Hot scrub - choice, recipes, application

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Hot scrub - choice, recipes, application
Hot scrub - choice, recipes, application

What is a hot scrub? The effectiveness of the procedure, indications and contraindications. Popular beauty products and homemade recipes. How to use a hot scrub?

A hot scrub is a product that helps fight cellulite and fat deposits, and also cleanses the skin. Although it is gaining more and more widespread distribution and popularity, so far not everyone understands what it is. Meanwhile, the procedure is more than valuable, since it not only produces a cosmetic effect, but also has a beneficial effect on health. It is worth finding out in more detail what its essence is, as well as methods of making a hot scrub at home from improvised means.

What is a hot scrub?

Hot body scrub
Hot body scrub

Pictured is a hot body scrub

Some girls still do not fully understand what a hot scrub is, how to use such an amazing tool. Based on the name, many conclude that the essence of the procedure lies precisely in the temperature of the means with which the scrubbing is performed. There is some logic in this, but nevertheless, the method works in a different way.

The warming effect of the product is of key importance. It is thanks to him that the event surprises with its effectiveness. The mass used for scrubbing is not heated before use.

How the hot scrub works:

  • Activates metabolic processes;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Stimulates the movement of lymph;
  • Burns off accumulations of fat cells.

Anti-cellulite hot scrub is made with the addition of certain components, which are responsible for the amazing warming effect. For example, the composition includes:

  • Hot pepper extract;
  • Kelp extract;
  • Medicinal herbs;
  • Coffee;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Fruit acids;
  • Essential oils.

In order for the hot cellulite scrub to gently remove dead skin cells, abrasive particles are added to it. Cleaning is the most important stage in the work of the tool. Thanks to her, the active substances penetrate better. Therefore, they perform their task much more efficiently.

There is nothing complicated about using a hot scrub. It is applied to the skin, which is recommended to steam a little beforehand, for example, by taking a shower. Then a delicate massage is performed. After that, the mass remains a little more on the body, and then it should be scrupulously washed off. How much time to massage, how long to leave, depends on the composition. The more aggressive the burning components, the more careful you need to be.

The same goes for the frequency of repetition of the procedure. If the composition is gentle, you can scrub every three days. To enhance the fat-burning effect, a wrap is recommended immediately after execution.

Indications for the use of a hot scrub

Cellulite as an indication for the use of a hot scrub
Cellulite as an indication for the use of a hot scrub

Although the use of a hot scrub is also possible for a preventive purpose, it is nevertheless more often resorted to when certain problems with appearance are observed.

Indications for such a procedure are:

  • Cellulite and even a tendency towards it;
  • Body fat;
  • Stretch marks and loss of skin elasticity.

Since the technique works deeper than a regular scrub, the effect is more profound. Therefore, you can perform the procedure if you want to get rid of toxins and toxins. In general, the event has a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Therefore, if it has faded, faded, does not please with smoothness, you can try this type of scrub.

Contraindications to the use of a hot scrub

Heart disease as a contraindication to a hot scrub
Heart disease as a contraindication to a hot scrub

In general, the procedure is relatively safe. Especially if the product contains gentle components. Nevertheless, before using a hot body scrub, you should make sure that there are no contraindications to it.

The procedure will have to be postponed for skin diseases. If varicose veins are pronounced, especially in those areas where scrubbing is necessary, you also do not need to experiment. Due to the activation of blood circulation, negative consequences are possible.

In general, in case of cardiovascular pathologies, if such measures are performed, then after consulting a doctor. A contraindication is considered damage to the skin, tumors. Also, during pregnancy, it is better not to scrub using this technique.

Allergic reactions to the components of the composition are also a reason to abandon the procedure. Fortunately, there are industrial production complexes that work delicately. You can also prepare a remedy at home that will not cause allergies or irritation.

How to choose a hot body scrub?

Fitness Model Hot Scrub
Fitness Model Hot Scrub

In the photo, a hot Fitness Model scrub at a price of 427 rubles.

While hot scrub is still a wonder for some, many manufacturers already offer great products that show excellent results. And it's worth getting to know products that are truly effective. The more convenient industrial cosmetics are, they are ready for use. No need to spend personal time preparing the composition. Plus they are tested so you can trust cosmetics without worrying about potential health risks.

TOP 3 best hot scrubs:

  • Floresan Fitness Body Anti-cellulite Hot Scrub … This is a domestic product that has incorporated several substances that cause a warming effect. Therefore, he was recognized as very effective. Moreover, the cosmetics are relatively gentle. Red pepper extract, cinnamon essential oil and caffeine are responsible for the "burning" effect. They speed up metabolism, helping to "melt" fat cells and eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. Due to this, weight loss, elimination of cellulite crust, and restoration of the skin in those places where stretch marks have formed are observed. Tightening is facilitated by the introduction of diatoms. Floresan Hot Scrub also contains coconut oil and castor oil. Due to this, he acts softly. The mass itself is oily to the touch. Although the composition contains abrasive particles, they are tiny, almost invisible, they do not scratch the skin, but gently remove the hardened cells. The hot scrub from Floresan is in demand not only due to its effectiveness, it also pleases with an affordable cost: such a product is sold in 500 ml cans for 213 rubles. or 77 UAH.
  • Fitness Model Anti-Cellulite Spicy Warming Body Scrub … Another worthy option, the effectiveness of which is based on the use of several active ingredients at once - cinnamon, pepper oil, caffeine, algae. Providing a warming effect, the Fitness Model hot scrub helps to fight excess weight, cellulite, demonstrating also the effect of tightening the skin. After the course of application, the bumps, which are called "orange peel", are reduced. The skin becomes soft, tender, tone returns to it. The cost of a 250 ml can is 157 rubles. or 56 UAH.
  • Hot body scrub FitContour Dobrovit … This remedy is a little more expensive. But it also pleases with its effectiveness. The effect of fat burning, anti-cellulite and skin tightening is achieved through a combination of ingredients such as sea salt and red pepper. A 200 ml jar costs 427 rubles. or 170 UAH.

