Huge coloring canvases for children

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Huge coloring canvases for children
Huge coloring canvases for children

An overview of fascinating coloring canvases for children: where you can buy them, characteristics and advantages over outline pictures in the form of books and magazines, instructions for use, the opinion of a pediatrician-psychologist about the usefulness of coloring pages for child development, real reviews. Contents of the review:

  • Where to buy coloring canvases
  • Description and purpose
  • How to use
  • Expert opinion
  • Reviews of coloring books for children

Huge Coloring Pages is a series of unique outline coloring pictures printed on larger paper. Fascinating stories with their favorite characters allowed them to gain wide popularity in many countries. In addition to the entertainment moment, coloring pages provide the development of children's creative abilities, the formation of aesthetic perception, and an increase in cognitive abilities. They are most useful for boys and girls of preschool age and primary school students. This article provides a detailed description of plots, advantages, rules of use. It also contains expert opinion and real customer reviews.

Where to buy painting canvases and their price

Contour pictures in the form of posters quickly gained the recognition of children and their parents, because represent a completely new and convenient format for the development of young artists. You can buy huge painting canvases only on the official website of the manufacturer, where promotions on various drawn stories are regularly held.

The official price for huge posters for children is 1,490 rubles

The TutKnow portal is not engaged in sales, therefore, this product cannot be purchased from us. Our resource provides detailed information on the characteristics of coloring posters, the rules for using this type of children's creativity. It also contains the opinion of a pediatrician-psychologist and reviews of real buyers.

Description and purpose of painting canvases

Huge canvas coloring St. Petersburg
Huge canvas coloring St. Petersburg

Children learn about coloring from the first years of life. Every child begins to learn the world of creativity by coloring funny pictures. This process is not only an entertaining moment, but also brings extraordinary benefits in the mental and emotional development of children. Most often in stores there are coloring books in the form of books, but huge coloring canvases are becoming more and more popular.

This invention belongs to French designers. And now the fashion trend has spread almost all over the world. And today canvases for children's creativity from Russian illustrators are already on sale.

The theme of the drawings on the canvases is quite diverse. The manufacturer, focusing on several age groups, has created many options that will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

Each canvas is sustained within the framework of one plot. Among the sources of ideas that inspired illustrators, there are popular cities, cartoons, fairy tales, historical events.

At the moment, the manufacturer offers several plots, including:

  • Masha and the Bear … Here heroes and episodes from the beloved animated series of the same name are illustrated. Little Masha and her adventures with the inhabitants of the forest will definitely cause a lot of pleasant emotions and decorate the wall of any children's room.
  • Fixies … Another popular animated series that leaves few people indifferent. Children of different ages are happy to paint their favorite characters - Simka, Nolik, Shpulu, Papus and others.
  • Peppa Pig … The poster features funny cartoon footage transformed by illustrators. Curious Pig Peppa, little George, funny daddy Pig and other characters want to come to life as soon as possible under the kids' colorful felt-tip pens.
  • Cats … Cute, funny, gentle, dangerous, playful balls of happiness in different roles on one poster.
  • Cosmocat … In this version, many cats have tried on the role of astronauts, discoverers of the solar system, as well as space police. The unprecedented planets Murcury, Murrrs and Koturn are depicted here.
  • Milan … A huge poster displays Milanese streets, windows of fashionable boutiques and cafes, where dozens of models and dandies are strolling, whose outfits can be decorated with any colors. The special atmosphere in the illustration will definitely cheer up and decorate the walls of the young fashionista's room.
  • New York … The huge canvas depicts the gigantic world of New York, where fascinating events unfold with the participation of legendary movie characters - Batman, Darth Vader. There was also a place for the majestic Statue of Liberty, the immense Ferris wheel and tall skyscrapers.
  • St. Petersburg … Matryoshka dolls, opera singers, balalaikas, seals, St. Petersburg rivers and canals, old palaces, modern buildings and many other architectural structures and funny characters - all this is on a huge poster.

The drawings on each canvas are beautiful, funny, funny. Each plot contains many small elements. And to make them more visible, you just need to color them.

Each poster has a size of 105 by 70 cm. High quality offset paper, compacted. The base color is white. The drawing is clear, executed in black ink.

Huge canvas coloring Kosmokota
Huge canvas coloring Kosmokota

Coloring pages of huge sizes have a lot of advantages over conventional coloring pages, namely:

  1. Provide a fun pastime … Almost all children and many adults are very fond of coloring ready-made drawings.
  2. Let you paint on the walls … It is known that many preschoolers, while their parents are busy with their own affairs, often try to decorate expensive wallpapers with bright colors. Such creativity is not always to the liking of adults. That is why many people choose large coloring pages, fix them on the walls and allow children to feel like real artists.
  3. Decorate the interior … At the end of the coloring, the poster is easily attached to an empty wall and perfectly decorates the nursery, reminding the household of interesting and exciting creative moments.
  4. Allows you to use different writing tools … It is not recommended to draw with felt-tip pens and paints in coloring pages designed in the form of a book. they saturate the paper rather quickly and are transferred to the back of the sheet. This spoils the next picture. There are no such problems with canvases. Pencils with a thin rod, gel or capillary pens, felt-tip pens are suitable for coloring. Large elements or the background can be painted over with paints or watercolors, which, if necessary, are washed out with water. Even then, the paper will not deteriorate, because it is very dense and resistant to moisture. Recently, liners have been very popular - these are special pens with water-based ink. They allow you to accurately paint over the smallest details, so the end result is sure to get a beautiful poster.

The manufacturer guarantees that each product meets environmental standards. The canvases are absolutely safe for humans, because do not contain any harmful substances.

How to use children's coloring pages?

How to paint a huge poster
How to paint a huge poster

The posters are quite large, so for a fun process, you first need to choose a suitable size for a surface - a wide table, an area on the floor or on the wall. Add extra chairs to the table and invite friends.

Choose any writing tool - felt-tip pens, pencils, liners, pens - in a wide range of shades. The more colors, the brighter and more attractive the poster will be.

In the process of creative work, you can play an interesting game "Find an Object" with the kids. Among the large number of small details, small characters, it is always interesting to find a hidden hero or other image.

You can also ask the crumb to count the number of identical elements, and after successfully completing the task, paint them together.

The finished picture can be glued to the wall, pasted over furniture, laid on a table under glass - this will be a unique and inimitable decor element.

Expert opinion on poster coloring pages

Huge canvas coloring for kids
Huge canvas coloring for kids

Many parents buy coloring books for their children in order to ensure their leisure time. But not everyone thinks that outline pictures play an important role in the development of children - they train memory, attentiveness, perseverance, fine motor skills. In the process of coloring, the child quickly learns colors, learns to compare them, to choose the most suitable shade for each character.

Ignatova Anna Sergeevna, pediatrician, psychologist about huge posters-coloring:

Contour pictures for coloring should be in every child. And if a blank sheet and felt-tip pens do not always induce to depict something, then ready-made drawings stimulate the interest of young artists. In addition, high-quality coloring pages are a great way to distract children from computer games and awaken their creativity and imagination. Isn't this the most valuable thing in the upbringing and education of children? Carried away by the process of creation, the child becomes more assiduous, patient. He has a more beautiful handwriting, improved coordination of movements, increased concentration of attention. Large canvases encourage you to work hard, because the result will be your own painting, which you can show off to your friends and decorate your room. I highly recommend this kind of creativity, because it is scientifically proven that such activities make children better at school and become more successful in adulthood. There is also a word to parents: distract yourself from adult worries and spend time with children coloring, because such an activity perfectly relieves stress, relaxes, and gives positive emotions.

Real reviews of coloring canvases for children

Reviews about huge canvases-coloring
Reviews about huge canvases-coloring

We all love to examine the product in detail before buying, look at it, touch it, especially when it comes to children's products. However, in the case of online stores, we do not have such an opportunity, so we are looking for any additional information. And the most informative are the reviews about the huge canvases left by real buyers. The popularity of these posters provides a ton of positive comments. We invite you to read a few real reviews left by satisfied parents in numerous discussions on the topic of child development.

Irina, 33 years old

My son will be 6 years old one of these days. They bought him a lot of different coloring pages, but he very quickly lost interest in them. He most of all loves to draw with felt-tip pens, but in books it is absolutely impossible to paint with them, because everything is imprinted on the reverse side. I tried to lure him with my example - she took pencils in her hands. But I didn't get the desired result. And when I found these canvases on the Internet, it caught fire so much, I had to order. First of all, he was interested in the plots themselves, as well as the opportunity to make a picture that can be hung on the wall. The child is delighted, comes after the garden and immediately sits down to work for at least half an hour. Now we are almost finished and have already chosen the second canvas.

Natalia, 29 years old

Both of my children just fell in love with these posters, persuaded everyone to buy their own story. Now they paint with great pleasure. As a parent, I really liked the quality. The paper is quite heavy, so tearing is not so easy. We use everything that is in the house - pens, pencils, felt-tip pens. Nothing smudges. The images themselves are printed perfectly, everything is clear. I am very pleased with the purchase. Now I made a second order in the online store - one episode for my children and two for a gift. Igor, 35 years old

I immediately realized what to hang on the wall. This is much more interesting for the child. He is fond of for a long time. Several times his kindergarten classmate came, so they worked in two feathers. So much interest, so much joy. I admit that I even painted a few characters myself, really exciting. We all liked the huge posters more than the paintings by numbers. I looked under the canvas - nothing was printed on the wall, the quality is good. The other day I saw that there was a discount on canvases, I ordered a couple of those plots that my son also liked.

Listen to your children's desires, develop their creativity and cognitive abilities. The easiest way to combine business with pleasure in your preschool years is to buy a huge painting canvas. Interesting stories will not leave anyone indifferent.