A man 10 years younger: is there a chance?

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A man 10 years younger: is there a chance?
A man 10 years younger: is there a chance?

What will happen to a couple if the man is 10 years younger? The prospect of a relationship with a difference in age is not in favor of the woman. Benefits, pitfalls, examples of alliances.

A relationship with a man 10 years younger is a union that raises doubts among others and even among some psychologists. However, such couples are not uncommon today. Someone embarks on all serious, surrendering to feelings. But some ladies are restrained by reasoning about whether, in principle, there is a future for a couple in which the man is younger.

Why do women like younger men?

A woman likes a man younger than herself
A woman likes a man younger than herself

Incidentally, recently the tendency to choose younger men is increasingly strengthening among contemporaries. Although quite recently a different model of couples of different ages prevailed: the representatives of the stronger sex preferred to see young girls nearby, and they were not against an older husband.

Psychologists name two main motives that are guided by the ladies, entering into a relationship with young guys:

  1. Realization of the maternal instinct;
  2. Getting a charge of vivacity and fullness of life.

Digging deeper, these tendencies are associated with the so-called "anti-Ege" campaign. Social and economic factors cannot be disregarded. If just a couple of centuries ago a woman had no other way to gain a foothold in life than to get married, now ladies can realize themselves in any area. Some girls from their youth build a career that any man can envy. They earn no less, if not more. Therefore, the approach to relationships, the purpose of entering into a relationship with the opposite sex has changed.

Often, women are in no hurry to start a family, doing work and self-realization. Approaching a certain milestone, they do not want to see a peer nearby, who at that time is flabby, with health problems. Instead, they are attracted by young blood: this is the replenishment of vital energy. In addition, self-esteem involuntarily rises: I'm still hoo! If a handsome man is 10 years younger than next, there is a feeling of confidence that the lady is still in the very juice, desirable and attractive.

Other scenarios are also being played out. The woman left in marriage with a peer, or even an older man, raised children with him, let them fly free. And now, in adulthood, she is again drawn to young guys, with whom she simultaneously lives a second youth and is satisfied with the incompletely realized maternal instinct.

The case for a relationship with a man 10 years younger

Ease and fun in a relationship with a man 10 years younger than a woman
Ease and fun in a relationship with a man 10 years younger than a woman

If we talk about the pros purely for ladies who choose younger men, then in such a relationship they bathe in adoration, positive, receiving confirmation of their own irresistibility. A young man usually does not envy career success, unlike his peers, especially when they fail to achieve the same as the chosen one. Since an adult woman has a lot of experience, a broad outlook, her young lover will literally look into her mouth, admire her talents and skills.

Why else is a young husband better than an old one in terms of physiological age? To name another plus for a woman, it is enough to go on a date with a peer at least once. Almost from the first visit, you can feel how much a kind of "baggage" has accumulated in it. These are past unsuccessful relationships, disappointment in life, skeptical and picky attitude towards others. Yes, older men are characterized by a kind of squint, folds at the mouth, which indicate that it is difficult to surprise them, to hook them.

If it turns out to cause spiritual fire and sexual attraction, it is often only after long "dances with tambourines."Does an accomplished woman need this? Many people prefer a young man whose fire burns in his eyes - of course, because he was able to attract such an interesting person who took place in life! Agree, every lady wants to be under such a gaze!

What benefits do guys get? Let's say frankly that there are young people who dream of material benefits from a business woman, who like younger men. And yet, this is more a prejudice than a truth of life. The so-called gigolos start hunting only for the real rich. In many couples, the guy is glad that in front of him is a woman with experience that is ready to share, instruct in life.

Many young people are extremely proud of their loved ones, who have achieved a lot, they have good taste and education. If a woman is comprehensively developed, has a variety of hobbies, a man 10 years younger will never be bored with her. He will not be ashamed with such a chosen one in any society. And he himself will grow and develop to match the lady.

