Effects of anabolic steroids

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Effects of anabolic steroids
Effects of anabolic steroids

Before you begin to form anabolic courses, you need to consider the positive and negative sides of steroids. The article will provide answers to many questions that beginners forget. Anabolic steroids (abbreviated "AS") are drugs that stimulate the process of bulk synthesis and, as a result, accelerate the build-up of muscle mass. These drugs act on the principle of the natural male hormone - testosterone. They should be used in conjunction with proper nutrition and vigorous exercise, and strictly following a specific course or instruction.

When taken correctly, the following effects of anabolic steroids should be expected

Effects of anabolic steroids
Effects of anabolic steroids

1. Physiological:

  • active muscle building and an increase in total body weight by 7–12 kg;
  • by strengthening muscle connections, their strength and power capabilities increase;
  • the athlete becomes more enduring and efficient;
  • blood volume increases by 15% and hemoglobin rises in it;
  • from anabolic steroids during training, free fats are more actively released and burned;
  • for the majority of those taking steroids, there is an acceleration in the healing of wounds, micro-ruptures, sprains, and their number itself is noticeably reduced;
  • there is a strengthening of bones and an increase in their endurance;
  • in addition, the cosmetological effect is manifested - the venous drawing of the muscles appreciated by many;
  • reduction of pain during and after training;
  • many athletes noted increased immunity and good appetite.

2. Psychological effects of anabolic steroids:

  • increasing the general mood of the athlete and the appearance of a sense of confidence;
  • due to a noticeable increase in endurance, the desire and quality of training increases;
  • fighting qualities and a healthy sense of rivalry and sports anger are manifested;
  • the ability to concentrate and the possibility of mental, perspective studies and planning increases;
  • movements are sharpened faster and more clearly;
  • it is easier to tolerate mediocre results, which only cause a desire to more decisively set goals and go towards them;
  • some note such effects of anabolic steroids as an increase in sex drive and its temporary decrease after the end of the course, rare bouts of irritability, and sometimes acne may appear.

Contraindications for anabolic steroids

Contraindications for anabolic steroids
Contraindications for anabolic steroids

In the photo, bodybuilders using AU Like any products, drugs, anabolic steroids have a number of contraindications:

  1. Experts do not recommend starting treatment for people under 25, in rare cases, 22 years old.
  2. In no case should you independently increase the dosage or the duration of the course.
  3. It is highly undesirable for women to take anabolic steroids.
  4. It is dangerous to combine the intake of several types of drugs on your own, without consulting specialists.
  5. Cancel or postpone special after a course of therapy.
  6. The average approved course duration is 3 months.
  7. Proven to be more effective and have the lowest risk of side effects with injectable drugs.

Unfortunately, athletes who do not heed these important recommendations can learn about the negative effects of anabolic steroids.

The negative effects of anabolic steroids

  • With the simultaneous cessation of taking drugs and strength loads, all achievements are very quickly lost and muscle volume, strength and endurance are sharply reduced, therefore it is so important to consolidate the results obtained with regular training.
  • The above examples often cause psychological dependence in the recipients, which is removed by the positive dynamics of the state of the body with constant exercise.
  • In women taking steroids, irreversible masculinization occurs, expressed in irregularities in the menstrual cycle or its complete cessation, the appearance of male-type hair, and a change in the appearance of the genitals.
  • In men, sterility may occur at the time of admission, baldness of the head (you will need to use masks for hair growth), a decrease in the testicles and an enlargement of the prostate, but this can be prevented by the simultaneous intake of special hormones and medications.
  • Taking large doses rashly can cause liver problems and fluctuations in blood pressure.

It is important to remember that steroids do not in any way affect the work and condition of the brain, the length and function of the penis.

Before, after and during the course of steroids, it is necessary to pass tests for general and hormones, as well as check the work of the heart and kidneys, since many diseases are prohibited from taking drugs.

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