What to give a child for the New Year 2020

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What to give a child for the New Year 2020
What to give a child for the New Year 2020

Various options for festive gifts for children. How to choose a gift for a child for the New Year 2020, taking into account his age? The best ideas for a boy and a girl.

What to give a child for the New Year 2020 is a difficult question, because children are waiting for the holiday with great enthusiasm. Therefore, it is important to choose the best present. How to choose one, read on.

The best baby gifts for the New Year 2020

In order to choose the right gifts for children for the New Year, it is important to take this activity seriously. Nothing can spoil the holiday so much as an unnecessary thing. To make the choice of a presentation easier, we offer you the best gift ideas for the New Year 2020.

What to give a girl?

New Year'st for a girl
New Year'st for a girl

If you can't decide what to give the girl for the New Year, use the following tips:

  1. Do not give something that is not interesting to the child. Maybe you would like your daughter to bead or embroider, but in the absence of interest in these activities, she is unlikely to appreciate such a gift. Better try to remember what brings your daughter pleasure, and pick up a present associated with her hobbies.
  2. A great way to decide on a suitable gift for a small child is a letter to Santa Claus. If your daughter is already in high school, try to find out about her wishes directly. It is best to ask about multiple options to maintain the surprise effect.
  3. If your daughter is already an adult, you can invite her to go shopping together. In this case, it is impossible to make a mistake with the choice, because she will make it herself. Plus, you will have a great time with your child.
  4. Jewelry will be a good gift for a girl at any age.
  5. A gift option that never loses is a hand-made thing. An adult daughter can be knitted with warm socks or mittens, but a teenager is unlikely to appreciate such a present. A little daughter will surely love a hand-made fancy dress or suit.

Guided by our advice, you can definitely successfully choose a gift for a girl for the New Year. He will not disappoint her.

What to give a boy?

New Year'st for a boy
New Year'st for a boy

For those who cannot decide what to give the boy for the New Year, we offer the following options:

  1. Active gifts … As you know, children are full of energy, especially boys, and winter does not become an obstacle for long walks. Depending on the age, you can give your child a cheesecake for downhill skiing, skates, skis, a skateboard, a winter bike. By presenting skates or skis to your young son, you can teach him how to skate or study together and have a good time.
  2. Hobby gift … Note which hobbies the child is most interested in. Maybe he enjoys playing sports, reading or drawing. A gift for a boy for the New Year, related to his interests, will always be one of the best.
  3. Gifts for sociable children … If your son loves to spend time with peers, give a present that he can share with friends. It can be a video game console or an interesting board game.
  4. Accessory gift … In children, things, as you know, tend to quickly get lost and broken, so gifts that have a place in everyday life are always relevant. Both a small and an adult child can be presented with clothes - the main thing is to take into account their preferences. It is unlikely that he will be pleased with a gift that he does not want to wear.

Good to know! A child, regardless of gender, will be delighted with a sweet gift, but it is better to make it yourself. Let it be a gift filled not only with chocolates (not a cheap fake!), But also nuts, dried fruits, etc.

What to give a child for the New Year 2020?

To make the present to your liking, remember the age of the child. Children can remain the smallest for parents, but nevertheless, they grow up, and a gift that is not old enough will upset them very much. You can also give gifts as if "for growth" so that the child has an interest in developing new skills. Next, there are several options for what you can give for the New Year 2020 to children, taking into account their age.

Gift for babies

New Year'st for a baby
New Year'st for a baby

Even if such a child is not yet fully aware of the significance of the present, he is definitely not indifferent to him. You can give your baby various practical things that will speed up his development and make his pastime more fun.

We offer several options for pleasant and useful gifts for a baby-baby for the New Year:

  • A comfortable chaise longue that will free up time for mom while the baby is looking at the world around him or sleeping;
  • Spinning musical carousels that can be hung on the crib are always a great gift for a baby that will calm and cheer you up;
  • Bathroom Supplies - This includes a rug, slide and all sorts of toys that make bathing one of the most fun activities;
  • Rattles and toys made of rubber with sounds will help develop motor skills and fixation of the gaze;
  • Clockwork toys - even if the child is not yet able to start them, it will be interesting for him to see how his mother launches them.

Gift for baby 1-3 years old

Gift for a baby 1-3 years old for the New Year
Gift for a baby 1-3 years old for the New Year

What to give a 1-3 year old child for the New Year is not an easy question. Perhaps the baby already knows what he wants, so look carefully at his behavior or ask if he can clearly explain his desire.

In the meantime, we offer several options for gifts for the New Year 2020:

  • At this age, children develop communication skills, so animal toys will be a wonderful gift.
  • The girl can be presented with toy kitchen and household utensils - the main thing is that there are no small parts there.
  • Boys will be delighted with various cars, tanks, boats and so on, Most importantly, without easily detachable small parts.
  • At this age, you can already give a walker - you can use them only from the moment the child began to walk on his own, so as not to form an incorrect gait.
  • Interactive toys are various robots, cartoon characters, clockwork equipment, flying helicopters.
  • Musical toys - bells, bells, pipes and drums are essential for the development of the child and will definitely cheer him up.
  • Educational toys - this includes various constructors, nesting dolls, mosaics and puzzles, pyramids and cubes, and boys can be presented with cars that can be disassembled and assembled.
  • Business boards are fascinating educational boards, they can be found in stores or made by hand.
  • Creative gifts are paints, pencils, felt-tip pens with many colors and an album together with them so that the child does not paint home books.
  • Physical activity toys - be sure to give your child a sled and a snow shovel.
  • A pool filled with many balls - this gift will bring a lot of fun and physical activity.

Important! When choosing toys for children, be sure to check the safety of materials.

Gifts for children 4-7 years old

Gift for children 4-7 years old for the New Year
Gift for children 4-7 years old for the New Year

Children at this age are very curious and always “torture” their parents with the question “Why?”. This is the perfect time for educational gifts.

Here are some options that you can give for the New Year to children 4-7 years old:

  • narrowly themed books with many illustrations - for example, on space or marine topics;
  • children's encyclopedias;
  • globe;
  • children's camera;
  • various constructors, mosaics and puzzles.

During this period, children show an increased interest in what adults are doing. This means that you can buy gifts related to any activity.

The girl will be delighted:

  • kits for professions - for example, doctor, hairdresser;
  • accessories for dolls;
  • set for beading.

And the boy will like:

  • children's toolbox to imitate dad and fix things;
  • a track for cars or a railway;
  • a regiment of soldiers or a herd of dinosaurs;
  • radio cars and helicopters.

Important! Often, children at this age are already given phones, tablets, and allowed to use a computer. The main thing in this lesson is control. Do not let them sit for a long time at the equipment, because a long look at one point at a short distance will cause vision problems. Let the child be distracted from time to time and do other things.

This age is perfect for the development of fine motor skills, which means that the following gifts will be an excellent choice:

  • art sets, including children's tablets, coloring books;
  • magnetic boards;
  • kinetic sand;
  • plasticine.

A little musician will definitely be delighted with a toy musical instrument.

And as gifts for kindergarten for the New Year, the following options are suitable:

  • soft, wooden and other toys;
  • puzzles, mosaics;
  • sets for children's creativity;
  • constructors.

Good to know! Perhaps the child wants a toy that his friend or acquaintance has. If he mentioned this, then you can look for it in stores or ask the parents of that child where they bought the thing.

Gift for a child 8-10 years old

Gift for a child 8-10 years old for the New Year
Gift for a child 8-10 years old for the New Year

Girls now want to look more brilliant, so as a gift for the New Year 2020, you can purchase for them:

  • baby cosmetics;
  • smart clothes;
  • accessories;
  • costume jewelry.

Also, the girl will highly appreciate a beautiful Barbie doll or an exquisite porcelain lady.

Watch your daughter's interest, and then you can choose a suitable creative set:

  • accessories for embroidery and weaving;
  • relevant books with techniques and ideas;
  • sand for creating paintings;
  • ceramic toys that you can color as you like.

The boy will like:

  • impressive toys in the form of a robot or a dinosaur;
  • binoculars or a telescope;
  • radio transport;
  • game console.

Since in the modern world it is difficult to do without technology even for children, wonderful gifts for the New Year will be:

  • phone or tablet;
  • accessories for technology.

Developing New Year's gifts and presentations by interests do not lose their relevance:

  • camera;
  • board games;
  • let the child feel like a magician or detective when you give him a special set;
  • various puzzles;
  • subscriptions for various activities - pool or paint ball.

The child will be delighted with the best gift - a pet. In addition, caring for a little friend will foster a sense of responsibility.

What to give to schoolchildren 11-13 years old?

At for a student 11-13 years old for the New Year
At for a student 11-13 years old for the New Year

This age is already considered adolescent, so the choice of a gift should be taken especially carefully. Children are especially susceptible and can become very upset about unwanted things.

If you do not know what to give a teenager for the New Year, pay attention to the fact that new techniques and things related to hobbies remain relevant. One has only to take a closer look at the activities of the son and daughter and talk to them.

Here's what you can give a teenage boy for the New Year:

  • sets related to physics or chemistry are not only interesting, but also help in learning;
  • the child will surely enjoy watching the stars - present him with binoculars or a telescope;
  • a complex constructor is a fun gift for the development of motor skills;
  • expensive robot.

And here is what you can give a teenage girl for the New Year:

  • care cosmetics;
  • hairdryer;
  • high-quality and beautiful mirror;
  • all kinds of decorations;
  • accessories for knitting.

Gift for a teenager 14-16 years old

New Year'st for a teenager 14-16 years old
New Year'st for a teenager 14-16 years old

Children at this age feel like real adults, therefore, gifts need to be selected appropriate.

Here's what you can give a teenager for the New Year 2020:

  • things related to physical activity;
  • various educational books, games for the development of logic;
  • more serious subjects of interest;
  • various subscriptions - for example, to the pool or gym, fitness center;
  • tickets to theater and cinema, to a concert of your favorite artist or a sporting event.

New equipment and accessories will be a wonderful gift:

  • new smartphone and covers for it;
  • gaming keyboard;
  • if a teenager loves to play races, then a great option is the steering wheel and pedals;
  • Speakers for the computer.

A teenage girl will be delighted:

  • stylish clothes or shoes and accessories;
  • a set of cosmetics;
  • stylish watch.

What to give a child for the New Year - watch the video:

New Year is a family holiday, and any parents will be pleased to see the lights of happiness in the eyes of the child. Therefore, you should always choose a gift carefully, and we hope that we helped you make the right choice.