Stylish summer shoes: TOP-8 models for any occasion

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Stylish summer shoes: TOP-8 models for any occasion
Stylish summer shoes: TOP-8 models for any occasion

What kind of shoes are fashionable to wear in the summer? What can you wear for a walk, a date, a business meeting? TOP-8 models for any occasion.

Summer shoes are models that are comfortable to wear even in the most intense heat. But the aesthetic component is also important, especially if you want to be fashionable. Modern designers are very democratic and offer a wide range of options. And we, in turn, have collected TOP-8 models for any occasion. Among them, it is easy to choose a solution for a walk with friends, for going out, for a date and a business meeting.


Summer sleepers
Summer sleepers

Perhaps our grandmothers will never understand these shoes. After all, in fact, these are nothing more than house slippers. This is how the word "slippers" is literally translated from English. Until recently, something similar, at ease, could only be afforded by true aristocrats. Moreover, such slippers were worn by men. Now they have firmly entered the women's wardrobe. And they managed to become incredibly fashionable.

Sleepers are believed to have been worn by Prince Albert in the 1840s. He used to wear these slippers at home instead of formal shoes. The pair was paired with a smoking jacket or velvet tuxedo. Now there are many options with what to wear democratic sleepers.

Such summer women's shoes are similar to loafers. They also manage to confuse her with moccasins. But sleepers can be recognized by the following features:

  • The model is semi-closed;
  • The sole is by all means flat;
  • A small tongue is provided in the area of the instep.

Slippers have no laces, no zippers, no buckles. This explains their democracy and universality. In fact, sleepers go well with any outfit. The most important thing is to choose them according to the material and colors for the image. And in this regard, the market pleases with a variety.

"Slippers" are made of leather and suede, made of artificial and natural materials. There are options for any shades. Naturally, the calmer and more neutral the color, the higher the chance to combine shoes with a variety of outfits.

The pair will harmoniously complement trousers, jeans and shorts. Sleepers with skirts look quite nice - even if they are lush, beachy, even with strict office ones. There is an option in addition to a sundress, a dress.

Flip flops

Summer flip flops
Summer flip flops

This open-top summer shoe gets its name from the country where it comes from. It is believed that it was in Vietnam that they invented special flip flops with a bridge between the fingers. Images with flip flops have been found on ancient buildings. Presumably, they began to wear them for the first time several centuries ago. Now they are incredibly popular. They are bought with pleasure by women of fashion in different parts of our planet.

Flip flops are truly versatile shoes. They are worn by ladies of different ages. They provide comfort even when it is very hot outside, since these models of summer shoes are as open as possible.

One "but": not everyone can wear flip flops because of the webbing between the toes. It is extremely important to pay attention to this particular detail. It is best if it is round and soft enough. Sharp edges will surely chafe your skin! But for some ladies, the place between the fingers is so tender and sensitive that the best soft flip flops still cause irritation and lead to microdamage.

Otherwise, there is no competition for the most open flip flops. They are also convenient in that they put on shoes very quickly and easily. Unlike sandals, you don't have to fiddle with fasteners at all. It is enough just to put your feet in the flip flops, and take off your shoes in the same way.

Manufacturers offer these fashionable and comfortable summer shoes in a huge assortment:

  • The most inexpensive rubber or polyurethane flip flops are great for everyday use. They are comfortable to run around the city on business, go shopping.
  • Bright, colorful, multi-colored models will perfectly complement the beach ensemble. They are shod with sundresses and shorts, with bathing suits.
  • Open summer shoes made of leather or suede are acceptable in an office look. Then the preference for restrained shades. Alternatively, you can find modified flip-flops - with an ankle strap.

Surprisingly, such flip flops can be a spectacular addition to even an evening dress. For example, you can choose a combination-type model that is fashionable in the current season, and graceful shoes with thin jumpers will look great with it. Moreover, there are versions, even with heels, that go well with feminine seductive outfits.

By the way, a correctly chosen pair can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. The trend is summer wedge shoes, which give the desired a few centimeters of growth.


Summer loafers
Summer loafers

By the way, this model is borrowed from the men's wardrobe. And the girls are so fond of it that now it is difficult to imagine how they used to do without loafers. Such closed summer shoes are experiencing a surge in popularity today, since they are also very comfortable, lightweight and look cute. This is another universal solution, since loafers can be really matched to any image and different life situations.

Although the model is similar to moccasins, it has its own distinctive features:

  • Tough and wide outsole;
  • Low, stable heel;
  • Front decoration - tassel or fringe made of leather, jumper with a slit.

For loafers to be considered universal, you should choose a model in neutral colors. It is not necessary to take a black pair for the summer. You can buy light-colored shoes - beige and even white. If you want something brighter and more interesting, burgundy loafers are worth considering. Although they are expressively colored, they are surprisingly well combined with different ensembles.

