Vanilla sauce: recipes and preparation

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Vanilla sauce: recipes and preparation
Vanilla sauce: recipes and preparation

What is vanilla sauce, how is the dish eaten and what is included in its composition? What are the useful properties of the dessert, are there any contraindications to its use? All about the quality properties of vanilla sauce and recipes with its participation.

Vanilla sauce is a dessert condiment often referred to as sweet sauce or simply cream. Has a pronounced vanilla flavor and a thick custard-like consistency. Most often it is paired with pudding, pancakes and various pastries. Sometimes it serves as the basis for the creation of other sweet creams, for example, butter. You can find such a sauce in many specialized and ordinary grocery stores. However, a cream prepared in the home kitchen is considered more useful, because there are no harmful chemicals in such a delicacy.

Composition and calorie content of vanilla sauce

Vanilla sauce on the table in a vase
Vanilla sauce on the table in a vase

The composition of the vanilla sauce is quite simple, according to the original recipe, it contains only four ingredients: natural vanilla, granulated sugar, egg yolks (preferably homemade) and cow's milk. Modern confectioners experiment with the sauce recipe and often expand it with additional ingredients: nutmegs, peppers, ginger and more.

Some industrial egg producers, despite government bans, feed chickens with hormonal supplements and antibiotics to boost production. Such food negatively affects the usefulness of eggs. Therefore, buy the product only from trusted manufacturers with a good reputation, or give preference to homemade eggs.

The calorie content of vanilla sauce per 100 g of product is 72, 1 kcal, of which:

  • Proteins - 3.5 g;
  • Fat - 2, 8 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 8, 8 g;
  • Ash - 0.7 g;
  • Water - 83, 2 g.

The energy ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 19% / 35% / 49%, respectively.

Vitamins per 100 g of product:

  • Choline - 65.2 mg;
  • Vitamin H - 5.9 mcg;
  • Vitamin E - 0.08 mg;
  • Vitamin D - 0.5 mcg;
  • Vitamin C - 0.9 mg;
  • Vitamin B12 - 0.4 μg;
  • Vitamin B9 - 5.5 mcg;
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.07 mg;
  • Vitamin B5 - 0.5 mg;
  • Vitamin B2 - 0.1 mg;
  • Vitamin B1 - 0.05 mg;
  • Vitamin A - 80 mcg;
  • Vitamin PP - 0.661 mg;
  • Vitamin A - 0.08 mg.

Minerals in 100 g Vanilla Sauce:

  • Strontium (Sr) - 14.1 μg;
  • Tin (Sn) - 10.8 μg;
  • Aluminum (Al) - 41.6 μg;
  • Cobalt (Co) - 2 μg;
  • Molybdenum (Mo) - 4.8 μg;
  • Fluorine (F) - 16.6 μg;
  • Chromium (Cr) - 2.1 μg;
  • Selenium (Se) - 1.7 μg;
  • Manganese (Mn) - 0.0089 mg;
  • Copper (Cu) - 17.8 mg;
  • Iodine (I) - 9.3 mcg;
  • Zinc (Zn) - 0.5077 mg;
  • Iron (Fe) - 0.5 mg;
  • Sulfur (S) - 33.7 mg;
  • Chlorine (Cl) - 99.7 mg;
  • Phosphorus (P) - 107 mg;
  • Potassium (K) - 131.4 mg;
  • Sodium (Na) - 45.4 mg;
  • Magnesium (Mg) - 12.1 mg

On a note! One teaspoon holds 10 g of vanilla sauce, and a tablespoon holds 20 g.

Benefits of Vanilla Sauce

Woman eating vanilla dessert
Woman eating vanilla dessert

The benefits of vanilla sauce are largely attributed to the action of the vanilla pods. This spice is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It also contains tannins that have astringent and antimicrobial properties.

Do not forget that the sauce also contains eggs and milk that are healthy for humans. Milk fat is officially recognized as the most beneficial type of fat, and without milk protein, the human body may lack important amino acids.