In addition, you can find a lot of other advantages in a union where a man is younger than a woman. And two can win:

  • Balancing sexual activity … Scientists claim that guys have a peak sex drive between the ages of 21 and 25. Women, on the other hand, thrive after 30 and later. Of course, these are average figures. But if a couple is included in the sample, then just everyone will be more than happy. Alas, in a union where both are of the same age, problems often begin precisely because of different sexual activity: either she does not really want to, then he does not want or can no longer.
  • Mutually beneficial partnership … First, a very young man does not build a mature woman, he learns a lot from her, gains experience. A smart lady knows how to gently guide, if not "mold" the chosen one for herself. As a result, the relationship resembles a partnership, in contrast to a family where a man wants to rule, but his spouse does not like it, riots and open conflicts begin. Moreover, in a union of different ages, everyone receives their own "bonuses" from the partnership. Naturally, provided that both are smart enough, respect each other.
  • Lightness and fun … Many women by their mature age get tired of being serious all the time, remembering only about responsibilities and duties. From peers, one cannot wait for vigor, ease of recovery, and a propensity for adventures. The guy will willingly initiate adventures and support the ideas of his chosen one. Moreover, initially, each in a pair is tuned in to receive pleasure and enjoyment at this particular moment in time.
  • Genuine sincerity of feelings … Yes, they are typical of unequal couples. For the reasons that the guy is still very young in order to hide emotions or act out performances, and his beloved at age no longer wants any games. Both are satisfied and attracted by sincerity.

The pitfalls of a woman's relationship with a man 10 years younger

Family prejudices about a man's relationship with a woman 10 years older
Family prejudices about a man's relationship with a woman 10 years older

Is it really worth falling in love with a young man to survive a second youth? Why not! Only with the understanding that such relationships have their own difficulties. It is better to be aware of them, to meet them with readiness, than to go through life wearing “rose-colored glasses” - then it is doubly difficult to endure the blows of fate.

What are the disadvantages of different age unions:

  • Often, interests and perceptions of life are very different.… The guy only thinks that about clubs and discos, fun and parties, but a woman is not entirely interested, sometimes they simply do not have enough energy and time to constantly walk at night and dance. Here you will have to look for a compromise or part, having experienced a storm of emotions just as a short-term vivid romance.
  • The gipermotherly instinct that can ruin everything … Naturally, if a man is younger than a woman in a relationship, he is initially ready for the position of such a student or son, he accepts leadership "with a bang." However, sometimes the fair sex goes too far. They control every step, not a single act goes without comments, edifications. On the one hand, overprotection will be a burden. On the other hand, a woman harms the chosen one himself: he needs a field for development, learn to take responsibility, develop.
  • Fear of losing your chosen one, jealousy … What can we say, if you like younger men, you have to realize that potential rivals in the juice itself are young beauties. It is enough once to admit the thought that a loved one can be taken away, suddenly he has already got himself a young mistress for comfort - we can say that this uneven-aged union came to an end. Gradually, the fear of losing the chosen one turns into an obsession. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that there are guys who are jealous. Only then should a mature woman show all her wisdom and strength in order to defuse the situation.
  • Social stereotypes and prejudices of family and friends … Of course, today the world is an order of magnitude more tolerant of couples where the husband is younger. Nevertheless, in rare families "with a bang" they perceive the news that a mature woman and a young guy are going to create a marriage. Perceiving their relationship as something light and fleeting is still all right. If they are already ready to go down the aisle, they will probably hear a lot of unpleasant things, and from both sides. Relatives from the young man's side will convince him, they say, there is nothing to connect life with the "old woman." They will scare her with quick wilting, jealousy, and tell her that such a union will become a brake on development. Friends and relatives of a mature woman will hint that her young lover is with her only for the sake of money. In general, if a man is 10 years younger than a woman, each in such a pair will go through "fire, water and copper pipes." Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have an understanding and tolerant environment.

3 myths about relationships with a man 10 years younger

A pliant man is 10 years younger than a woman
A pliant man is 10 years younger than a woman

A certain idyllic picture of a woman's relationship with a younger man is formed, especially if one examines the benefits of such a union. However, some of the pluses are nothing more than myths. The lady enters into an alliance, expecting certain "buns" from him. Life shows that its expectations are wrong.

