Can I wash my hair every day: 5 tips from beauty experts

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Can I wash my hair every day: 5 tips from beauty experts
Can I wash my hair every day: 5 tips from beauty experts

Can I wash my hair every day? How to properly keep your hair clean? 5 tips from experienced beauty bloggers for the beauty of hair.

Whether it is possible to wash your hair every day is a question that many women ask. On the one hand, it is desirable and important to keep the hair clean. On the other hand, it's scary to harm her. As in any other business, it is worth adhering to the "golden mean" in washing. If you overdo it, you can actually harm your hair. Washing your hair every day is often just excessive diligence. Even without being a specialist, it is easy to assume that because of this, the hair will only suffer. For example, from the influence of chlorinated tap water, abuse of shampoos, washing out of natural lubricants. But walking with dirty hair is not an option either. Therefore, you can listen to experienced people: 5 tips from beauty bloggers will help to develop the rules for competent care.

Can I wash my hair every day?

Can I wash my hair with shampoo every day
Can I wash my hair with shampoo every day

It should be emphasized that the attitude to daily hair washing is different even among specialists. It also changed with the development of the cosmetics industry. For a couple of decades, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to wash your hair every day using shampoos was obvious. The composition of such funds left much to be desired. Therefore, all experts recommended not to abuse them. But by now the situation has changed radically.

Modern cosmetics have gone far ahead. Today, the widest range of products is on sale. Therefore, you can choose a shampoo for a specific hair type. There is a composition with extremely gentle ingredients. So the problem of abuse of shampoos due to daily washing, provided that the product is chosen correctly, disappears by itself. If you find a delicate product that exactly meets the characteristics and needs of your hair, it will not harm you in any way.

Trichologists and other specialists cannot come to a consensus regarding the washing out of natural protective and supporting substances from the hair. Some are still sure that excessive diligence in maintaining the cleanliness of the hair can be harmful. They say that its own lipid protective layer is washed off, so the hair becomes vulnerable to destructive effects. Other professionals are confident that a quality shampoo will not upset the balance in any way. It is possible and necessary to maintain cleanliness, resorting to procedures as often as you want.

If we reduce the opinions of different specialists to a common denominator, then mostly professionals today recommend setting a washing schedule in accordance with the characteristics of the hair. They all get dirty at different rates. It is only on this criterion that you should be guided. If the hair becomes oily very quickly, since the sebaceous glands work extremely actively, you can wash your hair every day, choosing the right shampoo. Moreover, subject to a competent choice, it may even be possible to moderate the ardor of the glands a little - to normalize the production of sebum. And in this case, it will be possible to change the schedule of procedures without grabbing the shampoo every day.

If the hair remains clean, dry, and sometimes this is caused by a lack of sebum, then a measure is needed in washing. In such a situation, excessive zeal can definitely hurt. After all, the head will be affected not only by shampoo, but also by chlorinated water, which in itself has the effect of drying curls.

5 beauty expert tips to stop washing your hair every day

It is worth starting with a sound definition of the characteristics and condition of the hair. Alas, sometimes girls proceed from habit and reasoning, they say, not having washed their heads in the morning is stale. But with a normal and even more dry type of hair, it is especially easy to harm them by too frequent washing. If you are guided by the specifics of your own hair, then the beauty of the curls will delight with moderate care.

Determine your hair type

Hair types
Hair types

Instead of wondering what will happen if you wash your hair every day, it is better to diagnose by understanding your own hair type. Experts say that each head of hair has its own characteristic features. You can deal with them by visiting a trichologist.

But it is also quite possible to conduct a relatively simple test at home to determine what the curls need:

  1. Examine the hair in the light first … If they have a pleasant shine along their entire length, they are most likely the dry type. If the color is dull, it means that not enough sebum is produced. Sometimes it is obvious that the roots have a shine, and from the middle approximately the strands fade and become dry - this is a mixed type. If the head seems to be shiny with fat, it is obvious that the sebaceous glands are too zealous.
  2. Observe which mode of washing your hair is more comfortable for you personally.… If it is enough to repeat washing every two days, this is normal hair type. When, in this mode, the head itches, discomfort occurs, which means that the hair is prone to dryness. If it is difficult to catch a rhythm, daily washing leads to brittle ends, less care is fraught with a feeling of greasy roots, this is a mixed type of hair. If the head looks dirty, if it is not washed daily, this indicates the active work of the sebaceous glands with excessive production of sebum.
  3. Is there a problem with split ends … With normal and oily hair, this is usually not a problem. But with dryness, not only the ends can break, but also the hair along the entire length.
  4. Pay attention to the skin … This will clearly tell you whether to wash your hair every day. If the skin itches, flakes, there are large flakes of dandruff, this is a dry or mixed type. Then the abuse of washing will only hurt! If the skin is greasy to the touch, there is dandruff, but also oily in sensations, sometimes it forms a crust, then sebum is produced in excess. In this case, inflamed areas on the head may still be observed.
  5. What hair ends look like before washing … They will help to complete the formation of an idea of / u200b / u200bthe features of the hair. If the tips are dense, rarely stray into knots, then we can talk about the normal type. Dry hair generally frizzy and tangled at the ends, easily and almost imperceptibly. If the type is mixed, then there is a difference with the hair at the roots - there they are denser, "sit" more neatly. The tips look bulky and tangled. If the head tends to be greasy, clumping of the strands is typical. They look bold.

Choose the right shampoo

Choosing a shampoo
Choosing a shampoo

Modern care products are developed with the participation of dermatologists and taking into account the latest knowledge in the field of trichology. Therefore, having determined the type of hair, it is extremely important to find a product that suits the curls in the best way. Experience shows that it is not so much the frequency of washing that matters, but the correct answer to the question of what shampoo to wash your hair with every day, if such frequent care is necessary. By the way, by restoring natural protection, reducing the oily skin, sometimes it turns out to reduce the number of procedures.

Features of the selection of shampoo:

  • For a dry head … You need a product that will support and protect the skin microbiota, as well as improve the hydrolipid balance. Therefore, it is better to use shampoos with nourishing oils and ceramides. It is worth excluding the harmful effects and finding a product without sulfates and other aggressive components. Amino acids and antioxidants have a beneficial effect on dry skin and strands - it's good when the product is enriched with them.
  • For oily hair … It is useful to figure out why the hair quickly becomes greasy. Sometimes the root of the problem is in the hormonal area. But sometimes it is corny wrong or rarely cleansing is performed: if you wash your hair every day, your hair looks healthier, unpleasant shine, discomfort, and dandruff go away. It should be noted that due to the specificity of the hormonal system, fat content is more likely to bother men than women. For this type of hair, shampoos are selected that help regulate the production of sebum, normalize the processes taking place in the sebaceous glands. Needed funds with salicylic acid, sorbents (coal, clay), piroctone olamine. They absorb oil, soothe the skin, and provide a feeling of freshness and purity.
  • For mixed type of hair … If the skin is oily, and the hair is dry in length, it is especially difficult to choose a product, but it is possible. Sometimes the problem can be solved with the help of a trichologist. For example, a specialist is able to detect that the secretion of the sebaceous glands is too thick, therefore it is not distributed over all curls. Sometimes a person does not comb his hair well enough for the sebum to reach the ends. In any case, for this type of curls, care products are suitable that help remove fat from the roots, excluding overdrying of the ends. To do this, add charcoal to the composition: it just removes the extra secret. A component such as a sunscreen will be beneficial: it will prevent the destruction of dry ends from ultraviolet radiation.
  • For normal hair … It is a mistake to believe that you can wash your hair every day with shampoo, and with any shampoo, if it is not oily, not dry, because balance is a fragile thing. It is very easy to break it. Therefore, preference for formulations without harmful components. It is better to exclude sulfates, choose a product that helps to naturally preserve the hydrolipid layer without destroying the microbiota.
  • For sensitive skin … If the head becomes covered with red spots, painful sensation and other discomfort arises in response to the most unexpected factors - tap water, hair dyes, stress, then a special remedy is needed. First of all, sulfates should be excluded. Better yet, pay attention to shampoos with soothing ingredients. This will minimize sensitivity without overwhelming washing.

Adjust the water temperature

How to adjust the water temperature when washing your hair
How to adjust the water temperature when washing your hair

Sometimes it is not clear how to stop washing your hair every day, if, in fact, you still cannot return the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Despite the fact that the type of hair is correctly set, the shampoo is correctly selected for them. It is possible that the feeling of greasy remains due to the fact that washing is performed with too hot or too cold water.

A competently set temperature provides the desired effect:

  • The shampoo foams easily and well.
  • The foam spreads quickly and freely through the hair.
  • Fats and other contaminants are dissolved and washed off.

If the water is cool, then you will notice that the hair after washing does not seem to have changed much. Since the feeling remains that they are dirty, you have to look for information about whether it is harmful to wash your hair every day. Instead, it is enough to heat the water harder to make the fats that cover the skin and strands flow and wash away.

