Where to celebrate New Year 2020: the most popular travel destinations

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Where to celebrate New Year 2020: the most popular travel destinations
Where to celebrate New Year 2020: the most popular travel destinations

Interesting holiday options in Russia, hot countries, Europe, popular tourist destinations. Options where to celebrate the New Year with a family or two.

Where to celebrate the New Year is a question that any resident of the country asks for himself as winter approaches. Everyone has different preferences and financial options, but most Russians consider inexpensive vacation options. Let's figure out how to celebrate the New Year so that the family budget does not suffer.

Popular travel destinations for New Year 2020

New Year is always the expectation of a miracle. Going on a trip in winter, we strive to get to a fabulous place where Santa Claus with gifts, surprises and unusual beauties awaits us. It seems that you can get what you want only for an expensive fee. But you can celebrate the New Year with your family cheaply, fully enjoying the festive miracle.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Russia?

How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Veliky Ustyug
How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Veliky Ustyug

Russia is rich in amazing places, as if created to celebrate the New Year. There are three residences of Father Frost in the country alone. Here you can chat with a fairy-tale character, receive a gift from him, have fun at festivities. For lovers of antiquity, cities with ancient architecture will suit. There are also ski resorts in Russia where you can admire the alpine landscapes.

The most popular tourist destinations in Russia:

  • Kaliningrad … If there is no way to travel abroad, go to Kaliningrad. The city combines the severity of Western architecture and the charm of the Russian spirit. The streets are narrow, the houses covered with tiled roofs make it look like a German town. On New Year's Eve, a theatrical performance is played on the main square of the city, in which everyone takes part. Local attractions will not let you get bored: the Amber Castle, the Cathedral, the Museum of Superstitions, ancient defensive structures. This is not a complete list of historical places in Kaliningrad. Lovers or groups of friends can spend the evening in local pubs or restaurants.
  • Karelia … New Year in Russia can turn into a real miracle if you decide to admire the beauty of untouched nature and go north. In Karelia there are many tourist centers, hotels for family vacations, sanatoriums, ski resorts. If you wish, you can order a New Year's fishing tour, admire the beauties of the local nature: Paanajärvi Park, Kivach waterfall, Ruskella marble canyon, Kizhi, Valaam and Solovetsky monasteries.
  • Veliky Ustyug … If you want to visit the New Year's fairy tale, welcome to the residence of Santa Claus Veliky Ustyug. The location is ideal for families with children. The festive program with contests, songs and dances begins in the evening in front of the palace of Santa Claus. At midnight, everyone goes out to watch the fireworks. In Ustyug, you can visit an exhibition of ice sculptures, the Winter and Zoological Gardens, the Smithy and the Forest Pharmacy.
  • Yaroslavl … Be sure to visit this ancient city on New Year's holidays. Yaroslavl is part of the Golden Ring of Russia. In addition to participating in folk festivals, you can wander around the city, plunge into the ancient atmosphere, see temples and architectural monuments.
  • Suzdal … Taking New Year's packages along the Golden Ring, be sure to visit Suzdal. The ancient city seems to have emerged from the tale of Morozko. A public Christmas tree is being decorated on the Market Square, folk festivals are unfolding here, fireworks are being launched. Tourists can ride in a sleigh pulled by three horses, visit local attractions, celebrate the New Year in a cozy restaurant.
  • Altai … Lovers of winter sports can go to relax in the Altai ski resorts. It is worth booking places at the ski resorts in advance: the destination is popular. You can celebrate the New Year in the company of like-minded people, riding down the snow-capped mountains.
  • Kostroma … Another winter resort included in the Golden Ring of Russia. The Snegurochka's residence is located here, so fairy-tale heroes will definitely meet you. Lovers of unique jewelry will be able to purchase an exclusive: there are jewelry workshops known throughout Russia in Kostroma. Excursions are regularly held around the city.
  • Sochi … Those who like to breathe in the sea air can go to the Black Sea. During the day, the air temperature in Sochi rarely drops below +5 degrees. New Year's trees look fancy among palms and cypresses, and New Year's fireworks are not inferior to the Olympic ones. Those wishing to ski will spend unforgettable days in Krasnaya Polyana.