Hot body scrub recipes

Hot chili scrub
Hot chili scrub

Although it can be easier to buy a ready-made hot scrub than to mess with its preparation, on the other hand, you can experiment, especially since for many formulations at home all the necessary components are likely to be found.

Effective recipes for hot scrubs:

  • Based on red ground pepper … The burning component will need 1 tablespoon. About 100-150 grams of honey is added to it. Plus, they use ground coffee or sea salt (100 g). The three ingredients are kneaded and immediately applied to the body. Having massaged the problem areas a little, they leave the mix on the skin for literally 5-10 minutes. Then they take a warm shower. If you want the mass to foam under your hands, it is enough to add a little of your favorite shower gel to the composition.
  • Based on peppermint essential oil … This active ingredient will need 1 teaspoon. Semi-melted coconut oil is added to it in the same volume. And one more tablespoon of sugar is needed. After mixing, the mass can be used. But the recipe is also convenient in that the product is stored in a tightly closed jar for a long time. Therefore, you can prepare a scrub in a larger volume so as not to fiddle with it every time.
  • Based on almond oil and cinnamon … If there is a desire and time to tinker longer, preparing a remedy to combat cellulite and extra pounds, you can prepare the next hot scrub at home. It will need the following components: almond oil (can be replaced with olive or corn) - 60-70 ml, finely ground sea salt - 60-70 g, ground cinnamon - 5 g, hot pepper (ground) - 5 g. First you need heat the oil in a water bath. It should be about body temperature, slightly hotter - up to 38 degrees. Then spices are introduced into it. After stirring, add salt. Immediately, after mixing the mass again, you need to start scrubbing. The tool is distributed over problem areas, acting according to the algorithm already described above. Alternatively, you can use coffee grounds instead of salt. If the skin does not please with dryness, a tendency to irritation, it will be useful to add liquid honey to the composition. To make the warming effect even more expressive, it is enough to drop essential oils into the product - grapefruit or rosemary, juniper or ginger.

How to use a hot scrub?

How to use a hot scrub
How to use a hot scrub

The procedure is performed both independently and in combination with other anti-cellulite measures. The composition should be tested on a small area of the skin to check the body's response. Especially if it contains very hot ingredients.

Before applying the scrub, it is worth taking a shower to warm up the body and gain moisture. At this time, the pores are already opening, the cells are getting ready for work. Next, apply the tool, distributing it over problem areas with massaging movements.

In this case, you need to listen to your own feelings. There should be a slight tingling and burning sensation - these are the active substances that work. But if it burns unbearably, you should immediately wash off the composition.

It is important to exclude contact with mucous membranes! Otherwise, severe burns are possible!

Note! Hot pepper scrub and analogues are applied differently from conventional skin cleansers. They treat exclusively problem areas.

Having sustained the scrub on the body as needed, it is washed off with warm water. You can complete the procedure by applying your favorite cream.

Despite the fact that this method of fighting cellulite and body fat has not yet become widespread, the reviews about hot scrubs are more than inspiring and inspiring. As practice shows, the funds really help to lose kilograms and reduce the appearance of cellulite. They are also highly effective in removing blemishes on the skin. Namely in the fight against stretch marks.

As a rule, conclusions about the effectiveness should be drawn no earlier than after a month and a half of regular use. It should be remembered that cosmetic procedures are many times more effective when they are included in the complex of measures for beauty and health. That is, you also need to establish a healthy diet, keep fit through exercise. And then the kilograms melt, the "orange peel" disappears, the skin becomes soft, tender, without pronounced stripes.

Real reviews of hot scrub

Hot scrub reviews
Hot scrub reviews

Before trying new techniques on yourself, it is useful to read reviews about hot scrub and home cooking features. They help to highlight accents and navigate the choice of which tool to use.

Veronica, 36 years old

After pregnancy, I realized with horror that I needed to deal with new 30 kg, terrible stretch marks all over my stomach … I got down to business in a complex way, sat down on buckwheat, exercise. Plus I decided to do different cosmetic procedures. I liked the Floresan Fitness Body scrub very much. Nice, doesn't bake too. Three months of struggle made themselves felt! Threw off 10 kg, it took 18 cm from the waist. Plus, those ugly stripes with which the belly and sides were "decorated" are almost invisible. Of course, the benefits of a scrub are obvious!

Dina, 29 years old

While studying at the institute, under stress, I imperceptibly ate my stomach, sides, ears and hips appeared, and cellulite clearly began to appear. I decided to try the means at hand. I mixed a scrub of sugar, olive oil and a little red ground pepper. I liked the feeling, it tingles a little, but bearable. Literally a month did - the skin became much softer, and there imperceptibly and irregularities seem to melt. Now I continue, I also added sports.

Mirra, 42 years old

I tried so many things to remove stretch marks. It seems that the belly is not very big, but these stripes are terrible … I began to do hot scrubs, and after them wraps. I experimented with different recipes. I liked the salt, oil and red pepper remedy the most. I did it with a whole peppercorn, on which the oil was infused. Works! I recommend it, and it is simple and effective.

What is a hot scrub - watch the video:

Going through cosmetic procedures for weight loss, it is worth adding hot scrubs to the arsenal. The main thing is to take precautions and add physical activity to such events. Then the reflection in the mirror will soon delight you with grace.