Ukrainian Levkoy: history of the breed, pet care

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Ukrainian Levkoy: history of the breed, pet care
Ukrainian Levkoy: history of the breed, pet care

The history of the origin of the species, a description of the standard of appearance of the Ukrainian Levkoy, features of the character of the cat, the health of the pet, caring for the animal at home, the price of a thoroughbred kitten. Ukrainian Levkoy is a unique creature from the vast world of cats. These cats have collected all the most amazing qualities, they are beautiful and quite original, smart and resourceful, well-mannered and playful. Such a pet will be both a decoration of your home and a devoted friend who will be waiting for you from work and in every possible way deserve your praise, not daring to cross the conventional line between gaining attention and intrusiveness.

The history of the breeding of the Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed

Photo of Ukrainian Levkoy
Photo of Ukrainian Levkoy

If we talk about these delightful and extraordinary creatures, then one cannot ignore the fact that these representatives of the feline world appeared in it not just recently, their existence does not exceed 15 years. But, nevertheless, they are gaining more and more popularity every day, even if the glory and demand is limited to countries neighboring to Ukraine, but this is only because not everywhere know about the charming Levkoy.

Around the beginning of the 2000s, Elena Biryukova, a breeder and felinologist from Ukraine, came up with a brilliant idea, she came up with a completely new, hitherto unknown breed of cats. According to Elena Biryukova's “sketch”, the future representative of the feline world should combine everything that is, the best qualities: original appearance, not typical for all other Ukrainian cats; good health and a good-natured, friendly disposition. Then the program for breeding this wonderful Murzik started.

For a long period of time, the selection of candidates for the progenitors of the new breed was carried out, but in the end the favorites were the Don Sphynx and the Scottish Fold cat. When, after experimental mating, the first kittens were born, everyone already knew for sure - this is an undoubted success. Babies have inherited an exceptional set of genes from their parents, as if all this can be predicted or programmed in some amazing way.

Initially, no one even thought about what to call the future "stars" of the cat elite. But once, the founder of the breed stroked the kitten and she noticed one extraordinary similarity, it seemed to the breeder that the soft, silky texture of the animal's skin very much reminds her of the surface of the petals of a flower - Levkoya. Since then, the quirky kittens have acquired such a beautiful, creative name - Ukrainian Levkoy.

When a representative of this breed first flaunted at a prestigious cat show, which was held in Kiev, he aroused special interest in his person not only from the audience, but also from the most famous felinologists and connoisseurs of the feline world. After that, cats from Ukraine were immediately recognized in their homeland, in Russia and in some other CIS countries. Unfortunately, these cute pets cannot be called world-famous, but most likely, this is due to the youth of the species, as they say, everything has its place and time and, perhaps, fold-eared kittens will soon disrupt champion titles far beyond the ocean.

Ukrainian levkoy: description of the cat's appearance

Appearance of the Ukrainian Levkoy
Appearance of the Ukrainian Levkoy

For the reason that this breed has not yet been recognized by any of the world organizations, there are no specific official criteria for the breed standard, however, since these cats still take part in exhibitions,then there is a certain conditioned standard of appearance for them.

  1. Torso Ukrainian Levkoy is not small and relatively long, slender, but at the same time stocky with well-developed muscle tissue that covers the body and forms a light, graceful, muscular relief. The shoulder girdle and the projection of the hips in these purrs are slightly raised above the level of the back, thus, a kind of arc is formed. The average body weight of an adult cat varies from 4.5 to 5.5 kg, the fair sex is always much smaller, their body weight does not exceed 4 kg.
  2. Limbs these pets are very thin and slender, but they do not take up strength and stability. They end with paws rounded in shape and strong, fast-growing claws.
  3. Tail process also not small in length, noticeably tapering from base to tip. The tail of the Levkoy is rather nimble and agile; many compare it with a whip.
  4. Head representative of a unique breed is also not devoid of features. In its configuration, it looks more like a rectangle with rounded outlines, flat and slightly elongated in length. All protruding parts of the skull are very well visualized, very sharp, noticeable cheekbones, as if traced eyebrows and a narrow, but slightly wide nose and a protruding, strong chin. A distinctive feature of the Levkoy is also his forehead, the skin covering him is very wrinkled, in connection with which one gets the impression that this is not a cat, but some kind of guest from another, unknown planet.
  5. Auricles Ukrainian Levkoy are quite large, especially if we take into account the overall dimensions of the animal's cranium. The ears are set quite far apart from each other, besides this, they are also curved, but these curves do not touch the head. According to the appearance of the auricles, all representatives of the variety are conventionally divided into two large groups: folds and straights. Folds are seals with curled ears, and straights, in turn, are straightened. A mandatory rule when breeding these cats is that in no case should the natives of the same group be allowed to cross.
  6. Eyes Ukrainian Levkoy's are no less charming and unusual. In their shape, they resemble an almond, but when you look at the animal, it seems that the cat is constantly half asleep, since its eyes are always half closed. In addition, they are still slightly slanted, which gives the Levkoy's look some special "zest". The color of the iris of the eye can be very different, but it is believed that the most prestigious and demanded are the owners of rich green eyes or bright blue. Accordingly, the price of kittens also varies.
  7. Wool Ukrainian Levkoy is special in that it is either not there at all, or it is represented by single thin hairs that disappear over time. But, despite this, all, without exception, kittens of this breed are born, albeit in a short, but still "fur coat". This coat is not thick and harsh, but it is curly. After about a year and a half, no trace of this coat remains. Some individuals still have a little fur, in its texture it resembles soft velvet. As for the color of these seals, so far their standard allows for a riot of colors and a variety of color combinations.
  8. Skin representatives of the breed are also special in that in some parts of the body they form dense folds. They can be seen near the ears, in the neck, in the axillary part of the body and in the projection of the thighs. The skin of Ukrainian Levkoy is soft, velvety and always hot to the touch.

Ukrainian Levkoy: character and photo

Ukrainian levkoy lies
Ukrainian levkoy lies

These adorable cats are distinguished not only by their good-natured disposition and intelligent habits, they are also by nature the owners of a very outstanding intellect. A representative of this breed will not be difficult at all, not only to teach some elementary rules of living in your house, but also to simple tricks. It is only important to know and remember that these pets completely refuse to accept aggression from the owner, even if he raises his voice to his pet with a good purpose. After a while, you will realize that this hairless companion is very fond of flattery and praise. Thus, he kind of raises his own self-esteem. Therefore, the cat will try to earn your admiration or even an approving glance, humbly doing everything that you are trying to teach him.

Bringing Ukrainian Levkoy to the house, you most likely will not know what cat harm means. This purr does not tend to put his own special order in the house, he is indifferent to wallpaper and curtains, he will not throw off everything from the table or shelves that, in his feline opinion, does not belong there.

Such cats are moderately active, they are crazy about spending time together with their owner. Especially when the Ukrainian Levkoy is pampered with attention: he loves to be scratched behind the ear, but this comrade is also not indifferent to active and mobile fun. Show him a ball or string and the cat will happily drive around the house like crazy.

Such cats get along well with children, the main thing is that the child does not cause discomfort to the pet, and even more so painful sensations, the animal is unlikely to defend itself with the help of its claws, but the fact that then it will no longer allow the child to approach itself is a fact.

There are no problems with other pets, even a dog can become a best friend for Ukrainian Levkoy, especially if they grew up and were brought up together.

Ukrainian Levkoy health

Ukrainian levkoy plays
Ukrainian levkoy plays

Many, at the sight of cats that are deprived of hair, mistakenly assume that they are not very healthy, and as soon as a light breeze blows on them, the animal is already sick. This is not at all true, or rather not quite true. The Ukrainian Levkoy cannot be called a "strong fellow", since he has a certain predisposition to diseases, but by nature these cats have very stable body defenses. Therefore, subject to the rules of keeping and caring for a pet, timely vaccination and periodic meetings with a veterinarian, the average life expectancy of these purrs is from 9 to 15 years.

Something to be afraid of when a representative of this breed lives in your house is drafts and sudden changes in temperature. Hypothermia of Levkoy is fraught with diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis) and many other colds. Also, the bladder and kidneys of the Levkoy are vulnerable to cold.

Cases were recorded in Ukrainian Levkoy of pathologies from the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Some believe that a genetic predisposition is to blame, according to others - such problems in animals are due to stress.

Owners of these adorable cats should also pay attention to the food of their pets. This refers not only to the quality, but also to the amount of food eaten. The thing is that an excess of food can bring levkoy not only obesity, which also has a very unfavorable effect on the general condition of the body, but also to problems from the digestive tract, which tend to turn from acute conditions into chronic courses. And this means that you will have more problems, and the life of your pet cannot be called full.

Also, do not neglect periodic courses of anthelmintic therapy, additional vitamin and mineral complexes, but in no case do not select vitamin preparations and their doses yourself, without having a medical education. Some vitamins in the wrong doses will simply not be beneficial, and will also harm your tailed friend.

Home care for Ukrainian levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy is resting
Ukrainian Levkoy is resting
  1. Cat property. When you buy a pet and it doesn't matter who it is, you need to think carefully about where the animal will live, what to sleep on, what to eat and what to play with, and Ukrainian Levkoy is no exception. First of all, make sure that the cat has a private area. Let it be a house, a couch or a place made with your own hands, the main thing is that the pet knows that he has somewhere to retire and collect his thoughts. It is important that his "dwelling" is not installed either near heating appliances, or near windows and doors. Also, the pet's sleeping place must be kept clean and tidy, therefore, when choosing where the levkoy will sleep, immediately pay attention to whether you can wash and clean it. Together with the cat, it is recommended to bring a scratching post into the house (although the representatives of the breed are not famous for stripping wallpaper and furniture upholstery), but if he does not have anything to sharpen his claws about, he will get out of this situation by any means. In the event that the pet does not pay any attention to the scratching post, it is permissible to splash a few drops of valerian on it. A litter box is an indispensable item in a cat's home. First of all, it is worth deciding what kind of capacity you need. However, it doesn't matter, the Ukrainian levkoy doesn't care whether it will be an expensive dry closet for cats or an ordinary litter tray. The main thing for an animal is that his lavatory is always clean, and from it "a mile away" does not reek of an unpleasant aroma. Some people choose a tray depending on the maximum possible dimensions of their pet, if you choose a toilet for Ukrainian Levkoy, you should know that its height should not be lower than 7–8 cm, its length should never be less than 35–40 cm, and the width is not less than 25–30 cm. Dishes for the cat stand out as personal ones and are stored in a separate corner away from heating appliances. Today, pet stores offer a wide assortment of all kinds of different dishes that you choose - it doesn't matter, but it is better to avoid plastic products, especially those painted in the brightest shades, even if it is beautiful, but not always safe. Dyes can cause allergies in Levkoy. Under the influence of environmental factors, containers are subject to mechanical damage, which is not always noticeable and dirt accumulates in these microcracks, which later enters the food, and then into the stomach of your cat, which also does not bring anything good and useful. It is best to choose tall ceramic bowls for water and low but wide bowls for food. Your pet's dishes should also be kept clean at all times, and food and water should always be fresh.
  2. Skin care. Of course, the absence of thick, fluffy hair simplifies the care of the Ukrainian levkoy, since it does not need to be combed out, and it does not fade. But hairless cats have another problem - increased sebum production. Therefore, it will have to be bathed much more often than cats of other breeds. To do this, you need a quality shampoo, it is better to give preference to detergents for combination skin, warm water, a large soft towel and your patience. It is worth teaching Ukrainian Levkoy to take regular baths from early childhood, so at a more mature age, the cat will humbly stand under the stream of water and wait for the hour when he will be released. Remember to dry your pet thoroughly after bathing.
  3. Hygiene. Do not forget to regularly wipe the eyes of the animal, to clean the ears and teeth. It will be more than enough to do this about once a week.
  4. How to feed the Ukrainian Levkoy? Breeders recommend feeding these cats with premium or super premium ready-to-eat foods. Both dry and wet are suitable, it is better to give canned food for dinner so that you have the opportunity to remove the leftovers, and dry food is suitable for breakfast with a margin for lunch, if no one is at home, it will not deteriorate and wither. As for natural products, you can eat Ukrainian Levkoy: lean meat, liver, kidneys, udder, lungs, heart, bran, tripe, dairy products, eggs, cereals, vegetables, fruits.

Ukrainian levkoy: the price of a kitten

Ukrainian Levkoy kitten
Ukrainian Levkoy kitten

The average cost of this cat ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles, depending on the class.

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