The main beneficial properties of vanilla sauce:

  1. Suppresses the processes of premature aging of the body. Vanilla contains substances that neutralize free radicals. Thus, they have an antioxidant effect. At the same time, chicken yolks, which contain selenium, a powerful natural antioxidant, help fight aging.
  2. It helps in losing weight, or rather in suppressing appetite - incredible, but it really is. Scientists conducted a large-scale study, during which it was found that the smell of vanilla provokes the brain to suppress the production of hormones in the body responsible for appetite. Naturally, in order to get such an effect, it is not necessary to consume the sauce in large quantities, it is enough just to enjoy its aroma. Remember, if you regularly consume unlimited amounts of sweetness, the opposite effect will occur, and the person will begin to gain weight.
  3. Reduces the risk of developing various cardiovascular diseases, gives strength and vigor. Egg yolks contain useful cholesterol, which takes part in the vital activity of body cells and the work of the circulatory system. Also, the yolk contains a large amount of vitamin B12, which our body needs to accumulate strength and energy.
  4. Relieves emotional stress, helps fight depression. This property of the cream is due to two factors simultaneously: the sauce contains sugar, which provokes the production of hormones of happiness and pleasure in the body; vanilla has a pleasant aroma that has a sedative effect on the human nervous system. The sauce also contains eggs rich in choline, a substance that has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.
  5. Normalizes hormones in women, during menstruation, vanilla helps to cope with pain and cramps in the abdomen. Also, the spice has a beneficial effect on the mood of a woman and the health of the whole body, therefore it brings the hormonal background back to normal.
  6. Increases attraction to the opposite sex. Vanilla oil is actively used as a powerful aphrodisiac, adding it, for example, to a hot bath. The cream, the main ingredient of which is vanilla, is also able to arouse sexual attraction in a person to some extent. The inhabitants of the ancient Mayan tribe used vanilla as an ingredient in the so-called drinks of love (aphrodisiacs).

Did you know? Vanillin, which each of us can buy in an ordinary grocery store, is not vanilla, but only its artificial counterpart. Vanillin was invented in a chemical laboratory to find an affordable substitute for one of the world's most expensive spices. Natural vanilla is thin and oblong dark brown pods. Sometimes their length reaches 20 cm. One kilogram of such a product costs more than 8 thousand rubles. Therefore, if vanilla is a part of the vanilla sauce, and not natural vanilla, you can forget about most of the beneficial properties of the cream.

Contraindications and harm of vanilla sauce

Excess fat deposits in a woman
Excess fat deposits in a woman

Not everyone knows about the harm of vanilla sauce to the human body. For most consumers, this product is just a sweetness that you always want to eat in large quantities. However, you should completely abandon dessert people with individual intolerance to vanilla … Such allergies often lead to rashes, redness and other manifestations of irritation on the human body.

Do not forget that the sauce contains a large amount of granulated sugar, which can also cause serious harm to the human body. First of all, sugar is a source of energy, but not all of the sugar that enters our digestive tract is immediately used by the body. Some of this food accumulates in our muscles and liver, and then can be converted to excess fat and cholesterol. In such situations, a person begins to gain weight intensively and suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is also obvious that vanilla sauce is strictly contraindicated. people with insulin deficiency.

You should not overuse dessert, even if you are not allergic, you are not overweight or diabetic. It is reliably known that sugar is a powerful opponent of human immunity. Sweetness weakens the protective function of our body 17 times.

Limiting the consumption of sweet sauce is necessary children, because from such a product not only their immunity can suffer, but also the still fragile tooth enamel. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar-containing foods leads to the leaching of calcium from the bones, and such processes are unacceptable for a growing organism.

Note to parents! Children should not eat vanilla sauce regularly and at night, even in small amounts. The fact is that they quickly get used to sweets and refuse to eat other foods. Also, sweets can provoke anxiety, over-activity and impaired concentration in a child. A large portion of the sauce, eaten at night, will make the baby naughty and refuse to sleep.

How to make vanilla sauce?

Woman preparing vanilla sauce
Woman preparing vanilla sauce

Cookbooks say that absolutely every novice pastry chef can make vanilla sauce at home. The main thing that needs to be done in order to get a decent result is to strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients during the preparation of the cream.

Introducing the classic step-by-step vanilla sauce recipe:

  • Take 1 stick of vanilla and make a longitudinal cut in it. Then use the tip of a knife to pick up the vanilla that is inside the pod.
  • Place a saucepan with 0.5 L of cow's milk on the stove.
  • Add the stick and the vanilla collected from it to the milk.
  • When the milk boils, remove it from the stove and set it aside to cool.
  • In the meantime, beat 5 egg yolks with 50 g sugar until smooth, creamy.
  • When the milk has cooled to room temperature, strain it through cheesecloth or a metal strainer.
  • Combine milk with whipped yolks and put on fire. Simmer until the cream thickens. Remember to stir the sauce constantly to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the saucepan. Be careful, this cream is easy to digest, so remove it from heat as soon as it gets the desired consistency. Never boil the sauce.

The sauce prepared according to the indicated recipe is of medium thickness. If you want to make the cream look cooler, add some starch to it.

Next, how to make vanilla sauce as thick as possible:

  1. The principle of preparing such a cream is similar to the first recipe. Add the seeds and vanilla pod to the milk and place on the stove.
  2. Add a little beaten chicken egg (1 pc.) To the milk, 2 tbsp. l. granulated sugar and 1/2 tbsp. l. starch.
  3. Bring the resulting mixture to a boil and remove the pan from the heat as soon as the cream begins to thicken.
  4. Stir the cream removed from the stove for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Strain the sauce before serving.

It is also very popular among chefs and pastry chefs. vanilla sauce with cream … It is prepared according to the same principle as the previous two options, only while whipping the yolks with sugar, 2 cups of hot cream should be added to them, and the finished cream must be cooled in the refrigerator for 3 hours before use.

On a note! If you do not have vanilla sauce sticks, replace them with vanilla, or buy vanilla essence from a specialty store. Mankind invented vanilla extract not so long ago. Initially, it was used exclusively for medicinal purposes, for example, to treat stomach disorders. Vanilla extract is believed to have a more distinct flavor than untreated seeds.

To brighten the flavor of the sauce, wait until it is almost completely cool and add an alcoholic beverage or sour flavor, such as lemon juice or zest, to it

Vanilla Sauce Recipes

Vanilla dessert
Vanilla dessert

Did you know that natural and undiluted vanilla has one of the most complex flavors of any product known to the world? This spice contains more than 200 flavoring components with an individual aroma. Two plants growing in different parts of the world will also have individual and dissimilar notes of taste and aroma.

In most cases vanilla sauce is not used for filling desserts. It is most often served in a separate bowl or used for glazing ready-made dishes.

Next, we present to your attention a few recipes for desserts, in which the sauce plays different roles:

