Chausie: rules for keeping a cat at home

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Chausie: rules for keeping a cat at home
Chausie: rules for keeping a cat at home

The history of the origin of the Chausie breed, the standard of the cat's appearance, character traits, the health of the domestic "predator", the care and maintenance of the piyomts at home, the price of a kitten. Chausie (English Chausie), in many sources these cats are called differently, you can find both chausi and hausi, but the essence of this does not change at all. How not to call this extraordinary animal, and before you there will be one of the most expensive and magnificent representatives of the feline world.

From nature, these pets inherited everything that the tailed beast can only dream of - greatness, and strength, and a bewitching appearance, and character, and remarkable intelligence - all their qualities can be enumerated indefinitely.

Such a pet has little resemblance to all other cats that bask on the windowsills, most of all they have similarities with wild lynxes or cougars, both in appearance and in some habits.

Before bringing an individual of Chausie into the house, you need to carefully study all the nuances of the content of such an exotic, even if there are not many of them, but they are there and this is extremely important. If you decide to have a Chausie cat as your pet, you will be happy with your choice. Firstly, he is a great friend and a cheerful comrade, secondly, having such a purr in your house, you will be a celebrity, at least on a local scale, and thirdly, you can think about breeding a breed, and this is already quite a decent business, besides it is very profitable.

The history of the origin of cats of the Chausie breed

Chausie for a walk
Chausie for a walk

According to many scientific sources, the history of representatives of this species dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt. But the ancient Egyptian cats were the progenitors of the modern Chausie, they were known as jungle cats or as swamp lynxes. These extraordinary purrs piqued the interest of local residents by the fact that although they lived in the wild, they always reached out to people and tried their best to arrange their lives near human settlements.

As soon as the jungle cats settled near agricultural holdings, they began to interbreed with the most common cats, as a result of such mating, babies began to be born that were not at all babies. These were very large hybrids, which soon seemed to be something like a deity for the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. These animals made their significant contribution to human life, cats rid the possessions of their owners from rodents, in addition, they were excellent hunters and grew up in another. With their help, people had the opportunity to hunt wild birds that flew to water bodies. The Egyptians loved and respected their native cats very much, as evidenced by the multiple images of pets on the frescoes. Also, in the process of many archaeological excavations, several mummified individuals were found, which corresponded according to all the Chausie data.

Time passed, and the habitat of such useful felines gradually began to spread far beyond the borders of Egypt. So large populations of this breed were recorded throughout South Asia - from Turkey to Indochina. Even on the lands of Russia, near the Caspian coast, these murks lived. So in a short period of time, Chausie cats have become legal and desirable "citizens" of over 25 countries.

Thus, the descendants of the jungle cat lived long live, but the interest in them was purely beneficial: people gave them food and a roof over their heads, and the animals instead destroyed unwanted mice, rats and other animals. No one even had a thought, somehow glorify these cats, or at least try your luck and show them to some felinologist, suddenly a stellar future awaits them.

But everything fundamentally changed when the Chausie cat came to the attention of one of the famous American breeders. The man became very interested in the pet and decided to breed a new breed by all means. The felinologist-enthusiast planned to preserve the appearance of the animal in its original form, but slightly correct the character. He aimed to make a completely domestic animal with a ferocious predator look. As soon as the program started, it turned out that breeding Chausie is quite difficult, but no one thought to give up.

So, putting all the strength and unrestrained faith, fortune turned to face the Americans, and a new breed was bred. But, since there were not very many kittens, no one was in a hurry to call them a full-fledged species. All this was in the second half of the 60s of the last century. Since that time, professional breeders have become more and more interested in Chausie cats, and by combining all the forces and means until the 90th year, a rather significant population of this breed has already been created. Around 2000, cats have already received their first document confirming their pedigree. Since then, there is simply an enchanting demand for these extraordinary beauty and charisma of pets, respectively, and their cost is very significant.

