement - there are several options, and the choice depends on the goals.
  4. Pause between sets - when working on a mass, it is often enough to rest for one or two minutes. If the task is to increase strength, then the duration of the pauses between sets reaches up to four minutes.

If your training experience does not exceed a year and a half, then you do not need to use various exotic movements. Focus on basic exercises that are effective in any situation. It is also helpful to strengthen the heart muscle using cardio or plyometric workouts.

Training program variability

You must remember that the body gradually adapts to physical activity. If you use one program for six months, then its effectiveness will decline. This is due to the fact that the body will no longer experience a sufficient level of stress to activate the processes of muscle tissue growth. You need to periodically change exercises and alternate the training mode (after working on the mass, switch to the increase in strength mode and vice versa).

Monitor the condition of the body

Be sure to learn to listen to your body. This is the only way you can gradually create the perfect workout program.

In conclusion, we will briefly consider the last design way of drawing up a training program. It is difficult to give specific recommendations here, since everything depends on the characteristics of your body. I would like to warn you right away that this path is the most time consuming, but you will also get the maximum results.

Only with sufficient experience and knowledge, you will be able to make the right adjustments to your training process. Even if you previously chose to take the easiest route and just use the training program of a famous athlete, you need to make changes to it. Gradually, you will understand which exercises your body responds well to. All other movements will be useless, and you waste energy on them.

When we were talking about how to train if you get very tired, we already talked about the possibility of reducing the number of exercises. Then it was suggested not to perform single-joint movements. You must remember that they can only be useful if you have sufficient training history. Surely such exercises will be present in the program of Schwarzenegger or Dorian Yates. But you won't get any dividends from their implementation.

Although the design method of drawing up a training program will require maximum time and effort from you, it will allow you to create a program that will help you achieve your goals. Bodybuilding is the sport of smart people. You shouldn't stop developing. Only by constantly replenishing the baggage of your knowledge, you can count on success.

Today we told you how to train if you are very tired. You also learned about the rules for drawing up a competent training program. All this will help in achieving the set goals. The main thing is not to panic in the absence of results at first, but to continue to work and improve.

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