Kinesthetics - appearance, character and behavior

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Kinesthetics - appearance, character and behavior
Kinesthetics - appearance, character and behavior

Who are kinesthetics, appearance, character and behavior. Recommendations for communicating with such people according to the age category. A kinesthetic is a person who cannot perceive the surrounding reality solely through hearing and sight. Such people must definitely touch the subject that interested him. It is these sensations-tactile sensations that allow the kinesthetic to become familiar with the external world.

Kinesthetic appearance

Kinesthetic man
Kinesthetic man

It should be immediately noted that you rarely meet a person who perceives information exclusively in this way. However, even the appearance betrays true kinesthetics.

What do they look like:

  • Distracted gaze … Quite often, such individuals try not to meet their eyes with the interlocutor, even during a lively discussion. They just need to touch him or pat him on the shoulder encouragingly. They usually look down, and not directly, even when talking to loved ones.
  • The habit of old clothes … Kinesthetics are able to wear comfortable trampled shoes and a stretched sweater that is pleasing to their skin for years. At the same time, the appearance of such people can be untidy, which does not in the least bother such unique people. They always smell good, but the overall impression of the voiced persons is spoiled by their love for old and hard-hitting things.
  • Involuntary hand movements … Kinesthetics constantly twirl some kind of trinket in their hands or try to stroke the surface they like. During a conversation, they mechanically slap the interlocutor on the shoulder or shake his elbow.
  • Mimic folds … Nasolabial changes in this area of the face are characteristic of kinesthetics, because they react to any aggression exclusively in this way. Instead of shouting, such people frown, and not out loud express their indignation.

Kinesthetic personality and habits

Silence as a feature of kinesthetics
Silence as a feature of kinesthetics

To determine any type, it is necessary to take a closer look at the internal and external needs of the object under study. Lovers of tactile contact usually have the following qualities:

  1. Agility in decision making … It is very difficult to explain kinesthetics, that you first need to measure seven times and then cut it off. He is ready to correct then the work done, but not carefully analyze its prospects.
  2. Calm communication … In very rare cases, the type of kinesthetic implies aggressiveness towards other people. They anticipate contact with a dangerous person (thanks to their intuition) and skillfully avoid it.
  3. Silence … Sometimes this quality is confused with shyness, but this assumption is not true. It's just that they are not as bright in communication as talkative audials (people who receive information through sounds).
  4. Melancholy … Quite often, the perception of a kinesthetic is dependent on external factors. Despite their some pragmatism, they sometimes become so deeply immersed in their own thoughts that they do not see anyone around.
  5. Conservatism … Among such people, you will hardly find innovators or rebels. Kinesthetics are wary of what they do not know and cannot touch.

The listed qualities do not indicate the negative traits of the sounded personality type. The characteristic of a kinesthetic testifies to his complaisance and the need to find reliable and proven people next to him.

Features of kinesthetic behavior

Unusual kinesthetic behavior while eating
Unusual kinesthetic behavior while eating

To establish contact with such a person, it is necessary to observe his way of presenting himself and properly respond to his manipulations.

Let's take a closer look at how such people behave:

  • Selection of specific phrases … The types of perception of information by different people imply the use of different expressions. Kinesthetics cannot do without words that could fully define their tactile sensations. Their vocabulary will always contain the characteristics of objects in the form of "warm / hot", "soft / hard", "rough / smooth", etc.
  • Unusual eating behavior … Kinesthetics try to prolong the enjoyment of tasting food they like. They will savor every bite, which is unusual for other types of people in terms of perception of the surrounding reality.
  • Refusal of small details of what he saw … The kinesthetic, when in contact with the object, will try to create a general impression of it. He simply will not remember any of its nuances, because the general picture in the form of color, smell and material of the seen object will be important to him.
  • Refusal to visit any exhibitions … It is so important for a kinestheticist to touch the object that he likes that he will definitely refuse an excursion to the same museum where the exhibits are under glass.

These types of people are fairly easy to recognize. At the same time, it is better to know them, and not to test their patience with numerous tests.

Suitable professions for kinesthetics

Dancing as one of the best activities for kinesthetics
Dancing as one of the best activities for kinesthetics

It is best for individuals who have excellent control over their bodies to try their luck in the following areas of human life:

  1. Dancing … With a passion for this lesson during movements, the peculiarities of kinesthetics are most pronounced. During the dance they can touch both themselves and their partner.
  2. Sport … Especially brightly manifest themselves in this regard, those people who deal with any improvised means. The gymnast will not just show her skills in exercises with bars, clubs, rope, hoop and ball. On a tactile level, she begins to actively contact with wood, plastic, rubber and nylon, from which the sound sports items are made.
  3. Massage … The hands of such specialists are rightfully called golden. An exceptionally kinesthetic person is able to stretch every muscle of his client with great care and understanding of all the nuances of the work being done.
  4. Cosmetology … The skillful actions of these specialists do amazing miracles on the faces of many people. To touch the skin of another person without any consequences can only be a person who not only sees, but feels with his hands.
  5. Tasting … The type of perception of the kinesthetic allows him to express himself in this particular profession. The tactile receptors of such people are much more developed than anyone else's. The characteristics of the kinesthetic can be voiced by an example from the film "A Dangerous Age", in which a person lived exclusively in the world of fragrances.