However, too hot water is also not a way out of the situation! It causes irritation, can disrupt the skin and the processes of sebum production. As a result, the head is more vulnerable to harmful factors. It reacts more strongly and sharply to styling, and is more susceptible to attacks by microorganisms. Therefore, dandruff may appear, and the production of sebum may increase.

Experts recommend using water heated to 38 degrees. It is slightly hotter than body temperature, and this is quite enough to wash out the dirt well, while maintaining the health of the skin and curls.

Follow the shampooing technique

How to wash your hair properly
How to wash your hair properly

If you want to, even if you can't wash your hair every day, because of the feeling that it is constantly dirty, perhaps it is simply not properly washed! Yes, yes, because the washing technique is rarely taught to children when they begin to independently perform hygiene procedures. And completely in vain! Such children grow up into adults who do not know how to care for the scalp and curls.

What are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Washing tangled hair … Admit it to yourself, do you comb your curls before washing them? Rarely does an adult give a positive answer to this question. And if someone is combing immediately before washing, it is purely for a signal. But if you work well with the comb, of course, without scratching the skin, it is easy to prepare the base for the shampoo. It will spread and foam perfectly, the foam will envelop each hair, dissolving and destroying all impurities. Not to mention the fact that it is trivial for the detergent not to penetrate to the roots and to the skin if the head is covered with a cap of tangled strands.
  • Shampoo generously … This is definitely not worth doing! It only seems that by pouring shampoo on your head, you will be able to wash it as thoroughly and meticulously as possible. The fact is that it washes, in fact, foam. Therefore, it is most correct to pick up a little product in the palm of your hand, foam it a little while still in your hands, and then distribute it through your hair. By the way, pouring shampoo directly on your head can be harmful, since it is a concentrated product. If it hits small areas of the skin, it can lead to unpredictable consequences!
  • Excessive zeal when washing … Alas, if you rub your skin and hair very hard, you will not get rid of the problem of dirty hair at all. This is exactly what the owners of oily curls and skin sin. They work very actively with their hands, trying to wash off even the smallest particles of fat, rejoice when their hair "squeaks", thinking that this is a sign of cleanliness. As a result, you have to wash your hair every day, despite the harm. In this case, aggressive washing leads to the fact that the sebaceous glands are only activated in order to produce more sebum - to protect the skin and curls. It turns out a vicious circle, from which there is no other way out, except as delicacy in care.

You also have to wonder why you can't wash your hair every day if the procedure is performed without taking into account the specifics of the skin and hair. The fact is that the process differs depending on whether the curls are dry or not, sebum is strongly produced, moderately or with a deficiency.

If the hair is of a normal type, the foam is distributed evenly over the skin and curls. Effortlessly, gently and delicately, the head and strands are massaged with the fingertips. Then wash off the shampoo. If the hair is dry and the roots are oily, then the algorithm changes. It is important to work more thoroughly on your head, trying to eliminate the fat from the skin. But the curls are not washed so hard: after massaging a little, they quickly wash off the foam, minimizing its effect on dry strands.

Rinse off shampoo thoroughly

How to wash off shampoo from hair
How to wash off shampoo from hair

Some experts are ready to proclaim publicly that rinsing off shampoo residues is even more important than washing your hair. And it's hard to disagree with them. If the product remains on the skin, it will inevitably have a very quick sensation as if the hair is dirty. And then you no longer have to wonder why it is harmful to wash your hair every day: it seems that there is simply no other way out.

First, the shampoo should not remain on the skin, no matter how useful and gentle it may be. Its constant exposure is annoying. Secondly, the remnants of the product simply form a film that does not allow air to pass through, clogs the pores. Therefore, the hair becomes dull, unpleasant sensations arise: sometimes the skin itches, sometimes there is a feeling of tightness.

To accurately get rid of the smallest particles of shampoo, it is worth washing your hair under a stream of water 2 times longer than the process of foaming the product and washing it took. Accordingly, the thicker the hair, the longer the strands, the longer both the first and the second stage lasts.

How much time to spend on washing and rinsing off the product is calculated individually. Some experts believe that it takes at least five minutes to foam the shampoo and remove dirt with foam if the haircut is short. Of course, a luxurious mane will take much longer.

How often to wash your hair - watch the video:

Whether it is normal to wash your hair every day is a question, the answer to which is better to look for on your own, having figured out the type and characteristics of the hair. If the care helps to maintain the beauty of the curls, the health of the skin is maintained, then the mode is chosen correctly. And vice versa, if, with the set mode, the hair dulls or grows fat, other problems appear, it is necessary to correct it.