These are the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. Residents of small towns can celebrate the New Year in Moscow or St. Petersburg and admire the beauties of the capitals. It will be interesting for the capital's natives to go to the hinterland and enjoy the views of untouched nature.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Europe?

How to celebrate New Year 2020 in Finland
How to celebrate New Year 2020 in Finland

New Year in Europe is distinguished by splendor and an abundance of lights in the streets and squares. Fans of restaurants, pubs and public festivities will find entertainment in capitals and large cities. For solitude, you should retire to the northern hinterlands of Finland, Norway, the Netherlands.

Popular European destinations where the New Year's holiday will be unforgettable:

  • Finland … The homeland of the legendary Santa Claus is located here. The Finns call him Joulupukki, and his residence is located in Lapland, where everyone can visit. In addition to visiting the Santa Claus house, tourists are offered snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. The air temperature in December usually reaches -15 degrees, so an unforgettable snowy New Year is guaranteed.
  • Czech Republic, Poland … These countries are a budget option for lovers of European vacations. Among the entertainment are visits to New Year's towns, open-air museums, sales in stores, public nativity scenes based on the Bible. On the main squares of the capitals, Christmas trees are erected, fireworks are launched, and mass celebrations are held here.
  • Germany … Germans celebrate New Years and Christmas on a grand scale. Whole New Year's towns are located on the streets. The festive atmosphere is created by the usual attributes: hot cider, caramelized apples, gingerbread cookies, as well as other goodies that you should definitely try.
  • Italy … The exoticism of antiquity and sales in shops of famous clothing brands attract tourists to Rome and Milan. Ancient buildings, modern luxury villas create a unique atmosphere. The weather is favorable for cruises and walks: the temperature rarely drops below + 10 … +12 degrees. Lovers should go to Venice: here on the main square lovers gather, who after the chiming clock strike each other with kisses.
  • France … It is difficult to find a more romantic place to celebrate the New Year. Christmas markets, roasted chestnuts, sweets and wines will leave no one indifferent. After visiting the Eiffel Tower, you can ride on the ice rink, which is located directly below it.
  • Switzerland … For fans of the snowy New Year, it is difficult to find a more suitable place. In Zurich, plunge into the atmosphere of festive festivities, visit the sale at the central station. If you are tired of the bustle of the city, go to ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.
  • Riga … An inexpensive option for a European vacation. Every resident of Riga decorates the house with illuminations, handicrafts, so the streets on New Year's Eve are more like museums. Fireworks take place on the Town Hall Square, Christmas trees are installed on each square, and the main festivities take place here.
  • Tallinn … The city allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. New Year's dishes are prepared here according to old recipes. The Christmas tree is installed on the Town Hall Square, not far from the house of Santa Claus. Theatrical performances are held in the open air, in which spectators also take part.
  • London … The English capital is not celebrating New Year on a grand scale, but Christmas. But on New Year's Eve, there is a Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square, cruises are held along the Thames, young people prefer to have fun on the streets, so there is no shortage of entertainment. Gala dinners are organized at the hotels.
  • Barcelona … New Year in Spain is celebrated on a grand scale. On the streets are mimes, circus performers, living statues. A technogenic show can be enjoyed on Montjuïc Mountain. Street parties take place in the Spanish Village, which is an open-air museum.
  • Vein … The capital of Austria welcomes tourists with crowded festivities. Market stalls and stages are set up on the squares where festive performances take place. Guests are offered snacks, pastries, punch. Be sure to visit the Vienna Operetta, where "The Bat" is broadcast on the screen. A New Year's ball is taking place in the Town Hall. The Vienna Orchestra concludes the New Year's program.

Europe is diverse and unusual. You can organize a trip for two to romantic places or enjoy family vacations and noisy parties. European countries offer tourists a New Year for every taste.

Where to celebrate the New Year in hot countries?

How to celebrate New Year 2020 in Thailand
How to celebrate New Year 2020 in Thailand

Dreaming of beaches and warm sunshine? Then head to the southern countries, where the holiday season is in full swing. In most exotic resorts in the New Year, the temperature fluctuates between + 25 … + 35 degrees, and parties are held under the palm trees on the night beach.

Where to spend the New Year in warm countries:

  • Thailand … The most popular destination for tourists to celebrate the New Year. Just here is the beach season, the sea warms up to +28 degrees. Most exotic lovers go to Pattaya or Phuket. In local restaurants you can taste seafood dishes, exotic snacks. Since there are many tourists in Thailand for the New Year, it is better to book tours in advance.
  • Maldives … In the Maldives, tourists are greeted by a transparent warm sea, white beaches. There are not many people here, so the rest is ideal for those who are tired of the bustle of the city. The hotels offer gala dinners and entertainment for all tastes.
  • Philippines … Hot weather, warm sea and white sand will delight you in Boracay or Bantayan. These are the islands most often visited by tourists. By the way, Russians have the right to visit the Philippine Islands without a visa, but the flight is sometimes more expensive than accommodation.
  • South Vietnam … Cheap hotels and great beach holidays attract tourists to Vietnam. On the islands of Phu Quoc and Con Dao, the water warms up to + 27 degrees, the sea is calm and calm. The restaurants and cafes offer exotic dishes and seafood snacks.
  • Bali … Fans of hot countries celebrate the New Year in Indonesia on the beach, in cafes or bars. The weather is very warm, the air warms up to +30 degrees. It rains sometimes, but the water is great for swimming.
  • Dominican Republic … Latin American dances, the sound of the surf, fireworks - all this awaits you if you choose a tour to the Dominican Republic. On New Year's Eve, incendiary fireworks shows begin, New Year's dance shows are held. The weather at this time of the year is warm and dry, the water warms up to +28 degrees.
  • Goa … As in the former Portuguese colony, the New Year in Goa begins to celebrate from December 25th. The place is ideal for celebrating a holiday. Youth parties gather in the northern part of the state; the south is more suitable for a secluded getaway for families or lovers. The air warms up to +30 degrees, the sea is warm and great for spending time on the beach.

Whichever country you choose, we recommend booking flights and hotels in advance, pay attention to discounts. With the right approach, you can spend the New Year inexpensively on the seaside.

Where to relax in the Moscow region for the New Year?

How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in the Klinsky compound
How to celebrate the New Year 2020 in the Klinsky compound

For those who want to celebrate a holiday near the capital inexpensively and in an unusual way, we suggest celebrating the New Year in the Moscow region. There are no less interesting entertainments here than in the newfangled resorts.

Where to go to the Moscow region:

  • Reindeer farm in Dzerzhinsky … Here you can ride in a sled, feed the animals from your hands, learn about the peculiarities of the life of reindeer herders in the Arctic Circle.
  • Husky Park in Odintsovsky District … On New Year's Eve you can watch and take part in rituals and competitions of the inhabitants of the North, see a real shaman, talk with husky dogs.
  • Ethnomir in the Kaluga region … On New Year's Eve, guests are offered master classes, participation in the preparation for the holiday of residents of different countries. You can buy products from local craftsmen as souvenirs.
  • Melikhovo … The Chekhov Museum-Reserve is located in this village. On New Year's Eve, festivities take place here, an action unfolds with the participation of the actors of the Chekhov Studio.
  • Klinskoe courtyard … Here you can learn and see how Christmas tree decorations are made. Theatrical excursions are conducted for kids, New Year's fairy tales are shown.
  • Museum of Russian Dessert in Zvenigorod … Here they will tell you about the sweets that people cooked in the past centuries. For children, master classes have been prepared on making flowers from sugar, baking bagels, painting products.

In the suburbs, you can spend an exciting weekend with the whole family!

Where to celebrate the New Year 2020 with children?

How to celebrate the New Year 2020 with children in St. Petersburg
How to celebrate the New Year 2020 with children in St. Petersburg

Family travel with children always imposes some restrictions. Kids require increased comfort, games and entertainment, and they will definitely strive to see Santa Claus. Wherever you decide to relax, in Russia or abroad, make sure that the child remembers the holiday and visits a fairy tale.

There are enough places where you can interestingly celebrate the New Year with children:

  • St. Petersburg … In the northern capital, there are many places where you can go with your child: a planetarium, a museum of electricity, a museum of sound, a museum of entertaining science "LabyrinthUM", an aquarium, a factory of Christmas decorations. For accommodation, choose an inexpensive, comfortable hotel, which is enough in St. Petersburg. Here you can order a New Year's dinner, become a participant in the festive program.
  • Ded Moroz residence … Arkhangelsk, Veliky Ustyug will greet you with a fairy tale and a quiet family vacation. The whole family can take part in the festive program, Grandfather Frost will invite the children to his house and present them with gifts. Sleigh rides and air cushions, Russian cuisine treats will not leave indifferent the most introverted children.
  • Prague … It is better to go to the Czech Republic for Catholic Christmas: during this period, the main festivities unfold here. Be sure to visit the Zoo, Alchemy Museum, Toy Museum, Mirror Maze, Black Theater. The abundance of illumination on the streets, decorations, sales, and a festive atmosphere are conducive to family walks along the city streets.
  • Budapest … Hungary offers affordable family vacations with lots of fun. In the capital, you can go with your child to the tropicarium, the zoo, visit the chocolate museum, the Palace of Wonders, winter baths. The winter city is cozy, not crowded, which is suitable for families with children.
  • Rome … An ideal place to spend time with your family. In addition to sculptures and architectural monuments, it will be useful for children to see the interactive Technotown museum, to visit the park of monsters in Bomarzo. Take a family tour of the Vatican to experience a Catholic shrine from the inside. In winter, Italy has warm weather, prices are low, and there are few tourists. The rest will be cheaper than in the summer season.
  • Dubai … In winter, you can fly inexpensively to the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, visit the underwater world museum, educational center for children, water park, amusement park, legoland. Russians do not have to order a visa: it is issued upon arrival for a month.
  • Phuket … Thailand is interesting not only for adults but also for kids. In addition to beach holidays, Phuket offers elephant and monkey shows, visits to the bird park and the tiger kingdom, a sheep farm, and a museum of optical illusions. A visa is not required here, and seafood and fruits are cheap and affordable.

Family vacations can be made inexpensive and interesting if you approach it correctly. Book tickets in advance and book hotels, then the New Year's holiday will not leave a hole in your wallet.

Where to celebrate the New Year 2020 together?

How to celebrate the New Year 2020 together
How to celebrate the New Year 2020 together

New Year's Eve together should be celebrated in a romantic setting. There are many suitable places in the world:

  • Italy … The spirit of the country is filled with antiquity and romance. Be sure to visit Venice and celebrate with a kiss in the main square with fireworks. Verona is fanned with romantic images, where you can visit Juliet's house and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Shakespearean drama. Roman cathedrals, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and other sights are great places for love confessions.
  • Beaches of Thailand, Dominican Republic, Maldives … There is nothing better than lounging with your beloved on the beach under the warm sun, enjoying the clear waters of the ocean. An abundance of fruits and treats, exotic music will allow you to organize an unforgettable romantic evening.
  • Montenegro … For those wishing to retire, the uncrowded resorts of Montenegro are suitable. A distinctive feature of this region is the love of fortune telling. If you want to know the future, pay attention to local traditions. Residents treat them with special trepidation.
  • Andorra … For active young people seeking thrills, the famous ski resort of Andorra will suit. Here you can spend time inexpensively and interestingly, learn to ski or improve your skills.
  • Turkey … Although it is cold to swim in Turkey in winter, prices for flights, hotels and entertainment are cheaper. It offers spas, excursions, ski resorts in the mountains. The absence of numerous tourists will allow you to enjoy the privacy.
  • Moscow suburbs … This budget holiday option is suitable for both lovers and married couples. The hotels offer New Year's dinner, participation in festive programs.

Where to celebrate the New Year - watch the video:

New Year provides opportunities for choosing where to celebrate the holiday. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to plunge into a fairy tale. Sometimes it's enough to reach out to see a miracle.