Fast weight loss in winter at home

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Fast weight loss in winter at home
Fast weight loss in winter at home

Find out the secret way how you can get rid of excess fat in a short period of time. The basic tenet of losing weight is to create an energy deficit through a nutritional and exercise program. If you comply with it, then you can get rid of fat at any time. Moreover, you don't have to go in for sports, just with its help you will achieve success faster. Today we will talk about how to quickly lose weight in winter at home.

The principle of fighting overweight that we have voiced is extremely simple, but not every person understands what kind of energy deficit needs to be created. Now on the net you can find a lot of information on losing weight. Various new nutrition programs appear every day. However, you do not need them at all. If you decide to lose weight, then you need to eat the right foods, which you should already know.

It's all about the calories that we consume with food and spend on performing any movement. In addition, energy is spent by the body and on all biochemical processes that take place in it. It is precisely the calorie deficit that we need to create. Note that, first of all, you should not be interested in how to quickly lose weight in winter at home, but in ways to do it correctly.

Most weight loss diet programs will not be successful in the long term, as due to strict restrictions, you lose weight very quickly, which is unacceptable. In one week, you need to get rid of a maximum of one kilo. Don't even think about any, say, 30 kilograms per month. If done correctly, then you will definitely lose weight and feel great at the same time.

Is it worth losing weight in winter?

Woman with weights and dumbbells
Woman with weights and dumbbells

We will also talk about how to quickly lose weight in winter at home. However, you should keep in mind the disadvantages of overweight control that are observed in the cold season. We already know that losing weight requires an energy deficit, which can lead to injury (if you play sports) or illness. In addition, it must be remembered that the cold season is very stressful for the body.

During this period of time, the activity of the immune system decreases, which leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases or the development of new ones. If you nevertheless decide to get rid of fat in winter, then first of all you need to dress for the weather and prevent hypothermia.

If you are involved in sports, it is imperative that you pay maximum attention to your warm-up. Warm up well all muscle groups and the articular-ligamentous apparatus. Also choose the right clothes for going to the gym. Keeping your body warm during your workout can help you prepare your muscles for the upcoming workout faster.

However, even these precautions cannot guarantee the absence of health problems. It is very important to consume micronutrient complexes in winter. This applies to all people, and especially you, because you want to know how to quickly lose weight in winter at home. Remember that it is extremely easy to get sick or injured during a cold period of time when you are in a calorie deficit.

When it's freezing outside, people move much less. Short daylight hours are conducive to sleep. Among other things, in winter, our attitude to food changes dramatically. First of all, appetite increases and people are drawn to fatty foods and sweets. In cold weather, you are not so thirsty and as a result, a person consumes less water, which helps to speed up metabolism. All these factors negatively affect lipolysis processes. Although if you have willpower, and you are sufficiently motivated to fight excess weight, then you can lose weight.

Starting in autumn, the body prepares for winter and tries to accumulate fat by any means. This is one of the ancient physiological defense mechanisms, because it was in winter that our ancestors experienced hunger. Of course, this is not relevant for a modern person, but the body does not know about it and continues to act in the same way as it did many centuries ago. Thus, the cold season can hardly be called ideal for fighting fat, but we repeat once again that it is possible.

How to quickly lose weight in winter at home: three methods

Girl with a bowl of soup
Girl with a bowl of soup

With the fact that in the cold period it is much more difficult to get rid of excess weight in comparison with the summer, we figured it out. But if you still firmly decided to do this and want to know how to quickly lose weight in winter at home, then the rest of today's article will be devoted to this.

Method # 1

This is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to deal with excess weight in the winter. To get a good result, you need to eat hot thick food - soups. At the same time, do not forget about the calorie deficit, without which weight loss is, in principle, impossible. The hot soup will heat the stomach, which will cause blood to flow to all tissues and organs of the body.

Also, the soup has one property that is extremely useful for losing weight, namely, it perfectly suppresses appetite. At the top of our stomach are receptors that signal satiety to the brain. Soups are able to quickly activate them. These dishes have another advantage over most others - they can be made very thick by adding vegetables that have a minimum energy value. After that, you can put a piece of meat or chicken in the soup. The puree soup is perfectly absorbed by the body and is able to quickly saturate. The basic rule when preparing this dish is not to add potatoes, hot spices, cereals and pasta to it. All of these foods increase appetite.

Now we will give a recipe for a healthy puree soup, which you can safely use without fear for your weight. For its preparation you will need cabbage, celery, onions, green beans, zucchini, carrots, green peas, parsley. You can actually use whatever vegetables you have on hand. They should be crushed and filled with boiling water. Then cover and cook until cooked. In the puree soup, add any non-spicy seasonings to taste.

Method # 2

We continue to talk about how to quickly lose weight in winter at home using a meat diet. If you cannot eat only vegetables, then this nutrition program is perfect for you. With its help, you can quickly satisfy your hunger and the meat diet is well tolerated. At the same time, it has another positive quality - it provides the body with the supply of all nutrients, even in conditions of a limited indicator of energy value.

Let's take a look at a sample diet for this nutrition program. For breakfast, you can use an egg (boiled), porridge, steamed omelet. Use tea with honey or coffee as a drink. The second breakfast can consist of a pear (apple) or 20 grams of cheese.

For lunch, except for soup, you can eat all fruits, and the only exception is potatoes. Also, you can not eat pasta. Fermented milk products can be included in the afternoon snack. An excellent dinner for you can be a casserole with prunes on one egg without using flour, or grated carrots with honey. A couple of hours before going to bed, you can eat a grapefruit (apple) or drink kefir.

Method # 3

Now we will talk about another dietary nutrition program, but you must remember that it is quite tough and you should not use it more than once a year. During the first day of the diet, you need to consume kefir (low-fat). For the second day, the main product is boiled chicken. The third day of the nutrition program involves the use of any vegetables, raw or cooked, except for potatoes.

On the fourth day, eat fish (chicken) and kefir. The next day involves the presence of chicken with vegetables in your diet. On the last, sixth day, eat kefir and vegetables. In addition to all the products listed above, you should drink a lot of water, as well as use pharmacy micronutrient complexes.

We already noted at the beginning of the article that in winter, people's activity decreases. Very often this is the reason why we gain weight. Try to move more, because the frosty air is extremely useful. An excellent choice can be skiing in the coniferous forest. Try to be outdoors every day. It is enough to make daily walks.

Very often in the winter, fatty foods are present in our diet, and it is very important to give the body relief. Have three or four fasting days every month. At this time, you can eat fish with vegetable salads, buckwheat, meat, potatoes and milk tea. It is very important in the cold season to continue to monitor the energy value of your diet. Eat more slow carbohydrate foods for breakfast. Soup is great for lunch, and dinner should consist of sources of protein compounds.

We just talked about fasting days, but they should not be confused with fasting. Although our activity decreases in winter, the body expends a large amount of nutrients during this period of time. If you want to know how to quickly lose weight in winter at home, then in no case starve. Since the production of serotonin is reduced due to short daylight hours, then you should consume winter fruits - persimmons or tangerines.

Sweets are contraindicated for you, but you need to be careful with bananas. If you intend to lose weight, then the time of year does not matter, but in winter it will be a little more difficult to achieve positive results.

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