How to deal with kinesthetics

Many people, when they make mistakes in their desire to establish contact with someone, justify themselves by saying that there is a hole in the old woman too. However, with a competent approach to solving the problem, it is really possible to become a close soul for a kinestheticist.

Communication with kinesthetic adults

Frequent touching as a feature of communication with kinesthetics
Frequent touching as a feature of communication with kinesthetics

Some already mature persons sometimes behave like children. Kinesthetics, although calm by nature, are quite touchy. Therefore, the following measures of influence should be applied to them:

  • Touches … In another conversation with such people, the impression is created that they absolutely do not hear the information presented to them. To prevent the intended dialogue from smoothly turning into a monologue, you just need to touch the kinesthetic. After such manipulations, he will immediately return to the topic of the conversation.
  • Creation of comfort … When communicating with a partner with a kinesthetic type of perception, soulmates should remember that the main thing for his comfort is not perfect cleanliness at all. It is necessary to promptly eliminate stuffiness, dampness or low temperature in the room. At the same time, in no case should the kinestheticist's things be shifted without his consent. He not only will not be able to find them later, but can really be offended.
  • Cooking your favorite meals … The kinesthetic type of perception of gastronomy implies precisely that the way to the heart of the chosen one lies through his stomach. He loves to eat deliciously, and this should be taken into account when building a relationship with him.
  • Selection of appropriate clothing … The main thing is to remember that it should be crease-free and made of natural fibers. The kinesthetic person will like it, and his soulmate will return inner peace in the form of the absence of constant washing or the inevitability of acquiring a new product in a fairly short time.
  • Flavors … People of such a warehouse can wear clothes that have faded, but everyone will gladly accept perfume or eau de toilette with a pleasant smell for him. They will also not give up on musical tricks that in some way emit aromas.

Recommendations for communicating with kinesthetic children

Kinesthetic child with soft toy
Kinesthetic child with soft toy

It should be immediately noted that all people in their early youth perceived the world around them exclusively through touch. So they knew the danger in the form of careless handling of fire, in contact with sharp objects and aggressive animals. However, at the same time, they gained positive experience when studying fur by touch, soft tissues and other pleasant things in terms of tactile sensations.

It should be remembered that the kinesthetic personality type, even in infancy, requires the following approach to itself:

  1. Maximum affection … It is impossible to spoil such children with hugs and kisses. It is thanks to them that the kinesthetic child feels that his parents need him. Otherwise, he will withdraw into himself, because such a type is quite difficult to communicate with a small person.
  2. Purchase of soft toys … Some skeptics call them dust collectors. However, it is very important for a kinesthetic baby to fall asleep in an embrace with a favorite plush hare or bear. At the same time, the risk of night fears in the child is reduced, because his gentle friend will always be there.
  3. Comfortable furniture … In this case, it is important for a toddler or teenager to have a comfortable seating area. In no case should you purchase a table and chair in the style of office furniture. A kinesthetic child should sit and lie on what is pleasing to his skin, not his eyesight. Instead of the standard cover, it is better to wrap the offspring's bed with a soft cloth.
  4. Choice of bed linen … Experts recommend buying a cotton sheet and duvet cover for your child. In the cold season, you can add a lambswool blanket to your child. Not only warmth is important for a child's skin, but also pleasant sensations.
  5. Buying a pet … In this case, it is best to pay attention not to aquarium fish, but to a cat or a dog. If living conditions do not allow this, then you can buy a hamster, chinchilla or rabbit. The main thing is to adhere to two factors: so that the child is pleased to stroke the pet, and he does not bite him in response.
  6. Writing to a section … Psychologists first of all advise parents to give their children to dances or martial arts. A rather useful event will also be a trip of a child to a floating pool, where he can once again feel the water on his skin.
  7. Playing the "daily routine" … Kinesthetic children are sloppy, but only in the conventional sense of the word. In the dark, they will find the thing they need by touch, because in the chaos he has created, there is a certain logic for the little ugly. In this case, it is necessary to agree with the child where his toys will be located.
  8. View required gears … Kinesthetic children will never become visuals, but they also need to be familiar with the same cartoons. In this case, it is worth choosing film industry products in the form of "Luntik" for viewing them (fluffy, unusual, pleasant to touch).

Who are kinesthetics - look at the video:

When asked how to define kinesthetics, you should simply pay attention to those who, during a conversation, try to touch us. Any speculation in this case is absolutely meaningless. The kinesthetic person touches the interlocutor only for that reason, because this is the only way he perceives him.