The principles of steroid minimalism

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The principles of steroid minimalism
The principles of steroid minimalism

Find out how the minimum dosage of steroids can maximize the effect and not harm your health. This article is written based on personal experience and will talk about the practical use of steroid minimalism in bodybuilding. Let's first define what anabolic steroids are used for in sports? The answer to the question seems quite obvious - a set of muscle mass and an increase in strength parameters. This is the main task that the AAC course must solve. All other benefits of a sports farm, for example, an increase in sexual desire or an improvement in tone, are not superfluous, but still fade into the background.

When deciding to start using steroids, every builder needs to understand that they can cause side effects that need to be prevented. Summarizing all of the above, we can distinguish three groups of effects that are possible on the course: desired, acceptable and not desired. Among the first, it is necessary to include those that arise after the delivery of male hormone molecules into the cellular structures of muscle tissue. Accordingly, the other two groups include the effects associated with the effect of AAS on tissues of other organs.

Of course, the ideal option is when testosterone penetrates only the muscles and does not affect other tissues. If such an option were possible, then the side effects would simply cease to exist. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved, and after the exogenous hormone is in the blood, it begins to travel through the body and affects all organs.

However, it is in our power to reduce the time of exposure of anabolic steroids to the body. It is quite obvious that in this situation we have to use drugs with a short half-life on an intermittent scheme. Recall that it involves the use of AAS once a day or every other day and most often in the morning. As a result, exogenous hormones will have minimal impact on endogenous production. Actually, this is steroid minimalism in bodybuilding.

How to get steroids to work properly?

Steroid packaging
Steroid packaging

Not every athlete knows that about 90 percent of the steroids in the bloodstream never reach the cells of the muscle tissue. Note that now we are not talking about the total amount of AAS, but only biologically active ones - which are not bound by globulin. Recall that it is free testosterone that is able to activate the processes of hypertrophy, but for this it must enter the cells, passing through the membrane.

In the course of research, it was proved that cell membranes have a limited capacity and most of the exogenous hormones are not able to overcome this barrier. The human body is balanced and has certain limitations. Let's say you consumed 300 calories for breakfast, which were well absorbed. However, then they decided to add a couple of thousand more and as a result got problems with the work of the digestive system.

This is due to the existing restrictions on the amount of one-time food that can be assimilated without problems. The body does not need this amount of energy at once. The situation is similar with the AAS. A healthy male body synthesizes from 4 to 10 milligrams of testosterone throughout the day. This amount of the hormone is quite enough for the normal functioning of all systems.

However, for athletes, the concept of a fulfilling life is completely different, because it is necessary to gain mass as much as possible. To do this, you have to eat a lot, exercise hard and use steroids in large quantities. Another thing is that the body cannot accept 10 or 50 times more hormones than it needs. You must understand that in order to activate the processes of muscle tissue hypertrophy, it is necessary to increase not the total concentration of hormones, but only the active form.

Probably, among our readers there are those who follow the work of Professor Seluyanov. He is the most famous Russian scientist dealing with sports problems. Among all the known factors of muscle growth, he puts an increase in the concentration of anabolic hormones in the bloodstream in the first place. This is achieved through intense training or the use of AAS.

The higher the intensity of the exercise, the more hormone molecules will penetrate into the cellular structures of the muscles. As a result, the processes of production of i-RNA, transport RNA, ribosomes and other substances necessary for the process of hypertrophy are activated. But it is important to understand that increasing the concentration of hormones in the bloodstream is not enough to gain mass.

Now, if you want, you can find the results of a large number of studies in which steroids were taken by untrained people and they are all the same. With the use of large dosages of anabolic steroids (from 0.3 to 0.6 grams of testosterone over the course of a week), weight gain was observed for several months. However, then the process of hypertrophy completely stopped, although AAS continued to be used. If you add intense exercise to steroids, the results will be twice as good. Here are the benefits of intense training on an anabolic steroid cycle:

  1. Increases blood flow in working muscles, which increases the concentration of anabolic hormones in them.
  2. As a result of the glycolysis process, lactic acid accumulates in muscle tissues, and this factor is more important in comparison with the first.
  3. Creatine accumulates in the sarcoplasm of cells, which for the body is a signal of high metabolism in muscle cell structures.

