Three types of appetite: how to tame them?

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Three types of appetite: how to tame them?
Three types of appetite: how to tame them?

Find out what types of appetites are and which of them leads to excessive overeating and excess fat accumulation. Every person who decides to lose weight understands. That first of all you need to curb your own appetite. However, in practice this is often not so easy to do. Moreover, scientists say that there are three types of appetite. Let's look at this question and find out how to tame the three types of appetite?

What types of appetite are there?

Boy eating fast food
Boy eating fast food

We are used to talking about appetite in the singular. However, according to scientists, three types should be distinguished, and now you will find out what they are.


The girl pulls her hand for the cake
The girl pulls her hand for the cake

All kinds of stressful situations, problems in family life or at work, often lead to the desire for a snack. Moreover, at such moments, the body persistently requires either fatty foods or those containing simple carbohydrates. It is quite obvious that this negatively affects the figure.

According to psychologists, there are three types of pleasure:

  • For the soul - cinema, music, theater, self-development, etc.
  • For hands - creation.
  • For body - massage, sports, etc.

With the help of food, a person can fill in the gaps in any of the groups discussed above. If you fill your life with various pleasures, you can definitely defeat your emotional appetite. Try making a weekly plan for different activities.


People eating in a restaurant
People eating in a restaurant

If you watch people eating food for a long time, then you may have a social appetite. Let's say you find it difficult to refuse food that a loved one has prepared. The more time you socialize, the less time you will have to eat. For example, if you are visiting, try to distract yourself from food as much as possible.


Appetizing fried chicken
Appetizing fried chicken

Appears from the sight or smell of food while watching commercials. You cannot defeat this type of appetite, but you can correct your feelings. To get rid of the enticing smell of food, you can use aromatic oils or even coffee beans. We also recommend rinsing your mouth with water after a meal.

Why do people overeat?

Big hamburger in front of a girl
Big hamburger in front of a girl

Overeating is the main cause of weight gain. Of course, there are other factors, but still, more often than not, we are fuller due to the consumption of large amounts of food. Nutritionists say that every second person on the planet wants to lose weight. A sharp gain in mass is possible in case of serious disturbances in the work of the body.

If a person has no problems, then this process takes an average of five to twenty years. Losing excess weight in a short time is also extremely difficult. In addition, fast weight loss can lead to health problems. When you have consumed a large amount of food for several years, the body synthesizes insulin precisely for these volumes.

During weight gain, adipocytes (fat cells) begin to increase in size and constantly require filling. The more food you eat, the more often you will feel hungry. Scientists say that it is necessary to focus on average indicators that are extremely easy to control:

  • For women, waist circumference should not exceed 80 centimeters.
  • For men, this figure is a maximum of 90 centimeters.

Exceeding the indicated values indicates a varying degree of obesity. For example, if the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have a waist circumference of 80 to 88 centimeters, then we can talk about a mild degree of obesity. For men, this range is 94-102 centimeters.

According to official statistics, in 95 percent of cases, excess weight problems are associated with overeating. Only the remaining five percent are related to various ailments and metabolic disorders. Most people believe that overeating is eating a lot of food. In practice, however, this is not entirely true.

You can eat "like everyone else", but at the same time show little activity. It is in such a situation that body weight will increase, because energy is not consumed, and the body begins to accumulate it. As we discussed above, stress is one of the common causes of overeating. It is the types of appetite that we have considered that lead to the use of a large amount of food.

Why diet food programs often fail?

Sad girl sitting in front of a plate with an apple
Sad girl sitting in front of a plate with an apple

Today, a large number of diets have been created and many people are sure that losing weight can only be with their help. However, in the end, only a small percentage of those who lose weight using this method receive positive results. Most dietary nutrition programs involve severe food restrictions. Not everyone can meet these demands.

If you decide to lose weight, then face the truth - without changing your eating habits, all your attempts to achieve your goal are doomed to failure. Moreover, this process should be gradual. In order not to force the body with rigid dietary nutrition programs or other methods, you just need to start eating right:

  • Learn to combat false hunger.
  • Get rid of bad eating habits.
  • Restore your normal metabolism.

In addition, you should show great physical activity. You do not need to immediately run to the fitness center for this. To get started, walk to work and home, stop using the elevator, etc.

What is false hunger?

