What to give a teenager for the New Year?

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What to give a teenager for the New Year?
What to give a teenager for the New Year?

The best ideas for gifts for a teenager for the New Year 2020. What gifts can surprise teenagers? The choice of a present for a young girl and a guy who will delight you sincerely and give pleasure.

What to give a teenager for the New Year is perhaps the most difficult question on the eve of the holidays. Even adults find it difficult to find a present, and adolescent children are unpredictable and vulnerable. To please, it is worth looking for a solution based on the best feelings for the child.

Features of choosing a New Year's gift for a teenager

Choosing a New Year'st for a teenager
Choosing a New Year'st for a teenager

What can be given for the New Year to a teenager, often even his parents do not know. What can we say about not so close people. This is a real dilemma for grandparents, aunts and uncles, more distant relatives and friends.

The ideal option is to find out in advance what the child wants. However, this is not so easy, especially in adolescence, when children do not want to be frank with loved ones, they think that frankness will make them vulnerable. Then you have to puzzle over what to hand in order to truly surprise and please your own child:

  1. Gadgets and all sorts of "gadgets" to them - something to which almost all children are not indifferent.
  2. Useful purchases for learning, if the child is ambitious, passionate about the process of mastering knowledge.
  3. Teenager's hobby surprises.

It is very important to try to see the world through the eyes of a child, and not to invent a gift for a teenager for the New Year, looking at the situation from your bell tower. You can understand parents who want this to be a useful souvenir. But a surprise that can surprise and sincerely please is better than any words about love. The teenager will understand that adults really value him and value the relationship with him.

The best ideas for what to give a teenager for the New Year 2020

The difficulties of adolescence are often expressed in the fact that children themselves do not know what they want. On the one hand, they feel more mature, rebel, demanding respect for themselves. On the other hand, the child still remains a restless and anxious child. With sensitivity, love and an open heart, adults can choose a gift to point the boy or girl a little in a certain direction. It is important to do this gently and delicately so as not to cause rejection.

Gadgets and accessories

Power bank as a New Yeart for a teenager
Power bank as a New Yeart for a teenager

In some families, the topic of teenage gadget use is painful. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that a variety of mobile devices and electronics are an integral part of modern life. Therefore, it will not be possible to completely ban gadgets, and it is not necessary. Better to teach your child that they can be used effectively.

Studying the ideas of gifts for the New Year for a teenager, you should think carefully about what will be useful, but the child will also like:

  • a portable speaker is a kind of approval of your passion for music, plus an extra reason to take a walk;
  • fitness tracker - a device that will spur you to exercise;
  • Power bank is never superfluous;
  • modern miracle alarm clocks, waking up with imitation of dawn, running away when you can turn off the sound just getting out of bed and catching up with the "fugitive".

Banal smartphones, tablets, accessories for them, headphones are also good and necessary gifts when there is a need for them. If a child has already reached the age when he has to type a lot of texts, print them out, a printer and a keyboard will come in handy. It is more convenient and expedient to take modern wireless models.

Great gifts for the New Year 2020 for teenagers can be chosen from among the accessories for smartphones. For example, you will love the interchangeable filters that will help open up a new vision of photography.

Training supplies and stationery

Stationery as a New Year'st for a teenager
Stationery as a New Year'st for a teenager

With the help of a properly selected New Year's surprise, a teenager can be stimulated to study and other kind of mental activity. Naturally, you will have to think carefully about what to give, choose such accessories that will surprise and delight.

For example, you can give a growing child an expensive and high-quality pen. You can even engrave on it. It will be both a practical and a memorable gift for a lifetime.

An alternative worthy idea for a New Year's gift for a teenager is a solid and stylish diary. This is a thing that already hints at growing up. She will push you to order, teach you to make plans. It is better to buy a high-quality expensive diary that will retain its original appearance for a long time.

Not the most traditional idea - a paperweight. Even adult business people do not use such an item. And it is completely in vain: this is a convenient and up-to-date device. As soon as various necessary papers begin to accumulate on the table in the teenager's room, it's time to give a paperweight.

An organizer is a really cool gift. It is also worth thinking carefully about the model so that it accommodates all the little things you need to learn.

If you choose an inexpensive gift for a teenager for the New Year, then you can pay attention to a variety of notebooks, stickers. There is a need for them too - for reminders, writing down small tasks, ideas that came to mind. If such gizmos are selected with love, with an understanding of the style that is close to the child, they will surely please and will not lie in vain.

If a child reads a lot, this does not mean that only books should be given. You might think how to please the book lover. For example, it is interesting to use not ordinary, but original bookmarks. You can choose them according to the preferences or hobbies of a teenager, perhaps in a specific style, with the heroes of your favorite book or movie.

What kind of pens are not produced by manufacturers today! Surely children will be delighted with invisible ink, accessories with additional functions - with a flashlight, for example.

Reusable notebooks are interesting in their own way. They are made of special materials - very durable, and they can be easily erased from their pages. To do this, use an eraser, or even a napkin or a piece of cloth.

Support for hobbies and interests

Fitness scales as a New Year'st for a teenager
Fitness scales as a New Year'st for a teenager

Some parents complain that the growing child does not have any hobbies and interests. Sometimes this is explained by a banal inability to support children in some endeavors. But you just need to be attentive to the interests of loved ones in order to stimulate them to diversified development.

The best gifts for teens for the New Year from this category are things that will support the hobby:

  • Tracksuits, equipment for children who are keen on sports.
  • Fitness scales are not a common idea. However, it must be used with caution. For example, if a girl is plump, she can only be offended and upset, taking this as a reproach, another reminder of flaws in her appearance.
  • A set of tools for a young master, an amateur to work with his hands.
  • Handicrafts, materials for creative experiments, if the girl likes to express herself in this.
  • A certificate for attending a master class by an eminent chef, a specialist in another field, when it is known for sure that the child is seriously passionate about some direction.

It is easy enough to please young musicians. You just need to take a closer look at what is needed in mastering a musical instrument. Alternatively, you can donate a guitarist or other musician's master class. Paid webinars or courses in areas that are of interest to the child will be useful.

Multitools are a thing that even an adult will appreciate. And a “handy” child will be delighted with a compact object, which includes a screwdriver and a knife, scissors and an awl. This is not only a hint for the child to further develop in his skills: such a thing can become a memorable and practical gift that will not lose its relevance in adulthood.

Useful and simple ideas

Massage for a teenager
Massage for a teenager

Racking your brains on what to give a teenage boy for the New Year or how to surprise a young girl, you can come up with an option that can be useful. For example, children of the most difficult age will be pleased to go for a massage. Girls will appreciate the certificate for a visit to a beautician, make-up artist, other beauty and personal care specialist.

Both boys and girls will certainly not mind taking part in a professional photo session. True, it is nevertheless necessary to take into account the character of a particular person and the peculiarities of a teenager's mood. If he has serious complexes about his appearance, he may resist. On the other hand, having persuaded him to such an adventure, it will probably be possible to calm him down a little in this regard. Seeing his own photos in a new perspective, the child will understand that his worries are in vain.

Girls always like any face and body care products, perfumes. New items for the New Year - ideas from among the banal, but effective. Of course, it's best not to buy outfits without a baby. It is worth presenting a certificate to a clothing store.

Some girls feel like adults, but they still want to remain the most beloved daughters for moms and dads, who can relax at home and be a child. If you don't know what to present for a teenager girl for the New Year, buy a comfortable and funny home suit or pajamas - for example, a star unicorn or a warm and fluffy bunny.

Sometimes you don't need to invent anything new, but it is enough to present a present that a teenager really needs. These are useful applications for replenishing accounts in online games and social networks. Such little things are very much appreciated by children: this is a sign of understanding of interests on the part of adults.

Always up-to-date little things - protective glasses for smartphones, covers for gadgets. They help to keep the device safe and sound. At critical moments, this is the best reminder of the donor: dropping the smartphone and seeing that everything is in order with it thanks to the glass or case, the teenager will instantly remember with warmth who presented him with such accessories.

The housekeeper is an item that not everyone thinks about buying. And it is completely in vain: a lot of things suffer from metal keys in a bag or backpack. Such a gift is also a great gesture of caring for a child.

A universal, geniusly simple and necessary gift for the New Year for a teenager-girl or boy - a waterproof and shock-resistant case for a smartphone. Do not expect that a growing up child is already as reasonable as his parents. However, even adults sometimes, out of absent-mindedness or inattention, drop their gadgets into the water, fall with them in the rain. With a high-quality case that protects the smartphone from any destructive factors, children will be happy to arrange photo sessions in the most unexpected places and in any conditions.

Fulfilling the desires of a lifetime

Rat in a cage as at for a teenager for the New Year
Rat in a cage as at for a teenager for the New Year

New Year was and remains for many the main holiday, almost more important than the birthday. And it is distinguished by a special atmosphere of expectation of a miracle. Even if the child does not believe in Santa Claus, it is great if he retains this feeling for the rest of his life. But for this, not so much is needed: try to find an idea that would truly amaze and make a young man or girl happy.

New Year is a time when it is possible and worthwhile to make efforts to make the most intimate wishes and dreams come true. From the earliest years, the child dreamed of a dog? Maybe it's time for this wish to come true. Surely a teenager is already able to care for a pet, will be able to bear responsibility. Moreover, the four-legged friend is pushing for this.

Has a guy been dreaming of a parachute jump for a long time? Is the girl delighted with a particular artist? In the New Year, any ideas are relevant if they help the fulfillment of desires. You can give a certificate for a parachute jump, a ticket to a coveted concert: being involved in the realization of your innermost dreams is real happiness. Seeing the fire in the eyes of a beloved child, an adult will feel no less joy than the gifted one.

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When looking for a gift for a teenager for the New Year, a boy or a girl, you should briefly return to your own youth. Remembering your feelings about how the world was - fragile, new, not fully understood, it will be easier to find and implement an idea that will strengthen the child, give him strength and faith in himself.