Hormone molecules penetrate the cells as actively as possible directly during the session and for about an hour and a half after its completion. The rest of the time, AAS just travel through the body. This fact is decisive in explaining the low efficiency of the intermittent scheme in the classical form, because it does not imply a relationship between the time of taking AAS and training. If you conduct classes in the evening, then a high concentration of hormones in the morning will not bring the expected dividends and vice versa. Steroid minimalism in bodybuilding can solve this problem.

Short and prolonged AAS in steroid minimalism

Jar of steroids
Jar of steroids

To answer this question, it is enough to perform the simplest mathematical calculations. Let's say we use 0.5 grams of a prolonged-release testosterone-based drug - Sustanon on the course. If we discard the mass of the ether residue, then the mass of pure male hormone in this dosage will be about 0.35 grams. Dividing this amount by seven days, we get 50 milligrams. We also calculate the hourly dosage, which is equal to two milligrams.

Of course, this is a somewhat simplistic approach, since testosterone esters cannot be distributed evenly. Suppose that our lesson lasts 1.5 hours and about 60 minutes after its completion, the throughput of cell membranes will be high. As a result, during all this time, a maximum of five milligrams of the male hormone can enter the cellular structures of the muscles.

Let's look at another drug popular among builders - Methane. The half-life of this anabolic is 4 hours. As you know, within half an hour after taking Methandienone, it will be in the bloodstream. If you take 20 milligrams of the drug 30 minutes before the start of the session, then in 2.5 hours about 10 milligrams of testosterone will be in the muscle cells. This is due to the fact that the concentration of hormones per unit of time when using tablet preparations is higher in comparison with oil injections.

Note that the anabolic activity of methane is in no way inferior to sustanon. From all of the above, we can conclude that using only 20 milligrams of methandienone half an hour before each session will be more effective compared to 0.5 grams of sustanon per week. Most often, athletes use the 3-day split and as a result, they need to take only 60 milligrams of Methandienone during the week.

Since injectable drugs have a long half-life and thereby create an even anabolic background, the athlete is not able to achieve the maximum concentration of hormones at the right time. The only way out is to use AAS in high dosages. If you use 1 gram of sustanon for a week, then you will get not two, but four milligrams of testosterone per hour. You have probably already understood what steroid minimalism in bodybuilding implies.

In fairness, it must be said that a high anabolic background throughout the day still has its advantages that are not directly related to the production of protein compounds in the muscles. We have already said that there are not only desirable effects, but also acceptable ones. Let's talk about them in more detail.

  1. Anabolic activity - steroids have a strong anti-catabolic effect and inhibit the activity of cortisol.
  2. Effects on the nervous system - the brain also has receptors that testosterone binds to. As a result, his performance improves, and the athlete recovers faster.
  3. Fat burning properties - it's no secret that testosterone contributes to the lipolysis process. In bodybuilding, it is not enough to have a large muscle mass, it is also necessary to monitor the constitution of the body. Male hormone can also help with this issue.
  4. Increased permeability of cell membranes - testosterone can significantly improve the quality of nutrition of all body tissues and at the same time reduce the need for insulin.

As you can see, the secondary effects of the male hormone are also important for athletes. Steroid minimalism in bodybuilding involves the use of anabolic steroids in such a way as to obtain maximum positive results, while minimizing the risks of side effects. The time has come to give practical recommendations and this will be discussed in the next section.

How to put the principles of steroid minimalism in bodybuilding into practice?

White steroid packaging
White steroid packaging

Let's move on to practical recommendations based on the principles of steroid minimalism in bodybuilding. Here are the recommended weekly dosages of the most popular AAS:

  • Primobolan - 0.2–0.3 grams;
  • Testosterone - 0.2-0.35 grams;
  • Nandrolone - 0.1-0.3 grams;
  • Trenbolone - 0.1-0.2 grams.

This is quite enough for beginners to conduct a high-quality and safe course. Experienced bodybuilders should add oral medications in the following doses:

  • Oxandrolone - 20-40 milligrams;
  • Turinabol - 20-30 milligrams;
  • Stanozolol - 30-40 milligrams;
  • Methane - 20 milligrams.

And here's an effective first methane-only course for beginners:

  1. Training days - take 20 milligrams of the drug half an hour before the start of the lesson.
  2. Weekend - 10 milligrams of methane each morning and evening.

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