Mechanical watches Patek Philippe

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Mechanical watches Patek Philippe
Mechanical watches Patek Philippe

Review of Swiss watches Patek Philippe: appearance and features, specifications, reviews and cost. Patek Philippe watches are expensive Swiss quality combined with a very complex and precise movement. They are renowned for the highest prices and the most sophisticated mechanics. Yes, this is a classic - a mechanical watch with a 24-hour dial, which, at the option of the buyer, can show not only the annual calendar, but also the lunar one, with its phases!

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What Patek Philippe watches look like: model photos

Unusual. Great. Especially impressive. They, like most watch brands, are divided into collections. Here are the names and features of some of them:

Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary
Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary

1.175th Anniversary:

very sophisticated chronograph dial (white or black), round case in white and yellow metal, crocodile leather strap (optional color, though red).

Patek philippe aquanaut
Patek philippe aquanaut

2. Aquanaut:

look sportier and still expensive like any of the Patek Philippe watch collection, the case is white or gold in the shape of a square with rounded corners, a simple dial with three hands and a date (day of the month), a rubber strap of different colors (usually matching dial).

Patek philippe nautilus
Patek philippe nautilus

3. Nautilus:

the case is square with rounded corners, suitable for those who like to spend time actively - flat and light. They have two or three hands, there is a date indicator. The case is made of steel and waterproof (you can dive in them), maybe, like an expensive metal bracelet, inlaid with precious stones, or maybe a crocodile leather strap.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications
Patek Philippe Grand Complications

4. Grand Complications:

an amazing dial is the hallmark of this Patek Philippe watch collection. Quite a large case with many chronographs and hands from 2 to 4. Both round and square, but made of stainless steel (and optionally precious). The color of the dial is black or white, but the strap for this model is selected from the classic - made of leather. The original Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002J-001 costs about $ 1,200,000 (18k yellow gold). There are cheaper watches - 75-280 thousand dollars.

Patek philippe golden ellipse
Patek philippe golden ellipse

5. Golden Ellipse:

perhaps the simplest of all Patek Philippe collections. Flat rectangular case with rounded corners in gold or silver color, with two hands, any background (black, blue, brown, etc.) anthracite, shiny and iridescent, leather strap.

Patek philippe twenty 4
Patek philippe twenty 4

6. Twenty 4:

especially for ladies (very bright). Rectangular case, elongated along the bracelet, made of precious metal with iridescent diamonds (just like the bracelet). Their price is from 9 to 140 thousand dollars, it all depends on the material: gold, diamonds, etc.

There is also a collection of Patek Philippe watches: Complicated Watches, Calatrava - they amaze with their uniqueness and variety.

Patek Philippe Specifications

Patek Philippe watch movement
Patek Philippe watch movement

The Patek Philippe branded wristwatch is as complex as it is expensive. If you are not very principled, then you can buy a less complex watch for a reasonable price (Chinese counterpart, quite a very good quality). The technical characteristics will then include:

  • Japanese movement (usually Miyota) with automatic winding or quartz movement with a battery (which will last at least a year);
  • mineral glass;
  • dial with Arabic, Roman numerals or just strokes, most of them with chronographs;
  • hands that show hours, minutes and seconds, calendar - day of the week, date and month, GMT;
  • IPG spraying on the steel case, which gives extraordinary durability and hypoallergenicity to Patek Philippe watches;
  • the style on which the manufacturers make supports is classic, therefore the case is round in diameter - 43 mm, thickness - 17 mm;
  • there are "instances" with a transparent inner glass, through which one can see how the mechanism ticks, or another dial is installed.

Watch functions Patek Philippe

Last but not least is the recognizable long-term classic and sophisticated style of these Swiss watches. If you see a rather massive case with many numbers (and different (both Arabic and Roman), hands, inside the dial there are still a couple of small-diameter circles and also with arrows - this is it, the famous Patek Philippe. Complements this cool indicator of any time and phases a crocodile leather strap (very durable and rather soft). Business style (more often for men, well, for women too.) In general, a special collection has been invented for women - a luxurious one, you just can't put a watch out of it, you need a good reason …

The watch functions, which are “built in” by high-class craftsmen at Patek Philippe, should satisfy any owner:

  • for divers water resistance even at great depths;
  • for astrologers, readings of the lunar phases and the rotation of the starry sky;
  • for connoisseurs of luxury expensive metal and precious stones, pretentiousness, pomp;
  • shockproof for athletes, with a stopwatch and other necessary "gadgets" for timing and calculating time and effort;
  • just for lovers of accurate time and simplicity: with an uncomplicated dial, two hands and a calendar.

Video of how the Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch was developed: