Course design rules for beginner athletes

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Course design rules for beginner athletes
Course design rules for beginner athletes

Find out what basic rules a beginner in bodybuilding must have in order to create the right steroid course. Thanks to these analyzes carried out before the start of the anabolic cycle, you will be convinced of the possibility of starting it. During the course, only with the help of tests you can control the degree of effectiveness of the aromatase inhibitor you are using, the quality of blood and liver function. They will also help you find out. How effective anabolic steroids you have purchased. After the course, with the help of analyzes, you will understand. That the body has fully recovered and PCT can be completed.

The composition of the first course of steroids for a beginner in bodybuilding

Young guy with big muscles
Young guy with big muscles

Probably, it was this answer to the question of how a beginner to draw up a course of steroids that many athletes were waiting for. Not every athlete decides to use injectable AAS immediately in the first year. As a result, beginners often opt for tablet formulations. We recommend using testosterone. As mentioned above, the first course must be solo.

If your body has accepted the esters of the dough well, then in the future you can add other drugs to them. Don't rush, however, and a few loops should be soloed. A beginner should pay special attention to the choice of the male hormone ester. It is quite obvious that you will not have a great desire to often give injections. For example, to maintain an even hormonal background, enanthate must be administered twice a week.

Short esters such as propionate should be played every second day. Thus, when answering the question of how to compose the first course of steroids for a beginner, we will start from the use of prolonged testosterone, namely enanthate. In our opinion, the following would be an excellent first cycle for a beginner builder:

  1. 1st to 12th week twice for seven days, 0.25 milligrams are put.
  2. 1st to 14th week take anastrozole every second day, 0.25 milligrams. Start using an aromatase inhibitor from the second day of the cycle and continue taking it until the start of PCT.

Take tamoxifen or clomid during your recovery therapy. If you nevertheless decide to use a short ether dough, then opt for propionate. Put it every second day in the amount of 0.1 gram. In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you need to set feasible tasks for yourself and really assess your level of training.

For more on compiling a first course of steroids for beginners and mistakes in this, see the video below: