Is Detox Necessary in Bodybuilding?

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Is Detox Necessary in Bodybuilding?
Is Detox Necessary in Bodybuilding?

Today, the detoxification or detox program is becoming more and more popular. Find out if this is necessary and what effects you can expect from taking a detox. Today, more and more people are using body detoxification, which has been called a detox program or simply detox. As her supporters, including a huge number of marketers, assure, the body collects a large amount of harmful substances that can cause the development of various diseases. If you regularly cleanse your body of these carcinogens, you can significantly improve your health.

Today, a large number of diets and detox procedures have been created. However, it is worth remembering that money is involved and it is necessary to find out if a detox is needed in bodybuilding. Many people are interested to know if there is a scientific basis for such procedures.

To begin with, the term "detox" sounds quite scientific and beautiful to itself. However, it has practically nothing to do with science. This term began to be used by marketers, misleading people, since many are sure that it has scientific support. Traditional medicine uses certain procedures in the treatment of severe forms of alcoholism, drug addiction and heavy metal poisoning. All of them are carried out in medical institutions by professional doctors.

Detox advocates claim that our bodies are unable to cope with various toxins. Let's see what, after all, the scary term "toxin" means. Scientifically speaking, a toxin is a natural substance. Very often they include various high-molecular structures, which, when introduced into the body, make them synthesize antibodies. In addition, some low-molecular structures, for example, animal poisons, should be classified as toxins. Admirers of detoxes classify any substance as a toxin, using a misinterpretation of this concept.

Does the body need detoxification?

Girl near fruits and vegetables holds an apple
Girl near fruits and vegetables holds an apple

If you believe detox fans, the body is not able to cope with carcinogenic substances on its own. But according to scientific facts related to human physiology and anatomy, this statement is completely wrong. We will certainly not deny the fact that plant fibers are necessary for humans, as that would be unscientific. But the strength of their impact from the point of view of cleansing the body cannot even come close to being compared with those systems that the body has.

The human body is an excellent self-cleaning mechanism. All organs have their own cleaning systems, thanks to which they can actually function. All cleansing processes in the body occur every second and at the moment scientists cannot name a substance that can compare with the work of these systems.

The hair and nasal mucosa filter out dust and bacteria. The liver is a highly efficient cleansing mechanism. It contains a large number of enzymes that can convert powerful toxins into harmless substances, which are then removed from the body after being dissolved in water. The kidneys are able to absorb harmful substances that are already in a dissolved state. You should also remember about the very harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, which destroy a large number of bacteria. The large intestine removes from the body harmful substances that are in a solid state. Where else can we find a more efficient cleaning system?

Is detox safe?

Girl drinking water
Girl drinking water

Since detox can hardly be called useful, is it not dangerous for the body? This question is of interest to a large number of people. When food intake is limited, the body is unable to receive the required amount of nutrients. Even with short-term use of detox, serious problems can arise. This can be dizziness, nausea, sudden loss of energy, etc.

Most often, detox methods are based on limiting the intake of protein compounds. This will lead to the loss of a certain amount of muscle mass, especially if you are involved in sports. It should also be noted that most detox nutrition programs cannot provide the body with the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

Detox nutritional programs can interfere with the regulation of glucose concentrations as well as upset the balance of electrolytes. They should not be used by people with chronic medical conditions. Supplements that are marketed as detox agents can lead to various side effects when used frequently.

Why is detox popular?

Bottled detox cocktails
Bottled detox cocktails

Each person strives to improve his health as quickly as possible. For most people, the idea of cleansing the body after excesses on the holidays and weekends seems very tempting. However, the very fact that a wrong lifestyle can be corrected only in a week or a little more is false.

Numerous advertisements for various detox methods only distract people from real concern for their own health. Detox is, in fact, another niche for making money on proper nutrition and nothing else. Only your wallet can cleanse all these commercial products, not your body.

At the same time, some people reassure that they start to feel better after detox. There are many explanations for this fact, but all these improvements are temporary.

Most supplements are laxatives or diuretics. It is clear that when a person has problems with stool, after using laxatives it will become easier for him. However, in the long run, this will not solve your problem. It is necessary to find the cause of constipation and eliminate it. Very often, detox aficionados cite the low energy value of their nutritional programs, which leads to rapid weight loss. Of course, this is how it happens. But you must understand that the mass you lost is mainly water and muscle. At the same time, fats are practically not burned. After the transition to the usual diet, your previous weight will return.

You can live a healthy and healthy lifestyle without detox diets or supplements. It's up to you to decide, but remember your physiology and do not harm your body.

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