Chronology - principles, menus, reviews

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Chronology - principles, menus, reviews
Chronology - principles, menus, reviews

What is chronology, basic principles and rules. List of permitted and prohibited products, menu for every day. Reviews of those who have lost weight on chrono nutrition and the opinion of doctors.

Chrono feeding is a special feeding system, which is calculated based on the individual biorhythms of a person. Its main principle is that any food is healthy if consumed at the right time.

What is chrono feeding?

Chrono nutrition for weight loss
Chrono nutrition for weight loss

At first glance, it seems that chrono nutrition is just another diet, but this is not entirely true. Although it implies some prohibitions, it is still a really special system that takes into account almost any product. This means that chrono nutrition for weight loss is as comfortable as possible, because you practically do not have to limit yourself.

This system was invented by French scientists Alain Delabo and Patrick Lecomte. They suggested that any food is healthy and can be perfectly absorbed, the main thing is to consume it at the right time. It can be determined based on the individual biorhythms of a person.

Lecomte studied hormones and enzymes that are produced in the human body per day. In the course of his research, he determined at what time of the day certain enzymes interact best with certain foods. Correct food intake stimulates metabolism, helps nutrients to be absorbed better, which means that fat deposits become less.

Since this system is based on natural biorhythms, a person only has to listen to his body and understand when he is really hungry, and fight psychological hunger. Having mastered chrono nutrition, you can lose weight at any age without harm to health and without exhausting yourself with rigid diets.

Basic principles of chronology

Breakfast on chrono meals
Breakfast on chrono meals

The human body uses calories in different ways, which enter the body during the day along with food. At different times of the day, certain hormones are produced that affect the distribution of nutrients.

For example, in the morning, cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress reactions in the body and regulation of the digestive cycle, is best produced. It is found among the hormones responsible for the distribution of glucose, proteins and fats throughout the body. In the morning, when the amount of cortisol reaches its peak, enzymes are actively produced that can break down fats. From this it follows that the morning is a very suitable period for eating fatty foods.

At about noon, an enzyme involved in the processing of proteins actively manifests itself, so lunchtime is suitable for eating foods containing animal and plant proteins.

In the late afternoon, the enzymes involved in the processing of carbohydrates begin to work. At this time, you can eat carbohydrate foods, including sweets, which are prohibited in almost all diets. Of course, this does not mean that you should lean on all sorts of cakes - on chrono nutrition, it is important to hear your body and eat the way it really needs. In no case should you overdo it with any dishes: an overabundance can affect health, and exceeding the daily calorie intake will reduce all efforts to lose weight.

Important! On chrono meals, sweets must not be consumed until 16 o'clock. However, remember that you should not actively lean on foods with sugar in the evening, so as not to harm the body and not get better.

Features of meals within the framework of chrono nutrition:

  1. Breakfast (6: 30-9: 30) … Eating the right foods in this time frame will "start" the body, which will affect the active work of substances in the body during the day.
  2. Lunch (12: 00-13: 30) … Should be fairly tight, but not heavy. Morning nutrients are still supportive, so you should make one meal with meats and vegetables.
  3. Afternoon snack (17: 00-18: 30) … The period is ideal for foods with sugar, as the body actively produces insulin, which easily converts glucose into energy.
  4. Dinner (one hour before bedtime) … This is the lightest meal of the day and should only support bodily functions while you sleep. Eat meals that contain lean fish, seafood, or white meat. Be sure to add raw vegetables or vegetable salads.

Several important rules of chronology

  1. It is better not to eat sweets in the morning - the sugar level will jump, and a feeling of fatigue that is completely unnecessary at this time of day will appear.
  2. Each meal should include one meal, not several. For example, instead of the usual first and second courses for lunch, you just need to cook a good dish with a side dish.
  3. It is best if you eat at about the same time every day: this way the biorhythmic cycle will work evenly, and the results will be more stable.
  4. In no case should you overeat, it is important to hear your body. If you are already full physically, then you should not listen to psychological hunger. You need to finish eating. At first it may seem that it is difficult, but the body itself knows what it really needs.

See also the features and rules of a salt-free diet.

Permitted and prohibited foods for chrono feeding

Allowed foods for chrono meals
Allowed foods for chrono meals

Although, according to chronology, you can eat almost anything, there are still certain recommendations that will make the technique more useful and effective. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of permitted and prohibited products.

Allowed Products:

  1. Lean meats. Meat is not only a source of large amounts of protein, but also a product that creates a feeling of satiety for several hours. Lean meats contain much fewer calories than fatty meats, so you can fill up on them without harming your figure. Low-fat varieties include, for example, the familiar chicken, rabbit, beef, turkey.
  2. Chicken eggs … Another affordable protein source. When eating eggs, remember that the yolk is a fat cell that contains quite a few calories. To improve the effectiveness of weight loss, it is best to reduce the amount of yolk in the diet. But egg white can be eaten in large quantities.
  3. Lean fish. Rich in protein, minerals and amino acids, fish will be an excellent variety on the menu. It is also better to choose lean fish in order to better control your daily calorie intake.
  4. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits … It is non-starchy vegetables and fruits that are low in calories. This includes, for example, various citrus fruits, apples, pears, kiwi.
  5. Non-calorie drinks … Purchased drinks are usually high in calories, and you can drink quite a lot of them with a meal. In order to better control calorie content, you can choose soda with a sweetener or a reduced amount of sugar.
  6. Low-calorie dairy products … They contain a lot of protein and help in the functioning of the digestive organs. Just like with meat and fish, it is better to use low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese, kefir and milk.