Description of the official breed standard, photo of the Chausie cat

Chausie's appearance
Chausie's appearance
  • Torso Chausie were inherited from their wild ancestors. Their body is slightly elongated, but at the same time very elegant, quite strong, powerful and stocky. The ribcage is wide and rounded in shape, the area of the thighs is slightly raised above the general level of the body, in this regard, the appearance of the cat radiates ferocity, it seems that the animal should rush to its prey this very second. Chausie are quite large pets. The average body weight of an adult cat varies from 8 to 10 kg, but this is far from the limit, some individual individuals do not stop even at 15 kg and this is not overweight, but such a body structure and such parameters also comply with the standard. Males are much larger and more massive than the fair sex, however, the lack of weight in cats is compensated for by a double portion of refinement and grace, besides, females are much more agile and nimble than chausie males.
  • Limbs rather long, slender and possessing considerable strength and power. The Chausie cat has a very well-developed muscle tissue, due to this, he still radiates strength and energy. It is often compared to a compressed, tense spring that is about to bounce. The forelimbs are slightly shorter than the hind ones, thanks to this feature, "Egyptian cats" can conquer impressive heights. Jumping to a height of over two meters is sheer trifles for them. The paws of these cats are no less massive with relatively large pads.
  • Tail process Chausie is slightly surprising, despite all the power and large dimensions of the animal, it is rather short in relation to the general physique, but this nuance does not spoil the appearance, on the contrary, it gives the pet some charm. But the tail, although short, but very wide in diameter, narrows very slightly from the base to the tip.
  • Head not very large in size, resembles an oval in configuration. All protruding parts of the skull are well visualized, a wide, well-developed and strong chin, and no less prominent, pointed cheekbones. Chausie's faces are slightly elongated in length, due to this, their expression is often compared to a panther or cougar. The profile is straight, without flaws and humps, the nose is very wide. These purrs have a very large and strong neck.
  • Auricles large, located at a considerable distance from each other. From a wide base, they taper to a beautifully pointed tip, decorated with thin tassels.
  • Eyes the representatives of this breed are of impressive size, rounded in shape, a slight slant is distinguished. If we consider the color of the iris of a cat, then most often it is painted in amber shades, but the standard also allows combined colors consisting of yellowish and green shades. The main thing is that the color of the eyes of the Chausie cat should not just be in harmony with the basic tone of the coat, but be its contrast.
  • Wool these feline exotic animals can not boast of their length, however, it is very thick, as if stuffed. The texture of the hair is dense, even hard, but when you stroke such a cat, the fur coat is surprisingly soft and delicate at hand. Very nice and playful hairs shimmer in the sun.
  • Color The coat of a Chausie cat, which would perfectly meet the standard, is very poor in variety. There are only three color options registered - black with a slight silvery sheen, brown-gray ticking and dark ticked tabby. Scientists are thinking of adding a few more paint options for Chausie and they are doing pretty well. However, stubborn members of the prestigious cat show commissions do not allow such pets to take part in any feline events.

Character features of the cat Chausie

Chausie plays
Chausie plays

Despite all the ferocity and predatory appearance, these animals are quite cute and docile pets, but from the predatory relatives, Chausie still has something left. The most important thing in keeping such a cat is that it does not tolerate loneliness, therefore, in the event that you are away from home for a long time, or simply do not have enough time to give it the proper amount of attention, it is better to immediately make a friend for it. Believe me, it will be better this way, since Chausie knows how to be friends with other animals, he likes cats and dogs alike, but he can do things alone, and such that you don't even recognize your apartment. For this, the cat has everything and the ability to jump and run, and sharp, strong claws.

Many owners of such pets claim that you cannot find a better companion in the daytime with fire - with him even on the sofa, even at the lake to swim, at least to go fishing. With children, this representative of the feline gets along very well, but still it is better that such games take place in full view of an adult. Who knows what a small child will think of and how a cat will react, in whose veins the blood of a predator flows in some quantity.

These purrs are smart and smart, they are happy to learn everything new, explore new territories and learn some tricks. You need to deal with them from time to time, and if you also use delicacies in the form of evaluations, then Chausie cats are happy to try.

Chausie cat health

Photo chausie
Photo chausie

Also inherited from ancient ancestors, these cats received excellent health and strong immunity. Having strengthened it with timely vaccinations, proper balanced nutrition and a lot of your attention, such a pet will live with you for about 15–20 years.

But there are some nuances, Chausie has a very sensitive digestive system, so you need to approach the composition of the diet with great responsibility.

These cats love to eat very much, therefore the problem of excess weight is not alien to them. If food remains in the pet's plate, it is better to remove it, because, after taking a break from lunch, for a few minutes, the cat will again eat goodies.

As for the breeding of Chausie cats, this is by no means an easy business. The fact is that purebred Chausie can only be crossed with ordinary cats with short hair or with Abyssinians. It is important to know that the first three generations of males of this species are sterile. Depending on what percentage of the wild jungle cat's blood flows in the veins of the Chausie, scientists have divided them into five categories, designating them "F". An ordinal index is attached to each such category, which means a percentage.

So in cats of category F1, about half of the genes of a wild cat, in F2 - about 25%, F3 - 12, 5%, F4 - 6, 25% and F5 - about 3, 12%.

According to this classification, animals of the F1 category are valued much more, but F4-5 pets are much more consistent with the status of an ideal pet. Since those individuals with many predatory genes are much more difficult to train and train, they often cannot even be trained to use the tray.

Keeping a Chausie cat, home care

Chausie is sleeping
Chausie is sleeping
  1. Personal space. Before you start a representative of this breed, you need to think about whether he has enough space in your house. If you live in a city apartment with a small area, it will be cramped there, therefore, in order to ensure the comfort of the cat, you will have to walk it often. When your home is a private home, the animal will be very good. He will gladly take walks in the fresh air, exercising his hunting habits. While cleaning, you can often find some details, small things or even a little food - don't be surprised, Chausie are stocking up.
  2. Hair care. This is not to say that the cat's hair really needs careful care, it is quite enough to comb Chausie about once a week with a soft, massage brush in order to remove dead hairs. When it comes to bathing, these cats do a very good job of keeping their coats clean, but they need to be bathed. This is not a necessity, but rather a measure of encouragement, because Chausie are excellent divers. They are very fond of water, if you dip them in the bath at least once a week, they will be immensely happy. As a detergent, you should opt for high quality shampoos and conditioners. The Chausie cat is suitable for combination skin.
  3. Hygiene. Such a pet needs to trim the claws, since they are strong and very fast-growing in Chausie, even the most reliable scratching post cannot cope with such a weapon. You should never undertake this procedure on your own, it is better that two people take part in the process. One will hold a pet, while the other will be directly involved in manicure. To do everything correctly and without disastrous consequences, you need to use special tweezers for trimming the claws of cats. First you need to make sure that they are very sharp, otherwise you risk not cutting off, but simply breaking your friend's claw plate, which will cause him unbearable pain. Remember, you can only cut off the extreme few millimeters of the transparent tip of the claw. The Chausie cat should clean his ears about once a week, or a little less often. You need to do this with the help of cotton swabs, it is better to buy children's ones, they are equipped with a special limiter, this part will protect your tailed friend from mechanical damage to the eardrum. It is also important to wipe your pet's eyes from time to time and clean the inner corners of the eyes from crusts. Dental hygiene is also no less important, 1-2 times a week you need to brush the teeth of a Chausie cat, it is also good to add boiled chicken necks to the diet, they show a good result in cleaning teeth.
  4. What to feed? Due to its "predatory" pedigree, the answer to this question is unambiguous - cats of the Chausie breed should be fed with meat and only meat. These animals have an intolerance to cereals, so dry food, even of a super premium class, is contraindicated for them. Also, in no case should such a cat be fed pork, due to the risk of developing Auseki's disease. The list of products for this exotic should include the following products: beef, turkey, rabbit, chicken and quail, various types of fish, raw quail eggs, and that's about it. The meat should be bone-in and serve raw to the cat. Also, the pet should always have water, only clean, boiled or filtered. Raw water is strictly prohibited.

Chausie kitten price

Chausie kitten
Chausie kitten

The price of a purebred cat is very high, the average cost is from 200,000 to 500,000 rubles. Show class kittens can be estimated at over a million rubles.

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