  • Strudel with apples and raisins … Using this recipe, you can prepare a classic strudel, which, according to culinary tradition, is usually served with vanilla sauce. You already know how to make the sauce, so let's move on to kneading the strudel dough. Sift 50 g of flour (this is necessary so that the dough is fluffy and its structure is homogeneous). Add a pinch of salt, 1 egg yolk and 125 ml of warm water to the flour. Knead the dough until smooth and roll into a ball. Transfer it to a deep bowl and cover with vegetable oil - add enough oil to completely cover the dough. Send a plate with such a blank to the refrigerator. This procedure is necessary so that the dough itself absorbs the optimal amount of vegetable oil and becomes strong. While it's in the fridge, prepare the strudel filling. Pour 100 g of raisins with warm water and leave them in this position for a few minutes. Then dry the raisins and mix with 1 kg of apples, previously peeled from seed boxes and cut into thin slices. Add 3 tbsp to the resulting mixture. l. lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon, 100 g of chopped almonds. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and season with 30 ml rum and 1 g vanillin. Remove the dough from the plate and dry it with a napkin. Roll out on a linen towel until you get the thinnest and at the same time wide crust. Melt 130 g of butter and brush over a layer of dough. Pour the breadcrumbs over the butter and distribute the filling prepared in advance evenly. Roll the dough into a roll, helping yourself with a towel. Pinch the ends of the strudel and bake for 40 minutes. To avoid cracking the dough, periodically open the oven and sprinkle the roll with butter. Serve with vanilla sauce.
  • Vanilla dessert … Prepared with vanilla sauce, but no eggs. Using a whisk, mix 100 g of sour cream of any fat content with 5 g of vanilla. Then add 50 ml of fresh milk and 60 g of cream cheese to the already homogeneous mixture. If necessary, the last ingredient can be replaced with cheese mass or cottage cheese (always non-acidic). Mix the resulting mass thoroughly and send to the refrigerator. Dessert will be ready in at least an hour, when it thickens properly. The treat can be eaten as a stand-alone dish or used for dressing fruit salads. You can also complicate the dessert by adding pieces of cookies or fruit to it.
  • Dessert "Cocoa cream" … Everyone who does not like baking should know the recipe for this dish, but do not mind pampering themselves with a sweet delicacy. The gourmet cream is used as an independent dish and does not require baking. To prepare the base cream, mix 60 g of potato flour with 30 g of cocoa and 100 g of granulated sugar. Now, to make the cream more aromatic, pour 1 tbsp into it. l. rum. From dry matter and 0.5 liters. milk, cook a kind of cocoa. Pour the cream into molds moistened with water and leave in the refrigerator to set. In the meantime, prepare the vanilla sauce. Before serving, immerse the cream cones in cold water for a few seconds and then tip them over to get the cream cones. Place dessert on plates and top with vanilla sauce. Sprinkle the finished dessert with 50 g of grated chocolate.
  • Apple baskets … To prepare this dessert, you will need special tins for baking baskets. If you don't have one, use the utensils you use to bake the muffins. Mix 2 tsp. brown sugar, 0.5 tbsp. l. olive oil, 50 g rye and 100 g wheat flour. Add 100 ml of water to the mixture and knead the dough. Divide the resulting dough into 12 equal pieces. Roll each piece into a thin layer and place in molds. Now prepare the filling - make the vanilla sauce and prepare the apples. Peel and cut into small cubes. Pour lemon juice over fruit, mix with 2 tbsp. l. cane sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and 1 tsp. natural vanilla. Mix the apples thoroughly and place in prepared baskets. Bake the dessert for 10-15 minutes. Pour the sauce over the finished baskets and serve.

On a note! Vanillin can always be replaced with a less concentrated product - vanilla sugar. 1 g of vanillin equals 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

Interesting facts about vanilla sauce

Vanilla boxes on liana
Vanilla boxes on liana

No one can say exactly when the vanilla sauce was first made. However, the edibility of vanilla has been known since ancient times. The inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico were the first to know about it, they planted the plant in coastal areas and received excellent harvests.

Since the XV century. vanilla grew in popularity and began to be exported outside Mexico. So the whole world learned about the exotic spice. In the XIX century. Mexicans were the main producers of vanilla.

In other countries, they also tried to grow spices, but for a long time such ventures were crowned with failures. The difficulty was that at home, vanilla pollinated a special kind of bees that were not found in other countries. Foreigners managed to achieve fruits from the plant with the help of hand pollination.

World history knows times when taxes were even paid with vanilla. In ancient times, this spice was used as money. Its beneficial properties were known even during the time of the Aztecs.

Currently, the world knows three varieties of edible vanilla and many more varieties of the plant, which is used for decorative purposes.

Vanilla has a persistent aroma that can persist for decades - scientists know a case when, even after 36 years, a vanilla pod smelled like fresh.

How to make vanilla sauce - watch the video:

Vanilla sauce is primarily a delicate and very sweet dish that raises appetite and mood. Also, the dessert has a lot of useful properties, but it is contraindicated for people with obesity or diabetes. Consume it in reasonable doses, and you will only benefit from the sweetness!