Prohibited products:

  1. Sugar … Although you can eat sweets on Chrono Nutrition, it is best to try to replace sugar with sweetener whenever possible. For example, homemade cakes can be made with sugar and substitute, or all with zero-calorie sweetener. It can also be added to tea or coffee.
  2. Fatty foods … They are very high in calories, so it is better to compose meals with foods that have a low fat index.
  3. Starchy fruits and vegetables. Foods high in starch are usually high in calories. If possible, it is best to limit the consumption of potatoes, bananas, grapes, corn and other starchy foods.
  4. Alcohol … Surprisingly, it contains a very high amount of calories and, in addition, provokes a brutal feeling of hunger. Strong alcoholic beverages have a particularly high caloric value.
  5. Sauces … Mayonnaise is loved by many, but even a beautiful package of low-calorie mayonnaise cannot make it lean enough. If you cannot eat salads without additives, then it is better to make homemade mayonnaise with low-fat yogurt and mustard. The same goes for ketchup: you can make healthy and tasty ketchup using fresh tomatoes, herbs, and garlic.
  6. Butter … One teaspoon of the product will increase the calorie content of the dish by 45 units, so it is better to limit any vegetable oil in the diet.
  7. Fast food … These dishes are high-calorie, fatty and often have absolutely no benefit. If the desire to eat something so high in calories and not entirely healthy is present, then you can cook, for example, homemade shawarma with cabbage using a low-calorie sauce.

Important! On chrono nutrition, one should not forget about the BJU system - proteins, fats, carbohydrates. The balance of nutrition will definitely have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, as well as on the quality of the skin and hair.

Chrono Power Menu

The most important thing when losing weight, according to the principles of chrono nutrition, is to consume certain foods at a certain time. If you are striving to make your diet more useful and varied, we offer you an approximate menu of chrono nutrition for a week.

Day Breakfast Snack Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
1 day Oatmeal in skim milk with honey and banana pieces, coffee with cinnamon Low-fat cheese slice, boiled egg, cucumber Baked fish with rice and vegetable salad Favorite dessert Baked chicken fillet and fresh vegetables
2nd day Whole grain crisps with low-fat cheese, apple, cinnamon coffee Portion of cottage cheese 0% fat with honey and banana pieces Chicken soup and vegetable salad Favorite dessert Baked chicken fillet and fresh vegetables
Day 3 Oatmeal in skim milk with honey and nuts, banana and coffee with cinnamon Low-fat cottage cheese casserole, 2 kiwis Boiled brown rice with beef and stewed vegetables Favorite dessert Boiled shrimp and vegetable salad
4th day Buckwheat porridge with milk and honey, dried fruits and coffee with cinnamon Natural cottage cheese with a spoonful of honey, some nuts Baked fish with pasta and sauerkraut Favorite dessert Baked chicken breast with low-fat cheese and fresh vegetables
Day 5 Oatmeal in skim milk with honey, boiled egg Natural cottage cheese with a spoonful of honey, 2 kiwis Rice soup with mushrooms and a couple of slices of low-fat cheese Favorite dessert Baked fish with sauerkraut
6th day Two-egg omelet with cinnamon coffee Banana and some nuts Baked potatoes with mushrooms and chicken breast Favorite dessert Portion of cottage cheese 0% fat with honey and cinnamon
Day 7 Buckwheat porridge cooked in milk with butter Banana and some nuts Vegetable casserole and boiled chicken breast Favorite dessert Lean fish cutlets with brown rice and fresh vegetables

Important! The main rule of chrono nutrition is to control the total daily calorie intake. It is necessary to calculate the calorie rate depending on height and weight and observe it and the BZHU rate. Then the body will be healthy, and the figure is beautiful, without excess weight.

Real Reviews of Chrono Nutrition

Chrono Nutrition Reviews
Chrono Nutrition Reviews

Chrono feeding is a rather unusual method for many, and few have tried it on themselves, preferring their usual diets. However, those who have started using this system, or have been doing so for some time, share positive reviews about chrono feeding.

Alice, 34 years old

I heard about chrono nutrition quite recently, and somehow the association with proper nutrition started. However, unlike the latter, here all the same indulgence is given in the form of your favorite desserts, and I am still a sweet tooth. Actually, I realized that all salt is in calorie control. After all, whatever you eat, if you observe the daily calorie content, then weight loss is guaranteed.

Valeria, 28 years old

I've been using chrono power for several months now, and it's a pretty good system. It is important to observe the calorie content and BJU so that the body becomes healthier. If you eat a lot of unhealthy and fatty foods even at the right time, you will not lose weight. Chronology only guides when it is better to eat right, but controlling the amount eaten is what is important for losing weight.

Anna Shopova, 44 years old, nutritionist's opinion on chrono nutrition

This is a great option for those who cannot limit themselves in diets and are constantly frustrated. By eating foods at a certain time, calculating the daily calorie intake, we discipline our body and set it up for a healthier lifestyle. Here the word “useful” does not become equal to “unpleasant”, and a person eats in a balanced way throughout his life, without gaining excess weight.

Finally, it should be noted once again that chrono nutrition is not equal to diet. This regime is not designed for a short time - weight loss occurs gradually. In this case, the body becomes healthier, and the weight goes away due to a gradual decrease in calories, which is correct in losing weight. Typically, results on such a diet appear within 1-3 months.