What myths exist on this score:

  • Union with a young guy - an incentive to keep yourself in shape … It seems that this thought is not devoid of rational grain. Alas, in practice everything happens differently. Wanting to be the best in someone's eyes, a woman inevitably encounters hints of old age, reproaches for being overweight, in the first wrinkles. As practice shows, marriages are truly successful where the wife is older, the husband is younger, when both appreciate, love and accept each other as they are. Of course, this does not mean that you can run yourself, but you should take care of yourself only out of love for yourself.
  • Husband 10 years younger - a reason to go through a second youth, going all out … Some ladies, having acquired young lovers, fit into mini and dresses from student times. They are guided by several considerations. Like, the guy chose me, because I am no worse than his peers, which means I must correspond to this. And just to return to his youth - who will refuse it ?! But that's the trick: the chosen one sees a woman as she is. And if a man is 10 years younger than a woman, but decided to enter into a relationship with her, then he values just her maturity and experience. I would like a family with a young girl - and would be looking for a wife among her peers. Alas, the lady herself is capable of destroying the union if she begins to slide down to the level of students, if not schoolgirls.
  • An attractive young man is an ideal future husband who can be "raised" for himself … Even if psychologically a man 10 years younger is really more pliable, he often listens to the opinion of the chosen one and adheres to her recommendations for life, this is not a reason to perceive him as a "blank sheet" or "obedient clay". First of all, in this case, it is impossible to speak at least about respect for a person, let alone love. With this approach, it is unlikely that something good will come of the relationship. Even their own children are brought up and "built" for the time being.

The correct strategy in a relationship with a man 10 years younger

The strategy here and now in the relationship of a woman with a man 10 years younger
The strategy here and now in the relationship of a woman with a man 10 years younger

If the man is younger, the woman is older, such a relationship can have any development. Someone creates a family, and lives together until the end of their days. There are also pairs that break down very quickly. Therefore, the most correct thing is to take into account possible "pitfalls", while not making big plans for the future.

The healthiest couples are those who both know how to enjoy the moment. This is the first rule of the strategy. If we say, in all honesty, it is better for any union, and not just for a family where the husband is 10 years younger. Concentrating on "today" and "now", it is possible to make the chosen one happy, without denying oneself the pleasure. The most interesting thing is that it is in this case that the strongest alliances are formed. And in them neither age, nor wrinkles or gray hair matters.

Even within the framework of the correct strategy of psychology, it is strongly recommended to close your ears to the advice and comments of any "well-wishers". If you listen to everyone with his idea of life, family and happiness, then any relationship will collapse, not just marriage, where the husband is 10 years younger than his wife. Often times, you have to set very tight boundaries, especially at first. Then relatives and friends humble themselves, but the main thing is that they manage to preserve personal happiness and love.

The third rule is useful for relationships where the husband is 10 years younger, and just for life. It sounds like this: you should be yourself. Oh, how great is the temptation to be young, to immerse yourself in the interests of the chosen one! Especially if you want to win his heart. However, it is important and necessary to maintain dignity, without rushing to such an extreme as adoration and idealization of a loved one.

Examples of relationships with a man 10 years younger in life

Shakira and Gerard Pique as an example of a relationship with a man 10 years younger
Shakira and Gerard Pique as an example of a relationship with a man 10 years younger

Perhaps even in the immediate environment there will be such unions. But it is more interesting and fun to track couples that are always in sight. Of course, these are stellar marriages. And, by the way, there are not so few of them as it might seem.

One of the clearest examples of famous couples, where the husband is younger than his wife, is the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique. The Colombian performer and Barcelona footballer were born on the same day - February 2, which can already be considered a fateful sign. Only the difference between their dates of birth still exists, and it is just 10 years. An acquaintance with the athlete took place on the set of his music video for the song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), which became the official anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Moreover, both at that time were in a relationship. But immediately a whirlwind romance broke out, the result of which was the birth of two sons.

And among the domestic stars there are many couples where the husband is younger than his wife. For example, Tina Kandelaki and her husband have a difference of 11 years. They have been together since 2014, and it is known for sure that the young businessman sought the location of the journalist for a long time before she reciprocated.

Is there a chance of a relationship with a man younger than a woman - watch the video:

Summing up, we conclude that for modern psychology a man 10 years younger is a very real start for normal healthy relationships. And even if there are still different prejudices in society on this score, relatives can be reminded of the statistics: equal marriages in 50% of cases break up literally within the first 2-3 years. So why not take the risk and trust your feelings by trying to create an alliance with your young chosen one?