How to arrange a gift for the New Year

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How to arrange a gift for the New Year
How to arrange a gift for the New Year

Basic materials for wrapping New Year's gifts. Ideas for unusual wrappers made of paper, fabric, plastic. Decorative elements for decorating a gift for the New Year.

How to arrange a gift for the New Year is a question that worries many on the eve of the holiday. We strive to please relatives and friends, and custom gift wrapping is one of the best ways. Further, the best options for how to beautifully decorate a gift for the New Year.

Types of gift wrapping for the New Year

New Yeart Wrapping Paper
New Yeart Wrapping Paper

Before packing a New Year's gift, think about what will serve as the packing material. It could be anything. Let's consider in detail the packaging options and how they differ:

  • Paper … Specialty stores sell gift paper: colored, plain, shiny, etc. Wrapping a gift in it, you can decorate it with a ribbon bow for wrapping flowers. If there is no gift paper, use newspaper, foil, plain colored paper. With the right approach, they look no worse.
  • Textile … When using woven raw materials, pay attention to burlap, silk, linen, felt, knitwear. To pack a medium-sized gift, you don't need a lot of fabric: a half-meter rag is enough.
  • Towels or scarves … When you want to please your loved ones, such a cute packaging as a scarf will come in handy. Use felt or burlap as additional packing material. A scarf or towel can be part of the gift itself.
  • Old woolen things … Unnecessary sweaters, sweaters, knitted sundresses and dresses can serve as a basis for packaging. Nice things are made of thread fabric.
  • Plastic … Old plastic packaging, bottles can be turned into beautiful gift containers.
  • New Year decoration … Gifts in beautiful packaging can be supplemented with small decorations, which are often used for the New Year. Decorate with pine cones, Christmas tree branches, wreaths, Christmas tree toys. These details make the packaging more interesting.
  • Crafts and items for them … Buttons, figurines, sequins, artificial flowers will make the packaging more original. From these elements, you can make a craft that will decorate a gift.
  • Pom poms … From threads, twine, make homemade pom-poms. They will decorate the paper packaging.
  • Other materials … The standard packaging can be supplemented with interesting details: ribbons, bows, twines, etc.

How to beautifully decorate a gift for the New Year?

Along with the variety of materials, there are many ways to wrap a gift. It is chosen depending on the size and shape of the thing to whom it is addressed. We offer different ways of how to beautifully wrap a gift for the New Year.

Paper packaging

New Year'st in paper packaging
New Year'st in paper packaging

It is easiest to wrap a gift in paper. Even a person who has not previously dealt with crafts can cope with this. There are different techniques for wrapping gifts: choose depending on the complexity and materials available.

The easiest way to wrap a DIY gift for the New Year is to simply wrap it in a piece of paper. If the sheets are small, take several pieces and overlap them. Place the gift in the top in the middle and wrap it up. To prevent the wrapper from falling apart, secure it with thin tape, decorate with colored ribbons and decorative elements.

A more interesting option is candy-shaped packaging. It requires bright paper and ribbons. This form of packaging is suitable for gifts in the form of a cylinder or tube. To make a "candy", take a piece of paper that is one third longer than the gift itself. Put it in the center of the sheet, wrap it, glue the edges with tape. Tie the edges with ribbons, twine, bows. This method, how to arrange a gift for a child for the New Year, is suitable for those who want to make a pleasant holiday for the kids.

The wrapper in red looks beautiful. Whatever it is, use bright packaging, choose bows in contrasting shades. The red packaging with golden bows looks great.

A charming cardboard box is suitable for a small gift. For her you will need:

  • circle as a template;
  • pencil;
  • cardboard;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • ribbon.

Preparation method:

  1. Place the template on the cardboard. Circle the circles so that they intersect. The resulting image resembles wedding or Olympic rings. Remember: the parameters of the template must correspond to the size of the gift.
  2. Divide the edges of the circles into 4 parts. A diamond should form inside the rings. Cut out the rings.
  3. Fold the rings inward so that a box comes out with 4 sides in the form of rings that intersect with each other.
  4. Put the gift inside.
  5. Tie the box with tape from above.
  6. Decorate the wrapper with glitter or other decor.

The next packaging option is made from kraft paper. Use it to make a box with a base the width of the gift. First, draw a drawing of the future packaging, cut and glue. Round the edges of each side in the shape of petals on opposite sides. Punch holes in them. Pack your gift. Pass the ribbons into the holes and tie them with a bow on the box.

Original paper packaging options:

  1. Elephant box … Children's way of decorating a gift, for which you need a regular inflatable ball. If the wrapper is colorless and unremarkable, draw the ears and body of the elephant on one side of the box with a black pencil and felt-tip pen. Glue the balloon with the neck down between the ears. This will be the trunk of an elephant. Use a felt-tip pen to draw the eyes on the ball. The elephant is ready. The packaging looks original and simple.
  2. Donkey made of cardboard … The original packaging for the gift will be a donkey made of cardboard. To make it, cut 4 triangles with a common base in the form of a square. Connect them and glue them in the form of a pyramid, after placing the gift inside. Draw the muzzle of the donkey in the form of an oval, pointed downwards. Stick eyes, horns, nose on it. Attach a muzzle to one side of the top of the pyramid. You can sign a congratulation on the box. You can make a similar box for a gift in the shape of a rectangle.
  3. Herringbone … By the same principle, you can make a herringbone-shaped packaging. Draw a square base. Draw triangular Christmas trees from it in different directions. Cut out the blank and fold it into a pyramid. Secure the sides with tape. Insert the gift inside. To hold the herringbone together, make holes in each side at the top. Thread the ribbon through them and tie a bow at the top.
  4. Snowflake … Draw a polygon to make the package in the shape of a snowflake. From each base, draw a triangle with a rounded end. Place the gift inside. Fold the ends together. Prepare a snowflake from cardboard in advance. In the center, make a ring with a diameter suitable for holding the ends of the triangles together. Decorate the snowflake with sparkles, pebbles. Connect the sides of the box and thread the ends into the snowflake ring.

New year gift wrapper made of fabric

New yeart wrapper made of fabric
New yeart wrapper made of fabric

Textiles offer tremendous opportunities for original packaging of a gift for the New Year. Choose exquisite fabrics that look rich and beautiful:

  • silk;
  • lace;
  • linen;
  • thin cotton.

The colors are selected depending on the subject of the gift and the addressee. If you are thinking of how to decorate a New Year's gift for a woman, use silk or lace. You can make a full-fledged wrapper or decor for cardboard packaging from them.

Burlap, linen, linen, felt are excellent options for decorating a New Year's gift for a man. Artificial fabrics that look like leather look good.

The simplest option is the Japanese furoshiki technique. The wrapper is made from a piece of soft fabric to the size of the gift. The thing is laid in the middle, the edges are lifted and tied with twine or tape. The bag can be decorated with New Year's figures, brooches, inscriptions. To make the gift look festive, choose bright patches.

Burlap, jeans, linen, felt can be used to wrap a gift in the same way as paper. The edges of the fabric are sealed with tape or sewn together. Tie a ribbon or long piece of cloth over the top of the gift.

The original solution for the New Year's packaging is a boot. Such a present will seem especially interesting to a child. Before you make a New Year's gift with your own hands, think about what fabric to sew a boot from. Give preference to felt or wool: fabrics are dense and keep their shape perfectly.

To make a boot, cut 2 halves of a figurine from the selected fabric. Sew them together, leave a hole at the top. You can sew from the inside or with large decorative stitches on the outside. Decorate the boot with embroidery, stickers, sequins, buttons. Place the gift inside and hang it on the Christmas tree, above the bed, or simply hand it to the addressee.

It's not a bad idea how to decorate a sweet gift for the New Year - to pack it in a red bag, like Santa Claus. Put candies and other sweets inside. Tie the bag with a bright ribbon.

For small gifts, a glove-shaped packaging with a snowman or Santa Claus figurine is suitable. As a basis, you can take a kitchen potholder. When there is none, sew from cotton. Prepare your pattern, attach it to the fabric, and cut out a blank for both sides. Sew both sides. Sew figures of a snowman or Santa Claus on top of the scraps of fabric. Place the gift inside. If you are afraid that it will fall out, pass a ribbon or rope along the edge of the mitten, pull it off and tie it.

For women, a fabric handbag is suitable as gift wrapping. You can sew it yourself or purchase it from a store. The most important thing is a successful New Year's decor. Attach figures of Santa Claus, bunny, snowman or other New Year's heroes, sewn from scraps of fabric. They will decorate your purse and give it a festive look.

Packaging for a New Year's gift from old woolen clothes

New Year'st wrapping made of old woolen things
New Year'st wrapping made of old woolen things

If you have old sweaters, socks, scarves, knitted shoes at home, use them for original gift wrapping. Do not rush to dissolve or throw away things: they will still come in handy.

A knitted scarf is perfect for tying a gift box. A woolen scarf as a decor looks great against a background of cotton, wool, felt or burlap. You can use a new gift scarf: the addressee will be even more pleasant.