Girl eagerly looks at fast food
Girl eagerly looks at fast food

We often eat food, although we do not want to eat. Here again, it is worth remembering the three types of appetites that we discussed at the beginning of the article. The question becomes quite natural in this situation - how to determine whether we want to eat or not? Long before the rumbling appears in the stomach, the body begins to send us signals. Let's say every 120 minutes, the blood sugar concentration drops sharply, and we begin to feel the urge to eat.

Do not succumb to this impulse, because after a couple of tens of minutes, the sugar level will return to normal levels. The body just wanted to remind you that eating is necessary for survival. When you consistently ignore these reminders, your hunger starts to increase rapidly and you become weak. At this moment, food should be eaten.

A similar situation can arise at the moment when you see a display case with food or walk past a cafe that exudes pleasant food aromas. At this time, you just have a reflex appetite and you need to suppress it. However, if there are no external reminders of food, and you begin to feel cramps in the abdomen, you can safely eat.

How to tame any kind of appetite?

Demonstrative refusal of a plate of food
Demonstrative refusal of a plate of food

So we come to the second part of the article - how to tame the three types of appetite?

  1. Don't skip breakfast. Many people believe that they can do without breakfast and thus make a serious mistake. The role of the first meal has long been well understood and should not be missed. Nutritionists assure that porridge will be the best choice for breakfast. For example, after oatmeal, you will not feel hungry for several hours.
  2. The color of satiety. Red has been proven to accelerate the saturation process. We recommend using a tablecloth and crockery in this color.
  3. Eat slowly. Each meal should last at least twenty minutes. The slower you eat food, the faster you will be full, but you will eat less food.
  4. Don't be distracted from the process. You shouldn't watch TV or read the newspaper during your meal. If your brain is distracted by extraneous matters, it may well give a signal of saturation with a serious delay. As a result, you eat more food than your body needs.
  5. Have the right snacks. Avoid eating chocolate, fast food, and other unhealthy foods between meals. Vegetables and fruits are the best choice. They will not only help you keep your figure, but they will also bring great health benefits.
  6. Fight zhor. If you cannot satisfy a strong hunger with the help of one apple, do not be upset. There are a lot of products that can effectively fight food intake: figs, prunes, fish, raisins, etc.
  7. Pepper and salt. Fans of salty and spicy foods should think about their food preferences. Scientists have shown that pepper and salt increase appetite. If you don't want to pass on, limit the amount of these foods in your diet.
  8. Drink water. Today you can often hear that water can satisfy hunger. Thirty minutes before the start of the meal, drink a glass of water, green tea, natural juice.
  9. Aromatherapy. Scientists and leading nutritionists advise lighting scented candles during the next attack of hunger. The best appetite-suppressing aromas of mint, grapefruit, apple, vanilla, lavender, and also rose.

What can be opposed to temptation?

Plate with meat products in front of the girl
Plate with meat products in front of the girl

Many people find it difficult to resist the temptation of the sight or smell of food. To combat this, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Do not eat food for company.
  2. Visit the supermarket after your meal so that you do not feel hungry when choosing food.
  3. Do not create a stock of products, but purchase them from the list.
  4. Check the indicator of the energy value of the purchased products.
  5. It is highly discouraged to cook food on an empty stomach. Nice smells will only increase your appetite.
  6. Keep vases of candy, cookies, or cakes out of sight. Most often, at the moment of appetite, a person eats everything that comes to hand.
  7. Drink a glass of tomato juice (natural) or plain water about 20 minutes before the start of your meal.
  8. It is better to be undernourished than overeat.
  9. Use fractional feeding systems.
  10. Eat in bright light, as the dim light is relaxing and you may overeat.
  11. Try to read less books or magazines about cooking, and watch TV shows about this topic.
  12. If you feel hungry in the late evening, do some light exercises. Exercise will distract you from your thoughts about food and will also burn extra calories.

If you often experience hunger in the evening and cannot get rid of it, then you can eat an apple, low-fat yogurt, drink a glass of kefir. Chamomile tea with a spoonful of honey is also a good choice. If after that the feeling of hunger does not leave you, eat a slice of brown bread with a banana. The first product is a source of plant fibers, and the second will supply carbohydrates to the body. As a result, the body will receive a signal that food has arrived and the feeling of hunger will disappear. In conclusion, it should be recalled that women need to consume at least 1200 calories throughout the day, and for men this figure will be 1800.

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