Is it better to take a gainer or a protein?

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Is it better to take a gainer or a protein?
Is it better to take a gainer or a protein?

In this article, you will learn why protein is more valuable than sports supplements - gainer? Also, beginners will understand the timing of the intake of both protein and fast carbohydrates. This will increase protein metabolism and a positive energy balance. The content of the article:

  • Distinctive characteristics of a gainer and protein
  • Why does an athlete need to use sports nutrition
  • Gainer versus protein: how to make the right choice

Gainer and Protein are two of the most popular sports supplements in the world of bodybuilding and other sports. Supplements have completely different effects on the body and are used at different time periods. Most exercising people see only one difference - the presence of carbohydrates in the gainer and their absence in protein. Athletes make an individual decision what is best for them to use based on their own training experience and the availability of the acquired knowledge. Often, many newbies buy a particular product, using the authoritative advice of a senior training partner, and accordingly do not even distinguish between the names of sports supplements.

If you believe the labels on the packages, then it turns out that both supplements help build muscle and increase strength. To understand the main differences in more detail, you need to study in detail both of these sports products. And only after that, an inexperienced beginner will be able to purchase exactly the option that suits his goals.

Distinctive characteristics of a gainer and protein

Distinctive characteristics of a gainer and protein
Distinctive characteristics of a gainer and protein

A gainer is a complex sports product that contains carbohydrates and proteins in a 1: 1 or 1: 3 ratio, creatine, vitamins and minerals. The variety of composition depends on the manufacturer. Many athletes consider the main disadvantage of a gainer to be excessive sugar, which contributes to an increase in subcutaneous fat with regular use of the product.

Protein supplements are made by filtration from natural raw materials, which yield 100% protein. One serving of the supplement contains approximately 30 grams of protein. This dosage is sufficient for a one-time use, the body is not able to assimilate more at one time. In addition, protein mixtures do not contain sugar and additional components.

The gainer contains a relatively small amount of protein (about 20 grams per serving), but carbohydrates make up the bulk (up to 80 grams). Most athletes find it inappropriate to take such an amount of carbohydrates, because the composition of simple foods contains a sufficient amount of energy, which will be enough to cover all the body's expenses. Lack of protein is an ongoing problem for all athletes. If you weigh 100 kg, then gaining the right amount of protein from foods is simply unrealistic: they will not be absorbed properly.

But there is another side of the coin: a bodybuilder, in order to increase muscle mass, needs to maintain a constant process of anabolism, and this is impossible without a positive energy exchange. There is an axiom that is often neglected by beginners: in order to start the growth process, you need to get more calories than you spend. Energy resources are needed for quality recovery after a grueling workout. Beginner athletes are 100% devoted to the training process and at the same time completely neglect their nutrition. Therefore, for years they cannot shift the volume of their biceps by a centimeter.

Why does an athlete need to use sports nutrition?

To build muscle mass, you need a constant source of protein: our digestive system is limited in food intake and the quality of its assimilation. This is why bodybuilders use nutritional supplements that have a high absorption rate and do not burden the digestive system. It is better for athletes with a thin physique to take a gainer: a large amount of carbohydrates will only benefit them. If a carbohydrate mixture that has a high glycemic index is consumed by an athlete prone to gaining excess weight, he will get it.

For such people, it is better to drink pure protein shakes. The only option for using a gainer for an endomorph is after training, when glycogen stores are completely depleted and an increased metabolism prevails. This technique will restore energy balance and will not lead to excess weight gain. Taking a gainer during your rest period is 90% likely to gain extra pounds.

Regular consumption of protein eliminates the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and has a positive effect on protein metabolism. But this, in turn, excludes an additional source of energy, without which muscle growth is impossible. Reception of a gainer can be excluded only if the athlete consumes a sufficient amount of carbohydrates from food. You need to understand that no whey protein will help if there is not enough energy to carry out metabolic processes.

Gainer vs. Protein: How to Make the Right Choice?

Gainer or protein - how to make the right choice
Gainer or protein - how to make the right choice

Now that you understand what the process of gaining muscle mass depends on, you can make the right choice in favor of a protein or a gainer. The first thing to do is to determine the type of energy exchange. This is a simple procedure that does not require the participation of a specialist. Already in the first month of intensive training, it is completely clear whether the mass is increasing or not.

To kickstart the anabolic process, increase your carbohydrate intake and keep your protein and fat levels in check. If the growth process has begun, it is necessary to exclude the intake of a protein supplement. Cessation of growth will indicate that there is not enough carbohydrates, then your choice is a gainer. At the same time, watch the amount of protein intake: the ideal option is 2 grams per 1 kilogram of body.

If in the first month of training the athlete does not bother to figure out what is better for him to use, and makes a choice in the direction of a gainer, which will further increase only the waist volume, then he will have to buy fat burners and understand their effectiveness.

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