However, it is not necessary to deny yourself color in the hot season. Such women's shoes look great in the summer if they are made of pink, blue leather. You can add a little glamor to your look by looking for a silver or gold pair.

Naturally, it is worth considering the image as a whole so that it is whole and harmonious. Calm shoes in neutral colors go well with jeans and even trousers. Above you can throw a shirt or blouse - for a business meeting and for the office.

Multi-colored shoes, albeit bright, albeit pastel, can complement a sundress, dress, skirt. By the way, for the hottest weather it is worth looking at the model without a heel. It looks exactly the same elegant and stylish, but at the same time it is even more comfortable, since the foot is better blown by fresh air.

Pointed shoes

Pointed Summer Shoes
Pointed Summer Shoes

Yes, these outstanding models in every sense are in trend again! Not all girls love shoes and sandals with pointed toes. But in order to be known as a fashionista, you should definitely buy summer shoes of this type, because after a long pause, the designers returned to these models again.

The first thing they conquer is that sharp socks cannot be overlooked. They look elegant and sophisticated, although not everyone likes such beauty.

Today, couturiers propose to wear sharp-toed shoes with a variety of outfits:

  • If these are calm pumps of a neutral color, they are shod with office outfits. They will make a set with a sheath dress, a tight skirt, classic and skinny trousers.
  • The wedge model is suitable for a casual look. For example, such shoes or sandals are worn with a light summer dress with a flared skirt. They look good with wide, loose trousers made from natural linen.
  • Pointed-toed ballet flats are chosen as a universal solution. They are very comfortable, they will be good with almost any skirt and dress, trousers and even shorts.

Such summer shoes for women are made of leather and suede, imitation leather and specially processed textiles. It is available in any shade, so there is an option for every taste. Manufacturers are also willingly experimenting with decor. There are pairs with buckles and fringes, with perforations and tassels. For the most daring fashionistas, couturiers offer pointed shoes with spikes. They are placed over the entire surface. In their own way, models are interesting where spikes serve as accents: for example, they are inserted on the toe, on the back or on the heel.

Rope Sandals

Rope Summer Sandals
Rope Summer Sandals

Perhaps this trend best reflects what the world has missed. For a relaxing holiday on the seaside, when all the problems fade into the background. Therefore, almost all fashion houses have included such summer shoes in 2021 in their collections.

This pair is versatile, lightweight and comfortable. Creates a resort mood, even if you have to meet the heat in the city. Manufacturers produce a huge number of models. Depending on the material of manufacture, width and processing of the "ropes", sandals acquire their own sound. Of course, the color of summer shoes also matters.

What can you suggest for a modern girl's wardrobe:

  • If you want neutral shoes that will be good with different ensembles, then preference is for a pair where thin graceful genuine leather straps are used as ropes. Such sandals are acceptable even in the office, but they will be equally comfortable in them during a regular walk around the city, and even on a trip.
  • For a more pronounced resort look, models with wide, deliberately rough "ropes" are welcome. Their holiday character will be emphasized by the colors. You can buy blue sandals, it is interesting, the products in which white side by side with black look like a nautical one.
  • Versions with thick soles are interesting in their own way. The shoes look massive, a little brutal. She emphasizes the fragility of the figure especially well. Such sandals are curiously combined with flying dresses, skirts made of flowing fabric.

When choosing fashionable summer shoes made of ropes, special attention is paid to quality and comfort. It is worth examining how well the jumpers are glued or sewn, as they can come off quickly, ruining the whole experience if the fixation is unreliable. It is even better to pull the strings on purpose when buying.

When it comes to convenience, it is important to eliminate unnecessary pressure and friction. It is important to remember that in summer the legs swell and swell a little. Ideally, measure a pair in the midst of the heat, since the ropes can rub the skin a lot, and then you have to give up sandals altogether in order to avoid the formation of wounds.

Kitten heels

Summer shoes Kitten heels
Summer shoes Kitten heels

It is good news that the entire modern world gravitates towards comfort, instead of sacrificing convenience in favor of fashion and beauty. And the trends of summer shoes only confirm this. Today it is difficult to believe in the fact that until recently, every fashionista considered it necessary to include shoes or stiletto heels in her own arsenal. Now, almost all of them wear shoes without heels in the summer. Or he is so short that he can be called purely symbolic.

And so-called Kitten heels are among the leaders of the most fashionable models. In general, such a word is usually called a miniature heel. But in the same way they call shoes with him, be they shoes, sandals or even flip flops.

The main limitation for such a heel: its height should be within 3-5 cm. In terms of shape, designers do not restrain themselves. They offer Kitten heels as a shot glass. But in the same way, in the summer, shoes with a wide and stable, but low heel are in trend. This is a real salvation for short ladies who just want to throw at least a couple of three centimeters to their own height.

Kitten heels are willingly worn by women who, in principle, do not perceive even winter or summer shoes without a heel - they say, this is the lot of men. Still models of this type perfectly stimulate to align, proudly carry the head, emphasizing the beauty of posture. Still, the heel, even if not high, works wonders.

Kitten heels can and should be bought to create a variety of summer ensembles. True, it is precisely such shoes and sandals that require strict rules for combining with clothes, since it is enough to make a mistake to spoil the image or distort the proportions of the physique not in your favor.

What to wear Kitten heels with:

  • The ideal addition to such shoes for the summer for women is light cropped trousers that open the ankle. They add fragility and sophistication to the look. Especially if you buy sandals or shoes with low heels like "glass".
  • For work, an official event, a business meeting, shoes with thin heels are perfect, with which you should wear a formal suit or a narrow dress.
  • Kitten heels are indispensable in creating a retro look! In this case, they should wear jeans, including ripped ones, a checked shirt. On a cool evening, throw in a voluminous sweater or jacket.
  • A mini heel and a little black dress are the perfect match. Moreover, the image turns out to be perfect, harmonious, regardless of the style. For example, it can be a sexy tight dress, an outfit with a pleated or flared skirt, a model with an hourglass style.

The key limitation for Kitten heels is the wide leg pants. In general, you should be extremely careful with oversized outfits. Such compositions generally do not increase but decrease growth. If the girl is inclined to be overweight, this combination only emphasizes the roundness and splendor of the forms.

Sport shoes

Summer sports shoes
Summer sports shoes

Perhaps, a variety of sneakers and sneakers today have become a full-fledged must have for modern girls, just as stiletto heels once acted in this capacity. And this cannot but rejoice. Moreover, such shoes have successfully left the sports category, although they are called that out of habit. She has become the base for a fashionable wardrobe: with her they make up a variety of ensembles, including business ones.

Naturally, this does not mean that there are no certain frames and fashion trends. When choosing sneakers to replenish summer shoes, they pay attention to the following key aspects:

  • The predetermining criterion for selection is color. The sports pair can be purchased in classic white or black. It will be a successful purchase with a versatile character. But the most fashionable are such colors as red and orange, turquoise and yellow, and orange at the peak of popularity.
  • Many fashion houses are promoting the trend of wearing not plain, but multi-colored sneakers and sneakers. Sports types of summer shoes with prints, including animalistic ones, are welcome in every possible way. And in general, the colors can be extremely expressive and bold - let all the shades of the rainbow come together.

It is worth noting that these models are rich in details in the new season. All kinds of stickers and Velcro, layering and lacing are welcome. Another fashion trend is sneakers with a thick, chunky sole. Naturally, they don't fit all looks. But the youth outfit goes well with such shoes. You can even buy sneakers with tractor soles.


Summer espadrilles
Summer espadrilles

This shoe was invented in sunny Italy. It is not surprising that she asks for a summer look. After all, the model is associated with warmth and sun, salty sea spray, golden sand and tan. True, since its creation in the 60s, espadrilles have been repeatedly transformed, so by now they are represented by numerous types. It is worth working out with them in order to buy shoes for the summer that will meet personal needs, without disappointing in convenience and helping to express yourself.

Traditionally, espadrilles are called cotton or linen flat shoes. Their key difference is a braided sock and a pigtail in a circle. But at the same time, modern women of fashion can choose such soft and comfortable summer shoes to their taste.

How to choose your espadrilles:

  • Calm monochromatic is very versatile. In the case when during the day you need to change the image several times, but staying in the same pair.
  • Colorful and bright - a spectacular accent in a beach look. She's perfect for a summer party.
  • Espadrilles that use two or more colors are shoes that help experiment with the image. You can make up an ensemble focusing on one of the shades.
  • Denim shoes are a great addition to a casual set. Especially popular are shoes made from worn, faded denim.
  • With embroidery and other decor - looks lovely with feminine outfits.
  • With inscriptions and prints - youth models that look stylish and modern.
  • With an open heel - a lightweight option, especially useful in intense heat.

By the way, today such shoes are even made of genuine leather. Keeping the special details, manufacturers offer similar models to serious respectable ladies. These summer leather shoes are incredibly comfortable. At the same time, she does not look frivolous, but serious and even solid. Naturally, if you give preference to noble shades.

How to choose summer shoes - watch the video:

Summing up, it can be emphasized that today women of fashion can wear a wide variety of summer shoes - shoes, sandals and sandals, sneakers and sneakers, while not denying themselves comfort and emphasizing their own taste. And it's great that you can stay beautiful while taking care of the health of your legs.