Sew gift bags from old sweaters and sweaters. Cut the flap to the desired length and width, overcast it so that the threads do not fall apart. Put the gift inside, lift the ends and tie them with a different colored woolen thread or ribbon. For tight and tall gifts, sweater sleeves are ideal and can be easily converted into pouches.

According to an old tradition in Western countries, gifts are often placed in long woolen socks, especially if these are gifts for babies. There is a belief that Santa Claus once put a gift to a poor child in a sock. Beautiful knitted socks can be a surprise in and of themselves. You can safely put a gift in them.

Old felt boots can be excellent packaging. Clean them, sew colored patterns with threads, sew on buttons and other embellishments. Designer felt boots are a capacious gift box. And the main thing is original.

Many knits have lovely patterns that look good on packaging. If you make packaging out of them, they will look great.

How to make plastic packaging for a New Year's gift?

Plastic box for packing New Year'st
Plastic box for packing New Year'st

Transparent plastic bottles can be used to make souvenir packaging. If you have old gift boxes left over, freshen them up, decorate them, and reuse them.

Let's look at several options for how to turn bottles or old boxes into beautiful gift wrapping:

  • Cylinder … To design a gift for the New Year 2020, you will need a 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom and top so that only the transparent cylinder remains. From thick colored cardboard or fabric, cut a circle slightly larger than the diameter of the workpiece. Cut the edges, grease them with glue and attach to the bottom of the cylinder. Place the gift inside. The top can be covered with colored paper or cloth, tied with a ribbon.
  • Plastic box with frosty pattern … If you have an old transparent plastic wrap, take colored cardboard and cover the bottom of the box with it. The product will immediately look more attractive. Draw patterns on thin white paper and cut them out. Use picture templates to decorate windows. Glue them to the plastic box at the bottom or top. Decorate the top with colored cardboard or a regular plastic lid.
  • Apple … Take 2 plastic bottles and cut off the bottom of them. Combine these 2 parts. Place the present inside, wrapped in a red cloth. Decorate the box with a stick in the shape of a stalk, attach a piece of paper, cardboard or felt to it.
  • Santa Claus … The packaging is made from 1 liter plastic bottles. Cut off the top of the container. Put on a red or blue cloth cap instead. Sew white fabric or fur on the bottom of the cap. Stick the eyes and nose under the hat. Place the gift inside.
  • Bunny packs … To make a bunny-shaped box, you need a liter plastic bottle. Cut off the neck. Cut a circle out of a colored napkin and put it on the neck of the bottle so that it imitates a cap. Cut out a pair of long ears from paper and glue to the neck of the bottle. Attach paper paws in front, draw with a felt-tip pen or eye paint, glue a black nose. Place the gift inside the bottle before covering it with a tissue. This packaging is perfect for a sweet baby gift.

As a base, you can use tubes for chips, any plastic packaging that holds its shape well. If you have imagination, you can decorate them to your liking.

Original elements of decoration of a New Year's gift

Gift decor for the New Year
Gift decor for the New Year

Jars, wine glasses, and other glass containers can be excellent gift wrapping. Cosmetics, sweets, small knitted items, jewelry, mini figurines, toys, and other souvenirs look good in jars.

To make the jar look elegant, it can be decorated with a ribbon or woolen thread, sweets, stickers, sparkles. Use colored cloth or paper for the cover.

If you can take paper, plastic or fabric for packaging, then the choice of decorative elements is not limited. Anything on hand will do, including edible ingredients.

We decorate the gift:

  • cones, spruce branches, rowan tassels;
  • beads, bells, mini postcards, buttons, etc.;
  • dried orange or lemon wedges, cinnamon or vanilla sticks, small tangerines, gingerbread;
  • Christmas tree tinsel;
  • artificial flowers or berries;
  • congratulatory inscriptions;
  • homemade toys;
  • sweets, marshmallows;
  • ribbons, bows;
  • artificial snow, confetti.

Color prints on plain paper or fabric look interesting. To make prints, you can use baby stamps or a pencil float (for round stamps). Dip them in paint and spread the impressions evenly over the surface of the package.

If your gift does not fit into any packaging, put it in an ordinary cardboard box. You can put straw, cotton wool, a bright sheet of paper underneath. Place gifts on top. Decorate with ribbon or string as needed. Put a postcard, a twig of a Christmas tree, flowers, homemade snowflakes in the box.

How to wrap a gift for the New Year - watch the video:

When choosing a package, be guided by the addressee and the nature of the souvenir. The more expensive and more complex the present, the richer the packaging will be required. Children's souvenirs can be presented in wrappers in the form of toys, cute figurines made of cardboard, plastic, fabric.